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LLS Chapter 384 – Purple-haired Beauty in Black

Chapter 384 – Purple-haired Beauty in Black
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The second day was the day where the auction in the Villian City above the Thunder Fortress would be held.

However, the auction during the day mainly served as an opportunity for merchants under different Rankers to interact with each other. It was used as a pretext to pry and exchange information. There were also people who became allies on the spot and made decisions on who would get which auction goods. The exemplifications of shady businesses and survival of the fittest were at its best here. For example, when a Ranker took interest in certain treasures, his subordinates would then warn others to stop them from bidding for it. Otherwise, they would become hostile towards them.

Of course, these were only effective towards the weak.

The auction started officially at nine at night. As it would be held for three consecutive days, the best treasures and female slaves would only be put up for sale on the last day.

Yue Yang made Jia De and Yan Zheng the butler the representatives during the day. When he finally woke up, he only instructed the maids lazily to do one thing, that was to help tailor some clothes for the half elf female slave. They were to create legendary female costumes such as sailor uniform, princess dress and others.

Accessories like ribbons, bells, cat ears and lace were not-to-be-missed.

Yue Yang was also contemplating if he should make some policewoman costume or air stewardess costume for the tigress, Xia Yi. A sadistic queen’s costume would be suitable too. She would definitely look eye-catching if she were to wear it with high heels and meshed stockings, together with a black leather short skirt on her slender waist and toned bottom. It would definitely be impressive if she were to complement them with a spiked collar and a belt. Everyone would go “Whip me, your highness!” …

Undeniably, this was also the guilty pleasure of a guy who crossed dimensions.

But for those other maids who were bought alongside with the half elf female slave, their master’s instructions were treated with high regards.

“Are you going to make me clothes, Master? I‘m so happy!” The half elf girl with a child’s look and a hot figure exclaimed. As she was clad in a tight fitting gown that revealed her chest excessively, Yue Yang was boiling with excitement and almost couldn’t contain himself.

“What are you doing?” Yue Yang asked curiously as he saw the half elf girl drawing. On the easel, there was a drawing of his portrait which looked like him exactly, his charms and traits fully highlighted. Yue Yang got angry instantly as he glared at her and ordered her to stop. “Who allowed you to draw this? Erase this immediately!” It shocked the half elf girl as she poked out her tongue and threw her hands up in surrender. “I won’t dare to do it next time. If master were to go out, this drawing would make me feel that master is still by my side. It will definitely energises me when I work!”

She ran off like a little dear and returned with a bowl of hot dessert in a blink of an eye.

Yue Yang was slightly surprised. This girl really knew how to cook?

After a while, Yue Yang kept the dessert into his Lich Ring. Yue Shuang would definitely like this kind of sweet dessert, and moreover, this was made with kind intentions by the half elf girl.

“Erase my face on the painting!” Yue Yang felt the urge to grab a hold of her chests, but he decided to pet her head lightly and stepped out of the house.

“Thank you Granny, I’ve met a kind master.” The half elf girl twirled blissfully as her big eyes became squinted from smiling. “Master is so cool, but he is also meticulous enough to make clothes for me, ha!” She hopped around like a little deer and tied up her hair. Holding a cloth in her mouth and a container with her hands, she seemingly wanted to clean up the house thoroughly. She lifted her sleeves and balled up her pristine small fist. “This marks the first day of me meeting master. I have to work hard to make master like me!”

The few maids grew accustomed to her actions as they cleaned the hall outside diligently.

They were swift and dexterous, and they complemented each other well, making their work highly efficient.

In contrast to the obedient half elf girl, another girl of her age was similarly cute, but had completely different personality.

Forget about doing chores, the very fact that she could walk around without knocking into a tree or losing her way when making turns was impressive enough. She was none other than the Golden Elf, Bao Er.

On seeing Yue Yang stepping out of the Teleportation Circle, she threw the banner that she was initially holding high up and dashed towards him, grabbing him by his arm. “Where are you running to, I’ve finally caught you after a long wait. Come everyone, I just caught the swindler yesterday!”

“You are?” Yue Yang was great at feigning ignorance.

“Look, there’s an aeroplane in the sky!” Bao Er tried to act decent as she imitated Yue Yang’s tone yesterday. But she burst out laughing in the end. She couldn’t hold in her laughter herself, and instead went on to blame it on Yue Yang, throwing light punches on him with her small fist. “Don’t try to deceive me. I’m super smart and you won’t be able to use the same trick on me twice. If you don’t believe me, try saying that there’s an aeroplane in the sky.”

“…” Yue Yang shook his arms. “Little kid, I’m afraid that you recognised the wrong person. I don’t know you at all!”

“Quit speaking to him, just drag him away directly!” The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie waved her gigantic hands. “We are still short of a hundred Spider Tooth, if we are any later, we may not be able to complete the mission. Let’s go!”

“Hey, I protest.” Yue Yang used the tactic of a diplomat of China.

“Protest rejected.” Bao Er replied with a cute grimace. “ Because you are our appointed slave!”

Looking at Fatty Hai who was swinging his butt and Ye Kong who was laughing discreetly, Yue Yang knew that he had been betrayed. He kicked Fatty Hai’s butt violently, making him groan like a pig about to be slaughtered. As for Anna and Lin En, they feigned ignorance. Among all, only Bao Er remained in the dark. Even the Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie had already guessed a little, but she did not probe further to expose Yue Yang’s identity.

The Spider Valley.

It was a dangerous region with difficult terrain.

Sandstorms were rampant on the two plateau, where several high level monsters resided. There were also various quicksand traps filled with Ground Drilling Demons waiting for their prey.

There was a narrow valley in the middle, with the widest not more than 300 metres.

The shallowest part of the valley was only 50 metres deep.

But the deepest could span a few thousand metres deep. When wind blew, the valley would give a whizzing noise that would send a chill down one’s spine. Of course these noises were just ordinary occurences. The scariest thing in the valley was the densely packed Snaggletooth Spiders that could swallow a man whole. Not even his bones would be left. They were Level 7 Bronze-ranked creatures. Although their level wasn’t considered to be high, they had strong combat power, and their population in the Spider Valley amounted to a few hundred thousand, occupying the whole of the valley.

Numbers could determine everything.

In the valley, most of the Level 7 Silver-ranked Human-faced Spider and the Gold-ranked Devil-eyed Spider King would be hiding in the dark.

Once their prey approached, they would bring all their forces out of the nest to attack it.

Of course, there was the stronger Spider Empress who could level up to Level 7 Platinum-ranked.

There would only be two outcomes of an adventurer who encountered the Spider Empress. The first would be that he had a narrow escape, and the second would be that he becomes food of the Spider Empress.

There was no third outcome as no one had managed to kill the Spider Empress as of yet… Rumour has it that an Innate had wanted to kill the Spider Empress for the Empress Pearl in her stomach before. However, he returned in failure, severely wounded, and the toxin in his body couldn’t be cleared for more than three months. He almost lost his life. Since then, no one dared to attack the Spider Empress.

Luckily, the Spider Empress rarely appears, so the Spider Valley could be considered a yellow warning zone, albeit just barely, but not red forbidden ground.

“Follow me closely, don’t wonder off by yourself, if not it will be none of my business if the spiders eat you up!” Although Bao Er was naughty, she was kindhearted. As a senior, she was still caring towards Yue Yang the newbie. At least she was willing to ‘protect’ Yue Yang.

“It’s okay, I have Hui Tai Lang!” Yue Yang indicated that he did not need anyone’s protection, but he did not reject the idea of enjoying the scenery when following behind Bao Er.

“A Level Three Bronze-ranked Iron Back Demonic Wolf, are you sure it wouldn’t tremble in fear when it sees the Snaggletooth Spider?” Bao Er glared at Yue Yang. She hadn’t seen such a weak Beast in the whole of Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

“Woof, woof woof!” Hui Tan Lang protested loudly, but Bao Er still disregarded him.

Following the mountainous path that the adventurers took year after year, they proceeded slowly. After an hour, they finally reached the valley floor of the Spider Valley.

If not for the Red Phosphorous Torch, they wouldn’t have reached the Spider Valley even if Fatty Hai and the rest were ten times stronger. The Snaggletooth Spiders and the Human-faced Spiders hated the Red Phosphorous Fire, so the adventurers could fend them off easily just by waving their torches. If they were to fight them off without the torches, the entire troop of more than a hundred thousand men might be readily swallowed by the Snaggletooth Spiders. The Spider-eating Birds and the Parasitic Wasps were also the predators of the Snaggletooth Spiders, but the relationship could go both ways. A large group of the Spider-eating Birds hovering in the air could hunt down a young Snaggletooth Spider; Similarly, they could become preys of the Snaggletooth Spiders if they got trapped onto its web.

As for the Parasitic Wasp, the Snaggletooth Spider would certainly die as the Parasitic Wasps would lay their eggs in the body of the targeted spider so that their offsprings could grow inside the spider’s body.

Yue Yang couldn’t be bothered about the rules of nature.

All he wanted was to get some treasures here.

He wasn’t interested in the Snaggletooth and Human-faced Spider, all he cared about was only the Level Seven Gold-ranked Devil-eyed Spider.

Not only could the eyes of the Devil-eyed Spider be used as medicinal ingredients and used to level up equipments, the precious Poison Pearl in its poison sac was an even more precious treasure. As for the Spider Empress, Yue Yang felt that he might not be able to find it. Moreover, that kind of strong Beast which could even defeat an Innate might have already become a Holy Beast, which would make killing it difficult… She would definitely not wait for someone to hunt it down like BOSSes in games. Seeing how the Old Dragon Turtle had gone to the Soaring Dragon Continent to recuperate when he was injured show that a Holy Beast was very shrewd and its intelligence was on par to that of a human being. It could even clone themselves, making differentiating between the clone and itself difficult.

“There is a party of adventurers in front battling. They seem to be fighting for treasures.” Ye Kong who went to explore the path returned with a bad news.

“We will take the longer route.” The Ox-head Party Leader, Li Ao, made a decision on the spot.

“….” Anna looked at Yue Yang. On seeing that he did not object, she nodded too and agreed to it.

If the Snaggletooth Spider didn’t become berserk by the smell of human blood, they would normally be fearful of the Red Phosphorous Fire and wouldn’t find trouble with the adventurers who were here to collect spider teeth. However, once they smelt fresh blood, they would definitely become restless and even besiege the adventurers and attack them.

Just three minutes after they took the longer route in the opposite direction, the spiders on the cliff seemed to be awakened by something as they rushed toward and inundated the battle ground .

Tens of thousands of the spider on the rock of the cliff jumped and rushed forth. The scene was spectacular especially due to the geographic location of the Spider Valley. The number of spiders seemed like they could cover up the entire sky.

Three parties of adventurers gathered as everyone held their weapons nervously and waved their Red Phosphorus Torches.

Luckily no spider attacked Yue Yang and his gang.

But it remained uncertain as to whether the spiders would be blinded by their killing thirst to the extent that they’d disregard the threats of the Red Phosphorous Fire and proceeded with tearing people apart and feed on them… The Red Phosphorus Fire was a threat to the Snaggletooth Spider as they were afraid of fire. Through the hairs on their legs, they could sense the air movements to search for their opponents. So if they were burnt with fire, they would start panicking. But the Red Phosphorous Fire in the hands of a few adventurers appeared insignificant to tens of thousands of Snaggletooth Spider. Once the Snaggletooth Spiders became berserk, they could kill a thousand times more adventurers.

“Everyone form a circle and hide behind the huge rock. Remain calm, and nobody is allowed to attack.” One party leader shouted.

“Save me, I have used up my torch. If you save me, I’m willing to offer a reward of thousands of gold coins.” Three women in black clothes ran frantically from a distance.

Two of them seemed to be female guards as they were clad in black armour that were tight fitting.

They were holding sharp daggers in their hands. Even in such a dangerous situation, they remained aloof as they proceeded in silence.

The one who was crying for help was their leader. She was clad in an expensive Black Dragon Armour, one look at her and one would know that she wasn’t a normal adventurer. She was probably a Ranker’s or a King’s daughter. Her silky purple hair swung in the air and her features were like that of a beautiful painting. The glow in her green doe eyes charmed everyone and her hot figure was revealed through her Black Dragon Armour. She had a pair of long legs, big chest, small waist, toned butt, delicate feet and pristine arms, making her look like a sexy doll.

The adventurers were mesmerised as they stared at her.

Some people’s drool fell like a waterfall.

Yue Yang shook as he looked at the Purple-haired beauty, his gaze was as chilly as ice.

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