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LLS Chapter 390 – Xia Yi

Chapter 390 – Xia Yi
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“You are asking for death!” The two beauties beside Sky Dragon frowned their eyebrows in anger. How dare this weak guy offend their master! Forget about an Innate, even if he was an Innate Ranker, they would kill him!

The face of the beauty on the left started to disfigure as her red lips tore to the sides of her ear, and out came her razor sharp teeth.

Her eyes were glimmering with green light.

White scales grew all over her tender hands as her nails became dark, forming a pair of poisonous killer claws.

With the power of an Innate, the ebony wooden floor burst under the impact of her stomp. In a flash, sharp dark claws were waving in front of Yue Yang. As they were waving everywhere, it was hard to tell between the real and fake claws. Suddenly one of the claws shot out from among the pretense, and reached straight for Yue Yang’s heart… Xia Yi cried as she went to Yue Yang ‘s aid. However, as she was only a Level Six Elder, she wasn’t on par to the Innate Ranker in terms of power and speed.

Before she could pull out the dagger from her waist, the claws of their opponent had already reached Yue Yang’s heart.

Xia Yi rushed forth quickly as she tried to push Yue Yang away.

Maybe she wanted to use her body to shield her bad tempered, difficult, arrogant, but kind master… She did not even think of why she wanted to do it, because she had wanted to kill him before. But now, when his life was at stake, her body functioned way faster than her mind.


Xia Yi realised that she was still a tad slower.

Just when she was about to reach him, the dark claws of the woman who attacked from a distance had already pressed onto Yue Yang’s chest and in the next second, it tore through his chest.

Xia Yi could even see the cruel, wicked smile of her opponent, but all she could do was to cry out in sadness.


When Xia Yi’s tears rolled down and blurred her vision, she felt that something burst.

Fresh blood shot out all over the place.

A lot of it went onto Xia Yi’s face and body.

That’s it!

Xia Yi closed her eyes in grief. She had never cried for a man, but now hot tears streamed down her face. When he was still alive, she hated him for being such a boob obsessed pervert (previously breast loving beast) and thought that if not for his powerful brother, he would have become minced meat from being beaten up by his rivals. But when he was actually killed, she wasn’t happy at all, and instead, she was unable to accept it and was overwhelmed with sadness. It tore and devoured her, and all she wished was to roll around on the floor and torture herself just so that she wouldn’t have to accept the reality.

At the same time, endless anger and hatred filled her.

Kill that goddamn opponent to avenge his death.


A crazed wrath overcame Xia Yi as she felt that something broke inside her. Her soul exploded as a foreign yet powerful energy rose from her Dan Tian and inundated her body. Her four limbs trembled as if they were going to break from this very energy.

However, Xia Yi couldn’t care less as she held onto the dagger tightly.

Gritting her teeth, she used her greatest strength.

She charged towards where the opponent was… She had never learn how to slash someone with a dagger, but it became an instinct now.

Or simply put, it was a form of hatred, a destructive one!

She swore to destroy the opponent regardless of anything!

“Ahhh!” Xia Yi groaned angrily. Although she hadn’t opened her eyes, the long dagger had already slashed the dark clawed women into half with terrifying wrath.

The Bronze-ranked long dagger couldn’t withstand the crazed wrath and broke into pieces, scattered all over the ground, after slashing the black clawed woman into half.

After killing the opponent, Xia Yi’s legs gave way as she collapsed onto the ground as if she had lost all her energy.

Overwhelmed with grief, she was about to burst into tears.

She did not care if the remaining opponents would slash her or beat her to a pulp, all she wanted was to cry and let it all out.

She only wanted to vent the agonising pain…

Her tears streamed down like rain.

But before she started to cry, a familiar voice sounded amazingly. “Hey, what are you doing?”

Xia Yi opened her eyes, and was stunned by what she saw.

Mr Titan Jr. whose chest was tore through by the opponent wasn’t dead and he looked well and alive.

Xia Yi looked at Yue Yang who was staring at her as he carried the headless corpse of his opponent, and then glanced at remaining half body of the dark clawed woman. She realised that her dark claws were on the Wyvern Armour worn on Yue Yang ’s chest, but it did not tear through it. Xia Yi was elated instantly and she jumped in joy. “You are not dead?” She yelled euphorically.

“You don’t say!” Yue Yang said as he tossed the corpse of the woman, whose skull was shattered by him and body was slashed into half by Xia Yi, out of the window.

“Waaa waaa…” Xia Yi felt a wave of emotions inundating her as she let her guards down due to the new found surprise. She wanted to run towards Yue Yang and hug him tightly, but instead she ran to the corner of the wall as she squatted down, covered her face and cried out loud.

Tears seeped out of her fingers and wet her clothes.

Yue Yang had never seen such a weird girl. Its okay if she wanted to cry but why is she crying secretly at the corner?

Yue Yang would have teased her if not for the incensed look on Sky Dragon’s face that made him look as if he wanted to swallow a man whole.

It was only until then did Sky Dragon realise Yue Yang was pretending to be weak this whole time.

This rascal definitely possessed the power of an Innate, he was only pretending to be a Level Six Elder!

On second thoughts, it all made sense. If Yue Yang hadn’t been an Innate Ranker, how would he have dared to call out on Demon Eye openly? Demon Eye could kill a Level Six Elder easily, why would he call him for help? Sky Dragon wanted to unleash his Innate power instantly to kill his opponent, but as a sensitive Ranker, he had realised that the opponent who was provoking him was not as easy as he seemed.

The other dark clawed woman beside Sky Dragon was already trembling in fear.

If it wasn’t her sister but her who attacked them just now, she would be dead already… She saw her dead sister who was morphing back into the shape of a silver python on the ground and started to lose control of her bladder.

Demon Eye’s complexion darkened.

He had heard that the elder brother of the Titan brother was an Innate who could kill Nightmare and Tiger Nian instantly, witnessed by the public’s eye.

He did not expect that Titan Jr. was pretending to be a Level Six Elder and that he was also an Innate. Seeing the peaceful look on his face, his power might not even be inferior to his. It was no wonder he would challenge him so openly. Both brothers were actually Innates with powers on par to him!

Mountain Elf and Blood River’s complexions, on the other hand, were completely different. They almost cheered out loud and applauded.

They did not expect the twist that Mr Titan Jr. was also an Innate Ranker. But they were definitely welcoming to this surprising twist.

Now, they felt that their choice to ally with the Titan brothers was the correct move.

Although Demon Eye had Sky Dragon as his strongest ally, if he were to fight with the Titan brothers, it would be hard to determine who would win.

Furthermore, Sky Dragon was an outsider after all, he wouldn’t stay in the Thunder Fortress forever. Even if the Titan Brothers were a little more inferior in terms of power, once Sky Dragon leaves, how could Demon Eye, without any ally, survive?

“It is impossible to resolve my hatred towards you for killing my concubine. Since the both of us are Innates, we will do the talking with our power. Lets fight!” Sky Dragon definitely wouldn’t be able to take it in his strides. He was an Innate Ranker, and was even a Level Six Innate. If he did not avenge the death of his concubine who was killed publicly, how could he walk with his head held high in the Tong Tian Tower in the future? Although he had a lot of concubines, he couldn’t let his pride down!

“It was your concubine who attacked me, an Innate. I had a reason to kill her. If you want to avenge her death, then game on!” Yue Yang smiled aloofly.

Forget about him not being part of the Innate Alliance, even if he was a member, he could justify his actions.

Anyone who launched attacks on an Innate with ill will would be seen as challenging the pride of the Innate.

A powerful man had the say regardless whether he was right or wrong.

It would still be alright if Sky Dragon were to win. But if he didn’t, Yue Yang had every right to kill him.

Seeing that Mr Titan Jr. wasn’t afraid even when facing a Level Six Innate, Mountain Elf and Blood River were ecstatic. The Titan brothers were so arrogant that they could even fight with Sky Dragon who was a Level Six Innate, they definitely had to ally with them!

Both of them looked at each other and then stood up.

“A battle between two Innates would be destructive, why not shift the battleground to the Blood Warrior Arena to prevent injuring the innocents,” Mountain Elf said in a stentorian tone.

Blood River nodded in agreement. “If both of you couldn’t wait until King Chong Ni arrive to bear witness personally, both of us together with Underground City Master Ma Long can help to bear witness on his behalf!”

“Let’s go!” Sky Dragon’s expression changed slightly upon hearing, but it returned back to the usual haughtiness in an instant.

His hands waved slightly, shattering the windows and sending the tables and chairs flying in the air. It was as if a giant invisible hand had hit the place as merchants and warriors all fell to the ground. Sky Dragon unleashed his Qi and flew to the sky, breaking the roof of the auction house as he morphed into a meteorite and went to the Blood Warrior Arena. The dark clawed woman followed closely behind as she shot out like a bird, morphing into a silver python spanning a length of 30 over metres. Gilding through the air, she followed behind her master.

Yue Yang glanced at Jia De and Yan Zheng the butler. “You all don’t need to come,” he instructed.

In the past, Jia De thought that Yue Yang got all his worldly possessions because he had a strong elder brother. Although he still respected him, it was nowhere near the respect he had for Mr Titan Sr. Now, it seemed that both brothers were both strong, the only difference was that Mr. Titan Sr. was cooler and rarely interfere with any business while Mr. Titan Jr. was more extroverted and took charge of everything… Maybe both of them were equally powerful. Thinking of this, Jia De grew more apologetic and respectful towards Yue Yang as he kneeled down to beg for forgiveness.

“I will go back immediately and report it to Mr. Titan Sr.” Yan Zheng the butler was similarly shocked when he knew that Mr. Titan Jr. was also an Innate. But he knew that they could only win if both brothers worked together to battle against Sky Dragon.

“If its two versus one, the Demonic Palace will say that my brother and I are bullying him, so me alone will suffice.” Yue Yang waved his hands, he knew that the Evil Gemini Shadow could only fool those who weren’t Innates. Sky Dragon would definitely see through it. Moreover, if he could defeat Sky Dragon in a battle without Mr. Titan Sr.’s help, he would look even more impressive. Even if Chong Ni wanted to side with Sky Dragon, he would be apprehensive. Yue Yang did not want to take down Chong Ni first as he didn’t know anything about him. Yue Yang decided that the best time to take Chong Ni down would be after he got his hands on the Ten Thousand Years Motherland Potion and contracting Jiang Ying the Hornless Dragon.

Yue Yang would be a fool if he didn’t beat up his love rival, Sky Dragon, now that the opportunity arose.

Yue Yang wasn’t fearful of any one of the Ten Great Sky Demons of the Demonic Palace, except Sky Execution which he wasn’t certain if he could defeat.

Moreover, that chick Sky Law still fancied him… Would Sky Execution and Sky Law condemn him if he were to beat up Sky Dragon, who was the lousiest among all? Impossible!

Especially Sky Law the Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was vexed by all the pestering by Sky Dragon. Now that he was going to beat up the irksome Sky Dragon, she would definitely be happy, and might even reward him with a delightful suffocation from her gigantic breasts!

“He is actually Mr. Titan Sr. right?” On seeing Yue Yang leaving the auction house, Ma Long the City Master went forward to inquire.

“No! He is definitely Mr. Titan Jr.!” Xia Yi with tear streaked all over her face from crying just now recovered and said firmly. “Mr. Titan Sr. is very cool, he is the complete opposite of Mr. Titan Jr.!”

“Little sister, I saw that your dagger is broken. I have a Demon Killing Dagger for you.” Ma Long’s wife went forward to try to bribe her and rope her in. She was generous enough to tie a top quality Silver-ranked dagger around Xia Yi’s waist and addressed her affectionately as her sister in a extremely sweet voice as if they were really family. Xia Yi wanted to reject her but Ma Long’s wife pretended to be angry as she tried to coax her. “Mr. Titan Jr. is an Innate Ranker, his battle with Sky Dragon will definitely make him famous. As your sister, I’m very envious of you, so rest assured, I wouldn’t just watch from the sidelines… Let’s go and see their battle!”

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    • Cyclloid says:

      it started when yue yang confronted the revolt in the mines. the rioters assumed that yue yang was related to but not Titian Yue as he only had the strength of a level 6 elder. Then Yue Yang, while pretending to be dead, had the Gemini shadow show up and give off an innate aura, albeit only 1/2 of what the real Yue Yang can do. So everyone, maybe even including the toad merchant, believed there were two Titan Yues: Titan Sr(the innate) & Titan Jr(the lvl6 elder).

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