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LLS Chapter 391 – Arrogant huh? I’d beat you to a pulp!

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Chapter 391 – Arrogant huh? I’d beat you to a pulp!
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Xia Yi was very worried as the strength of a Level Six Innate Ranker was an existence that she couldn’t even imagine.

Forget about Sky Dragon with the power of a Level Six Innate, even an Innate Level One, or a Lesser Innate would be able to kill her in an instant. Then how did she manage to unleash all her power and use the dagger to slash the body of the dark clawed woman who was a Lesser Innate? Xia Yi wasn’t able to comprehend, but she thought that maybe it was because the Innate Mr. Titan Jr. had already killed the dark clawed woman, that’s why she could kill her easily.

As the atmosphere tensed up, she didn’t have the time to spare for more thoughts.

Xia Yi felt that every part of her was aching. It seemed like she had used too much strength just now, so much so that she had injured her tendons and muscles.

“Are you alright?” Ma Long’s wife saw that with every step Xia Yi took, there would be holes formed on the solid ebony floor. She thought as she saw that there was an obvious footprint on the limestone floor where Xia Yi stepped on, but the strange thing was that Xia Yi wasn’t aware of all of these.

“Nothing, I’m just a little nervous.” Xia Yi did not realise the abnormality about her body at all.

In the past, she could only break the limestone floor using full strength.

Making such an obvious footprint on the limestone floor would be a difficult feat even with the help of a Beast. But now, the whole of the limestone street was covered in her footprints from all the steps she took… They looked like those left on a beach.

The fat Jia De saw it and his jaw dropped so widely it could fit an entire Hippopotamus!

What is going on with Xia Yi?

In the Blood Warrior Arena, Yue Yang and Sky Dragon were ready for their battle.

Yue Yang summoned the Reaper Mantis, and did not summon for Beasts like the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Bloody Queen Red and Barbarian Cow Shadow.

He unleashed the strength of a Level One Innate gradually. In front of him was Sky Dragon who had unleashed his power as Level Three Innate. But Sky Dragon soon realised that his vital energy wasn’t yet on par to Yue Yang, as the chilly cold wind given off from him was devoured by Yue Yang’s Yin Yang whirlpool continually. Sky Dragon gritted his teeth as he moved on to unleash his power as a Level Four and Level Five Innate. A Level Nine Platinum-ranked Thunder Dragon was summoned by Sky Dragon. It was his strengthening-type Guardian Beast which could merge with Sky Dragon quickly. With flickering lightning and rumbling thunder, the Thunder Dragon became one with Sky Dragon.

Sky Dragon’s body grew taller rapidly, becoming enormous as a dragon horn grew on his head. His lips tore to the edge of his ears as his teeth elongates, becoming like razor sharp knifes.

A pair of silver wing gradually grew on his back.

With a gush of wind, a giant wing pointed to the sky haughtily, as if showing its might to all creatures that it was an overlord-level giant dragon. Its body, arms and legs were all covered in silver dragon scales. At first there were only a few, but within a matter of two seconds, it spreaded all over its body, protecting Sky Dragon’s body fully.

Electric current flowed through Sky Dragon’s body with a sizzling sound.

His ten fingernails became sharper and pointier, emerging into powerful dragon claws that could tear everything in pieces.

The same went for his legs as dragon claws emerged from his torn shoes, as his healthy skin bulged, seemingly filled with energy.

At last, Sky Dragon opened his previously tightly-closed eyes as an electric light shot out from his eyes and up into the sky, like a sharp sword that could tear down the skies… It looked really impressive!

Sky Dragon caressed the Platinum Grimoire with his claws, as raging flame rose from his nose and mouth. “Hoo,come and let me take a look at you. As haughty as you may be, let me see what power you have. I hope your power equivalent to your eloquence. Come out, doubled-headed dragon, that Reaper Mantis will be your prey today!” The Platinum Grimoire glimmered with a golden light as a double-headed giant dragon had been summoned this time.

It was two times larger than a normal giant dragon.

It had two heads and four wings.

The head on the left could spew poisonous fluid while the one on the right could shoot sulfuric fire. When it appeared, it let out a groan that resonated through the skies.

Its chilly might made all the weaker Beasts and Rankers who weren’t Innate shiver as they feared the Level Nine Platinum-ranked double-headed giant dragon wholly.

Although the Reaper Mantis was the giant dragon’s nemesis, and was also Platinum-ranked, their level differed too vastly.

The Reaper Mantis was only Level Four Platinum-ranked. There was a great difference between their levels.

Nobody thought that the Reaper Mantis would be able to defeat the double-headed giant dragon that was five levels higher than it. Only Mountain Elf and Blood River felt that if Mr. Titan Jr. were to challenge Sky Dragon confidently, he would possess other even more powerful Beasts.

“If it is an idiot, any extra head would be useless.” Yue Yang smiled aloofly. He did not summon, nor did any Grimoire appear, but a flaming Spirit of Flame and Smoke appeared beside him. It was a level higher than the Reaper Mantis, but was only Level Five Platinum-ranked. However Sky Dragon’s expression changed when he saw her appear.

The element type beast that was in near human form could have been a Holy Beast if it was on par to one in terms of intellectual capacity.

The sourcefire of the Spirit of Flame and Smoke even made Sky Dragon terrified.

It was not a normal Spirit of Flame and Smoke…

On facing the Spirit of Flame and Smoke of higher rank, the double-headed dragon lost all its might because all of its attacks would be rendered useless towards the element type Spirit of Flame and Smoke. Not only would the double headed dragon‘s poisonous fluid be useless towards the Spirit of Flame and Smoke, its sulphuric fire would also add onto the strength of the opponent.

“Earth-shattering water dragon, come out quick!” Sky Dragon pressed its claws on the Summoning Grimoire as he summoned a Level Ten Gold-ranked Water Horned Python.

“Small trick.” Yue Yang loved comparing Beasts.

Both sides summoned all their Beasts as they battled each other with their entire army.

In this way, more possessions would be acquired after the battle and chances of the opponent backing out would be at a minimum. Most importantly, his beasts could grow during the battle.


The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man had become increasingly alike to a female Delaney as she back flipped thrice in the air and landed agily.
(Want2eat: Delaney is an Irish professional footballer)

Her eyes were shining with a glow of wisdom, as she looked completely different from the muddle-headed barbarian cow.

After much reconstructions, shedding her old self for rebirth with the Nirvana Flames and with her Innate Qi and Ancient Rune, her power was only below Xiao Wen Li. Even Hui Tai Lang the Divine Beast wouldn’t fight with her rashly. Of course, the most terrifying thing of her was her Bloodeye Double Kill and Doom’s Eyes. Although the chances weren’t high, and certain capability would be required to trigger them, once they were triggered, not only the rivalry Beast would suffer a humiliating death, the same would go for its master.

When Ah Man appeared, her trampling skills shocked the entire arena.

The mighty-looking Water Horned Python that was preparing to shoot water at Spirit of Flame and Smoke collapsed from the vibration directly. Its head shook in a daze and it did not manage to recover from it after a while.

Sky Dragon’s complexion ashened…

A holy Beast, this female barbarian cow was definitely a Holy Beast.

All Beasts, on becoming Holy Beasts, would be able to do a qualitative leap, normal Holy Beasts symptoms wouldn’t be able to test for them anymore. For example, this Barbarian Cow looked as if she was Level One Diamond-ranked, but her real power during combat would definitely make the Level Ten Gold-ranked Water Horned Python suffer because her accurate rank was definitely One Star Holy Beast!

It was equivalent to Level One Innate, and according to some abilities of unique Beasts, they could be even more powerful than Innates!

This female Barbarian Cow is a Guardian Beast, so she wasn’t an Innate initially. She must have ranked up all the way.

Then how did she rank up to a One Star Diamond-ranked creature?

When ranking up to Gold-ranked, there would be a cut off that would restrict all Beasts from changing ranks. So how did this female barbarian cow turn from Gold-ranked to Platinum-ranked and eventually to Diamond-ranked? One must know that Diamond-ranked creatures are completely different from other ranks… Mr. Titan Jr. must have some ways that could groom his Beasts into Diamond-ranked, so if he were to force him to tell his secrets, it would be Sky Dragon’s greatest takeaway.

A Holy Beast wasn’t a thing that everyone could possess.

One must sufficient luck and fate with it. Not only so, he must also be approved by the Beast in order to contract it.

As for grooming, Sky Dragon exhausted all means but his Guardian Beast was only Level Nine Platinum-ranked. Even after consuming over a hundred Wisdom Fruits, he still wasn’t able to unlock its intelligence of a Holy Beast.

“Come, it’s the ultimate showdown now. Let’s battle!” Seeing Yue Yang ‘s Beast, which was also his Guardian Beast, Sky Dragon felt that the situation might have become a little tricky. The only thing he was confident about was that the Mr. Titan Jr. seemed to not become a Level Six Innate now, so Yue Yang was still inferior to him at the moment. Although Yue Yang ‘s Beasts were better than his, he was still superior to him in terms of combat power.

Sky Dragon felt that he could still continue with the battle as it was one between two Innates. They were not only fighting against each other with their Beasts but also with their own power.

The Earthquake Dragon that was over a hundred tons and the Lizard Head Dragon carrying plague virus were summoned by Sky Dragon. Both were Level Eight Gold-ranked.

If he could win Yue Yang in terms of quality of Beasts, he could compensate for that in terms of quantity.

And the best way to defeat this Mr. Titan Jr. who was a tad lousier than him was… To capture his leader, Sky Dragon thought to himself.

The Earthquake Dragon could suppress the strong female barbarian cow temporarily. And if the Lizrd Head Dragon and the double-headed dragon work hand in hand, they could defeat the Reaper Mantis completely. As for the Water Horned Python, because of its type, it could have a tie with the Spirit of Flame and Smoke. As long as they don’t get caught up with the female barbarian cow, Sky Dragon could still accept a situation with one loss and one win. After all she was a Holy Beast, a fight fight would land them in a disadvantaged situation.

“Kill, kill that Reaper Mantis!” Sky Dragon roared like thunder as he ordered all of his Beasts when they began their battle.

“In your dreams!” Yue Yang did not back off but rather, he went forward.

Sky Dragon, who had unleashed his power as a Level Five Innate, waved a impactful punch onto Yue Yang ‘s chest as he was being hit with Yue Yang ‘s punch at the same time.

Sky Dragon felt a torturing pain that could tear his body apart.

He realised that his dragon claws that could cleave metals and crush rocks couldn’t tear through Yue Yang ‘s skin. On the opposite, Mr. Titan Jr.’s punches could crush his dragon scales that protected his body , how, how is this possible? To the shock of everyone, and under the eye goggling gaze of Demon Eye, Mountain Elf and Blood River, Yue Yang clenched hard on Sky Dragon’s fists as he raised Sky Dragon’s body into the air, thrusting Sky Dragon, with power of a Level Five Innate, onto the ground of the arena with power as a Level One Innate.

The entire arena was shocked!

The shockwave from the thrust caused the buildings around the Blood Warrior Arena collapsed as if swept by a hurricane. Other than Mountain Elf, Blood River, Demon Eye and Ma Long, Fatty Jia De, Xia Yi and the rest all flew more than ten metres away from the shock. Those weaker ones landed more than hundred metres away.

This was how powerful a single strike of Mr. Titan Jr. was!

A battle between a Level Five Innate and a Level One Innate, yet Sky Dragon lost it.


Yue Yang did not even bother explaining why. After summoning the Grimoire, he was backed by Giant Phantom Shadows, causing his power to increase drastically, even Sky Dragon was shocked by the extent.

”Ha!” Sky Dragon vomited blood from the impact of Yue Yang ‘s single punch as blood shot across a distance of ten metres.

A huge pit formed on the arena made of obsidian stone after Sky Dragon fell.

Scales flew from his legs as his dragon claws on the ground almost cracked.

This was the power of a single punch!

“Arrogant huh? I’d beat you to a pulp, and make you vomit three litres of blood!” Yue Yang leaped again as he raised his fist to attack Sky Dragon. It scared him so much that he dodged all the way, and did not dare to retaliate.

Sky Dragon’s embarrassing dodges from Yue Yang ‘s consecutive attacks looked even more pitiful than a fleeing wild dog. It was until the last moment when the effects of the Giant Phantom Shadows wore off completely did Yue Yang stop his attacks. Sky Dragon who kept vomitting blood then stopped, and started panting to quell its racing heart. Yue Yang was too strange, the assistance provided by his Beast was superb. Luckily the duration wasn’t long, if not he really couldn’t fight with Yue Yang.

“You forced me into it, don’t blame me if you die because you asked for it.” Sky Dragon decided to unleash his power as a Level Six Innate, if not he wouldn’t be able to turn the table around being heavily injured,

“Come, continue bragging!” Yue Yang was very pleased, it would be best this way. Anger the opponent and find an appropriate opportunity to kill Sky Dragon. Of course, he had to find the golden time to do it because for him to be a Level Six Innate, he wouldn’t be an idiot. If Sky Dragon were to realise that he coudnt fight Yue Yang, he would definitely run.

Demon Eye, Blood River, Mountain Elf and Ma Long were already stunned.

This battle had already blew their minds away, how could a person of lower rank win a person of high rank? Who would believe that a Level One Innate could beat up a Level Five Innate, and even till the point that he vomits blood?

And of course Mr. Titan Jr.’s Beasts were impressive. They had never seen such terrifying Beasts that could amplify their master’s power to ten time or even up to hundred times.

Possessing such strong Beasts, Mr. Titan Jr. would be powerful even if he did not wish to.

If there was no time limit, Sky Dragon would have been so scared that he would crush the Teleportation Stone to escape.

Jia De was in tears. His master was just too impressive such that he could make the famous, powerful Sky Dragon puke blood… Xia Yi clenched her small fist tightly as she knew that Sky Dragon was a Level Six Innate Ranker, it was a completely different thing as a Level Five Innate. Ten Level Five Innates might not even win against a Level Six Innate. Although Mr. Titan Jr. had won against Sky Dragon this time, what about next round?

Would Yue Yang still be able to beat him up to the point that he puke blood?


A deafening vibration shook everyone like bow an earthquake would.

Everyone turned their heads uncontrollably as they realised that the Barbarian Cow had already made the heavy Earthquake Dragon collapse onto the ground. They then turned and saw that she was holding the Water Horned Python in her hand like a giant cane as she whipped it onto the ground continually, making terrifying booming noises. In a blink of an eye, the Water Horned Python had lost all his combat power as it was on the verge of death from a broken spine. It could only wait for death now.

Everyone almost fainted.

Even if the Barbarian Cow was a one star Holy Beast, how could she have killed a Level Eight Gold-ranked Earthquake Dragon weighing over a hundred tons and a Level Ten Gold-ranked Water Horned Python in an instant?

Sick skills she had there!

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