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LLS Chapter 382 – Level up, Platinum Crescent Moon Blade!

Chapter 382 – Level up, Platinum Crescent Moon Blade!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Apologies guys, all mentions of Thunder Ores in Chapter 381 is wrong, it is supposed to be Thunder Diamond. I’ve changed it.

After obtaining the Thunder Diamond that was worth a bomb, Yue Yang did three things which pushed his reputations to a peak.

First, he made a standardised uniform for the labourers.

Although the uniforms didn’t cost much, and the money used to make a thousand of them might not be even worth the money of one of Yue Yang’s Wyvern Armour, it was a form of recognition and reward to the labourers. And for individual talented miners, they could have an additional golden line sewed on their uniform. All the slaves cried when they received their red uniforms with golden lines. Yue Yang was the first person in the hundred years of history in the Thunder Fortress to make uniforms for his slaves.

Second, Yue Yang came out with names for the slaves.

This was a first too.

A lot of the slaves didn’t have names. Of course, they had nicknames or other forms of address, but they had never own a real name.

When Yan Zheng the butler announced that the kind master, Mr. Titan, had allowed everyone to own a name, and that they could go forward to register when they had thought of one… All of the slaves trembled.

Although they didn’t recognise their own names, but when they saw it appeared for the first time on Yan Zheng’s notebook, they felt that they had been reborn as a human. In reality, a slave’s master would only see him as a tool used to dig mines and wouldn’t care about his well being. Even if he had a name initially before he was captured, he would have forgotten everything after spending long hours everyday digging the mine… Only until today, when Yue Yang allowed them to own a name again did they realise that their master had awarded them not only a name but a status that equalised them with other human beings.

Only with this status could they become unique.

Only with a name could they be considered a real being, not a mere mine digging tool that was as insignificant as an ant and abandoned by the world.

A lot of people didn’t have names, so Yan Zheng the butler had to come up with one for them.

They were given a serial number at the same time.

If it were to be other free common man, they would definitely feel that it was a form of humiliation and shaming, because the number was sewed on the most obvious part of their uniform. It was like a print on a donkey or a horse, and it could be said that it was a mark that signified that the slave belonged to a master.

But the slaves liked it a lot.

What they were most afraid of now was that their kind master, Yue Yang would leave them alone. They were scared that they would be abandoned by their master and become an insignificant miner in the underground city again.

The third thing Yue Yang did was to grant the old slave a name and a Puppet Beast.

The old slave was named ‘Pi Ping’.

As it was a prank by a guy who crossed dimensions, of course no one would know.
(want2eat: Pi Ping is a homonym for Pepin. Yue Yang was mocking that the slave was short, because there was a famous king called ‘Pepin the short’!)

The Puppet Beast was modified by Yue Yang. Although Yue Yang created it casually and simply, Yue Yang possessed strong skills in making Puppet Beasts. Even under his casual modifications, he made one which was Bronze-ranked Level 2. But it wasn’t capable of attacking, and could only be used as an alternate mode of transport and also used to dig mines… This reward evoked a wave of news that would make everyone who heard it sing praises of Yue Yang and feel goosebumps all over their bodies. There was no need to announce or explain further, all of Yue Yang’s slaves were finally convinced. As long as they worked hard, they would definitely win the favour of their master and be rewarded… Everyone hoped that they could be like the Old Pi Ping who was bestowed a name and received a hand-made puppet beast by their master personally.

No one dared to say anything, but all of them were working towards this goal.

As it was a unique reward.

One could even say that it was something that would bring them utmost honour!

What excited and motivated the slaves the most was when Yan Zheng the butler announced that for those who contributed significantly, they would get a chance to meet their master in person and that there would only be ten nominees each year. The possibility of being named by their master, being granted a Beast and the chance of meeting their master became the things the slaves sought after the most.

While the slaves were working desperately to fight for this honour, those who fled regretted deeply.

Nobody had thought that their new master, Titan, would not only spare the lives of the rioting slaves, he had treated them generously too.

The salaries, bonuses, uniforms and many other credits made a lot others envious.

Even the patrol guards in the Underground City couldn’t hide their jealousy when they discussed about the changes in the Western Wind Mine, let alone slaves.

Who wouldn’t want a master like Yue Yang?

Look at that damned fat toad. In the past, he was just a pathetic guy with a low status, but now, he walked arrogantly with his head held high. Even when the head of the elite leaders, Bao Gu, saw Jia De, he would address him politely as ‘Mr. Wei Er’ . If it was in the past, addressing him as ‘Fatty’ or ‘Stupid Toad’ would be polite enough.

The fighters in the arena acted like obedient kids now.

Titan would allegedly inspect them numerous times everyday, so if they want to live a good life, they would have to comply with their master’s wish… As a result, the fighters who fought several times a day would hug each other ten times, especially towards their opponents, they would smile brightly at each other and kept shaking hands with each other to show their harmony.

Everyone hoped that their fellow fighters would not make any mistakes during their probation period, if not their past efforts would go to waste.

Those who took Yue Yang’s money and left were mocked as fools.

Unfortunately one wouldn’t be able to overturn their regrets. Those who left and went to work under others were even living in fear that Yue Yang would go after them and finish them all.

Titan treated his subordinates well, but that didn’t mean that he could be pushed around as he had the ability to kill the two Innate Rankers, Nightmare and Tiger Nian. Moreover, does Yue Yang still have to do it himself now? With a single command, all of his fighters would rush forth desperately to show off their skills to Yue Yang… The most famous person in the Underground City wasn’t its City Master, Ma Long the ‘ancient beast’, but Mr. Titan! If one said that they didn’t know who Mr. Titan was, then he must be blind and deaf. He might even get beaten up by others.
(Shiro: Ma Long means Horse Dragon)

“Master, City Master Ma Long sent a diplomat here…” Jia De addressed Yue Yang as master like Pi Ping did, because it made Yue Yang sound more impressive. Others would feel that Yue Yang was a leader just by hearing the way he addressed him!

“You go and deal with him, don’t pester me.” Yue Yang was contemplating how he should deal with the Thunder Diamond.

The Thunder Diamond would be a good tool used to merge and rank up different equipments. If he were to give it to Xue Wu Xia, it would be of great help to her.

But Xue Wu Xia wasn’t around, moreover, Zhi Zun would have possessed too many treasures to care about the Thunder Diamond, so Yue Yang decided to keep it for his own use at the moment. After all, he could use it to rank up his equipments.

Both the Crescent Moon Blade and Hui Jin can fuse with the Thunder Diamond.

With it, Yue Yang would gain an additional Lightning-type equipment other than his Yin Ice and Yang Fire Ability. If he were to use it on his opponent, it would make them suffer for a long time even if they escaped death in the end. As Yue Yang’s Crescent Moon Blade was only Gold-ranked, it could only be used in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, if he were to proceed to a higher level, it would be considered weak. His Hui Jin Magic Blade was Platinum-ranked now, and because it contained two souls, it would definitely rank up to Diamond-rank in the future. Also, the two souls insides of the Hui Jin Magic Blade were superb. Although it was only Platinum-ranked, it was definitely the best of the best among all other Platinum-ranked equipments, and they are near the standards of being Holy Weapons… The Thunder Diamond would seem a little weak to fuse with the Hui Jin Magic Blade, as it wasn’t spirited. Yue Yang had always wanted to add a new spirit to his Hui Jin Magic Blade to strike balance such that the powers of the Hui Jin Magic Blade could be maximised.

But if he were to fuse the Thunder Diamond with the Crescent Moon Blade, it would be a waste as the Thunder Diamond was one of high quality. It would take one million years to form one natural Thunder Diamond.

After the fusion, he would only get a Platinum-ranked equipment at the most and it would be tough to level it up till Diamond-ranked. The only way to level it up was if Yue Yang manage to get his hands on the legendary Warrior Soul and succeeded in embedding it onto his Crescent Moon Blade, thus creating an equipment with awareness.  

“Nevermind, there will be better treasures next time.” Yue Yang had decided to rank up his Crescent Moon Blade, and get some treasures when he gets to the Heaven Realm next time.

Possessing an ancient Rune “Permanent Hardening” and Heaven Rune “Frost” and “Sharp”, even a Dwarf Grand Smithmaster wouldn’t be able to cast the Crescent Moon Blade, let alone normal equipment masters. If one were to wish to embed a Thunder Diamond on it, it wouldn’t be possible, unless with Yue Yang’s Nirvana’s Flame.

After spending a long time, just as Yue Yang’s hands were going weak with fatigue, he finally managed to embed the Thunder Diamond onto the Crescent Moon Blade.

Flashes of lightning flickered and glided on the Crescent Moon Blade.

The clapping of a thunder occupied the atmosphere.

Its chilly cold air was even frostier than before, and its sharp edges looked as if it could tear down the entire space.

The Nirvana’s Flame in Yue Yang’s hands ceased and the Crescent Moon Blade started humming, as if it possessed awareness, as if it was celebrating its levelling up.

The Crescent Moon Blade had successfully levelled up to Platinum-ranked. It wasn’t just a normal Platinum-ranked equipment, but one which could be considered to be of high quality among other Platinum-ranked equipments. Although it couldn’t match up to the Hui Jin Magic Blade with two spirits, it had developed some insignificant awareness too… What made Yue Yang puzzled was that he didn’t understand how a spirited equipment could be made, and he couldn’t use his Innate Qi to find out why, as he was afraid that his Devour Inherent Skill would destroy the inchoate awareness inside the Crescent Moon Blade.

He decided to let the tiny awareness grow before investigating it slowly.

He should ask Zhi Zun next time when there is an opportunity.

Yue Yang knew some knowledge about a spirited equipment from the tragic guy’s mother. But he did not acquire any knowledge about developing a spirited equipment. It might be caused by incomplete digestion of the information, such that Yue Yang hadn’t obtained any knowledge pertaining to this field.


Yue Yang raised the Crescent Moon Blade he just levelled up to Platinum-rank as he wanted to test out its strength.

He then used it to slash the wall casually.

The blade pierced the sturdy stone wall easily like it was made up of tofu… The most ridiculous thing was that when Yue Yang took the Crescent Moon Blade back, he realised that the ten metres thick wall was penetrated entirely by the blade and his Innate Qi. An electrical flash shot out, hitting a Death Bat that was hovering in the air more than 30 metres away.

Even the usually swift Death Bat turned into ashes immediately and its shape remained in the sky.

Then, the ashes dispersed instantly and disappeared into the air.

As Jia De heard some noises, he thought there were assassin and rushed in immediately. On entering, Jia De saw the chilly Crescent Moon Blade that was flashing with lightning on Yue Yang’s hands. He shuddered, and looked towards the wall that had been slashed to form a long, narrow crack. His legs gave way as he collapsed to the ground.

“Ask someone to mend the wall.” Yue Yang instructed casually.

“Yes.” It was only until then did Jia De could finally react, and he quickly replied loudly.

After Yue Yang left, he swallowed his saliva as he braced himself to touch the crack on the wall. He was still a little bewildered. As Jia De didn’t know that there was still a little electricity left on the crack, it shocked him and Jia De cried for his mom loudly before scrambling out, as if his hands were bitten by a monster.

When it was night time, after Jia De instructed some people to mend the crack on the wall, he went to find Yue Yang. “Master, the half elf girl is here. Please proceed to inspect the good.” He said as he bowed.
(Shiro: Refer to chapter 379)

Yue Yang was a little taken aback, so this guy was being serious?

He was merely finding excuses previously.

Whatever, because he pretended to be a master, if he didn’t even want to accept a half elf girl, others might think of him as incapable, and that would make him unimpressive.

Yue Yang waved his hands. “Okay, you can leave now! Oh yeah, you will accompany me to attend the auction tomorrow…”

On hearing that there was a door, Jia De bowed excitedly. “Yes, Yes.”

Yue Yang would usually return to his Grimoire World, but today, he gave it a thought before proceeding to his master bedroom.

There might be a half elf female slave waiting.

Let’s see how she looks like…Of course, Yue Yang was only curious, and would never admit that he went due to the temptation of her having a child’s look and a hot body.

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