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LLS Chapter 380 – Receiving rewards, meeting old acquaintances

Chapter 380 – Receiving rewards, meeting old acquaintances
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang returned back to An Dong’s mansion. Behind him, the dagger girl persisted on following behind him so that she could take revenge, even when she had been beaten down numerous times.

She didn’t understand, she was obviously much stronger than that bastard, but why does she still get beaten up?

It also seemed that he hadn’t used his full power yet.

“I’m going to kill you, pervert, for the good of everyone else!” The dagger girl swore to kill this guy to prevent him from harming other women in the world. But she would never admit that part of the reason was also due to him mentioning that she was flat-chested.

“Mr. Titan Jr., I hope that the labourers will not go hungry.” The Xia Pu brother also followed Yue Yang as they had already come to terms with reality and had stop hoping to get any shares.

“It depends on my mood….” Yue Yang replied arrogantly.

“We’ll continue working hard, even harder than before. As long as everyone have something to fill their stomach and can be treated when they are sick, we can dig the mine one thousand times faster. We guarantee that we can be a lot faster than before.” Xia Pu felt that it was okay for those who couldn’t work as a team to leave. Although there were only one thousand men left, if they could listen to commands, they would suffice.

“Then make her my female slave. I’ll be her master and enslave her till she suffers and go mad eventually.” Yue Yang wanted to show them that he had an abusive trait.

“In your dreams!” The dagger girl was furious when she heard it, but she didn’t went forward to stab Yue Yang like before.

After encountering several failures previously, she had come to terms that she wasn’t a match to Yue Yang.

He might not be powerful, but he surely possessed many treasures.

And with the help of any one of his treasures, he could defeat her easily. Although she was hot-tempered, she wouldn’t deliberately ask to be abused if she had already known what the outcome would be.

The Xia Pu brothers could only look at each other and force a smile… Of course they knew that Mr. Titan wasn’t short of woman, he was merely teasing her out of boredom. If he was really a playboy, he wouldn’t be acting like this now. Unfortunately their insensitive sister didn’t realise that he was just making fun of her, so she insisted on competing with him, falling into his trick.

But if she were to just sit still while being taken advantaged of, she wouldn’t be their sister.

But this trait of hers was really….

Luckily she met this Mr. Titan Jr. who was only teasing her out of boredom, if he was a real playboy, she might have been locked away as a female slave!

Mr. Yan Zheng was a serious old-fashioned person. He was just released after being locked up by Xia Pu brothers for a few days. However, he still had his emotionless poker face, it was only until Yue Yang finished fighting with the dagger girl did he walk out. “I have a suggestion. For every labourer who worked, his salary per day will be one gold coin. If he were to be sick and stop working, his salary will be voided. If a labourer were to find a rare precious ore, his bonus will be one thousandth of its value, but if he were to keep it for himself, he would be killed with no second thoughts. If a labourer saves enough money, he can apply to leave the mine, or gain access to application for citizenship. In addition, labourers are allowed to set up booths outside the mine to exchange for daily necessities.”

He brought up a lot of rules that would benefit the labourers, but they would be even more beneficial to Yue Yang of course.

If all of these could make the labourers work again, the amount of money spent was as little as a drop in the ocean.

And of course, all these rules appeared better to that of set by An Dong the miser. Yue Yang believed that these rules would suffice to keep them from rioting again.

“I’ll add one more. For those who didn’t contribute for a month, ask him to scram. I will not pay for someone who slacks and is inactive.” Yue Yang was alright with paying gold coins in return for labour.

“Rest assured, we’ll all work hard under the rules suggested by Mr. Yan Zheng!” Xia Pu believed that if the labourers were to know that they could receive both salaries and bonuses under their new boss, they would definitely work very hard, and would even be willing to die from overwork. When they were under An Dong, they couldn’t even fill their stomach as An Dong treated them as slaves literally. They were thrown into mines to dig for ores, and when one batch dies, An Dong would send in the second batch.

“Talk is cheap!” Yue Yang said as he asked Jia De to chase the Xia Pu brothers out. Seeing that her brothers left, the dagger girl stomped her feet and followed them out quickly.

Although she was a little slow and insensitive, it did not mean that she was daft.

She was afraid that once Yue Yang closed the door, he would release his dog upon her or chain her up by the neck, so she escaped quickly, postponing her plans of seeking revenge.

Before she left, she kicked Yue Yang hatefully.

Seeing him enjoying himself made her angry…. Unexpectedly, she had used too much strength to kick, causing her to lose her balance and almost fell. Yue Yang had even helped to support her at her waist when she almost fell to the ground and hit her bottom. She was extremely embarrassed. She quickly got up and ran out of the door in the midst of Yue Yang’s laughter.

This made her hate Yue Yang even more. She swore to take him down in the future so that he wouldn’t be so arrogant.

Just after she left, two men went in.

They were here to send an invitation.

Blood River and Mountain Elf had jointly invited Yue Yang to attend the annual auction held in the Villian City above the Thunder Fortress.

“Did your master ask you to say anything?” Yue Yang asked.

“With an intelligence like yours, I’m sure that Mr. Titan will understand that the incident recently was an attempt to sow discord between you and my master. My Master, Blood River, has always treated you like a distinguished guest. As a cordial and hospitable man, he even treats the normal merchants with respect. So how could he have sent an assassin after you?” The tall men on the left replied word by word. He seemed to be just someone who works under the order of his master.

“How about your master? What did he say?” Yue Yang looked at the fat man beside him.

“Mr. Titan, my master, Mountain Elf, has always admired you. He is willing to ally with both Blood River and you to enjoy mutual benefits.” The fat men was all smiles.

“Forget about forming alliance first. We don’t have the intention of staying at the Thunder Fortress. We are just passing by, minding our own business. Maybe if we get bored one day, we’ll leave. I don’t care about you guys at all, but if we are affected by problems, my brother and I will definitely kill our enemies’ entire clan.” Yue Yang smiled lightly and waved his hand like a superior. Both men took the hint and excused themselves quickly.

After settling the issues in the mine, Yue Yang got himself a mine that could generate income, and also became ‘enemies’ with Demon Eyes.

With it, he had a reason to seek revenge.

Kill the monsters and steal their treasures.

Yue Yang had clear goals in mind when he came to the Thunder Fortress. Moreover, after he was done killing the monsters, he could then use them to exchange for more treasures from the Warrior Guild or Mercenary Guild. There were a lot of wanted people on the Bloody Villain List here, and the rewards for taking them down were mostly either monetary rewards or treasures. For example, one would be rewarded handsomely for taking down Nightmare and Tiger Nian, and also Demon Eyes and his gang. Yue Yang would be able to get the rewards for taking down these people in a single action.

Yue Yang didn’t bother about the things going on at the arena as he prepared to sell it away. Through this, it would quell the worries of some that Yue Yang wants to take over the Thunder Fortress. Also as its profit wasn’t as lucrative and it could be manipulated easily by his enemies. Yue Yang didn’t want to end up like An Dong, who had enemies latching onto his weakness.

Different affairs were sorted under the care of Jia De and Yan Zheng.

Jia De would control the finance as he was good at business, and was also loyal to Yue Yang.

Yan Zheng was an old-fashioned housekeeper, if not for Mr. Chen, he would not have worked for Yue Yang. But once he started to work, he would give the same loyalty to whoever his master was.

After leaving the Thunder Fortress, Yue Yang returned to the Plaza in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

He saw that Bao Er the Golden Elf was still holding a banner to look for Yue Yang. But the words on it weren’t as polite as before.

It wrote: Titan you liar, if you still don’t respond, I’m going to be angry!

Bao Er’s cute angry face was also drawn on it.

Towards this loli Golden Elf, Yue Yang would feel happy whenever he sees her. Teasing her made him happy too.

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others lay around tiredly, drenched in blood. It seemed that they had just returned from a battle. Luckily everyone was well and alive, and Anna the Golden Elf was using the Beast Ability to heal them. The Ox-head Fan Lun Tie was happily devouring a piece of pork. “That liar has already went on to the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower, we are just wasting our time waiting for him here. Oh yeah, fat pig, what’s the technique you used just now? Hey, I’m talking to you, how dare you ignore me?”

Upon seeing Yue Yang approaching, Fatty Hai was initially stunned, but broke out into laughter later. “It is just a small trick compared to your barbarous charge!”

“Hwee!” Yue Yang brushed against the banner as he was walking past Bao Er, and he even blew a whistle.

“Do you know how to see when you walk?” Bao Er hated people who walk close to her.

Putting the banner down, Bao Er checked if it was spoilt, and even used her hand to wiped the areas Yue Yang touched, meaning that she didn’t want any outsiders to dirty the banner. She would have scrubbed and washed the banner if there was water.

Fan Lun Tie smashed the pork on her hand towards Yue Yang due to his derogatory whistle towards Bao Er.

Ye Kong held in his laughter as he tried to stop her. “Don’t be impulsive, this may be a misunderstanding!”

The Ox-head Fan Lun Tie brushed him off. “Monkey, you leave me alone. You all don’t know that this isn’t the first time that rascal did this. He walked near Bao Er to brush against her deliberately the other time, and he did it again just now. If it wasn’t because there are a lot of us here, he would have molested her. Don’t be scared Bao Er, I’ll help you teach him a lesson. This guy is very weak, it is just that he possesses a lot of treasures. If I were to strike, he will definitely die from his balls breaking!”

Yue Yang trembled when he heard that.

Dying from broken balls, it was really… an impressive way to die!

He pretended to be terrified and ran towards the Warrior Guild quickly.

Seeing his quick escape, Fan Lun Tie continued to wave punches at him in anger, thinking that if it wasn’t because she was tired from their journey just now, she would have already ripped that rascal apart.

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the Li Brothers broke out into laughter, especially Fatty Hai, who was rolling on the floor laughing. As Xue Tan Lang, Prince Tian Luo, Ox-head Party Leader Li Ao and Lin En just came to gather from other places, on seeing everybody laughing, they inquired inquisitively. Why was Fatty Hai and the rest laughing so hysterically when Li Ao and Lin En felt that nothing’s funny?

Even Xue Tan Lang with a poker face broke into a smile, making Lin En exclaimed that it was miracle.

“Is it so funny?” The four orc girls who loved to laugh looked at each other as they weren’t able to comprehend.

“Yes, I’m dying from laughter!” Fatty Hai laughed and he couldn’t even get up from the ground.

“…” Anna frowned, as she seemed to realise something.

In the Warrior Guild, as Ou Gen wasn’t there, a man who appeared both haughty and astute went to receive Yue Yang, who claimed that he was an adventurer who just completed missions that offered bounties.

He felt that they were just some small mission, then Yue Yang shouldn’t have come to the second level of the Warrior Guild to claim his reward because this was a place for real Rankers. For a Level 6 Elder like Yue Yang, he should have gone to first level to admire those who could go to the second level. But of course, he was still polite enough not to show his attitude. He asked casually, “What kind of mission did you accomplish?”

Yue Yang’s words almost made him collapsed from shock.

“I’ve accomplished a few, but I’ll like to claim my reward for Nightmare and Tiger Nian first. If you don’t mind, I’ll like to exchange all my rewards for Wisdom Fruits.” Yue Yang said as he took out the heads of Nightmare and Tiger Nian from his Lich Ring and placed them in front of the man. It made him pale like a ghost.

“Nightmare, and Tiger Nian… You k-killed t-two Innates?” That fellow was so shocked that his speech was garbled.

“Be quiet, if I want to announce it, I’ll hire someone else to do it. I don’t need you to say it so loudly. Give me my deserved reward. That’s how simple your job is!” Yue Yang spoke very calmly, as if he just killed two chickens and not two Innates.

“H-here… For, for you!” The man stamped the reward authentication on Yue Yang’s Heavenly Badge as he opened a secret door and took out a parcel containing the Wisdom Fruits.

With trembling hands, he passed it to Yue Yang.

Without even counting the number of Wisdom Fruits, he kept them into his Lich Ring and turned to leave.

“Respected Innate Ranker, can you, I mean, can you forgive me for offending you previously and give me your signature?” The man asked weakly.

“I’ll forgive you, but ask me about my signature next time!” Yue Yang said as he waved his hands.

The man bowed excitedly, with full of respect, he saluted Yue Yang’s back.

After Yue Yang walked a distance, the others who were too stunned to move just now started crowding around as they observed the two heads on the counter with trembling gaze.

Until now, they couldn’t believe that it was reality.

The two serial killers, Nightmare and Tiger Nian, who were Innate Rankers, were actually murdered…

The arrogant Yue Yang met Fatty Hai and the others when he stepped out of the door. As he wasn’t quick enough to escape, he was captured by the Ox-head Fan Lun Tie.

“I’ll see where you can run to this time, little rascal!” The Ox-head Fan Lun Tie grabbed Yue Yang by his collar and she was about to use the most horrendous, ball-breaking claws on Yue Yang, which would make him infertile. As it was too horrifying, Fatty Hai and the others stopped her quickly, even Xue Tan Lang also went forward to help. As it would affect his future brother-in-law’s happiness, he had to do it.

“Do you all know this rascal?” Even the insensitive and slow Fan Lun Tie felt that this situation did not look right.

“After hearing you… He sure does look familiar!” Fatty Hai said as he circled around Yue Yang.

“Hmph!” Upon hearing, Ox-head Fan Lun Tie concluded that they didn’t know him.

“You look so ugly wearing this stupid mask.” Bao Er felt that Yue Yang must either be disfigured or was the son of a parvenu for him to be so ostentatious.

“This guy has so little power, how did he manage to keep this mask from getting snatched away by others? This is a Gold-ranked equipment! Could it be that the law and order in the Tong Tian Tower has improved suddenly?” The four Orc girls laughed loudly.

Anna’s heart fluttered with their words as all her doubts were cleared.

Just as Fan Lun Tie was about to release Yue Yang and ask him to scram, Anna moved her hands to stop Yue Yang who was pretending to be terrified.

“Are you trying to steal my mask? Although there are a lot of you here, but this is the Warrior Guild’s entrance, all the guards will come out if I were to shout…” Yue Yang said in a low voice.

Bao Er spat in contempt. “Who wants your treasure? Scram quickly, I hate sons of upstarts like you the most. Who are you trying to show off to, no one cares about your goddamn mask!”

But Anna smiled and signalled for everyone to quieten down. “Don’t be afraid, I only want to ask a few question. You can leave after I’m done.” Anna spoke to Yue Yang softly.

Yue Yang wanted to reject her initially, but Fan Lun Tie cracked her giant hands, signalling that if he don’t want to be interrogated, she would break his balls.

Fatty Hai and the others felt that it was so funny that it almost made their intestines cramp, but it wasn’t a time for them to laugh.

So they could only hold in their laughter as they watched the show.

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