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LLS Chapter 385 – Showing its might! Impressive Hui Tai Lang!

Chapter 385 – Showing its might! Impressive Hui Tai Lang!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Fatty Hai and Ye Kong looked at Yue Yang.

They seem to be deciding on something. When they saw Yue Yang’s cold gaze, they were completely shocked, and when they turned towards the purple-haired, sexy and alluring girl, they became fearful.

Xue Tan Lang clenched his fist, as if trying to control his feelings.

Anna and Lin En had already noticed this, but when they saw Fatty Hai’s and Ye Kong’s expression, then saw Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo clenching their fists, they immediately turned towards Yue Yang, who was standing leisurely in front of Bao Er… The couple looked at each other, then looked at the purple-haired black-clad lady, and their gaze also turned surprised and fearful.

Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie and the four Orc girls didn’t have any reaction at all. They didn’t feel anything wrong.

Bao Er’s reaction was a sour feeling in her heart.

That purple-haired lady’s alluring body and electric gaze could even make her elven heart feel jealous.

With regards to beauty, they were probably evenly matched, rather, the golden elves might even be winning a little.

However, with regards to sexiness and allure, not even ten beautiful elves could compare to this hot beauty wearing a whole set of black dragon armor… She ran all the way here, but she didn’t look dishevelled at all, she even looked beautiful. Her appearance was breathtaking, making others want to protect her.

When Bao Er checked on Yue Yang and realize that his eyes were staring blankly, she was furious.

She brandished her fists and punched his head violently, “Hey, isn’t it time to come back to your senses? Think about her again if we survived out of this Spider Valley! Useless chap, look at Brother Fatty, although he is a pervert normally, when it’s a critical time, look how serious he is! He isn’t like you at all, your eyes are about to drop to the ground!”

“No way, even I am drooling right now. Wow, that girl is amazing!” Fatty Hai who was completely dumbstruck just now suddenly laughed awkwardly, he even wiped the corner of his mouth with his hand.

“Yes, I also thought that way.” Ye Kong suddenly hugged Fatty Hai’s arms, and they started dancing happily.

“I will never understand a human’s useless way of thinking…” The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie humphed angrily.

What kind of situation is it now, they still have time to think about girls?

Didn’t they notice the ground that was filled with Snaggletooth Spiders?

The four Orc girls could only roll their eyes. Ever since Fatty Hai and the others joined them, they had never looked at them with a respectful expression before. It must be known that amongst the Orc race, they were all exceptional beauties. Unexpectedly, these humans could not appreciate their beauty at all.

The Ox-head Party Leader Li Ao frowned.

He felt that it was really a troublesome day today.

The appearance of this girl didn’t seem like a good thing. A lot of fights between party members stem from women after all.

In nicer-sounding words, these beautiful ladies could be called beauties. But in a bad-sounding words, they were source of calamities.

“Let’s go, we have collected enough spider fangs for today. We should do the Puppet Stone Statue Quest.” Xue Tan Lang who never initiated anything suddenly spoke out. He suggested to leave the Spider Valley, and Prince of Tian Luo also agreed.

“There’s so many spiders here, how are we going to escape?” Bao Er felt that they should wait until the spiders calm down before leaving. It is simply too dangerous now.

“I have a teleportation scroll. As for you guys, find a way to escape yourself.” Yue Yang was a wealthy millionaire, he possessed several teleportation scrolls that was worth a hundred gold each.

“Can’t you guys bring us along to leave? We are really terrified and we want to leave this place as soon as possible. Please don’t abandon us…” That purple-haired, dragon leather-armored girl suddenly cast away the adventurers that was trying to gain her favour and ran over to ask for Yue Yang’s party’s protection.

“Listen, if you are sensible enough, scram away right now…” The three party leaders of the adventurers was furious. Initially, when they saw that there were two breathtakingly beautiful Golden Elves ladies in Yue Yang’s party, they were already drooling in greed. Furthermore, there was the weak-looking Yue Yang who was actually wearing a Gold-ranked Mask, making them want to snatch it away from him. However, beside Yue Yang, there was Xue Tan Lang who was releasing his Qi, overpowering and pressuring them. They didn’t think they would be able to defeat Xue Tan Lang, hence they discarded the idea of attacking the other party. However, after glancing at each other, the three party leaders thought that they should just give it a try. Maybe they would be able to acquire all three beauties that way… Be it the doll-like girl wearing black dragon leather or the two golden elves, all of them were high quality goods. If they could get even one of them, they wouldn’t mind if they lose ten years of their lives.

As the saying goes, “Humans die for gold, birds die for food.”

Becoming evil halfway through the way, killing people for treasure, these kind of things happen in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower all the time. It’s not a strange sight at all.

The three party leaders looked to the sky and saw that the spider waves was slowly passing by.

Seemed like in a short moment, the spider threat would be gone.

Just at the right time, they should take advantage of this opportunity.

Along with the hand gestures that the three party leaders signed, a dozen over adventurers charged forward, smiling evilly and surrounded Yue Yang and the others. In their eyes, this party with two Golden Elves only have one formidable enemy and two good fighters… That youth with the extremely cool face would be the toughest enemy to defeat. The other Ox-head party leader and the handsome Golden Elf was also not weak.

However they didn’t care about the others like the Ox-head girl, the orc girls and the two thin guys carrying giant poles. Their abilities were not that high, one adventurer would probably be enough to hold them off, and two adventurers would be able to defeat them easily.

The little Golden Elf girl’s bow was only for decoration, she would not pose as a threat.

The fatty’s and the monkey’s ability were, needless to say, even worse than the others, they don’t even deserve to be taken into consideration.

As for the big fool wearing a Gold-ranked Mask, everyone ignored him automatically. A mere Level 6 Junior Elder could be slapped and sent away flying easily anytime.

These adventurers were planning to kidnap the three high quality women in the midst of the chaos.

In the past, they had done this many times.

“What are you trying to do? Please, I beg you guys, please protect us weak women, don’t let them tarnish our reputation. I will definitely thank you abundantly when we return…” The purple-haired girl looked pitiful as she cowered and walked towards Yue Yang and Bao Er, as if trying to seek their protection.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely protect you. How dare these beasts do this! I, the goddess of justice, will definitely annihilate all of them!” Bao Er’s heroic personality burst out as she raised her bow.

“…” Yue Yang could neither cry nor laugh. Who would be the one protecting who?

She didn’t even consider this purple-haired girl’s origins. Maybe she had other motives for trying to get your protection!

Who would emerge the victor?

Nobody knows!

If it wasn’t because Yue Yang was a little curios on her motives, he would have already attacked her.

However, he decided to observe the situation first. It was a good opportunity for them to learn… If he managed to see the whole truth clearly, it might even help with leveling his beasts to Holy Beasts to Divine Beasts! Bloody Queen, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen and even the Barbarian Cow Shadow, Yue Yang would never allow them to be limited to their current level. He must think of a way to level them up into a high quality Holy Beasts and Divine Beasts!


Xue Tan Lang released a burst of ice cold qi from his body, and the temperature of the whole place suddenly dropped ten over degrees colder. Frost and snow formed in the air.

He looked at the surrounding adventurers coldly and said, “Leave this place immediately, otherwise I’ll kill you!”

Bao Er clapped her hands and praised, “Brother Xue Tan Lang, you are so cool! Beat them, beat all of these fellows up until they are picking up their teeth on the ground. Also, brother fatty and monkey, go and beat them up too!”

Ye Kong was speechless, “Cough, didn’t I tell you to call me Brother Ye? I am not Brother Monkey…”

The three adventurers party leader estimated that the ice-attributed human boy was extremely strong, it would be difficult to defeat him even with the three of them. Although they were superior in numbers, the moment they start fighting, they might suffer great losses. Afterwards, if the three parties fought internally against each other, wouldn’t they be crippled then? They were a little hesitant. Although beauties are good, they still need to be alive to enjoy the beauties.

Just as they were thinking of retreating, the purple-haired seductive beauty suddenly spoke out, angering them.

That purple-haired girl ridiculed them, “Kill, kill all of these trash. How could useless trashes like them have weird ideas about me!”

When she said these, the three party leaders were furious, more furious than any other moment in their lives. They had originally wanted to let that beauty off, but she was actually seeking death, so they didn’t mind granting it to her. Even if their party members were killed, they could still find other people to replace them. If they missed the opportunity to capture this beauty, they might not be able to get another chance in the future. Furthermore, if they didn’t show off a little after being called useless trashes, how could they still be called a man? They should just die then!

The adventurers surrounding Yu Yang’s party were also riled to the point that their eyes glowered in red. They had also initially wanted to let the beauty off, but after hearing her, they wanted to teach her a lesson.


The adventurers almost didn’t wait for their party leader’s orders as they cried out thunderously and charged forward.

The beasts beside them also charged forward together with a loud rumble.

“I will first kill you, then hunt for the boss monster here! Do you really think that I will be afraid of you?” Fatty Hai roared out and released his hidden strength. If Yue Yang was not here, he would probably be a little worried. But now, these enemies felt like the little minions they had to fight before facing the boss monster. He remembered Yue Yang ever said when he conquered the Twelve Zodiac Temples, if he didn’t kill a lot of minions before killing the boss monster, defeating the boss monster wouldn’t feel that awesome.

“You guys are dead meat!” Ye Kong laughed out coldly.

Their speed were not any slower than the fastest in the party, Xue Tan Lang.

Their hidden strength instantly burst out to the maximum, increasing their speed as they charged towards the enemies… Fatty Hai’s Hippo Meteor Punch smashed hard at one of the party leader’s chest.

That party leader was completely shocked. Never in his life did he imagine that this vulgar-looking fatty was actually stronger than himself.

Right as the party leader was sent flying towards the valley walls, Ye Kong appeared at his back and attacked with a strong punch.

Together with Fatty Hai, they attacked the party leader’s head.


The party leader’s head burst open.

The party leader who was Level 8 Emperor couldn’t even show one of his moves before he was killed by Ye Kong and Fatty Hai’s combo attack.

However, he didn’t really die meaninglessly, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were originally more powerful than him. Furthermore, he had completely misjudged their strength from the beginning.

Make one wrong move and you will lose all.

On the other side of the battlefield, one of the party leaders was sent flying to the sky by Xue Tan Lang. While his body was still frozen like ice in the air, Prince of Tian Luo smashed him down violently from the sky like a meteor. His body burst into pieces of meat as he died miserably on the spot. This was Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo’s combo attack. Their combo attack’s power was on par with Ye Kong and Fatty Hai’s combo attack… Under the influence of the Great Totem Pole Battle Technique, they would be much stronger attacking in teams than alone. When two, four, or six people formed a combo attack together, the power of the attack would be greatly multiplied.

The last party leader who was riding on a Gold-ranked Kodo Beast was the strongest amongst the three.

The Ox-head Party Leader Li Ao and Fan Lun Tie charged forward.

However, the great axe that they swung violently was actually repelled easily by the party leader.

This fellow had not yet realised that his two other comrades had actually returned to paradise. He was still following their original plan and charged straight towards the purple-haired, black-clad girl with his hands reaching forward, “Beauty, you are mine!”

His plan was perfect. If he attacked the other two golden elves, he would definitely provoke the whole party’s wrath.

But if he took the opportunity to kidnap this sexy purple-haired girl while his comrades were keeping the other party members busy, he would be able to get away if he quickly used a teleportation scroll to escape… As for his other party members, who cares if they die? As long as the two parties fight to their deaths and attracted the horde of Snaggletooth Spiders with their blood, all of them will be annihilated, and he would be able to enjoy the sexy enchantress all on his own.

“Save me!” The sexy purple-haired enchantress wanted to go around Bao Er so that she could hide behind Yue Yang.

“Hui Tai Lang, you damned dog, what are you waiting for!” Yue Yang kicked the lazy Hui Tai Lang and pulled Bao Er into his arms at the same time.

“Roll over right now, you rotten dog!”

That party leader didn’t even care. A Bronze-ranked Level 3 Iron-backed Demon Wolf? He could kill it with a sneeze!

Who would know, the party leader whom the Ox-head Party Leader Li Ao and Fan Lun Tie could not defeat with brute force, as actually smacked flying easily by a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Iron-backed Demon Wolf. It was as if the party leader’s Gold-ranked Kodo Beast was made of paper. Hui Tai Lang only slashed its claws a little, yet the party leader felt like he was attacked by a horde of Giant Mammoths. He shot straight towards the valley walls, caused a few rubles to fall, and shook the whole valley violently.

When the party leader struggled in pain to get up, Hui Tai Lang was standing at a high place as it raised up its hind leg. A stream of hot yellow liquid splashed onto the party leader’s face.

The smell of piss almost made that fellow faint.

“I’ll kill you, bitch!” The party leader who had strengthened his body with the Kodo Beast could not even manage to swing his fists before he was pressed down by Hui Tai Lang’s great claws.


The whole ground shook violently.

That party leader’s head burst open like juice as he died on the spot.

Bao Er’s mouth immediately formed a cute ‘o’. Forget about her, even Anna and Lin En could only stare dumbly at the scene before them.

This, what kind of special Demon Wolf was this?

How could a Bronze-ranked Level 3 beast kill a Level 8 Intermediate Emperor instantly?

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