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LLS Chapter 387 – The Legendary Uniform Fetishism

Chapter 387 – The Legendary Uniform Fetishism
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang had a greedy thought.

Turns out that the impossibly strong Spider Empress, purple-haired Jiang Ying was a strong, independent Hornless Dragon with her own thoughts. If Yue Yang was not tempted by this, it would be a lie. Her stunning beauty, sexy body, alluring face and heroic strength were all extremely alluring. If he helped her become a Divine Beast, her strength would probably increase by leaps and bounds. At present, she was already a ‘Seven Stars Holy Beast’ which was equivalent to a Level Seven Innate. If she contracts a grimoire and purify her strength with his Innate Qi and Nirvana Flames, her strength would reach a whole new level. Her future would be limitless!

Moreover, if she obtained and drank the Ten Thousand Years Mother Earth Potion, her strength would sky rocket!

If this girl would only be a mutually beneficial ally, Yue Yang would absolutely not be at ease, especially because she possessed a very high intelligence and could make her own decisions.

It would only take a second for an ally to turn into an enemy.

The only thing that would make Yue Yang be at ease would be to make her into his own beast… The best case scenario would be to use his Phantom Shadow to seize her and turn her into one of his Guardian Beast like Bloody Queen Red.

Only Guardian Beasts would never betray its owner, because they shared life and death with their master.

Yue Yang did not hope to control Jiang Ying’s mind. Moreover, he would never be able to suppress a beast’s personality, just like how he couldn’t suppress Bloody Queen Red’s thoughts.

His only goal was to make a contract with her.

Naturally, if Yue Yang suggested a contract with her, Jiang Ying might immediately refuse it. Moreover, a fierce conflict would appear in her heart. No matter how good becoming a Divine Beast is, freedom is better. As a carefree empress-level beast, she would definitely have a hard time accepting the fact of becoming a human’s contracted beast. At that time, when he used the Phantom Shadow to seize the Bloody Queen, he had received a fierce rejection, but at that time the Bloody Queen was fatally injured. The circumstances had made her change her mind, combine with the Phantom Shadow and become Yue Yang’s Guardian Beast.

With the successful case of Bloody Queen Red, Yue Yang naturally hoped to do the same thing again.

For now he won’t say anything and first let this girl worry, and then slowly guide her. First, he would make her have a favorable impression on him so that, when the time comes for the Phantom Shadow to seize her, there won’t be any fierce resistance.

Yue Yang was not anxious. He would slowly wait for a chance. It would be impossible to make a contract with such a strong beast just because he wished for it. It was a process that required a long journey and a good opportunity!

Without waiting for Bao Er and the others to come to their senses, Yue Yang used a teleportation stone to leave and return to the mansion in the Thunder Fortress.

In here, he was not Bao Er’s cook, he was the house owner with the highest position..

In order to entice Jiang Ying, he intentionally left Hui Tai Lang.

Hui Tai lang would definitely pretentiously summon its grimoire, making everybody see its power. This way Jiang Ying would definitely become extremely envious. Yue Yang’s conscience had long turned evil. Naturally, he had never considered himself to be a good person. He felt that if he gave everything away in order to be a nice person, that would be what others may call as incompetent!

“Master, the uniform is done. However, a few details still need to be processed.” A few maids respectfully delivered the uniform.

“Master, your servant has already prepared the hot water for you to take a bath.” The half-elf girl truly knows how to serve her master. When Yue Yang saw her bowing cheerfully in her new maid uniform, his beastly blood boiled and heat began to rise from his lower abdomen. She wore a black apron with white frills, and a beautiful white headband with frills decorated her head. Her white neck was adorned with a scarlet red handkerchief, and below it, there was a shockingly, soul-electrifyingly beautiful cleavage to behold… How wonderful would it be if he could stuff his head inside those until he suffocate!

“Cough, cough, the uniform is not bad!” Yue Yang strongly pushed aside the thought of happily suffocating inside the half-elf’s breasts and caressed her head.

“Thank you master, your servant is very happy!” Looking at her, it seemed like she wanted to also follow inside and wait upon him taking bath. Her small face blushed. Her small fingers trembled slightly as if she was very nervous. However, her slender legs followed bravely.

Yue Yang suddenly turned around with a deadpan expression and said: “Did you know? A female slave’s uniform needs to be accompanied by long white garters. Short socks are simply not enough. Also, it must be worn together with black shoes, the best would be shoes that covers the entire foot. After going through a black and white contrast, the legs’ beauty would naturally come out. If there is a lace on the garters, then it would be perfect!”
(Last: Half-elf girl with maid uniform is the best.)

Hearing this, the half-elf girl stared blankly and immediately nodded excitedly: “Your servant will change immediately!”

By the time she ran to her bedroom with deer-like footsteps and changed her uniform, Yue Yang had already finished taking a bath. He had also returned inside the Grimoire World and became one with the sickly beauty.

If Yue Yang could hold back after seeing the sexual allure of the beautiful Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying and the half-elf girl slave’s continuous enticement, then the skies would probably crash down. Luckily the sickly beauty did not leave and continuously waited upon her husband. She was endlessly gentle, allowing her spouse to enjoy a happy life. Otherwise, the beast within Yue Yang would definitely push down the half-elf girl to release the heat inside.

Outside, the half-elf girl dispiritedly hanged her head and criticized herself: “Failure. I was actually not able to serve master taking a bath. It was such a good opportunity…”

After a moment, she clenched her small fists and raised her morale: “I will definitely be more diligent tomorrow and make master like me!”

After the maids delivered dinner, the half-elf girl absent-mindedly ate on one hand and opened a book on the other hand.

From time to time she would leak out sighs of admiration as she looks at the topics on the record. “When your master returns from his battles, you must respectfully welcome him and carry your sweetest smile, that is the start of warming up your master’s heart. Do not forget to wait upon your master while him are taking a bath and give him a gentle and silent massage. After your master removes his fatigue, you must offer the dinner that you had prepared earlier on, the dish is as follows… When your master is bored or lonely, use your huge breasts and take the initiative to give a near suffocating hug. You must bury his head inside your chest and let him feel blessed. At this moment, you are the master’s little mother. Never forget to console your master’s heart. Never let your master feel lonely and always let him know that you are always beside him…”

“This book is truly worthy to be called Grandma’s treasured mystical book!” After the half-elf girl finished sighing, she became filled with unwavering determination as she clenched her small fists: “Tomorrow, I will definitely work harder!”

Turning another page, the half-elf girl’s face gradually reddened as if set on fire.

She stealthily looked at the door and discovered no one. She immediately closed the door and hid inside her bed with the book. Hiding beneath her blanket, she peeked at the book and unconsciously sighed in admiration from time to time, “Hawawa. It looks like I can also do it like this. It seems like waiting upon master is an extremely profound study… Will master like this kind of posture? Very good, my breasts are big enough and I match the conditions. I have the advantage in this position, only, I am not sure if master would like it this way…”

After Yue Yang’s big battle ended, with his body and mind relaxed, he returned to the hall.
(Last: you guys should probably understand which big battle this refers to right?)

The blush on the half-elf girl’s face hasn’t vanished yet. Her gaze unconsciously looked towards her master and used her hands to compare their height difference.

When Yue Yang turned towards her, she frantically waved her hand to tell him that nothing was wrong. After Yue Yang turned away, she quietly muttered: “Master is too tall. It looks like there are many positions that I can’t use. If I tiptoed, it should be barely enough… If only I could grow a bit more!”

Butler Yan Zheng and Fat Toad Jia De had gone to the auction earlier on and hadn’t returned.

Those slaves had once again dug up good ores and entrusted the dagger girl, Xia Yi, to report to Master Titan.

Originally Xia Yi did not have a good impression towards Yue Yang. She even thought that Mr.Titan Sr. was the true Ranker, while Mr.Titan Jr. was from the second generation, who would not be able to defeat her without his full set equipments. However, Mr. Titan Sr. had left Mr.Titan Jr. to manage things. Without any other options left, she could only nurse her grudge against Yue Yang, the younger Mr. Titan. In these few days her grudge had settled down a lot, but she still continued to look down upon Yue Yang. If she did not bicker Yue Yang for one day, she would feel disgusted, as if something was missing. As a result, whenever the slaves dug up a good ore, she would actively bring them over. On one side, it was to help the slaves receive their bonuses and on the other, it was to quarrel with Yue Yang.

She would not neglect her work and her grudge.

Maybe this was the thing they called a natural enemy.

With regards to Yue Yang buying a busty female slave with a huge sum of money, Xia Yi was especially disgusted.

A childish face with huge breasts. She only had slightly bigger breasts and sligly more innocent look. It wasn’t as if her face wouldn’t suddenly grow flowers if he looked at her more! He was a pervert that had never seen big breasts his whole life! Xia Yi classified Yue Yang as a Breast Loving Beast. She evilly made conjectures like: ‘Yue Yang did not drink milk when he was born, or the milk had all been drunk by the strong Mr.Titan Sr. And that this became his heart’s shadow when he was a child. As a result he became such a huge pervert.’

Of course, if someone said that she was jealous because she had small breast, she would never admit it!

“You came at the right time, take off your clothes…” When Yue Yang said this, Xia Yi’s beautiful big eyes immediately burn with rage. Did you think ‘I’ am your female slave? One you could order to take off her clothes or put them back on whenever you want to?!

“Dream on!” Xi Yi’s first action was to draw out her dagger. Although she knew that she was not his opponent, she must still resist.

“Try changing into this, who would want to look at your book-like body? Your chest is flat as an airport runway!” Yue Yang severely criticized Xia Yi’s unacceptable self-defensive response towards perverts. Xia Yi became angry. Although she did not understand what an airport runway was, anyone who described her with a flat chest must be killed. If it was not because of the half-elf girl pulling her away, she would fight to the death with Yue Yang.

It might be small and not as exaggerated as the half-elf girl’s. However, it was absolutely not flat!

Xia Yi felt that her own chest was not bad. Although it was not big, its shape was still beautiful with a tender color. It was round and not drooping. It stood up with pride and was a grade A class treasure. She did not imagine that this pervert did not understand how to admire beauty and specially criticized it.

She could not stand this kind of Breast Loving Beast…

She was definitely angry, but there is no harm in changing clothes.

This brat made her new clothes, why would she be polite? Taking up his hospitality was her good fortune.

After the indignant Xia Yi changed into the new uniform, she was stupefied. This… this heroic beauty in the mirror… was it truly her?

It was a skintight uniform that she had never seen before. Her black hat was flat, and there was a weird yet majestic-looking golden crest in front. Her black-coloured top was ironed straight, decorated with small, silver strips of badges. The stars embroidered on her shoulders were awe-inspiring, and there was also gold-coloured tassels hanging down from her chest, as if it was a gold-coloured rainbow. Her tight, short skirt also emphasized her long legs and slender figure. Her legs were adorned in a black-coloured pump. Xia Yi felt that she had turned into a whole new person.

Wearing these clothes made her entire soul tremble. She was filled with strength.

A kind of unspeakable grandeur radiated from within her body.

Even she herself felt that this uniform suits her very much. Compared to a warrior’s uniform or a robber’s uniform, this was even more of a fit.

She then placed the silver dagger inside the leather belt. Xia Yi slowly stood straight with her head held high. She gathered her feet together as she looked at the the person in the mirror. The reflection of a heroic-looking, beautiful female soldier was so unfamiliar that she could not believe that it was her.

“Not bad, pity it lack something.” Yue Yang stretched his hand and stroke Xia Yi’s neck, fixing the collar and hat: “Wearing a white shirt inside and a scarlet necktie would be better. Also it lacks a pair of white gloves.” Originally these touchy feely action would enrage Xia Yi. However, without knowing why, Xia Yi discovered that she actually replied softly: “Is that so?”

“Later, I will join the auction, accompany me!” Yue Yang stretched out his hand and lightly caressed the half-elf girl who was not willing to show up in public. His movements were like an owner caressing an obedient cat. However, towards Xia Yi, he simply ordered her strictly.

“No!” When Xia Yi heard his hard toned command, she became angry and refused him immediately. However, her legs quickly followed him for an unknown reason.

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