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LLS Chapter 379 – I’m going to kill you!

Chapter 379 – I’m going to kill you!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Just as the girl holding the dagger was about to smash a rock onto Yue Yang’s head, she realized that Yue Yang was lying on the ground lifelessly. He seemed to be dead.

She was so scared that her hands trembled. The rock in her hand dropped and it almost hit her toes.

She kicked Yue Yang’s body to see if he was really dead. “Hey, are you really dead?”

“Oh my poor Mr. Titan…” Jia De the fat toad cried as he charged towards Yue Yang. His acting skills was absolutely a hundred times more convincing than Yue Yang who was feigning his death. Even an Oscar Best Actor Award might not be worthy of him. Due to Jia De’s terrified act, the dagger girl started panicking as she tried to justify herself. ”I did not cause his death, it really wasn’t me, I only wanted to scare him, who knows that there really was an assassin here? Is he really beyond help? What now? I don’t have healing power nor a healing-type Beast… Somebody come and help!”

The fact that she only thought of seeking help now showed that she was as slow as a dinosaur. But luckily her looks wasn’t as bad as a dinosaur, because the longer one stared at her, the prettier she looked.

On the other side, the Xia Pu brothers and Ox-head man surrounded the assassin as they attacked him violently.

The assassin wasn’t as powerful as the trio, but he was very evasive, he was able to dodge all of their attacks, leaving the Xia Pu brothers powerless against him.

The army arrived to assist soon after.

Two men whose power was akin to that of the Xia Pu brothers charged in from outside the tunnel as they punched the slow Golem Guard, sending it flying in the air. Both sides had equal power now, with the scale tipping slightly towards the assassin.

“This is a gift from my master, Blood River. Hope you like it, hehe!” The assassin took advantage of the chaos and summoned a Mist Beast, facilitating his escape.

“Don’t chase him anymore…” Xia Pu knew that they wouldn’t be able to win even if they went after him.

The opponent could move around as and when he wished to, even when he was surrounded by two Golem Guards and more than a hundred men.

What would they be able to do even if they caught up with him?

Actually they had fallen into the opponent’s trap even before the fight began.

The rioting slaves were just pathetic tools sacrificed to sow discord between the Innate Ranker Titan and Blood River, one of the three leaders. No matter what the result turned out to be, they wouldn’t be able to escape death. Negotiation had turned into an extravagant hope now and the best plan would be to escape. The Xia Pu brothers looked at each other and nodded. The elder brother, Xia Pu said, ”Everyone, Mr. Titan getting attacked by an assassin wasn’t part of our initial plan. If Mr Titan were to know about it, he would be very furious, and we won’t be able to withstand wrath from an Innate Ranker. Please leave immediately if you can, but if you can’t leave due to family ties, also do hide into the caves quickly and don’t let anyone know that you were here… As there is a change of plans, my brother and I are willing to bear all consequences! Hurry up and leave now, before it’s too late!”

Upon hearing, the hundred guards in the crowd started to panic. Some even ran off immediately.

After they left, the remaining ones became even more anxious.

Then a crowd of more than ten people ran off too.

Although some were still polite enough as to bid farewell to the Xia Pu brothers before they left sighing, some others didn’t turn their heads at all as they ran off. They even left their weapons behind in the fear that the Innate Ranker would arrive anytime.

Surrounded by guards, the Ox-head man turned to look at the Xia Pu Brothers and also at the trembling slaves. He then said, ”Xia Pu and Xia Er, please leave together with us, those who stay here will definitely die! This is not our fault, and even a blind man can see that it was a trap. The wrath of an Innate Ranker is not something what people like us can bear!”

“If there’s no one here bearing the consequences, I’m afraid everyone here will lose their life. There has to be somebody taking up the responsibility. We can leave, but the workers here can’t because their homes are here. We promised to help them, so my brother and I will stay to keep our promise.” Xia Pu, who had a scar on his face, waved his hand. ”Just go! This situation is caused by us. Mr. Titan Jr. was assassinated, and we couldn’t save him in time. We even let the assassin escape. There has to be someone bearing the responsibilities.”

“Then I wish you good luck!” The Ox-head man led his team away quickly. He was afraid that if he was any later, the Innate Ranker Mr. Titan Sr. would arrive anytime.

“Brother…” The dagger girl responded after recovering from shock.

“You go too, leave here now.” Xu Pu demanded, ”Go back to Gu Feng Mainland, and never return to Tong Tian Tower!”

“No.” The dagger girl’s tears rolled down like a river as she screamed helplessly. ”Unless you all come with me, I will not leave too. I can’t just leave you all behind to go home myself. I already promised mother that we’ll train in the Tong Tian Tower together, and go home together!”

“You fool, this is not the time to be affected by your emotions, if you don’t go, we’ll all die here.” Xia Er the second brother raised his hand in anger as he prepared to slap his sister.

“Don’t slap her!” Xia Pu the elder brother pushed away Xia Er’s hand as he smiled to his sister who was already in tears. “If Mr. Titan Sr. is a reasonable man, he won’t kill us, and we will be willing to be his labourers in order to repay him, so we’ll definitely see the light again one day. As we had already left home for a year and Xia Er and I have to stay as labourers for a few more years, you should go home now. Don’t let mother worry about us.”

“No, you are lying to me, you definitely won’t make it home. That idiot is already dead, how can the both of you live?” The dagger girl cried.

“Quickly leave…” Xia Er the younger brother realised that the situation didn’t seem right as he shouted to the slaves.

A shadow moved quickly towards them from a distance.

Some realised that the shadow looked exactly like the little Mr. Titan Jr. lying on the ground.

They wore the same golden mask, was of the same size, same clothes and even looked more similar to each other than the Xia Pu brothers. They were like the same person, but his power differed vastly from the one lying on the ground. Even a blind man could see that this second Mr. Titan was definitely an Innate Ranker. Just by moving swiftly, he blew all the slaves to the ground like a tornado.

When he stared at the Xia Pu brothers, they had difficulties breathing even though they were quite powerful.

The Ox-head man and his guards who already fled to the cave entrance were so stunned that they kneeled to the ground and did not dare to move at all.

The Mr. Titan who came later waved his hands casually, causing three bloodied heads to roll to the Xia Pu’s feet. They all had their eyes opened as if they couldn’t rest in peace. They were the heads of the assassin and his two accomplices.

Even Jia De was stunned, let alone the Xia Pu brothers.

Why were there two Mr. Titans?

If Jia De wasn’t born with a toad’s Inherent Skills, he wouldn’t be able to sniff that the blood that spurted out from Yue Yang earlier on wasn’t human blood, but dragon blood. If not, he would definitely be worried sick!

“Respected Innate Ranker, I admit that it was our mistake… If you want to punish anyone, please do it on me, as I’m their leader.” Xia Pu braced himself to greet this second Mr. Titan, and then kneeled down slightly to apologise. During his half kneeling gesture, he signaled for his younger brother, together with their sister, to join the crowd again.

“No, it is all my fault. If it wasn’t for me who restrained his back, he wouldn’t have been assassinated. If you want to kill anyone, then kill me!” The dagger girl charged forward as she blocked in front of her brother.

“We are done for!” Everyone banged their head to the ground immediately. If she said it like that, forget about her, everyone there would be killed.

The second Mr. Titan changed his stance slightly, unleashing his murderous vibe.

Everyone shuddered uncontrollably as they kneeled to the ground.

No one would think of fighting back an Innate Ranker. Even the Xia Pu brothers lost hope. What use could fighting back do if their opponent could kill them easily, as easy as killing an ant with a finger? Moreover, it was a fact that they caused the death of Mr. Titan Jr. due to their rioting, they couldn’t deny that it wasn’t their fault.

The dagger girl trembled so much that she almost collapsed onto the ground.

In the end, she bit her lips and mustered up her courage as she arched her small but cute asparagus-like chest up. “If killing me quells your anger, then do it! I’m willing to compensate for that idiot’s death with my life! “ She shouted loudly.

“Fuck, who’s an idiot? “ Yue Yang stood up straightly, scaring the dagger girl out of her wits.

“Yo.. You didn’t die? “ The dagger girl was pleasantly surprised.

“Duh.” Yue Yang realised that her reaction wasn’t the same as normal women, and it made teasing her very interesting.

“Then tell your brother quickly that you didn’t die and ask him not to kill us! But I thought the dagger pierced your chest? How come you’re still alright?” The dagger girl got increasing dubious as she stared at him because the Wyvern Armor Yue Yang worn wasn’t even torn, then where did the blood that spurt out come from? Xia Pu and Xia Er looked at each other as they nodded, they weren’t as slow and insensitive as their sister, and they quickly realised that it was all a ploy.

Mr. Titan Sr. knew that someone was scheming in the dark, therefore he asked his younger brother to carry out this ploy together.

In the end everyone was duped.

All the motives and schemings were exposed by Mr. Titan Sr., and the death of Mr. Titan Jr. landed all the slaves into a disadvantaged situation. Although Mr. Titan Jr. was fine, they don’t know how long they had to serve as labourers to compensate for it… It seemed that the Mr. Titan Sr. did not want to kill the rioting slaves, and he merely wanted to continue enslaving them.

If not everyone would have died even if they had a hundred lives.

The second Mr. Titan who came later was actually an Evil Gemini Shadow summoned by Yue Yang using the Gemini Mask, which possessed half the strength of the real Yue Yang. However, no one could tell the difference between them.

Yue Yang would never disclose the truth as he wanted to create a sense of delusion.

Especially towards his opponent.

The opponent would feel more troubled if he held the thinking that there were two Mr. Titan.

The Evil Gemini Shadow tapped Yue Yang’s shoulders softly as it disappeared in a flash, just like how it came. It was so fast that no one could even respond to it.

Yue Yang continue to pretend to be the bad guy. “All those who abandoned their fellow brothers, please scram. A coward who develops cold feet at the last minute is what we needed the least. As for you all, due to the mistakes made, especially you who grabbed me by the collar and scolded me… Do you know what one will become when they scold me? All of you will become my labourers, and serve hard manual labour for a hundred years. The money from your hard work will go towards my psychological compensation! “

“Th… This is not fair, they can leave but we had to stay.” A guard stood out and begged weakly. “I want to leave too. “

“Then scram, right now!” Yue Yang kicked him, sending him flying in the air. “Whoever that wants to leave, scram immediately! “ He scolded.

Upon hearing that they could be freed regardless of their past deeds, a lot of guards and slaves charged out desperately as they queued behind the Ox-head man.

Although they were labelled as those who betrayed their brothers and chickened out, it would all be worth it if they could be a freeman again. Many were notorious in the Thunder Fortress and things like betrayal, abandonment, selfishness were rampant. Others like justice, fairness, self-sacrifice were the rare ones.

Apart from a thousand slaves who couldn’t live independently after leaving the mine and a few other loyal guards under the Xia Pu brothers, the other majority left.

And those who stayed, some also wished to leave, but were constrained by various reasons.

Leaving would mean starving to death because they didn’t have anyone to turn to, and apart from digging mines, they had no other skills… It would be pathetic if they remained as labourers here, but wasn’t this what they did in the past? It was just a matter of the name they were called. Maybe this little Mr. Titan would be kinder than An Dong such that everybody would have something to eat!

Being a labourer, having a meal to fill their stomach would suffice.

How could they expect anything like rewards and shares?

“Go and release Mr. Yan Zheng!” Yue Yang instructed Xia Pu brothers initially, but then he turned towards the dagger girl. “You, You will become my female slave from this moment onwards, go back with me!”

“No!” Images of herself being chained by the neck as the wretched Yue Yang held her by a lash as he walked her onto the streets flashed through the dagger girl’s mind. “ I’m not going to be the female slave of a rich slacker like you. In your dreams! I’d rather die than to be your female slave! You pervert, if you dare to come near me, I’ll commit suicide!”

“Mr. Titan, this woman is both coarse and flat-chested, she is not suited to be a female slave at all. I have a half elf girl that has the face of a child and a hot body of a woman. Not only is she obedient and submissive, she is also great at all sorts of chores ranging from cooking to knitting. If she is to serve you in your daily life, I’m sure that you will be satisfied.” Jia De quickly suggested his best girl to Yue Yang and swore that the half elf girl was a virgin. According to him, this girl was groomed by women all her life, so she hadn’t seen a real guy before, and she was waiting for Yue Yang to broaden her horizon.

A child’s look with a hot body?

Actually Yue Yang wasn’t a stranger to it as his noble teacher, Sora Aoi, had graced the hearts of all Otakus, including him, before.
(want2eat: Sora Aoi is the stage name of a Japanese AV idol. Source: Wikipedia )

But what would the half elf with a child’s look and a hot body grow up to become?

Yue Yang quickly nodded in a perverted manner. “Yeah, that woman who’s lacking in both brains and chest doesn’t deserve my attention. Let’s take a look at this half elf girl. Does she really have the face of a child and a hot body?”

The dagger girl at the side was incensed. Being flat-chested was her weakness, and this wretched rascal kept pouring salt on her wound.

“I’m going to kill you!” The crazed dagger girl charged forward as she swore to kill the perverted guy!

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  1. Ophis says:

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    By the way, I really think you should not try to localize certain terms. Calling him Small/Young Titan(小泰坦) would be a lot better than Jr. I really cringe whenever i read “Mr. Titan Jr.”.

    Thanks for the chapter by the way.

    • Bah Bah Black Sheep says:

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      But ya, “baby faced with big breast” does sound better

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