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LLS Chapter 381 – Offering treasures, Thunder Diamond

Chapter 381 – Offering treasures, Thunder Diamond
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Little brother, what’s your name?” Anna asked her first question.

“Shan Qiu (山丘).” Yue Yang had split the Yue (岳) word in his name and used it.
(Last: Shan Qiu means hill while Yue means high mountain)

“That name is so old-fashioned.” Bao Er cutely pouted, feeling that this was truly a name for a country bumpkin.

“I think it sounds good!” Yue Yang proudly said and made Bao’er roll her eyes.

“Where did you come from?” Anna asked her second question.

“Gu Feng Continent.“ Yue Yang had always told lies without blinking.

“I know that place. It is a place that had been invaded by the demons but, the inhabitants are still humans with a few human ruled countries like the country of Noah and Barbie. The most famous specialty of the Gu Feng Continent is the ‘Sea Anemone Coral Orchid’. It is a precious material capable of treating Yin-type venoms, but many nobles use it as ornaments to decorate their halls. Right, the Gu Feng Continent’s Red Stone is also very famous, so famous that every person has one. It is used to symbolize the warriors of the Gu Feng Continent.” After Anna said this, Yue Yang’s head immediately ached. She is too knowledgeable, if he carelessly responded, then he would easily be exposed.

“Right, Sea Anemone Coral Orchids are not only be used as treatment for Yin-type venoms, but they can also be used to attract Gold Starfishes. The magic crystal from these starfishes were extremely rare, they can be melted and casted into a high quality material. It is even indispensable in creating some types of weapons and puppets.” Yue Yang had seen Yue Gong’s notes in the Puppet Encyclopedia before so he quickly added.

“I heard that because of the demon invasion, the Gu Feng Continent made early marriage widespread in order to protect the female from being plundered and tarnished by the demon. Males and females of eight to nine years old are being paired up to get married. Is this true?” Lin En suddenly inquired.

“…” Yue Yang sweated profusely. Who the hell would know if Gu Feng Continent had this kind of social custom.

“Brother, does the Gu Feng Continent have this kind of custom?” Fatty Hai chimed, definitely wanting Yue Yang to answer.

“No, the places that the demons have occupied are only the cities. Many of the civilians had escaped to the mountains. Although there are early marriages, it isn’t that exaggerated!” Yue Yang forced himself to answer. He based his answer on the dagger girl, who still relied on her brothers and did not have a husband. Early marriage of eight to nine years old should not exist in the Gu Feng Continent, even if it existed, there is no such custom for warriors. Moreover, even if they were married, does that mean that the demon would not steal the bride? If it truly exists, the custom of early marriage would not only be limited to the Gu Feng Continent, many other races would also have them. Marrying early in order to escape a demons persecution is a comical idea. It made it seem like demons are law abiding children.

In truth, the main goal of demon’s conquest was to annihilate the continent’s warriors.

They eliminated the danger of powerful enemies and controlled the local growth. Then, they made their own race give birth to more warriors and rule over other races. The conquest was not done to exterminate other races nor to commit adultery. Based on a demon’s body type and standards of beauty, it would be weird for them to like human females!

The women that demons like should be tall with long horns. Their entire body should be covered in scales with a barbed tail extending from their bottom. The most beautiful ones would be those whose entire body was ignited in flames.

Whatever snowy peaks and plump peaches, from a demon’s standard those didn’t matter at all!

The standards of beauty for different races were simply different…

The only thing was that some races like the human race had more population than others. Their numbers were also countless. Hence, the beauty of human females were just more fitting to the tastes of the majority.

Let alone the non-humanoid races like the metal race, big hands race, finned race and drill race, even the humanoid races like the dwarf race, pygmy race, djinn race, orc race, ox-head race, werewolf race and others would never be interested in human females. They were not just the normal kind of ugly.

Yue Yang had seen many history books. It was rare to see demons invading in order to kill people, devour or fornicate with them… There was simply no meaning in massacring civilians. The demon legion would indeed make a huge bloodbath. However, they only killed soldiers and warriors. As long as their strength crossed a certain threshold, the demons would definitely kill them. Afterwards they would take control of the area’s growth, not letting another warrior appear. If a warrior appeared, they would be killed immediately. They disdained killing weaklings, just like how humans would not painstakingly kill all the ants in the world.

Demons would kill, devour people and rape women, but this was not the main purpose of launching a war.

This was only caused by the demons venting their awakened brutal instincts on the battlefield.

Majority of the demons simply did not have intelligence. They only executed their orders. The true controllers of the demon race are those in the higher position such as the Demon Generals, Demon Commanders, Demon Marshals and Demon Kings. Ordinary demons were merely slaves leading a tragic life. They were bound to become tools of war the moment they were born.

It was not limited to only demons. No matter what kind of race it was, beastly actions such as killing, devouring and raping would always happen during wars.

Even in the Soaring Dragon Continent, in every expedition, the victor would also commit heaps of wicked conduct.

Therefore, although demons were definitely evil, the Gu Feng Continent would not necessarily have early marriages just to escape being humiliated by demons… What do eight to nine year olds understand? Forget about those who matured early, those who matured at a late age might only know how to use their tool to pee! Things such as having the right to the bride’s first night, only the more evil humans would practice it.

“Impossible, how could the Gu Feng Continent be so backward! In our Soaring Dragon Continent, many eight to nine year olds are already fathers and mothers!” Fatty Hai bragged.

“Do you mean that eight to nine year olds become parents and then they go out shopping with their children like normal people?” Yue Yang angrily said.

“I am only discussing it for research, don’t be angry…” Fatty Hai once again asked: “Little Bro, are you married? Is your life still pleasant?”

“Get lost!” Yue Yang became furious and kicked Fatty Hai away.

“Hey, how dare you hit others?” The Ox-head girl noticed that something was wrong. This brat’s temper was too explosive. They were discussing things nicely, yet he suddenly attacked.

“Everybody quiet.” Anna indicated everybody to stop quarreling and only she can make inquiries. She became extremely serious, but her eyes contained a ‘sister caught sight of a mischievous younger brother’ type of smile: “Shan Qiu, when did you arrive at Tong Tian Tower’s Sixth Floor? Do you have a group? If you don’t, how about joining us to gain experience? Although we are not very strong, we are very united.”

“Wait a minute. I don’t want this incapable brat to join our group.” The Ox-head girl, Fan Lun Tie, was the first to oppose.

“We also do not agree.” The four orc girls also felt that this kind of decision was too careless.

“If this upstart’s son followed us to train, he would definitely cry out of fear by the time we reach the Spider Canyon.” Bao Er always had the bad habit of looking down upon new party members. In truth, her guts were also quite weak, but she took pleasure in acting as a senior and teaching new members.

“What about your opinions? Normally, aren’t you the ones who are the noisiest?” Anna noticed that Fatty Hai and the others, who were normally the noisiest, did not speak at all.

“Cough, I finally discovered someone weaker than me, isn’t this good? If he became a party member, I will have a feeling of superiority.” Fatty Hai laughed loudly. Hearing this, Anna’s eyes immediately shined, as if she had just confirmed something. Even Lin En and Li Ao slightly frowned. It was a well-known fact that this Fatty Hai was very opposed to adding new members to the group. No matter what mission it was, even if it was dangerous or hard, he would absolutely not add a new person and would rather clench his teeth to fight bitterly.

“I forfeit my vote.” Ye Kong flexed his shoulders.

“I support little sister Bao Er. We certainly cannot let him join, unless he give us a few good items.” After Prince of Tian Luo said this, Bao Er immediately clapped her hands and cheered. In truth, she was not opposed to this upstart’s son joining.

“What about you?” Anna asked the strongest of the group, Xue Tan Lang, the Iceberg boy. It was normal for him not to speaka single word in a whole day!

“Up to him!” When Xue Tan Lang spoke, Lin En was flabbergasted, as if she had seen a miracle. Even Anna seemed to have guessed that Xue Tan Lang would say this.

“Everybody vote!” Anna showed that she was attentive to the majority.

“Hey. Aren’t you forgetting to ask my opinion?” Yue Yang felt wronged. What kind of situation is this? Forcing him to conscript into the party?

“Weaklings don’t have a say in this.” Bao Er was afraid that he would not agree and blocked his argument with a sentence.

“Hahaha!” Fatty Hai laughed his brains out. He would never imagine that Yue Yang would also have moments of being forced to yield. If others found out that this invincible and arrogant Yue Clan Third Young Master was defeated by a small girl from the elf race using words, they wouldn’t be able to say anything and only laugh their heads off.

“He can join, but he must be in charge of cooking. His strength is only enough to be a cook.” Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie looked at his power and reluctantly answered.

“Right, right. He is only material for a cook…” Fatty Hai nodded his head strongly. He only hated that he couldn’t record this moment and bring it back to broadcast to the entire Soaring Dragon Continent.

“I like sweet things and the taste must be light.” Bao Er instructed Yue Yang.

“The four of us like barbecue, huge amounts of barbecue!” The four orc sisters also showed no trace of politeness.
(Last: I also want barbecue)

“Are you people finished?” Yue Yang almost went crazy.

“Let’s go, we must go to the Spider Canyon to finish a materials gathering mission, we cannot put it on hold!” Bao Er straightforwardly ignored his protest.


Yue Yang suddenly pointed to the sky.

Everybody was curious and looked at the direction his finger was pointing at.

However, they did not see anything. Out of all people, this brats expression seemed to be very serious, could it be that there is truly something in the sky? Even Fatty Hai had been fooled and looked up.

“What are you looking at?” Bao Er was baffled. There was clearly nothing in the sky.

“An airplane, look there, it flew over there!” Yue Yang moved his finger and seriously pointed to the west.

“I did not see it, there’s nothing there!”

“Is it an invisible beast?”

“Did you see it? My ox eyes are almost popping out. What was it?”

Just as Fan Lun Tie and the others were discussing spiritedly, Bao Er suddenly shrieked. Everybody turned around and discovered that the guy, who seriously shouted that there was an airplane in the sky, had fled with a very fast speed. Bringing his Bronze-ranked Level 3 Iron Back Demon Wolf, he quickly charged into the teleportation portal and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Anna and Lin En burst out in cold sweat.

However, the two people immediately looked at each other and smiled.

Especially Anna, she rubbed the almost crying Bao Er’s head and comforted her with a smile: “He will definitely return. He cannot escape. Let us catch him next time!”

Yue Yang returned to the Thunder Fortress and reverted back to his Innate Rank status.

Jia De spoke in a different manner as he bitterly said that he failed to register the Titan Merchant Guild. He explained that a hundred years ago, the Titan Merchant Guild existed, only it was very small and not well known.

Towards this reply, Yue Yang made an impressive decision: “Have the other Titan Guild dissolve, otherwise purchase it. If they are not willing to sell it to us, then make it disappear forever!”

“Yes!” Jia De felt that following this master was too pleasurable.

If the master was not courageous and bold and only a modest nobleman, could that still be called a master? That was a useless person!

Just as Jia De exited, Butler Yan Zheng brought in a few slaves. He said that it was to present treasures… They were the miners who had dug up good ores last time but secretly kept them and did not give it to An Dong. Now, they are offering it to their new master, hoping that according to their oral agreement, he would give them a bonus of a thousandth of its price. Yue Yang felt that the bonus was a positive action. If every slave had secretly stored a piece, then he has no way of knowing, so he had agreed to the bonus system.

Unexpectedly, the result was not bad. Just as he arrived, some people had presented treasures.

Before the mine was turned over, Yue Yang had heard similar examples of mineworkers devise ways to bring out the ores for themselves. They would stuff their mouths’ noses, navels full of them. A few people even cut off their calves and stuff the diamond inside their flesh.

Since An Dong was ruthless, Yue Yang believed that the slaves who had secretly stored ores were not limited to those in front of him.

He generously gave them bonuses and even gave a few gold coins.

Those slaves happily kowtowed him repeatedly. They felt that following Yue Yang was stepping foot into the light. They were able to eat till they were full, they were given salaries, and there were even bonuses. Compared to before, their lives now was simply climbing out from hell and entering heaven… Afterwards, the slaves returned to brag. The results of this news was huge. This time, there were not only a few of them but hundreds of slaves had come forwards to present treasures…

Butler Yan Zheng was flabbergasted. He absolutely did not imagine that those starving slaves would actually stash high quality ores. Moreover, the overseer did not inspect them!

The most exaggerated matter was that of an old and limp slave.

Half a year ago, this old guy who lost all his strength had contacted a serious illness and was near death. He had previously been thrown into the corpse stack and was laid there a few days. In the end, he actually did not die. He relied on eating Carrion Fruits and once more crawled back to the mine shaft. Because he had lost all his strength, he could only eat soil to fill his stomach everyday. He was so hungry that his bones can be seen from the skin. In the end, the dagger holding girl could not bear to look at it anymore and pitied him. She occasionally gave him food which helped him persevere until today… He actually had a piece of high quality Thunder Diamond that even amazed Yue Yang. This piece of Thunder Diamond was simply priceless.

“Impossible?” The dagger holding girl accompanied him to present treasures. When she saw the huge Thunder Diamond, she was stupefied.

“What do you want? Gold? Residential Status? Or is it women?” Yue Yang did not immediately accept the Thunder Diamond and asked for the conditions.

“Master, you are a good master. In my entire life, I had never seen a kind master like you. I hope to stay beside you and work. Even if my legs are crippled, my eyes and hands are still good. I can still work! I know where the ore vein is, it is sunk in the Fifth Cave. In there, my father and uncle had discovered a good ore vein. However, they did not want An Dong to obtain it so, they intentionally made the entrance collapse, creating an accident and forever buried themselves inside. Now, I wish to lead everybody to once again dig the Fifth Cave. We will pay master back with the best ores. I dare say that the ore vein is the best in the Underground City. As for my request, my master, please allow me to collect all the skeletons of the workers. Being able to store them inside my cave is fine! I do not want money, nor anything else. If master is able to forgive this humble self’s offense, I hope to be able to take off Ms. Xia Yi’s identity as a female slave. Let my savior Ms. Xia Yi continue to work as an overseer. She would become the best overseer in the world. Every single one of us are very grateful to her, just like how we are all grateful to you, master!”

The old slave respectfully prostrated on the floor and said things that amazed Yue Yang.

The dagger holding girl named Xia Yi was already crying in streams.

On one hand was the clean and priceless Thunder Diamond; on the other was a dirty and stinky old slave that was disabled and lame…

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