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LLS Chapter 386 – I wanna be a Divine Beast!

Chapter 386 – I wanna be a Divine Beast!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Happy New Year Everyone~!

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“We surrender!” The adventurers cried as they fell to the ground, defeated by Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the Li Brothers just like how the autumn wind sweeps the leaves down.

“Too late.” Xue Tan Lang was aloof and merciless when he strikes.

The same went for Hui Tai Lang as it killed another adventurer with its claws.

Fatty Hai and Ye Kong used all their power as they killed indiscriminately without regards to whether if they resisted.

Anna and Lin En wanted to stop them, but on seeing that Yue Yang and the purple-haired woman was looking at each other, they shifted their attention immediately.

With a charming smile, the purple-haired sexy beauty was trying to seduce Yue Yang with her big doe eyes. But Yue Yang continued with his serious expression as he held on tightly to Bao Er, afraid that the naughty girl would leave his side. Bao Er struggled a bit as she thought Yue Yang was trying to take advantage of her. As she was preparing to bite his arms, she stopped on seeing Anna’s hand gesture.

However, she was still confused with the situation.

Obviously they have won, so what is happening now?

Could it be that this son of an upstart knew this purple-haired enchantress?

“Rest assured, I won’t harm her.” Seeing Yue Yang’s severe expression, the purple-haired woman smiled slightly, making everyone’s heart race.

“Go away!” This was Yue Yang’s reply.

“When you left that day, I thought I won’t see you again. I’m so happy to see you today. Little girl, do you remember the Silver Dragon from the Jadeite Forest? I’m a friend of the Silver Dragon, so I’m not a bad person!” Looking at Yue Yang’s look that was filled with rejection, she turned towards Bao Er. Hearing what she said, Bao Er recalled vaguely. “You, you are the Black Shadow sister from the Dragon Cliff, no wonder your voice sounded so familiar.”

“I’ll give you some money!” Yue Yang said as he took out some gold coins and passed it to Bao Er. “Help me count them!”

“Why?” Bao Er was a little puzzled.

“I’m preparing to sell you away, so please help me count the money.” Yue Yang replied matter-of-factly. Everyone burst into laughter when they heard it.

“Why are you selling me away?” Bao Er was even more puzzled. This sent Fatty Hai and the rest collapsing onto the ground.

Oh boy, if this girl were to be sold off, she might really help the person count his money.

The purple-haired woman smiled as she thought that it was funny too.

She wanted to hold out her hand to pet Bao Er’s head, but Yue Yang brushed her hands away instantly.

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others all started to crowd around, ready to summon their Grimoire for their strongest Beasts. The Li Brothers had even thrusted their large Totem Poles onto the ground to support the entire team in terms of combat power. Xue Tan Lang went to gather his strongest freezing air energy while Prince Tian Luo’s meteorite was ready to attack.

Bao Er was confused, and similarly were the Four Orc girls.

The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie was at loss too.

Only Anna and Li En coordinated with Fatty Hai and the rest’s formation as they prepared to take down the silent female guards in black.

The purple-haired woman threw a glance at Fatty Hai and the rest.”Are you trying to bully the three of us with so many of you?” She said calmly.

Fatty Hai smiled evilly. “It seems that we really make up the majority now…”

“Look up at the sky before you speak!” Ye Kong shouted as he punched Fatty Hai. When Fatty Hai raised his head, what he saw sent a chill down his spine. Because the top of the valley was covered entirely with dense cobwebs, and the spiders were charging down ferociously, with thousands of Human-faced Spiders and hundreds of Gold King Beasts Devil-eyed Spider leading the troop. The densely packed giant spiders filled the entire valley, leaving nowhere empty. They covered everywhere they went with their webs, turning the entire valley into a giant mesh bag in just a while, and trapping their preys in it.

When the purple-haired woman waved her pristine arms, all the spiders stopped dead in their track. They were ten times more organised than a well trained army.

She pointed to Fatty Hai and the rest as she smiled at Yue Yang. “Other than you, no one else can fight me. But if i wish to kill them, i could have done it yesterday. But little sister Bao Er is so cute, how could I bear to harm her? Actually I just wish to make friends and interact with you all.”

Yue Yang pulled Bao Er, who was exceptionally happy after hearing the compliment, behind him, preventing her to leave his side.

This made Bao Er stomp her feet in anger as the intimate posture they were in made her feel extremely awkward. It was as if he was embracing her and he wasn’t willing to let go.

Ignoring Bao Er’s reactions, Yue Yang stared at the purple-haired woman as if she was a dangerous opponent that he couldn’t lose focus of even for a second. Hui Tai Lang stared at the two female guards in black and growled as a warning for them to stop coming any nearer.

“Is there such a way to make friends?” Yue Yang pointed to the spiders that had covered the entire area. “Who will bring tens of thousands of spiders to make friends?”

“You are dangerous too, if I don’t bring along these small spiders to protect myself, I’m afraid that you’ll kill me!” The purple-haired woman murmured dejectedly, and then broke out into a smile that was ultra charming. “You are wary of me, I’m even more wary of you. How about we treat each other with sincerity? I want to learn the things you know, and if you are interested in my treasures, I wouldn’t be stingy…”

“Yue Yang, don’t be polite with her, kill her. Its rare that we meet with such a big BOSS. Dealing with tens of thousands of spiders is a piece of cake and would be worthy.” Fatty Hai put up a strong front as his feet trembled in fear. A Snaggletooth Spider would be a piece of cake to him, but there were tens of thousands of them here.

“I’d like to show my power first. Maybe then you all would be interested in making friends with me.”

The purple-haired woman disappeared.

She then appeared behind Fatty Hai’s back. She blew a breath onto her pristine palm and printed it onto Fatty Hai’s back.

Fatty Hai began to breathe heavily, as he attempted to defend and stand his ground with his Iron Rhinoceros strengthening. At the same time, he countered the purple-haired woman with the Hippo Meteor Punch that was ten times stronger and faster than his previous attack. Ye Kong and the Li Brothers who were beside Fatty Hai went to his aid immediately and attacked her with all their might, but they knew that she was a really strong BOSS and the lot of them would definitely not be able to take her down. But because Yue Yang was with them, they weren’t afraid.

With a speed of lightning, the purple-haired woman pressed Fatty Hai onto the ground. She then dragged Fatty Hai through the ground, and in an instant, she had drawn a 50 metre long, deep mark on the ground with Fatty Hai’s face.

In the meantime, Ye Kong and the Li Brothers had just started attacking.

Their speed differed greatly from the purple-haired girl.

One was as quick as a lightning, while the other one was as slow as a snail.

Before he could even withdraw his fist, Ye Kong realised that the purple-haired woman’s hand was already in between his forehead. His head was then smashed into the stone wall with a loud thud. He found himself dizzy and weak, as if he wasn’t able to use any strength to attack back. It was as if he had been struck by a hammer.

The Li Brothers were similarly kicked and sent flying into the air one by one.

Although they were abused by Hui Tai Lang during their past trainings, Hui Tai Lang wouldn’t defeat them so quickly. Also, it seemed that the purple-haired woman hadn’t used all her power yet.

Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo did not attack because they knew what the outcome would be.

The purple-haired woman appeared in front of Yue Yang in a flash.

It only took her three seconds.

In a matter of three seconds, the strongest in the team, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, together with the Li Brothers were defeated as they all lied onto the ground lifelessly.

This was an exemplification of her power!

Anna and Lin En were stunned and couldn’t believe what happened…

Now, everyone had realised that the purple-haired woman was not just an ordinary person, but they did not expect that she would be so powerful… No wonder she said that she could kill everyone easily. It was because she was really that powerful. Since she was so strong, could it be that she was the legendary Spider Empress? The charming beauty they met today was a Spider Empress that could even defeat an Innate Ranker?

“Do I qualify to be your friend now?” The purple-haired woman smiled as she asked Yue Yang.

“Try to throw a punch on me.” Yue Yang passed Bao Er to Anna.

“I’m not a match for you, but since you requested, I shall try to throw a punch!” Before she finished her sentence, the purple-haired woman had disappeared and reappeared behind Yue Yang. Balling up her fist, she punched Yue Yang’s back using the same technique she used on Fatty Hai just now.

“Too slow.”

Yue Yang tilted his body to dodge as he grabbed the right hand of the purple-haired woman and flung her into the air.

Just when she crashed onto the ground, Yue Yang took out his Platinum-ranked Crescent Moon Blade to slash at her.

However, the purple-haired woman had already disappeared, leaving only her after-image.

She flew 100 metres into the air instantly… Yue Yang who was previously on the ground disappeared too as he chased after her. Appearing behind her, Yue Yang slashed his Crescent Moon Blade down, unleashing his Earth Splitting Slash attack straight towards the purple-haired woman’s head. The purple-haired woman took out a pair of long silver pikes from between her thighs. She crossed them together to withstand the blow from Yue Yang. Her body immediately shot to the ground like a meteorite from the impact.

When she landed on the ground and stabilised herself, she realised that there was a pair of long legs in front of her.

It was Yue Yang’s legs.

His kick was as swift as that of a Buddha’s kick as he sent the purple-haired woman flying in the air…

“You really get on my nerves!” The purple-haired woman raged and screamed angrily as she returned to grab hold of Yue Yang’s feet with a speed that was ten times faster than she was sent flying in. She flung Yue Yang onto the stone wall, and when he rebounded, she kicked his face. But as Yue Yang had already lowered his head and dodged the deadly blow. He grabbed the woman’s thighs onto shoulders with his hands as he raised her up high and smashed her to the ground.

“Boom! “

A deafening noise shook the entire Spider Valley.

Let alone the centre of the battleground, even Fatty Hai and the rest who were far away staggered and almost fell.

Numerous Snaggletooth Spiders fell from the sky as they became even more restless. They seemed to be driven to the edge of madness, especially after seeing the miserable posture the purple-haired woman had landed herself in when she was smashed into the giant pit by Yue Yang.

The purple-haired woman raised her hand slowly, signalling for the cessation of commotion among the spiders.

She picked herself up.

After spitting some soil and dirt, she took off her Black Dragon Armour, revealing a small vest that showed off her hot body. What made everyone shocked was that when she dropped the Black Dragon Armour to the ground, it landed with an extremely loud thud. It seemed to be made of a material that was a hundred times heavier than a metal block, and this very fact scared Fatty Hai and the rest out of their wits. This woman had been wearing such a heavy armour during the battle just now, yet she could still move so swiftly?

“I’m going to start being serious now. It’s been so long since I met such an interesting opponent. Although I’m no match for you, I won’t let you bully me like this! “ The purple-haired woman tied up her hair and she seemed to remove her pants too. The pants made from Black Dragon skin might be of a heavy weight too, that’s why she wanted to release all her burdens to fight with Yue Yang.

“I’m not going fight with you anymore.” Yue Yang turned his back.

He decided to call it a quit.

He had already known how strong the purple-haired woman was. She was nearly a Level Seven Innate. God knows how this woman could cultivate to such a high level.

Of course, if they were to really fight, Yue Yang could still defeat her. It was just a matter of time.

The most important thing was that she was very fast, so it would make the fight very energy consuming.

Hearing that Yue Yang wanted to call it a quit, the purple-haired woman held onto her pants as she was unsure if she should remove it or not.

She responded after being stunned for a long while. “Why? I still have many other superb skills and Domain of Power that I have yet to show! “

Yue Yang waved his hands. “You win, okay? “

Yue Yang ‘s reply made her speechless. She wore her Black Dragon Armour again and kicked Yue Yang ‘s shin when she walked past him. It seemed that she wanted to take revenge of him kicking her just now. But when everyone looked at her, she regained the look of a superior as she reached out her hands. “Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m Jiang Ying, the Lord of the Spider Valley. Some call me the Spider Empress, but I’m actually a dragon, a mixed blood one…My grandmother was a Spider Empress and the Silver Dragon you all met last time was my aunt, she was giving birth at that point of time. If you guys are interested, we can exchange different necessities such as Dragon Skin, teeth, horn, scale, muscle, blood, you name it I have it. I also have some spider related products and even magic crystals, accessories, weapons, medicinal ingredients and ores. “

“Then what do you need? “ Yue Yang didn’t shake hands with her as he inquired her openly instead.

“A Grimoire.“ The purple-haired woman pointed to Hui Tai Lang as she looked at Yue Yang in the eye. “I want to be like Hui Tai Lang who could successfully contract a Grimoire. I’m sure that you know some ways to make me a Divine Beast. “

“Hui Tai Lang is a Divine Beast? “ This almost made the Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie and the four orc girls faint from shock. Never in their lives would they imagine that that stupid dog was actually a Divine Beast!

“Hui Tai Lang is so impressive… “ Bao Er totally forgot what she mentioned previously, that Hui Tai Lang wouldn’t be able to survive in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

“Do you think it’s so easy to contract a Grimoire? “ Yue Yang rejected her on the spot.

“Of course it won’t be easy. But I’m sure that you can do it. “ The purple-haired woman said as she smiled, her small face looked as charming as a ray of sunshine shining through the clouds. She grabbed Yue Yang‘s hands forcefully to indicate that they had formed alliance and then she told him a big secret. “I know that a Ten Thousand Years Mother Earth Potion will appear in the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower soon. As long as we could drink it, not only me, even your other Beasts could all become Holy Beasts, or even Divine Beasts! Team up with me. Only I know the place where it will appear and also, a Ten Thousand Years Mother Earth Potion is extremely rare. It will only appear once in ten thousand years. If you miss it, you would have to wait for another ten thousand years! “

“Ten Thousand Years Mother Earth Potion?” Yue Yang wavered a bit. Not only was it popular in the Medicine Encyclopedia, it was also sought after by the Qilin Girl and appeared in the knowledge pool of the tragic guy’s mother.

Everyone said that it was the best ingredient to be used when making a godly medicine. One would have to wait ten thousand years for one to appear.

A Ten Thousand Years Mother Earth Potion would only be created in a heavenly environment that contained sufficient Spirit Qi. It encapsulated the essence of both heaven and the earth. If a normal man were to consume it, their lifespan could be extended by 500 years.

It was of even higher level than the God’s Dew, God’s Wine and the Immortal Spring Water. Only the Warrior’s Soul and the God’s Blood were on par with it, but as both were only found in the outskirts of God’s Ruin, one would have to travel to the Heaven Realm to get them… This made the Motherland Potion the only godly medicine that could be obtained from Tong Tian Tower or outside Tong Tian Tower.

But the thing was it would only appear once in ten thousand years.

And only one with affinity to it would be able to get it. But now, it’s actually going to appear somewhere in the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower?

If the Warriors in the Tong Tian Tower were to know about this, a lot of them might go crazy. And it would cause fighting and bloodshed in the Tong Tian Tower.

“How many people know about this? “ Yue Yang felt that if her information was real, then it was really not to be missed.

“Only I know about it.” The purple-haired woman shook Yue Yang ‘s hands vigorously. “ If you make me a Divine Beast, we can split the Motherland Potion equally and form alliance. If you encounter any trouble, I would definitely go to your aid. Look at all these spiders, wouldn’t they be the best soldiers one could ever ask for? I have no other wishes other than becoming a Divine Beast, so how is the deal? “

“I’ll have to consider first…” Yue Yang wanted to agree to it immediately, but he managed to hold it in. He had to gain the upper hand first.

“Listen up, I want to become a Divine Beast! There’s no need to consider!” The purple-haired woman shook Yue Yang’s hand vigorously, she almost broke his bones.

Everyone wanted to agree on Yue Yang’s behalf, but who knew that he would turn his back to her and say that he had to give it a thought.

He could be the death of everyone.

It was such a good deal, how could he not agree to it?

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