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LLS Chapter 389 – An old love rival, Sky Dragon!

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Chapter 389 – An old love rival, Sky Dragon!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“You want the Royal Jelly?” Xia Yi sat for a long time and felt bored. On seeing that Yue Yang took interest in the Dark Prison Royal Jelly, she couldn’t help but want to spit on him. He certainly lived up to his name of being an ultra pervert as he was only interested in aphrodisiacs. Thinking that she could help him bid for it but she’ll pay with his money, Xia Yi raised the sign used to bid. She quoted a price that shocked even herself. “Three Thousand Gold!”


This made the crowd stunned.

Even if this was a good thing, it could only be consumed once and would be gone in one gulp. Moreover, its effects would only last for one night. Would all these warrant such a high price?

Could it be that Mr. Titan Jr. liked sex toys and wanted to use the Dark Prison Royal Jelly to aid him in the procedure?

Or was it that he just had too much money to spare to the point that he did not see the value of gold coins anymore?

Everyone was curious why Mr. Titan Jr., who did not indicate interest in any goods the whole night, actually made his female guard bid for the Dark Prison Royal Jelly.

Jia De who was under the stage was shocked too.

But he was no stranger to Yue Yang’s carefree attitude and behaviours.

Moreover, the Dark Prison Royal Jelly was indeed a good medicine that both sexes could consume with no side effects.

“3500 gold.” Demon Eye’s followers finally got their chance as they tried to bid up the price desperately.

“4000 gold.” Xia Yi smiled coldly. The one paying won’t be me anyway, if you all wish to bid up the price, I will play along. It will be best if i can make this guy bankrupt, bring it on! This guy is filthy rich anyway, he wouldn’t become poor even if the price goes up to forty thousand gold. When Xia Yi first started to bid, she was a little afraid and worried that Yue Yang would scold her. However on stealing glances at Yue Yang, she saw that he was smiling and didn’t seem to care about the money. So she relaxed and decided to continue with the bidding since he did not seem to object to it.

“We’ll bid 4500 gold.” Demon Eye’s follower immediately pushed up the price. You want to take down something you like? No way!

“ 5000,” Xia Yi quoted her price immediately.

“5500.” Another one of Demon Eye’s follower stood up to quote the price as they were unwilling to relent.

“We don’t want it anymore.” Xia Yi’s quit made Yue Yang shocked too. Since when was she not stupid anymore?

Xia Yi snorted delightedly. “That guy wore a cunning look, I’m sure he’s not going bid anymore once I quoted 6000. He must be rejoicing and thinking that I’m stupid in his mind, but i won’t fall for his tricks! It’s okay that we didn’t get it. Just get your elder brother to snatch it back for you! Anyway you have already picked a fight with Demon Eye, so it will be an opportunity for you to get back at him!”

“…” Yan Zheng the butler who was at the door looked at Xia Yi, dumbstruck. He felt that she might have been badly influenced by Yue Yang after following him around for so long.

It was not even three minutes when a sneaky guy ran towards them.

He slipped a note to Yan Zheng.

It turned out that a black market dealer had a big bottle of the Dark Prison Royal Jelly and was willing to give it to Mr. Titan at the minimum bidding price, 1000 gold. He also wished to make friends with Mr. Titan.

Xia Yi was speechless. This guy is so lucky!

Just a few moments before, they wished to buy it at a higher price but to no avail. However, someone was actually willing to sell it to him at such a low price now, it was almost as if they were giving it to him for free… Seems like she wouldn’t have to worry about saving money for him!

“Next up we have the high quality Meteorite Vital Iron which was extracted from the core of a million ton meteorite. It weighs 1628 kilograms and is 99% pure. It is best suited to make a Gold-ranked equipment. I’m sure that everyone here will know its value without me going on further. The minimum bidding price is 5000 gold, with at least 300 additional gold with every bid. The highest bidder gets it.”

The auction officer revealed the long Meteorite Vital Iron under the red cloth, grabbing everyone’s attention at once.

Although the Meteorite Vital Iron wasn’t as good as the Meteorite Vital Gold, it was still a rare treasure.

The most important thing was that the Meteorite Vital Iron was of large quantity.

Many Rankers require heavy weapons as they weren’t accustomed to use light weapons.

However, casting an equipment was met with the problems of energy usage and chances of it being successful. But this Meteorite Vital Iron here was 1628 kilograms, so it would be more than enough to make two heavy weapons. If an individual who prefer large weapons could create a Giant Axe or a Wolf Teeth Gauntlet, their combat power would definitely increase by a lot. For those who prefer shorter equipments, they could use the remaining Meteorite Vital Iron to create an armour as the Meteorite Vital Iron was a good defense material too.

Yue Yang gave Xia Yi a limit of one hundred thousand for bidding.

Who knew that Xia Yi liked to ask for trouble when she quoted a price of one hundred thousand without even thinking.

This left everyone stunned instantly.

Everyone believed that at the end of the bidding, the price of the Meteorite Vital Iron would go up to a hundred thousand, but she quoted this price on first bid, how would she expect everyone to react?

“Th-the price quoted by this lady here is the highest bid now, one hundred thousand, congratulations, this amount, ahem, is great, i-if there are no more bidders, then this Meteorite Vital Iron will go to this lady over here… Are there any bidders who are is willing to offer more than one hundred thousand? Going once, going twice… No one else?” The auction officer said after going blank for a while.

Demon did not care about Xia Yi as he stared at Yue Yang. “One hundred and ten thousand gold!” He said aloofly.

“Two hundred thousand,” Yue Yang said as he showed everyone what it means to be rich.

“Hey!” Xia Yi was anxious. The Meteorite Vital Iron wasn’t worth two hundred thousand, if Yue Yang was the highest bidder, he would suffer a huge loss. She couldn’t stop him openly, so she stepped on his foot under the table, signalling for him not to fight with Demon Eye as it really wasn’t worth the money. Even if he was very rich, he shouldn’t waste it like this. Xia Yi was even worried that when this pervert goes home, he would be scolded by his elder brother.

“Two hundred and ten thousand…” Demon Eye wouldn’t relent as money were merely numbers to him. Forget about his own wealth, he hadn’t even spend a single cent of the few million assets confiscated from An Dong’s treasury, so he was fearless in competing with Yue Yang.

“I’ll offer two hundred and twenty thousand.” Normal people wouldn’t even dare to bid for it. Even if they wanted and had the money for it, they wouldn’t bid for it. Only Blood River who was of equal status as Demon Eye would do so. Demon Eye glared at Blood River and looked at Yue Yang as he finally went back to his private box. He was calling out on Yue Yang, not Blood River, so he would let it slide this time round.

“Congratulations, congrats leader Blood River.” The auction officer said as he perspired profusely. The atmosphere was very tensed as he could lose his life anytime.

“ You can congratulate Mr. Titan. I’ve decided to give this Meteorite Vital Iron to him!” On hearing what Blood River said, Demon Eye’s expression ashened.

“Looks like I’ll have to give Mr. Titan something too or it would seem that I’m a stingy person. It would be so unpresentable of me as a leader if a honoured guest were to come to the Thunder Fortress without receiving any gift from me!” Mountain Elf was even more generous as he gave the Green Dragon Pearl he bid for five hundred thousand to Yue Yang. Demon Eye’s face changed drastically as he had to think of something to retaliate before he lost his standing. Two leaders who were of equal status as he was had already decided to support Titan openly. It was obvious that they were trying to gang up on him. It seemed like the auction wouldn’t end in peace today.

Just when Demon Eye’s eye was glimmering to think of his comeback, a laughter came from outside the auction house.

An enormous pressure descended the entire auction house. Other than Blood River, Mountain Elf, Ma Long and Yue Yang, the rest felt like they had just landed in an icehouse as they were suffocating from the pressure.

The auction officer raised the hammer but realised that he couldn’t knock it.

Many were familiar with this pressure. Only the Thunder Fortress’s owner, Chong Ni, would possess such an intense aura.

However, if it were to be Chong Ni’s, it would be more violent with an air of royalty surrounding it. This pressure, on the other hand, was more invisible and gentle, which made people shiver.

The pressure vanished suddenly and everyone felt that they could breathe again.

A young handsome man in white was welcomed by a crowd who bowed when he walked in. He ignored everyone and only smiled to the Demon Eye who went to welcome him. “Long time no see, brother Demon Eye. I heard that you were troubled this few days, so as a senior I came down to drink your sorrow away with you. Come, this is the ‘Demonic Wine’ native to the Demonic Palace at Falling Cangue Mountain, come drink it with me!”

Behind the man in white, there were two mesmerising beauties following him.

They were only clad in thin layer of clothes, showing off their wondrous bodies as their conspicuous breasts and butts swayed especially when they walked, captivating everyone around them.

One of them was holding a golden dragon pot while the other was holding a silver dragon round plate with two jade cups on it.

On seeing him, the expressions of Mountain Elf and Blood River changed.

The white-robed man’s arrogant attitude of choosing to ignore the two Innate Rankers, Mountain Elf and Blood River, as he continued to drink with Demon Eye embarrassed them even more.

But even as they were embarrassed and bitter, they could only swallow their pride.

Because the man in white wasn’t someone they could mess with…

“Brother Sky Dragon, I thought you’d arrive tomorrow or the day after. I’d forever grateful for your timely arrival! Come, please be seated!” Demon Eye clinked bottles with the man in white excitedly as he drained the cup in one gulp. He felt that the tables had turned and luck was favouring him now that his strong ally had arrived and he had nothing to fear! Demon Eye led the man in white to his VIP private box as he glanced delightedly at Mountain Elf and Blood River. He was especially showing off to Yue Yang, his gaze as if saying: See how you’d die later!

“A Level 6 Innate Ranker…” Xia Yi watched the Innate Heavenly Badge on the man in white as she trembled and quickly pulled Yue Yang’s hands. “Let’s go, he’s not someone to be messed with. Quickly go back and report it to Mr Titan Sr.!”

“Is there a some rats bothering you? If you are having any difficulties, I’d have your back as your brother!” The man in white did not even look in Yue Yang ‘s direction.

Just by sensing his smell, Sky Dragon could conclude that Yue Yang was only a Level Six Elder.

To him, his ranking was even more insignificant than an ant. Sky Dragon was even puzzled as to why Demon Eye would fear such an opponent. Could it be that there’s a stronger man behind the mask? In Demon Eye’s letter for help, he did not mention anything explicitly but only said something about a pair of mysterious twin brothers… But now, it seemed weird to the man in white. If one of the twin was only a Level Six Elder, even if the other one was an Innate, he wouldn’t be anyway near being strong. Did the twin really kill Nightmare and Tiger Nian? This was certainly puzzling.

Demon Eye nodded. ”There is just a little rat here, the bigger one is hiding in a cave. Furthermore the wild dogs were barking frequently these days, and these affected my sleep, sorry to make you see this, brother Sky Dragon.”

The man in white started laughing. “These are all trivial matters, I’d help you with taking them down. I’m sure it’d be a piece of cake.”

Mountain Elf and Blood River’s complexion darkened. Not only were they weaker than Sky Dragon, his backing, the Demonic Palace, was also very strong and not to be trifled with. Even the arrogant Chong Ni would politely ask Sky Dragon about the well being of sky demons in the Demonic Palace whenever he sees him. Also,It was said that Chong Ni had previously met and trained with Sky Wrath and Sky Disaster. They had developed a bit of camaraderie, as a result, Chong Ni treated Sky Dragon favorably.

Glancing at Yue Yang, Blood River and Mountain Elf prepared to leave. They would have to relent today, or else they would land in a disadvantageous situation.

However, Yue Yang stood up instead, and Xia Yi wasn’t able to stop him.

Not only did he stand up to the shock of everyone, he said something even more shocking. “Why are you so arrogant, do you think that Tong Tian Tower is yours? I didn’t even speak, and a loser like you is actually saying that you could take me down easily? Even Sky Law, one of the Three Major Sky Demons, would smile sweetly when she sees me while you are merely the lousiest sky demon ranked tenth on the list, do you think you can scare me like that? Do you think that the Demonic Palace is a big deal? I was just respecting Sky Law, if not I would have attacked you guys long ago. Do you think you are a biggie just because you came from the Soaring Dragon Continent that was just like a refugee camp?”

The man in white was the Sky Dragon that they met in Jun Wu You’s palace.
(Shiro: Refer to chapter 176 and 186)

As he had a crush on Sky Law the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, he could be considered as Yue Yang ‘s love rival.

In the past, he was extremely jealous of Yue Yang.

Because not only did Yue Yang possess the World Exterminating Wheel, he was also intimate with Sky Law and impressed the Night empress, and his introducer was Zhi Zun!

But he wasn’t able to recognise his love rival Yue Yang now. After the battle at the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, Yue Yang’s power had already improved enormously. If Sky Dragon were to fight with Yue Yang now, it wouldn’t be the same as the one they had at Jun Wu You’s palace.

“What did you say?! “ Clad in white, Sky Dragon was incensed. How dare a Level Six Elder like Yue Yang say something like this to him?

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