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LLS Chapter 377 – Special Item?

Chapter 377 – Special Item?
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After Jia De returned from beating Fu Luo up, Yue Yang was already done with ransacking the whole of An Dong’s mansion.

To be more accurate, it was the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice who did the job. An Dong was an extremely shrewd merchant, so he must have possessed more than one treasury. Yue Yang didn’t believe that An Dong would let his concubines know about the location of his treasuries if it was the only one he had. Would that be what An Dong would do? Being dubious, Yue Yang drove Jia De away and summoned the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice.

“Discovered a hidden door and large amount of gold; Discovered special items, charged items and precious ores…”

The Quintet Seeking Golden Mice moved around swiftly and found two hidden doors quickly.

Apart from the large treasury, there was another two behind these two hidden doors.

On the Grimoire, new targets appeared continuously as the mice discovered more items. The location of the small hidden door discovered in the hall was very secluded as it was behind an oil painting. The surface of the wall behind it appeared flat and smooth, and the trigger was actually the nails used to hang the oil painting. When Yue Yang pressed on the nails, it vibrated slightly as the wall caved in silently to form a space that could fit a small box, revealing the treasury within. It wasn’t spacious as it couldn’t even fit one person, but it was filled with ores that gave off a blue glow. Needless to say, those were Thunder Ores unique to the Thunder Fortress, and they were all of high quality.

Although Yue Yang had not seen them before, he knew from the Puppet Encyclopedia that the quality of the Thunder Ores weren’t correlated to their size, but to their purity. The bluer they appeared, the purer they were and the higher their quality would be.

Equipped with the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice and Heaven Eye Divine Vision, Yue Yang was able to tell their quality at one glance, although this might be the first time he saw them.

Among the ores, only two were so blue that they appeared almost transparent, these two were the best of the best.

One was akin to the shape of a pearl and was only the size of a thumb, but it was of a higher quality between the two.

The other one’s shape wasn’t that neat, but if one could bear to carve it into shape of a diamond and embed it onto their weapon, it could enhance the lightning power of their weapons. This ore would probably drive all the Rankers under the electrical elemental category crazy!

These two Thunder Ores were no longer ores, but were gems of high quality and was considered priceless!

There were also some other fist-sized ores giving off a deep blue glow.

Although they weren’t transparent, they were also of high quality. They would be one of the best items to be used in strengthening weapons or creating lightning type puppet Beast.

The remaining deep blue Thunder Ores’ quality were a little worse off. But of course, if they were to compare these deep blue ores to the normal, light blue Thunder Ores, these deep blue ones would fare far better. Even the normal light blue Thunder Ores would have made others jump in joy if they got them. If these Thunder Ores weren’t of top quality, then An Dong the rich man wouldn’t have hide them so cautiously.

Yue Yang pocketed the Thunder Ores An Dong painstakingly collected without second thoughts.

If not for his enormous bet of 50 Platinium Grimoire, An Dong wouldn’t have lost everything.

His wealth meant nothing towards Platinum Grimoires.

Moreover, the worst thing he did was to cause the death of Demon Eye’s followers, Nightmare and Tiger Nian. After losing his right-hand men, Demon Eye’s power had been diminished greatly, and if he were to lose his place in the Thunder Fortress, he would definitely not let An Dong off… Facing the Rankers’ wrath, even if An Dong was very wealthy, he wouldn’t be able to resolve the issue because it wasn’t a matter of money. Demon Eye was one of the three leaders of the Thunder Fortress, and as Chong Ni planned to advance into the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower, the next City Master could have been Demon Eye. However, now that his strongest supporters, Nightmare and Tiger Nian, were killed, coupled with the attacks from Mountain Elf and Blood River, his chances seemed to be slim now.

Demon Eye also seemed to be venting his anger on Yue Yang, the newbie Titan. His action of snatching money from An Dong was a form of testing the water.

If Yue Yang were to put up with it, Demon Eye might take that as a signal to continue.

The rioting in the mines might also be caused by Demon Eye.

But Yue Yang decided to ignore Demon Eye and the others at the moment.

They were all like elite, low-level bosses, just like Blood Raven, Corpsefire and The Countess, whose sole purpose was to provide players with equipments when they were defeated by the player.
(Shiro: All of those monsters are from Diablo 2)


Yue Yang discovered an special item in the treasury found beneath the bricks in the kitchen.

This was his greatest takeaway today as he couldn’t use his Heaven Eye Divine Vision to identify what it was.

It was a black, spherical item.

It had some design of the Heaven Runes on its surface, but no matter how Yue Yang dredge into his memory bank, he couldn’t recall what it was called. But with the tragic guy’s mother knowledge inheritance, Yue Yang felt some sense of familiarity. What is it exactly? A globe that could seal a Ranker’s soul? Just like that of that could seal the Dark Golden Specter?

Yue Yang fished out the Silver Moon Ornament given by the Silver Dragon Sisters who were War God Guards. He felt that both were similar but yet different in certain sense.

Forget about it, let’s just take it first and study it slowly in the future!

Before Jia De came in, Yue Yang kept all the gold coins, jewels and equipments from the second treasury into the Lich Ring. What made him slightly disappointed was that among all the equipments, only one was Gold-ranked while the rest were Silver-ranked and Bronze-ranked. As for the jewels that only women would adore, Yue Yang couldn’t be bothered about them, unless they were jewels like the White Dragon Pearl, Green Dragon Pearl, Vermillion Bird Pearl, White Tiger Pearl and Black Turtle Pearl.

Yue Yang didn’t count how many gold coins there were, he only knew that they could fill up two whole chests.

The gold coins were different from normal ones as all bore a unique Dwarf Rune on their surface, so it seemed that they would be even more valuable than normal gold coins.

The rest were medicinal ingredients like Gold-ranked Ivory, Rhinoceros Horns and Deer Horns, and a few precious herbs and even fewer pills. There were also weird collectibles that made Yue Yang speechless, such as the ‘Spider Eye’, ’Scorpion Tail’, ’Globin Nail’, ’Skeleton Ash’, ’Fairy Saliva’ and ‘Witch Blood’.

“Looks like An Dong must have been suffering from kidney failure, such that there are so many kidney-boosting herbs. There’s also alcohol!” Yue Yang said as he digged out a huge jug of Tiger Whip Wine.

When Jia De entered, Yue Yang was already done ransacking.

No one knew anything.

Yue Yang was contented with his loots, after all, finding the two top quality Thunder Ores and that special Sphere was a pleasant surprise to him.

The only regret was that he did not find any valuable medicinal ingredients or gems, because they were things that Yue Yang had to collect, and had to be in one set.

After completing the Prison Emperor Divine Palace for the Old Dragon Turtle and giving him the Prison Emperor Divine Staff, Yue Yang only got one Black Turtle Pearl in return. Although Jun Wu You gave him a White Dragon Pearl in return, it couldn’t replace the Green Dragon Pearl. Yue Yang was only left with the Green Dragon, White Tiger and Vermilion Bird Pearl.

“What are you going to do with the mine and the arena?” Jia De adjusted his mentality as Yue Yang’s appointed merchant.

“For the arena, feed the beasts what they are lacking in; As for the fighters, offer those who wants to leave ten gold coins, if anyone feel that it was too little, ask him to see me. It’s okay if he wishes to stay, but he will have to pass through my evaluation as i don’t want to waste my money on useless people. No one should think that they can skive under me. The same goes to An Dong’s servants, if they wish to leave, give them money, and if they want to stay, they have to be tested on their loyalty and ability.” Yue Yang was also hinting Jia De not to be too arrogant.

“Yes, of course, loyalty is important.” Jia De wasn’t worried, because he had already given his all, so his loyalty shouldn’t be an issue. As for his abilities, although he couldn’t fight, he was definitely good at business!

“I will visit the mine personally.” The Thunder Fortress was only Yue Yang’s first step in dominating the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, yet the rioters want to play with him? He had to make sure that the beasts here were aware of who the real player was! Yue Yang wasn’t going to remain as a mine owner or a slave, but he had to take small steps to defeat the ultimate demon, Chong Ni. He couldn’t pick a fight with Chong Ni instantly, so he had to fight the smaller demons first, and defeat the BOSS the last. It’d be more interesting this way.

If Yue Yang were to defeat all the big and small BOSS in the Thunder Fortress, forget about the rewards from the Warrior Guild, Yue Yang would be able to make a fortune just from the loots in the Thunder Fortress.

An Dong?

He was merely a beginning in Yue Yang’s quest of defeating demons and snatching their treasures!

There were five underground mines, and the Central Mine belonged to Chong Ni, the owner of the Thunder Fortress. It was the biggest mine of all, and it also yield the greatest amount and highest quality of Thunder Ores.

The remaining four were the Grand Eastern Mine, Western Wind Mine, Southern Sand Mine and Northern Desert Mine. Grand Eastern Mine belonged to Demon Eye, Western Wind Mine belonged to An Dong, Southern Sand Mine belonged to both Mountain Elf and Blood River, and the Northern Desert Mine belonged to the City Master of the Underground City, Ma Long the ancient Beast. The Southern Sand Mine was the biggest one after the Central Mine, and it was owned by Blood River and Mountain Elf. On comparison, Western Wind Mine was the smallest and its ore production was only a third of the others’. It was initially bidded jointly by An Dong and another Ranker called Xi Li, but all the shares went to An Dong later as Xi Li died suddenly.

“Everyone suspected that An Dong caused the death of Xi Li. He was probably secretly supported by Demon Eye and the killing as done by Nightmare, but there were no concrete evidences. This caused Xi Li’s descendants to be disadvantaged and didn’t go forward to fight for it, so An Dong got this mine easily. Mr. Titan, do you think that someone was actually supporting this riot in the dark?” Jia De said as he introduced the mines to Yue Yang. He did not mention things explicitly as he was afraid that those with sharp ears could decipher his speech.

“No big deal, it wasn’t even worth my laughter.” Yue Yang acted as if he was the most powerful man in the world.

“Yes.” What Jia De admired most about Yue Yang was his attitude. As a ranker, he could be as arrogant and aggressive as he wished, this was what that made him impressive!

The underground mine extended through several kilometres. Its entrance and densely packed tunnels were as complex as a spider’s web.

It was very dry in the tunnels as there was little water.

There were a lot of glowing ores that could be barely seen in the dark.

Only after turning into a corner did they see specially made turpentine oil torches.

Almost all of the rioters were slaves, amounting to a few thousand, while a minority were supervisors. They were led by two Beast twin brothers who possessed power akin to that of a Level Seven Overlord and possessed a giant Silver-ranked sword in their hands each. There was also an Ox-head Supervisor that had a slightly lousier equipment, a Bronze-ranked axe.

More than a hundred Beast Guards turned from supervisors to rebelling soldiers.

In addition, there were more than a hundred slaves, similarly armed with weapons and defense equipments, following closely behind their three rioting leaders.

An even larger number of slaves were hiding in the dark as they watched all these numbly. When they saw their new master, Yue Yang, coming, they were shocked and many of them shuddered.

“Among all of you, who is the Xia Pu and Xia Er Brothers?” Yue Yang already knew who they were, he was merely testing them to see how they’d respond.

“ You are?” Xia Pu, the brother with a scar across his face, stood out.

All the rioters, including him, were puzzled as to why their new master would send such a weak human over to negotiate with them.

He is at most a Level Six Elder, and his Beast is even worse. It is actually a Bronze-ranked Level Three Iron Back Demon Wolf, the power of this Beast wouldn’t even allow it to survive in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, why would he want it for? It does not seem like a pet too! The weirdest thing is that this human who came over to negotiate was wearing a Gold-ranked mask on his face. What a waste! People will probably snatch it away from him once he steps out of his house…

Who is this guy exactly?

The new master’s name seemed to be Titan, and it was said that he was able to kill Nightmare and Tiger Nian, who were Innate Rankers. Could it be that this guy was Ranker Titan’s brother, or son?

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