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LLS Chapter 393 – Demon Eye’s Death

Chapter 393 – Demon Eye’s Death
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Minimal editing by Shiroyukineko
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After getting rid of his old love rival, Sky Dragon, Yue Yang still pretended to be angry that he let his enemy escape and returned to the Blood Warrior Arena.

He did not give out the expression of a victorious Ranker and instead showed anger.

Yue Yang’s response made everyone have a misconception… Although Sky Dragon was a scoundrel, he was still able to escape Titan Jr. with his speed. Everybody thought this was correct, after all Sky Dragon possessed Raging Lightning Domain and was an expert in flying. If he flew out of the space’s confines, it was possible for him to use a Teleportation Stone.

Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long did not doubt Sky Dragon’s escape. After all, he was Level 6 Innate, killing him would not be easy.

Titan Jr’s strength, being able to beat up Sky Dragon and forcing him to escape, was already very abnormal.

The three people did not think about Sky Dragon’s life and death anymore. It has nothing to do with them. The most important thing was how to eliminate Demon Eye.

Now that Demon Eye had a falling out with them, he must die!

When Demon Eye saw Yue Yang return, his complexion became awful. He kept rolling his eyes, as if thinking of how to escape.

“Mr. Titan Jr., although I did not extend a hand of friendship to you nor did I welcome your arrival, there is no need to put me to death right?” Demon Eye knew that there is a fine line between Life and Death. If the opposite side attacked, Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long would work together and have Titan Jr. call the shots. He was not Sky Dragon, so he would undoubtedly die! The only way was to give a reason

“Seizing my assets and tarnishing my name.” Yue Yang’s voice was bone-piercing cold.

“…” Demon Eye was now extremely regretful. At that time, if he had not deliberately showed his strength by showing that he was above the law and plunder An Dong’s treasury, then he would not have provoked this deathly calamity.

He had taken three million gold and a few ores and treasures from An Dong’s treasury.

Demon Eye was willing to immediately return these.

He was also willing to pay compensation. However, would Titan Jr. be willing to accept his apology?

Blood River strongly shouted: “Demon Eye, I had respected you as the next leader after Chong Ni and even treated you as a model brother. Who would have thought that you actually did these shameful acts. Not only did you not respect strong Innates, instead you intentionally tarnished his name and despicably seized his assets. It sickens me. Today, you and I are now divided, the three great leaders are now disbanded. Even if you call yourself the number one leader, I, Blood River, disdain to be associated with you.”

Mountain Elf raised his arm and turned his fingers at him: “Demon Eye, your annual earnings from the ore mine, taxes and offerings does not go below ten million. You have wealth equivalent to an entire nation, yet you are still so greedy. You truly make people speechless.”

Ma Long the Underground City Master slowly shook his head: “Demon Eye, there is no need to say who is right or wrong because you are definitely wrong! There is no need to speak about justice in the Thunder Fortress, if you have the ability, use it to speak for you!”

Demon Eye seizing others assets did not only happen in Yue Yang’s case.

In the past hundred years, he had already done this a lot of times.

Whenever he had the opportunity, Demon Eye would seize other’s assets. Even Ma Long, Blood River and Mountain Elf had suffered in secret.

The only reason they did not dare be angry and speak was because their strength was weaker than Demon Eye at that time. They secretly endured the losses in silence.

Until now, whenever they think about this, their hearts would explode in anger.

The matter about Demon Eye emptying An Dong’s treasury and stealing everything from An Dong’s stores, Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long knew about all these. Moreover, they had also thought that Titan, who was an Innate capable of simultaneously killing Nightmare and Tiger Nian, would definitely not leave matters at that. As a result they were very cautious and restricted their subordinates from participating in the looting… Now, they were aware that they did a smart thing. Sure enough, the Titan Brothers were not saints. Moreover, compared to the cool Titan Sr., the flamboyant Titan Jr. seemed to be more disgusted with these kinds of evil acts. He simply must take revenge… Isn’t stealing a Ranker’s treasures an act of slapping their face?

To Rankers, money is a small matter, but this kind of act was absolutely not tolerated.

If it was replaced with Demon Eye being robbed, it would be weird if he did not fight back!

Titan Jr. was not afraid of Demon Palace’s Sky Dragon backing him. Now that Demon Eye had no backers, would Titan Jr. let him go?

“Let me leave. I only beg to leave Thunder Fortress. I’ll give you all my property and ore mines, consider it my apology.” Demon Eye quickly spoke begging for forgiveness. As long as he had the strength, he would be able to prosper anywhere. He was a Level 5 Innate and would be an overlord wherever he went. What’s the worth in money? Those things can be obtained anytime!

“Cut off your right arm and remove your eyes, then kowtow once more before I consider it.” Yue Yang gave his conditions.

“What?” Demon Eye was stupefied.

He was very clear what cutting his right arm meant.

If it was his left arm, he would do so without hesitation.

However, his right arm was where his true strength lied. After hundreds of years of cultivation, he had successfully moved the magic stone from his head to his right arm. This was done in order to prevent his enemies from injuring him fatally by attacking the defenseless head. If he cut off his right arm, it was equivalent to destroying half of his strength, maybe his strength would immediately drop to Level 1 Innate. His eyes on the other hand was where he could display the most battle strength. If he was blind, then his remaining strength would also be destroyed and he would not be able to become an Innate anymore.

The last point was kneeling to his opponents, kowtowing and begging for mercy.

If this shameful and humiliating thing was spread out, then he would not be able to fit in anywhere in the Tong Tian Tower anymore.

“Let me leave my left arm instead…” Demon Eye moved the Platinum Ranked Ring from his left hand to his right hand. His feet slowly moved, on one side waiting for an opportunity to escape, on the other haggling the price.

“Speaking to you is only a waste of my time.” Yue Yang saw that this bastard was already close to death yet still hated to part with his Platinum ranked Ring. He immediately raised Crescent Moon and used Yin and Yang Spiral to attack Demon Eye.

Blood River and Mountain Elf looked at each other and felt that Demon Eye moving the ring was very funny. It’s fine that he did not want to part with his right arm and changed to his left, but he also moved the Platinum ranked ring. These kinds of people truly only have money in their eyes. Ma Long on the other hand hiddenly gestured. He knows that other than hating to part with his treasures, Demon Eye had another deep thought. That was to use the Platinum Ranked Ring’s special ability to escape.

Light more violent than the sun was emitted from Demon Eye’s hands.

The point with the strongest light came from the Platinum Ranked Ring.

Under the support of Demon Eye’s right hand, light ten million times brighter burst forth, making everyone unable to open their eyes.

“Soul Restraining Eye.” Demon Eye’s Guardian Beast was a huge Demonic Eye. It was extremely ugly and covered with tentacles and eyes all around. In the middle of it was a huge eye that suddenly opened. It emitted a purplish black spirit light, fiercely hot towards Yue Yang’s body.

As long as they have been hit by the spirit light, anyone weaker that Demon Eye would receive injury on their souls.

The Gold ranked Level 10 Demonic Eye was also capable of restraining souls for a minute. Within the minute, Demon Eye could do anything to the physical body without any resistance.

Demon Eye did not have any hopes that his own Guardian Beast would be able to kill Yue Yang.

As long as it was able to hold Yue Yang for a minute or even ten seconds was enough.

Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long and the others were stung by the strong light. Titan Jr. was also hit by the strong light but also hit by the spirit light. This was the best opportunity to escape. Compared to Sky Dragon who had to travel tens of kilometers to escape, Demon Eye, who was familiar with the Thunder Fortress, was confident that he could escape without a trace within a minute. When all’s said and done, Demon Eye was still a Level 5 Innate. His odds of winning when fighting one against three or fighting one on one with Titan Jr. was low, but it did not equate that he could not escape.

“Success.” Demon Eye discovered that Yue Yang used his crescent blade to block the strong light and completely did not notice the spirit light.

He immediately turned around and used his entire strength and speed to escape.

However, before he moved, before his feet even left the ground, a single finger pressed on the back of his head. A frightening Sword Qi lightly penetrated the protective energy and shot from the back of his head and out of the forehead.

Before his painful scream rushed out from his throat, an extremely sharp crescent blade already pierced from the back. It passed through his throat, slicing his chin, and fiercely sliced upwards in between his teeth.

The severed tongue also splashed in mid air.

Demon Eye naturally responded by waving his hands. His right hand, that radiated light brighter than the sun, flew in the air as it had been chopped by the demon blade burning with demon fire.

Demon Eye had gave up all hope. He wanted to turn his head and use the last of his strength in his eyes to self-destruct and perish with his enemy.

When he turned around, what he saw was endless darkness…

The Silver-ranked Eye Destroyer Dagger with special abilities to injure the eyes mercilessly streaked across.

The Demonic Eye that tried to save its master was easily killed by the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear.

The Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear could easily kill huge dragons. Regarding the Demonic Eye that was good at using spiritual attacks, it was only a minute existence in front of this spear. The spear had also accurately pierced through the Magic Crystal inside its body. One hit kill, there was absolutely no need for a second hit! At this moment, the right hand that was flying in mid air with the shining Platinum-ranked ring slowly fell down onto Yue Yang’s hands.

Demon Eye slowly collapsed.

His eyes became blind. His valiant body was still struggling as he neared death. However, a Thorny Flower Stalk appeared and directly swallowed him inside its stomach.

After the Thorny Flower Stalk and right hand had been put away by Yue Yang, the Blood Warrior Arena returned to its original state.

Demon Eye, who was a Level 5 Innate, seemed as if he never appeared in this world, already disappeared without a trace. Perhaps the people in the future would talk about it. About how he had become fertilizer, how he was so arrogant, so rampant, so greedy and so funny… Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long looked at each other. They knew that Demon Eye would not be able to escape. However, they never imagined that he would die so fast in such a miserable way… Even his corpse did not remain, and immediately became food for a beast. Amongst the Innates, Demon Eye was probably the champion of bad luck.

Other than the Demonic Eye becoming light and disappeared, Yue Yang had also put away the corpses of the Earthquake Dragon, Two-headed Dragon and Single-horned Python and other beasts.

As for the Lizard-headed Dragon, it had already become minced meat.

The Spirit of Flame and Smoke was now stronger. She possess Storm Power, Flames and Smoke and Spirit Energy. Now after the battle, thunder and lightning were also added. This was from absorbing the Raging Lightning Domain and the Thousand Thunderbolt’s energy. Although it was not yet strengthened, if the Spirit of Flame and Smoke continued to grow like this, its future would be limitless.

Now, her form is a spirit, fire is her body and smoke is her clothing. Storm is her chair and lightning is her hair.

Even though she was not a Holy Beast, she had now taken her first steps in becoming one.
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