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LLS Chapter 392 – Killing Sky Dragon

Chapter 392 – Killing Sky Dragon
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Last, heliumm, want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Sky Dragon roared to the sky as he clutched onto the hard Dark Obsidian stone pavement tightly.

His body that was already enormous expanded several times bigger. His body also turned strangely longer, as he morphed into a monster snake. His two legs joined together to form a huge, long tail. The wings on his back elongated, forming a weird wing the shape of a fin. Sky Dragon’s head formed two fiery red meat horns that looked like cockscomb as his original horn darkened, becoming thick and wrinkled, and twisted like that of a buffalo’s.

This was Sky Dragon’s true form, a Demon-winged Sea Dragon.

Different from a Beast that could personify, Sky Dragon was a mixed blood between human and demon, hence he could morph into two forms.

One being the demonic form and the other being the human form.

The Summoning Grimoire shone with a bright light akin to that of a lightning as Sky Dragon unleashed his Domain of Power, ‘Raging Lightning’, instantly. He rotated slowly in the crazed shockwave with twelve huge thunder balls surrounding him. Any creatures within fifty metres of Sky Dragon would be bombarded mercilessly by the thunder balls.

The electricity on his horns were sizzling as Sky Dragon, now with the power of a Level Six Innate, had sufficient confidence now.

He felt that he could definitely defeat his opponent and win the battle.

In comparing Beasts, he would definitely be inferior.

But he possessed powers that his opponent could never reach.

The Domain of Power was an important symbol of an Innate Ranker, only those with Domain of Power could be considered to be a real Innate Ranker, and only then would they have hopes of soaring to greater heights.


Sky Dragon shook his arms and unleashed an intense vital energy, sending the spectators who were hundred metres away flying into the sky.

Even Demon Eye who unleashed powers as a Level Five Innate swayed uncontrollably, almost falling to the ground.

Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long who had yet to unleash their powers fully were jolted back a few steps from the shock. Their powers weren’t weaker than that of Demon Eye’s, and their difference was extremely insignificant. But now, as the situation wasn’t clear yet, they are unsure if Mr. Titan Jr. would be able to defeat Sky Dragon, so they did not unleash all their power so it wouldn’t appear that they were opposing Sky Dragon. To put it bluntly, they were still waiting. If they see that Mr. Titan Jr. possessed the power to fight against Sky Dragon, they wouldn’t mind to rub it in Demon Eye’s face and combine forces to attack him.

“ You only possess so little power?” Yue Yang felt nothing towards a Level Six Innate because all along, he had been fighting with people way stronger than that, for example, the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian, Black Prince, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and the Great Demon King Baruth, or the Rankers in the Dark Prison Palace like the undying Huang Sha who was a Level Eight Innate whom Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia killed together in the Second Hall. Being a Level Six Innate was powerful indeed, the Green Summit Sect Leader Duan Mu Long Cheng was also of this level, but he was scared witless by Yue Yang in the past and even went to seek refuge with Demon Abyss, but was still insta-killed by the Phoenix Sisters in the end.

After battling with the three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm, he felt like it was a piece of cake fighting with a Level Six Innate.

Under the guidance of the Heavenly Sword Goddess and after his Nirvana Rebirth, Yue Yang’s rank as a Level One Innate could surpass a Level Five Innate even without the support of his Beasts.

So Sky Dragon is a Level Six Innate now?

“Unseal!” Yue Yang shouted in anger, his deafening voice resonated through the skies.

A chilly energy was unleashed from his body as his Yin and Yang Ability formed a whirlpool that could devour all energy. It circled around his body. The power of the Star Explosion filled his body, causing him to look like a bright shining star that was dazzling.

The Star Explosion Domain that could only form a ball previously slowly developed and expanded.

It then became star fragments, surrounding Yue Yang like the Milky Way, although it was smaller than the domain of others, it still occupied a region of five metres and could be considered as a recent breakthrough for Yue Yang. If not for the cultivation in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace and solely relying on daily cultivations, two to three years would be required for one to expand the Star Explosion Domain… A purple flame and a blue frosty ice lay on opposite ends of Yue Yang’s hands, slashing the sky into half with one side being the feisty fire hell and the other one was being snowy winter hell.

Those who were in them were either perspiring profusely or shivering from the cold.

The weirdest one was Jia De the fat toad who happened to be in the middle of the two. His clothes on the left were covered in frost, causing his face to be numbed from the cold while his body on the right was perspiring profusely, as perspiration showered down like waterfall, causing him great agony.

Both sides are bad, but he chose to be in the winter hell because after all he is obese and fat is a great insulator of heat.

Fire Hell?

Everyone knows that plump people were afraid of the heat.

“He’s just a Level Two Innate yet he could use the Domain of Power?” After seeing, Demon Eye’s face as so twisted that it almost went out of shape and his eyes were burning with jealousy.

“What a strong energy, he’s only a Level Two Innate, but could fight against a Level Six Innate, this battle…” Blood River was overwhelmed, but he did not continue further. He merely looked at Mountain Elf as they nodded discreetly. Now that they saw Mr. Titan Jr. could at least fight to a tie with Sky Dragon, they would choose to side with him now and get rid of Demon Eye.

Forming an ally would be a hundred times better than making an enemy.

Demon Eye was an ambitious man, he would not be contented with just being the City Master of the Thunder Fortress. He would definitely clear everyone obstructing his path in order to become the real owner of the Thunder Fortress.

Be it for their safety or for their future, Blood River and Mountain Elf had to prevent Demon Eye from staying in the Thunder Fortress any longer.

On the contrary, the new Titan Brothers seemed to be disinterested in the pursuit of power here.

They were similar to Chong Ni, who was just using the Thunder Fortress as his springboard. Both parties wouldn’t stay in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower for long, and would definitely move on to the Seventh Floor, Eighth Floor or even higher, that’s where they aspired to go… This kind of ally was best in working hand in hand with. Mountain Elf and Blood River knew that they had exhausted most of their potential and their chances of going up any further wouldn’t be high, so they would be contented with just being the rich masters of the Thunder Fortress in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

With a stance like theirs, they believed that the Titan Brothers would definitely form alliance with them because after all nobody likes a man too ambitious, the popular ones would be those powerful yet contented ones.

“Divine Dragon Spitting Pearls!” Sky Dragon raised a thunder ball in his domain.

His Guardian Beast, Thunder Dragon, appeared in the sky in a flash.

With the Dragon’s Breath coming from the image of the Thunder Dragon, and also with all the power of Sky Dragon, the thunder ball moved swiftly like a meteorite and shot towards Yue Yang.

As long as it hit squarely onto something, even a hill could be razed to the ground… Sky Dragon believed that with his power and the energy of his Thunderball, no man would be able to fight against him, at least not for someone whose level was lower than he was.

Yue Yang reached out his hands as he prepared to receive the Thunderball directly.

Sky Dragon’s python-like body disappeared and then reappeared behind Yue Yang.

Numerous lightning morphed into dragon heads that would devour any man that it sees. It shot out from Sky Dragon’s hands as it charged towards Yue Yang, with his giant mouth wide opened.

Facing attacks from the front and the back. Sky Dragon had never seen a survivor after he launched this attack.

A giant pillar appeared.

It looked like those pillars in a palace that supported the roof as it was giant and perfectly round, nobody had ever used it as a weapon before, except Yue Yang. The Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar that couldn’t even be carried around one’s body appeared on Yue Yang’s hand. After brushing it back and forth, he swung off the thunder ball like it was a baseball, and then he used it to bombard the Dragon Head formed from lightning, causing it to dissipate into numerous sparks, and then forming an electrical network in the sky… It was the special practicing pillars of the Prison Emperor, Rankers from the Heaven’s realm or even the Great Leaders of Heaven Realm wouldn’t be able to destroy it, it was a joke that Sky Dragon thought his tiny thunder ball and Dragon Head morphed from lightning could destroy it.

The Dragon Head hit by the Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar was sent flying hundred metres through the sky and subsequently crashed into the ground, causing stones and mud to splatter everywhere.

He shot out from the pile of stones.

The Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar hit his head squarely from the sky…

If it gets hit, Sky Dragon’s would no longer be called Demon-winged Sea Dragon, he will be re-named as a coward.

“ Thousand Thunderbolt!” Sky Dragon avoided the critical hit by mere luck, and fell back by a hundred meters, summoned a sky filled with thunderbolts and aimed at Yue Yang.

“Tch, trickster’s lowly skills.” Yue Yang sneered, summoned countless meteors which evaded the thunderbolts, launching his counterattack. However, it’s for show, the real deal lies in Yue Yang’s left hand. In the flash of bright light, Demon eye, Blood River and Mountain Elf were unable to see clearly what treasure the rays of light belonged to, all they could see was Yue Yang waving his hand, while Sky Dragon froze with a blank look as the flash of light cut through his throat with ease.

“Ahhh….” Sky Dragon painfully covered his throat as red blood spurt out.

If it was a normal human, Sky dragon would have been done for.

Fortunately, he was Innate Goblin.

Sky Dragon forcefully crushed the Teleportation stone in his hand.

He realised that if he continued, his life will definitely be in danger.That Titan Jr. has too many sly moves and treasures, for instance that mysterious seven coloured light just now could actually slit his throat easily. What is even more terrifying is that his powerful ability to self heal could not be used and his wounds were tore and worsened.


The most high level escape tool, teleportation stone shattered, yet Sy Dragon was not teleported away.

Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillars along with the Prison Emperor Divine Sword could still restrain the most powerful and mysterious Ming Yue Guang out of the three Heaven Realm Great Leader!

If Sky Dragon could have escaped from the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillars‘ restriction, then that would be called uncanny!

“Roar!” Sky Dragon sensing that things were taking a turn for the worst, immediately charged towards the sky with every ounce of energy he had before launching himself downwards. With the help of Raging Lightning Domain, he escaped from Thunder Fortress as quick as lightning.

When it comes to attacking, Sky Dragon does think that he might have been somewhat weaker.

But when it comes to speed, the Sky Dragon who possessed Raging Lightning Domain had enough confidence… In this word, was there anything faster than thunder and lightning?

Currently, not just Sky Dragon, even Demon Eye was hurrying to flee. 

Blood River and Mountain Elf waited for quite a while; so has Underground City’s owner, Ma Long. Ma Long had changed his previously neutral position, unleashing his Innate strength. The first being stopped Demon Eye, who was deemed an underdog, “Ah-Ha, Ma Long has not sparred with you for a long time, today i’m interested, let’s fight and learn from each other.”  

The dark clawed women who had lost her sister, did not dare to go into the field and fight, instead she stood outside.

When she saw that her owner, Sky Dragon has already fled, she immediately turned her body.

She was preparing to flee in the opposite direction.

However, there stood a person in front of her way long ago, Xia Yi.

The dark clawed women furiously raised her sharp claws, while Xia Yi unsheathed her Demon Killing Dagger like a tigress. Using the dagger as a sword, she slashed at her enemy.

In the sky, the Lizard Head Dragon that was preparing to flee howled in tremendous pain.

It was swept into a body of the Spirit of Flame and Smoke which was made of raging flames, violent storm and thick smoke. Tumbling in the raging flames of the fire tornado, the Sky Dragon was nearly at the death’s door, his fate sealed. The Spirit of Flame and Smoke even had time to release a small tornado from herself so as to absorb the lightning energy emitted by the Sky Dragon. She seemed to like this kind of food.

Only the double-headed giant dragon and Reaper Mantis were able to resist and fight against each other.

Reaper Mantis had an upper hand due to his attribute as well as flying speed. On the other hand, the double-headed giant dragon’s size, level and power worked to his favour. For now, the match was even.

Ah Man thundered over, carrying the carcass of the Earthquake Dragon by lifting it above her head with both hands. As she hurled out the carcass of the Earthquake Dragon, her eyes flashed with crimson light as flames and thick smoke puffing out from her nose and mouth.

Even before the carcass of the Earthquake Dragon crashed into the double-headed giant dragon, it had let out a miserable cry before collapsing to the ground.

Its soul perished immediately, with no signs of struggling.

Doom’s Eyes was activated!

The double-headed giant dragon that was killed in an instant was not the only one with bad luck…… More than ten kilometres away, Sky Dragon that was flying at high speed felt a sharp pain at his head, as if it’s soul was being slashed by a sharp sickle. Although it did not faint on the spot nor did it plunged to his death, the pain was intolerable. Sky Dragon’s mind was a swirling mess as fresh blood gushed out from his nose and mouth.

“What in the world happened?” Sky Dragon was baffled, he was already more than ten kilometres away from the Thunder Fortress and ready to leave with a teleportation stone. He didn’t expect to receive a long-ranged attack from his enemies from such a remote distance. Moreover this kind of attack came from the soul, to which he was completely defenceless.

“Bloodeye Double Kill, but there is no need for you to know. The dead has no use of this information. ”  

Yue Yang’s voice came from behind his back.

First, his right hand holding the teleportation stone was chopped off forcibly using Crescent Moon. Then the Innate Invisible Sword Qi broke through his defence and pierced into his skull.

With Xiao Wen Li‘s Binding inherent skill, Sky Dragon was helpless as he watched Yue Yang gliding his World Exterminating Wheel across his neck, slicing open his motionless body gracefully.

A small globe of light escaped from Sky Dragon’s body. That was Sky Dragon’s Orb baring his soul, consciousness and all of his power. However, before he could flee as far as a metre, Yue Yang grasped him using his right hand and burned him with Nirvana’s Flame…… Ten seconds later, without his body’s protection, the Sky Dragon’s soul and consciousness in the Orb was incinerated. All that was left was a purified Innate Level 6 Orb.   

This victory was the result of Yue Yang’s meticulous planning that had been carefully crafted for ages.

However, killing Sky Dragon is only the beginning.

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