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LLS Chapter 383 – Lethal Human Weapon, Half-elf Girl

Chapter 383 – Lethal Human Weapon, Half-elf Girl
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The master bedroom that Yue Yang was going to was not furnished with the things that An Dong had used before.

In reality, the moment Yue Yang gain hold of the property, Jia De had changed whatever things that could be changed to a new one, sincerely hoping to serve his master well.

He was now one of the members of the Titan Merchant Guild after all. Although it was just established and was unknown and unrecognized in the world, Jia De knew that before long, the Titan Merchant Guild would definitely reach the top 100 guilds, no, it might even reach the top 10 guild. Seeing Master Titan’s attitude towards the Hundred Wars Merchant Guild, Jia De knew that Yue Yang did not even have a shred of respect towards Shen Pan, who was an Innate Level 8… Without a certain level of confidence, would he dare to come into the Thunder Fortress and snatch valuable properties? It must be known that the owner of this robber’s den, Thunder Fortress, was Chong Ni, a strong ranker who possess the strength of an Innate Level 8!

Strangely, even after Nightmare and Tiger Nian was killed, Demon Eye, who should have blown his lungs out from anger didn’t even dare to let out a fart.

He even faintly showed the intention to return Master Titan’s belongings that he took away.

Following such a magnificent master, why would he, Jia De, be afraid he wouldn’t have a chance to be successful in the future?

At the lavish entrance of the master bedroom, a few healthy maids stood on attention. When they saw Yue Yang coming, the hurriedly bowed and excused themselves. There were two beautiful maids inside the room, who also hurriedly excused themselves and quickly closed the wooden door behind them.

A wide ivory bed was decorated with a silk canopy that has wild roses out of golden thread embroidered on it. There was a slight bulge on the velvet quilt covering the huge bed, as if covering a small body underneath.

They couldn’t have stripped the girl naked before leaving her here, could they?

Yue Yang remembered during the Qing Dynasty, whenever the emperor wanted to bed a concubine, she would be stripped naked by the eunuchs, rolled in a blanket and carried to the emperor’s bed. It was said that if concubines did not bribe the eunuchs, they would give them a hard time. For example, the eunuch would pester the emperor about his night plans, causing him to lose interest and not give the concubines a chance to be chosen. Or perhaps after a concubine was favoured, the eunuch would purposely announce the morning hour earlier so that the concubine would miss the chance to be conferred a title… There were also darker stories, for example, the moment a concubine lost the emperor’s favour, the eunuchs would take revenge with all he had and use all kinds of terrifying torture methods that would make one’s hair stand on its end.

In Yue Yang’s opinion, these emperors were fools.

Who would know if the eunuchs had a taste of the concubines along the way? Although eunuchs were useless, they could still give women that they had already been intimate with to the emperor. If that really happened, wouldn’t the emperor’s hat be green-colored instead?
(Shiro: Man wearing a Green-coloured hat – husband whose wife is cheating on him. Originated from ancient chinese culture – men whose wife was a prostitute had to wear a green hat due to a compulsory law)

If these concubines refuse to serve the eunuchs, their lives would definitely end tragically. With their intelligence, why wouldn’t they do it?

Under this kind of law, the emperor was simply a fool wearing a green hat!

Look at how well people from another dimension was doing. Eunuchs were useless. In this other dimension, female slaves were trained since they were babies. They were trained to be female slaves and would never see any man at all in their lives. They would live in a female palace, and when they have grown, they would be sold altogether with the women who raised them as one set. The first man they see would be their master, and this process was called ‘eye-opening’… This method raising concubines was extremely effective, much better than the emperor’s ‘Preparative Concubine Selection’ ceremony. Along the way, even if the concubine’s virginity was still intact, they must have already been trained on other skills. Hence, ancient emperors were the most tragic victims of green hats!
(Shiro: Preparative Concubine Selection – Ancient Chinese Emperors will select a few virgin girls from distinguished families every 3-5 years to add into their harems. The process is quite strict as every girl’s body would have to be checked.)

“Is that master? Your servant was sleepy and has accidentally fallen asleep just now!” A clear-sounding voice rung out from beneath the quilt.

Following that, a snow-white body sat up on the bed.

A female slave very respectfully bowed like a slave towards Yue Yang. Although her body was covered by a veil, Yue Yang could clearly see her humongous, extremely powerful and lethal human weapon.

As she was prostrating on the bed, her lethal human weapon was pressed against the bed and formed a breathtakingly deep valley.

Even someone with Yue Yang’s composure couldn’t help but to swallow a gulp of saliva.

This lethal human weapon was definitely capable of killing people!

Yue Yang couldn’t help but to start stripping off her veil, wanting to see for himself the legendary loli-faced, big-breasted half-elf… Her glowing skin was so white that it rivalled the snow-white quilt made out of swan’s feathers. It was sparkling and almost translucent, there was not a single flaw on her skin, which looked so fragile that it could break at any moment. Seems like the women in charge of training this female slave really understood how to best display a woman’s charm. If they had displayed this half-elf completely naked, her charm would have been greatly decreased. It would also easily dissatisfy Yue Yang, the top-grade pervert. The real charm lies within faintly discernable things… This point was greatly utilised by this half-elf.

She didn’t have any clothes on her body, but there was a thin sash pressing tightly against her skin, covering some important parts of her secret place.

Under the cover of this sash, the half-elf female slave’s body had not only become more charming, she had become ten times more enticing.

Especially those two lethal human weapons in front of her chest. Seeing those tightly bound by the sash would simply kill a man.

Yue Yang could see breast swaying or breast trembling whenever he want.

Those breasts were definitely omnipotent, reaching even the highest realm of breasts…

An elf’s slender body, a human’s curves and a goddess-like innocent face. All of this combined together was the half-elf girl!

The half-elf girl whose eyes was covered by a sash slightly twitched her nose. On her innocent, sweet face, her moist lips blossomed into a mile, “Are you my master? I am really happy that my master is an Innate Ranker! You smell really nice, I have memorised it in my heart and will never forget it.”

“How do you know I’m your master? How do you know I’m an Innate?” Yue Yang was slightly surprised when he heard her. This girl has the ability to recognize him through smell?

“Grandma from the Female Palace told me that I will leave the palace today. My master will be a kind, indomitable man, an Innate Ranker. Master, you truly hide your abilities very well, but I possess the Scent Recognition Inherent Skill, hence I am able to see through master. Although i won’t be able to fully understand the extent of your power, I can see that master is an extremely strong Innate Ranker. As for whether you are truly my master, since the day I memorised your scent, you will be my master forever. A Master-Servant Memory can only be used once in a lifetime. Some people choose to have Sight Memory, but I feel that sometimes eyes can deceive oneself, hence I have decided to use Scent Memory. Scent would never deceive other no matter what, because not only it comes from within one’s body, it also measures one’s strength, etc…” That half-elf girl whose eyes was blindfolded really do seem to possess such an Inherent Skill. At the very least, her identification skill was not something that normal people would have.

“Do you know my name?” Yue Yang asked.

“No, but master’s scent is like a name to me.” The half-elf bowed politely. When she lowered her body, her beautiful back formed a smooth, glossy arch. She was so beautiful that even if it was the most picky man in the world, he wouldn’t be able to find any flaw on her body.

Especially her full moon-like butt. When she was bowing down, they were raised high, making her seductive level shoot straight to the top.

The silk sash around her body bound her lightly across her butt cleft and covered her mysterious place in front. What’s left to imagination could even bring the most serious man’s blood to a boiling point.

Smelling the simple yet irresistible virgin’s smell, the whole room could suddenly turn wonderful. It was as if Yue Yang’s soul was on fire, and igniting his whole body… Yue Yang had an extremely high tolerance, yet he couldn’t help but to clench his fists, trying to forcefully calm his beating heart.

If one said that a half-elf wasn’t enticing enough, they would be lying.

That pure, innocent face coupled with that enchanting body formed an extremely distinguishing contrast, which became an endless temptation.

However, Yue Yang was not a fool who would jump on any women given to him by others. He would search through this woman’s motives thoroughly till the end.

“Do you have a summoning grimoire?” Yue Yang had wanted to ask about who the Grandma from the Female Palace was, but after giving it a thought, he changed the question to grimoire instead.

“No, but Grandma can find out each of our Inherent Skill and train them. My Inherent Skill is Scent Recognition and my beast is Butterfly Enchantress, Bronze-ranked Level 2. Although it isn’t very powerful, it can help me to fly for a short period. It can also help me to do many other things!” The half-elf girl nodded obediently as she replied Yue Yang.

“If I gave you a choice, would you choose freedom or would you choose to be a female slave who will serve me forever?” Yue Yang suddenly asked.

“You are already my master. If I am abandoned, I will commit suicide to protect my chastity. There is a saying in Tong Tian Tower, ‘Reputable women will not marry a second time, loyal servants will not serve a second master.” If master do not trust this servant, please kill this servant…” The half-elf slowly extended her soft, slender arms forward.

Her delicate fingers were soft like lily.

Even though this pair of hands might not be the most beautiful hands in the world, it was definitely one of the best.

How could such a beautiful pair of hands be capable of cooking?

Is she really capable of sewing and handcrafting?

Killing intent flashed in Yue Yang’s eyes as he took out his Crescent Moon Blade. Quicker than lightning, he slashed his blade towards the half-elf’s head.

With the power of Platinum-ranked Crescent Moon Blade, forget about a weak half-elf girl with the power of a mere Level 3 Hero, even a Lesser Innate would be instantly killed by the blow!

However, the half-elf girl didn’t show a shred of fear.

Even when Yue Yang’s killing intent had penetrated into her body and suffocated her throat.

Her delicate features showed a sincere expression as she slowly revealed a smile, as if she wish to leave her master with her most beautiful smile in her last moments. Even if he killed her on the spot, it seemed like she wouldn’t feel any shred of regret… The Crescent Moon flashed, but contrary to the expectation of blood splashing all over the bed, it only cut through the silk sash that blindfolded the half-elf girl gently. The silk sash tore to half and fall onto the bed.

The half-elf girl covered her eyes with her fingers and slowly rubbed them.

She slowly revealed an innocent smile, just like a flower bud that was blossoming slowly. Then, a spring-like clear-sounding laughter rung out, “Thank you master for ‘opening my eyes’! Your servant, your servant could finally see master’s appearance now… Although you are wearing a mask, your servant has finally seen your appearance. You look the same as your smell.”

“Will you remember my current appearance forever?” Yue Yang lightly tapped at his Gemini Mask as he asked her.

“No, during ‘eye-opening’, master’s whole appearance will be stored inside your servant’s memory. It’s useless even if you wore makeup or masks.” The half-elf girl looked at Yue Yang unblinkingly with her big blue eyes. She picked up the silk sash blindfolding her just now and presented it to Yue Yang. When Yue Yang saw it, he discovered that there was a Heaven Rune Circle drawn on the silk sash. He couldn’t help but to be shocked. Looks like there are quite a lot of talented people in the Tong Tian Tower. That ‘Grandma’ who raised this female servant could actually have such a deep understanding on Heaven Runes. Seems like she is not any ordinary human.

“What’s your name?” Yue Yang took the silk sash and stored it away. He could recognize all of the Heaven Runes on the Rune Circle, but the arrangement of the runes were extremely ingenuous, worthy for his research in the future.

“We, the female servants in the Female Palace, don’t have a name. Please bestow this servant with a name, master!” The half-elf girl raised her face and looked towards Yue Yang, just like an obedient cat wanting its master’s caress.

Although Yue Yang was trying very hard to stop his desire, he had almost reached out and caressed her.

If he touched her even a little, things might not be so easy anymore.

It was easy to bestow her a name. Yue Yang had almost shouted ‘Your name is Sora Aoi from now on’, but after giving it a thought, he decided to keep the name ‘Sora Aoi’ locked up inside his memories.

If her name is not Sora Aoi, what should he name her then?

10 minutes later.

Yue Yang who had returned to the grimoire world hugged the sickly beauty the moment he came back and rushed towards the bed.

The sickly beauty signalled that Yue Shuang had not slept soundly yet. When she saw that her clothes had all flown away, she shyly asked Yue Yang, “Who seduced you?”

Yue Yang stooped down and kissed the beauty, “I don’t have time to talk right now…”

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