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LLS Chapter 378 – Let me touch them!

Chapter 378 – Let me touch them!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Mr. Titan…” Jia De was about to introduce Yue Yang, but the twin brothers standing at the opposite side suddenly charged forward like lightning, trying to launch a sneak attack.

The two Ordinary Level 6 Golem Guards beside Jia De were blown away mercilessly, repelled several metres behind.

One of the brothers without a scar on his face unsheathed his great sword and pressed them against Jia De’s neck.

The other brandished his great sword and charged straight towards Yue Yang.

The tip of his great sword stopped right at Yue Yang’s throat, so close that Yue Yang would immediately die if he thrusted his sword forward even by a little.

However, Yue Yang not only didn’t tremble in fear, he even showed an arrogant expression as if he was someone who had gained the upperhand. He asked, with an extraordinarily calm voice, “Is this counted as kidnapping?”

“Mr. Titan Jnr., please don’t act foolishly.” The man who had a scar on his face was Xia Pu, the older of the twin brothers. He threatened in a cold voice, “I know you are a little skilled, but don’t even try to struggle, otherwise, I won’t hesitate cutting your throat open. I don’t have any intention of harming the body of the noble young master, but I hope you can act smarter.”

“Why are you guys trying to rebel?” Yue Yang asked them.


When Xia Pu heard Yue Yang, he was shocked for a moment, then he started laughing like a madman, as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the whole world.

Not only him, his brother and the rest of the Ox-head guards also started to laugh, some even laughed to tears.

Behind Yue Yang, a black light flashed.

An incomparably sharp dagger suddenly pressed against Yue Yang’s neck, and a dark figure restrained Yue Yang from the back. A delicate face slowly moved forward and pressed against Yue Yang’s ears, sneering with a cold, heartless tone, “My dear noble young master who has never tasted starvation all his life, you will understand why we want to rebel if I threw you into the mine and lock you up for two weeks! Who are you guys to exploit us so? For what reason? Just because you are born with a noble status? Just because you are more powerful than us? We are also living beings with pride, but we are actually treated like slaves. Locked inside at the bottom of the mine as slaves and working for you guys year after year, digging ores for you guys… Do you know how many people died from exhaustion in this mine? Their bones can pile up into a mountain! They have made you countless riches, but what have you ever done to them? Have you given them a salary? No, we have never even eaten till we are full! Look at you, you wear Dragon Leather Armor and a Gold-ranked Mask, all of those are from our sweat and blood. Don’t you even feel a shred of guilt, you bloody leecher?!”

When Yue Yang heard her, he clapped his hands and laughed out, “Am I truly experiencing a slave rebellion now? Your argument is really logical, even I am almost moved!”

When the dark figure behind heard Yue Yang’s insincere voice, she angrily punched him from the back.

However, the dark figure noticed that while her fist was actually in pain from the punch, that boy didn’t seem to feel anything.

The dark figure became even more furious and pressed her dagger more forcefully against Yue Yang’s skin, “Don’t even try to talk your way out of this, or I will kill you! Don’t think that you are a big shot just because you have an Innate Ranker as your parents. In my eyes, you are just a trash second generation!”

“Please don’t kill him! Mr. Titan is not someone you can afford to offend. If you hurt even a single strand of his hair, you would all die tragically. Don’t you guys want to negotiate your conditions? Say them now, Mr. Titan will definitely help you guys!” Of course, Jia De knew that with only these few people in front, they would not be able to defeat his master. However, he coordinated with Yue Yang’s farce and shouted in panic, pretending to be terrified. That level of acting was definitely worthy of an Oscar.

“We want 5% share of the mine to be used for our salary and improving our living conditions,“ The older brother Xia Pu stated his first condition.

“Impossible.” Yue Yang didn’t wait for him to finish and rejected him immediately.

“You won’t cry until you see your coffin, is that it? If you dare to speak one more word, I swear I will cut off your tongue.” The dark figure behind kneed Yue Yang’s back furiously, trying to push Yue Yang to the ground. Beyond his expectations, he was unable to move his ‘captive’ at all.

“I’m really scared…” Yue Yang’s words and his unmatching calm expression really made the dark figure furious.

“5% shares of the mine. Its main use would be as insurance to compensate laborers in case of death and disability. You have to agree to this at the very least.” Xia Er, the scarless brother emphasized this point, it was one of the crucial points of their negotiation. Of course Jia De didn’t agree to it, he only said that he would mention it to his boss, but he couldn’t make this decision for them.

“There must be rest time from digging mines. Two days of rest during the week and no more than 16 hours of work per day.

“Every time a miner found a high quality ore, the mine owner would have to give him a reward according to the price of the ore. The reward amount must not be lesser than 1% of the ore price.” The dark figure who was holding Yue Yang also had a condition.

“We must continue to serve as supervisors of the mine, and in the future you are not to take revenge against us or force us to become laborers. You would need the mine owner’s personal signature as guarantee.” Xia Pu, whose face was scarred, looked at Yue Yang. He paused slightly and added, “Other than the above points, there is also one important condition. Adequate food must be supplied to the mine. However, not every race can eat meat, and not every race can eat vegetables. Our food needs are different, the mine owner must guarantee enough supply of food for all of us.”

“So if some of you guys want to drink breast milk, I will have to find a nursing nanny for you? Is that what you mean?” Yue Yang asked.

“You…” The dark figure was so angry that she almost exploded.

Her sharp dagger moved swiftly and almost pierced into Yue Yang’s body. Her anger would not be appeased if she didn’t spill some blood.

But Xia Pu’s sword jumped up and stopped the dagger quickly.

Xia Pu, who was the leader of the group, shook his hand, “Don’t hurt him. We don’t have to quarrel with a second generation trash who is born with a silver spoon and never tasted poverty before. Take him down and lock him up together with Mr. Yan Zheng.” He then waved his hands at Jia De and said, “Go back and tell your master. If he agree with our conditions, all of us will start working immediately. Otherwise, we are determined to rebel until the end, even if he dispatched the guards to attack us… We’d rather be annihilated and spill our blood all over the mine grounds than go back to slavery!”

Jia De looked at Yue Yang once, before he hesitatingly asked, “Brother Xia Pu, I can understand why you guys want to fight for your salary and all that. After all, no one will be willing to work for free. However, taking Mr. Titan captive is really too much. You need to know that the one oppressing you guys is An Dong, not us. We have just gotten the mine from An Dong’s hands…”

When Xia Pu heard him, he sighed, “Indeed it is. However, although you guys have just taken over the mine, we will still revolt. We have been preparing for half a year, and we have been waiting for the right time. Even if the one who came here today was An Dong and not you guys, we will still ask him the same conditions.”

“That is not fair. This matter doesn’t have anything to do with us from the beginning.” When Jia De heard the damned An Dong’s name, he became extremely vexed. They were really unlucky.

“Go back and ask your high and mighty Mr. Titan, if he want the mine to operate normally again, agree to our conditions. As long as he is not a short-sighted person, he will definitely see our sincerity. We only wanted to live, that’s all. As long as there are rewards and insurance, all the labourers will definitely work hard. This place is, after all, our home. Some of the families living here had lived since the time of their fathers and grandfathers. Aren’t they the true owners of the mine? Don’t they deserve to get a share of the mine? Rather than forcing the slaves and making them work to their deaths, why don’t you give them a chance to live, so that they could work harder and happier? Wouldn’t that be better for everyone?” Xia Pu then added in a low voice. “If Mr. Titan felt that us brothers have offended his pride, we can take any kind of punishment. Even if our heads are cut off, we will have no regrets, as long as he fulfil our conditions.”

“Do you think he will agree to them?” Jia De looked at Yue Yang and asked.

“Maybe it will be difficult, but I hope he can agree to them. I hope that you will convey our sincerity to him. If he needed a bunch of people to work at the cost of their lives, he have to give us an equivalent salary. Even the Adventurer Guild outside do it that way. If you continue treating us like cattles or slaves, even if we die, the next generation of slaves will definitely revolt too… In these hundred years, hasn’t there been more than enough slave revolts to prove my point? Give them hope, a home and a path to live. If he does that, Mr. Titan Snr. will definitely earn our loyalties and make a huge profit. Wouldn’t that be great?” After thinking for a while, Xia Pu waved at the dark figure who was restraining Yue Yang, “Let Mr. Titan Jnr. go. If Mr. Titan Snr. is willing to agree to our conditions, we’ll immediately let Mr. Yan Zheng go. We will also report ourselves to authority and seek punishment on our own.”

“No, that can’t be done. You definitely cannot let this boy return.” The dark figure shouted out, “This is different from our plan. Brother Xia Pu, you said that you will lead us to victory before. Pushing forward will lead us to victory. Why aren’t we pushing forward? Why are we giving in to the enemy?”

“Enough, this is my decision.” Xia Pu waved his hand, “I said, let him go.”

“I won’t let him go…” the dark figure’s voice resounded, “I only have two brothers, I only have the two of you as family. How could I let you sacrifice yourselves? In the first place, they were the ones in the wrong. We are only upholding justice, why should we give in to our enemies? Brother Xia Pu, we will feel honoured if you die in the battle, but if you die in order to appease some Innate’s fury and save his reputation, we will feel ashamed, dishonour. Without you guys, what would I do in the future? Haven’t it crossed your minds that they might be lying to us, that when the strongest amongst us has died, they will slaughter us all and continue to treat us like slaves?”

“That’s right, that is indeed what I am thinking.” Yue Yang agreed and nodded.

“You shut up.” The dark figure was so angry that her lungs was about to burst.

“My dearest sister… This is actually our last chance. When Mr. Titan Jnr. came here, I understood. If Mr. Titan Snr hasn’t given us a chance, he would have already sent the authorities to us. He could even come here and kill us all personally. He is an Innate after all, who is strong enough to kill Nightmare and Tiger Nian. None of us here is his match. I guess Mr. Titan Snr. also doesn’t want this matter to be blown up, he needs workers and we need to make a living. If he could agree to our conditions, we will do our best to serve him… This is our chance, I hope we can change our initial plans. We should show more sincerity towards Mr. Titan Snr and let Mr. Titan Jnr. If it is successful, we will gain work and freedom. Of course, it might also fail, and in that case, we will all die…” Xia Pu whose face was scarred swept a glance across the guards and slaves, and slowly whispered, “I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide. Maybe there is only a 1% chance of success, you guys can choose the other option if you wish.”

“Whoever decides to leave the rebellion, I guarantee I will not pursue it any further and will give you some allowance to get by. If you decide to stay and work, I’ll guarantee you enough food. As for your demands for a share in the mines, stop dreaming. Even a fool wouldn’t do that. Furthermore, you guys would also not be able to protect your shares. Come, those who want to leave, please move here… Jia De, give them some money, five gold for each person. Those who want to leave, just take the gold and scram. Those who want to stay will have to do labour work obediently. There will be no money, but I can assure you’ll have enough food. We are different from that An Dong, we are gracious, magnanimous people.” Yue Yang pretended to be a magnanimous second generation noble.

Unexpectedly, the moment Yue Yang spoke out, a lot of people really stood up and chose to leave.

Even the Ox-head leader had also stood up.

The Xia Pu Brothers looked at him in shock.

When the younger of the Xia Pu Brothers wanted to beat the Ox-head up, the elder, scarred Xia Pu Brother stopped him, “Forget it, everyone has their own choice.”

Seeing that more and more people started to follow the Ox-head man, taking the money and taking their chance at freedom, the dark figure suddenly shouted out. She forcefully grabbed onto Yue Yang’s collar, raised him up and pointed her dagger at his throat, “If anyone dares to leave, I will slit his throat!”

“A girl shouldn’t be so fierce, otherwise no men will like you.” Yue Yang realized that the girl standing in front of him was actually quite attractive. Not only was her features smooth and delicate, she also possess a pair of long, slender legs. Although her body was wrapped in tattered clothing, it perfectly showcased the shape of her thighs and seductive bubble butt. It could be seen that she was a high-grade, alluring woman. Her v-shaped chin and big eyes filled with tears were simply captivating, just like a foxy lady.

Forget about his teasing remark just now, the next sentence that Yue Yang said almost made the dagger girl cry out in frustration.

This was because Yue Yang said, “Your face is barely above average, but your chest is flat as a washing board. Others say that girls with big boobs often have small brains. Your chest is so small, yet why does it seem that you have no brains at all?”

Hui Tai Lang rested on the ground leisurely as it gave a big yawn.

It saw that they haven’t started fighting yet, so it continued to sleep.

“I, I’ll kill you!!” The dagger girl was so angry that she would have bitten Yue Yang to death if she could. However, she understood that she couldn’t harm this second generation young master. Although she was boiling, she didn’t move in to attack.

“If you could choke me to death with those slender legs of yours, I actually wouldn’t mind it at all.” Yue Yang felt that his performance was like a rapist who had almost gotten his way.

“You think I won’t dare to kill you?” The dagger girl felt that she had to bore a hole on this bastard’s back no matter what.


Before the dagger even touched him, Yue Yang had already collapsed to the ground.

The dagger girl jumped in shock. She didn’t stab him at all, why would there be blood in this bastard’s chest?

The Xia Pu Brothers and the Ox-heads immediately paled.

There was an assassin!

There was actually a skilled assassin hidden amongst them, that was plotting to kill Mr. Titan Jnr. when he came here to negotiate.

This time, it’s the end!

Jia De was also shocked. However, when he saw that Hui Tai Lang was still snoring relaxedly even though blood was spurting out from Mr. Titan’s chest exaggeratedly like a water fountain, he calmed down. Jia De’s two golems have already recovered although they were beaten up quite badly just now. They were earth-attribute, hence they could sense enemies that moved on the ground from the vibration of the earth.

They raised their hands and punched out at the same time, punching the ground.

The whole mine shook, and dust flew everywhere.

A tall and thin man whose face was covered and was wearing a black cloak appeared at a dark corner.

The long dagger in his hand was glinting with the poisonous colour of dark green.

This person was the assassin that did the killing!

“Dammit!” The Xia Pu Brother’s battle was finished. Since Mr. Titan Jnr. has died, Mr. Titan Snr. will definitely take revenge on them. Facing the wrath of an Innate Ranker, blood corpses will definitely scatter all over the mine. This hidden assassin, he was definitely here to frame them. The Xia Pu Brothers thought about how previously, the preparation for their revolution, such as procuring food and weapon, had not gone well at all. However, they suddenly managed to get a huge amount of supplies a few days ago.

Now they understood everything.

He and all the other slaves had been used as pawns by others.

Seeing the fountain of blood spurting out of Yue Yang’s chest, the dagger girl covered her mouth with her hands and whimpered, “Are you going to die?”

Yue Yang pretended to be in pain and shouted, “It’s such a pity that I can’t fulfil my honorable wish before my death…”

The dagger girl was really afraid that Yue Yang would die, she hurriedly said, “Say it quickly, what kind of wish do you have? Quick, say it, quick! Maybe I can help you fulfil it!”

Yue Yang nodded, “You definitely can.”

He reached his bloodied hand out towards the dagger girl and pretended to be taking his last breath, “I really want to know whether your chest is really that small, I didn’t see it clearly just now! Let me touch them for a while, otherwise I will really die full of regrets!”

“You!!” The first thought that came to the dagger girl’s mind was how she could get a big hammer so that she could smash this bastard’s head to pieces, then cut the rest of his body up so that she could feed him to the dogs.

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