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LLS Chapter 375 – Transformation Skill, Clone Beast

Chapter 375 – Transformation Skill, Replica Beast
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The absurd matter of Hui Tai Lang making a contract with Grimoire had become a reality. People like Jun Wu You and the Old Fox fared better than the rest, they quickly recovered from their shock.

In any case, whatever Yue Yang’s shocking actions was, it didn’t seem strange to them anymore.

After all, that guy was way abnormal!

He was able to train himself to become an Innate at twenty years old, hence it wouldn’t be a surprise that Hui Tai Lang could make a contract with a Grimoire now. They guessed that this might only be the beginning, sooner or later, all of his other Beasts like the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen would definitely own their own Grimoires…

“What is it? Let this king see what skill this big dog has.” The Eastern Sky King was one of the rare, courageous ones who wasn’t conscious of Yue Yang. To him, even if Yue Yang was very powerful, he was still his son-in-law! Moreover, he still hadn’t settled his business with Yue Yang for stealing his only daughter from him!

“This, this is?!” The Western Sky King who squeezed himself at the side widened his eyes.

Transformation Inherent Skill: To transform under certain conditions. Current Skill Level: Level 1.

It looked like a simple skill.

But everyone knew that it wasn’t as simple as it looked… In retrospect, they saw Hui Tai Lang transformed into more than one form just now, such as growing wings, extending its body, becoming Cerberus, and it could even turn into sand and become sandstorm. All these meant that it could turn into element-type, strengthening-type, beast-type, and special-type beasts! With its transformation skill, it would have almost no weakness. Even if there was any, Hui Tai Lang could transform again and eliminate the weaknesses. This way, Hui Tai Lang’s combat power would rise indefinitely!

Everyone sucked in a gasp of breath.

Abnormal, ’Transformation’ was definitely an abnormal skill!

Upon seeing its Guardian Beast, everyone almost collapsed to the ground.

They had seen absurd things, but none to such extent.

Forget about a wolf making contract with a Grimoire, but how should the human Warriors feel about the fact that it possessed such a strong skill and Guardian Beast?

Clone Real Body: Special-type. Bronze Level One. Half-physical body. Able to replicate a clone of the real body that possessed a third of the real body’s power. Possess the same skills as that of the real body, the duration of its existence and amount of summon is correlated to its Level. Skills: ‘Clone’, ‘Real Body’.

Everyone was shocked by Hui Tai Lang’s Inherent Skill and its Guardian Beast. Honestly speaking, no one had seen such an abnormal Guardian Beast and skill.

One Hui Tai Lang was already powerful enough.

If it were to summon a clone of itself during a fight, and if the opponent wasn’t able to differentiate between the two, even an Innate would suffer an ugly defeat! This was because a Guardian Beast would never truly die, if the opponent were to realise that they had only defeated a Guardian Beast after a long fight and the real Hui Tai Lang remained unwounded, the opponent would probably vomited blood till death from the blow.

Even more terrifyingly, there might not only be one clone. If Hui Tai Lang levelled up, it would be able to summon more than one clone.

If an opponent were to be surrounded by a gang of wolf where only one of them was real while the others were clones with one third of its power, the opponent would land himself in dire straits when the fight began.


Hui Tai Lang raised its front paws to summon its Guardian Beast.

A dull golden light flashed past and then disappeared quickly.

An exact replica of Hui Tai Lang jumped into the air from Hui Tai Lang’s body.

Everyone stared at Hui Tai Lang and its exact replica, as they weren’t able to differentiate between the two because both looked almost the same as if they were twins. However, they were still able to notice one difference between the two. As the real Hui Tai Lang hadn’t moved and continued to remain in its summoning pose, its paws were still resting on the grimoire… Fortunately it maintained this posture, otherwise they would really be unable to tell them apart.

“Who are you trying to deceive!” Yue Yang shouted as he suddenly raised his leg in the air and kicked the Hui Tai Lang that was not holding its grimoire, sending it flying high in the air. Only Yue Yang with the Heaven Eyes Divine Vision would be able to see which was the real Hui Tai Lang. It feigned obedience quickly, while the ‘Hui Tai Lang’ who remained in summoning gesture disappeared after being recalled.

“…” Everyone broke out in sweat as they felt ashamed of themselves.

Who would have thought that humans, who had seen through countless ulterior motives and schemings, and regarded fighting and bleeding on the battlefield as normal, would actually be duped by a dog’s trick.

Hui Tai Lang was so cunning as it made its replica place its paws on the Grimoire while it jumped up itself.

If there was really a fight, the opponent who thought that the replica was the real one would definitely be toyed by Hui Tai Lang mercilessly. Would there be an even more cunning Beast than it? Although Shun Tian’s Beast, King, was able to personify, knew how to speak, was good at combat skill, and even had certain intellectual ability, but would it know how to use this kind of tricks to deceive people?

Although people weren’t familiar with Shun Tian’s Beast, they believed that King wouldn’t know how to use this trick, even if it was a Holy Beast.

This was the difference between a Holy Beast and a Divine Beast.

Although Hui Tai Lang wouldn’t be able to defeat King currently, but what about a decade later?

Everyone could safely say that after ranking up, Hui Tai Lang would definitely make King suffer a ugly defeat….

One wouldn’t be afraid if a Beast is strong, but would fear it if it is smart!

This saying had been around the Soaring Dragon continent ever since 5000 years ago. Until now, it was still true and never proved to be more accurate.

Although Yue Yang wasn’t on par with Shun Tian now, everyone believed that Yue Yang would be able to surpass Shun Tian, probably in just a matter of decades… The only person whom Yue Yang might experience a hard time overtaking would be Zhi Zun. When Zhi Zun became Yue Yang’s Tong Tian Tower Introducer in the past, she might have already knew his potential. It’s just that the other Warriors were unaware of it at all. The scary thing about Yue Yang wasn’t his combat power, but his potential, the amount of potential that had yet to turn into combat power. For Innate Rankers like Shun Tian and Thousand Globin Sect Leader who had almost reached their maximum potential they would definitely be jealous of Yue Yang.

Potential might not equate to combat power, but it could determine one’s future.

Yue Yang’s actions shocked the Soaring Dragon Continent completely.

Not only did he have a sister with a lot of potential, he also own a Beast contracted to a Grimoire, and it even became a Divine Beast born under the public eye… Could anyone doubt his power now? For those who were jealous of him, if they were really powerful, could they get themselves a Divine Beast and walk it along the streets?

Both the Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom held celebratory ceremony, and even the ambassador from Zi Jin admitted sourly that it was a miracle of the Soaring Dragon Continent.

“My son-in-law…” This was the Eastern Sky King’s stock phrase recently.

“You are talking about Princess Qian Qian? No, I have never heard that she was seeing Yue Yang, there’s no such thing.” Jun Wu You said that he was completely unaware when others went forward to congratulate him on being Yue Yang’s future father-in-law, he added that Princess Qian Qian was cultivating and hadn’t seen Yue Yang for a long time, if not for it she would definitely attend Yue Shuang’s Grimoire contracting ceremony.

“Undoubtedly, Hui Tai Lang is a Divine Beast. As for the question pertaining to why third young master has not contracted it, it’s useless for you to ask me because if you could understand why, you’d be him!” Lin Miao, one of the head guard of the Yue Clan indicated. Addressing the countless number of people mentioning their concerns about Hui Tai Lang rebelling had long become a pain in the ass for him.

“I want to marry big brother Yue Yang.” Princess Fei Yan of Zi Jin said. She was only six years old.

“I am friends with him.” The scholar-looking, white robed ‘San He’ from the Warrior Guild boasted, but nobody believed him.
(Shiro: The chatty white-robed guy that Yue Yang beat half to death in chapter 84)

“Yes, Yue Yang got the Puppet Encyclopedia from our ancestor, Yue Gong, and inherited his knowledge. Yue Yang then built upon the fundamentals from Yue Gong’s theories to create and develop a new puppet beast.” After the birth of the Divine Beast, Third Uncle Yue Ling announced that the Yue Clan had upgraded their Puppet Beasts and would be selling off large quantities of Bronze-ranked, Silver-ranked and even Gold-ranked Puppet Beasts. But needless to say, priorities would be given to Kingdoms.

“I’m going to save money to get one of those Gold-ranked Beast and ride it to marry my wife. Who do you think I am? I know Yue Yang and I’d beat up anyone who doesn’t believe me!” Tie Dan, a bandit leader who had forced nineteen woman to become his concubines, said as he beat his hairy chest to swear that he knew Yue Yang too.
(Shiro: Can’t remember, anyone has any idea?)

“Save those lies!” The Mercenaries broke out in laughter.

“Students, I’m glad that you all are here to attend my lessons, because you know, there has never been so many students coming to my lessons. Previously, even the few students who came were just here to sleep.” The Old Fox who had become an Innate Ranker continued to teach, and had become the most popular teacher in the world. It was a good thing for Ivy Academy because while other schools were scrambling to recruit students, they were rejecting them due to full capacity, to the disappointment of many. Luckily, the Old Fox did not set any restrictions to his lessons and even let people from other colleges in to attend, be it students or teachers. Old Fox would normally emphasize one point. ”Students, let me remind you that you shouldn’t try to imitate Yue Yang, because his success can’t be replicated! Everyone should stay grounded and continue their cultivation, because it’s impossible for everyone to become like Yue Yang. It’s really impossible! I would be happy if you guys can become people like Fatty Hai and Ye Kong. Especially for students from the Death Class, you all should know how they were like in the class in the past. Worst of the worst! But they placed in hard work afterwards… If you all don’t wish to be left behind, then you will have to cultivate patiently. There’s no shortcuts. Even Yue Yang’s achievements stem from his cultivation and the amount of effort he placed in was far greater than what you would imagine! Don’t ever become arrogant and complacent about your future… Yue Yang has already showed an obvious example to all of you, if you cultivate conscientiously, it will definitely bear you fruits of labour…”

As the Old Fox was using Yue Yang as an example to teach his students, Yue Yang bid farewell to Fourth Mother. Together with Hui Tai Lang, they proceeded to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

He had to continue cultivating.

As Fourth Mother had to take care of the baby left behind by Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng, she didn’t want to enter Yue Yang’s Grimoire World. It was also because she was afraid that she would affect his training. She decided to continue staying in the Mirage until Yue Yang was strong enough to be fearless towards all of his opponents, only then would she agree to live with him. Yue Shuang the little girl on the other hand, would be raised by the Sickly Beauty in the meantime, so that she could learn from Yue Yang and the Sickly Beauty. They could slowly find a good teacher for her in the future…

Yue Shuang was reluctant to leave her mother’s side as she cried for a long time before finally deciding to go with her brother obediently.

Due to the harsh reality of the survival of the fittest in this dog-eat-dog world, Yue Yang had to make this decision.

Only the powerful ones would be able to continue to live in this world.

Become stronger.

Be it for a child or an adult, everyone would have to become more powerful, and they must be even more powerful than their opponent!

Yue Yang brought Hui Tai Lang, who disguised itself as a Bronze-ranked Level 3 Beast, to return back to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and teleported to the underground city of the Thunder Fortress. The impatient Toad Merchant Jia De scrambled to go forth and said, “Mr. Titan, there are riots happening in your mine, please decide if you want to alert the authorities to force them to succumb or if you want to try to calm them down. As for your arena, your fighters and fighter demons are already at their limit, if you don’t wish to give them salary, please give them some food at least! “

“My mine? My arena?“ It was only until then did Yue Yang remember winning over An Dong’s entire asset, because he left hastily the other time as he was worried about Fourth Mother.

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