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LLS Chapter 374 – Divine Beast, Hui Tai Lang!

Chapter 374 – Divine Beast, Hui Tai Lang!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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What would it mean for a Beast to make contract with a Grimoire?

They would become Divine Beast!

The difference between a Holy Beast and a Divine Beast lay in the possession of a Grimoire!

For normal Rankers who reached the Innate Realm, they would train by themselves in the beginning, and then they would rely on their Holy Beasts to grow in later parts of their training, training together with their Holy Beast slowly to reach the Innate Realm. As compared to that of a Divine Beast, their progress in leveling up would be very slow… Some people could level up through their own hard work and power, but such people were extremely rare. Those who could level up to Innate without relying on their beasts were hard to find among all the Innate Rankers as there wouldn’t even be one in a hundred of them.

With the help of a Holy Beast, there might be a possibility for a Warrior to level up to Innate.

But if he had a Divine Beast, what would happen?

No one had the answer.

It was because other than Zhi Zun, no other Innates owned a Divine Beast.

At least none on the records of the Innate Alliance.

All the Warriors believed that if they owned a Divine Beast,they could be on the same level as Zhi Zun.

Even the powerful ones like Shun Tian and the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader thought so.

They felt that the greatest difference between Zhi Zun and them was the possession of a Divine Beast!

Today, Yue Yang actually told all the superiors in the whole of the Soaring Dragon Continent that he wanted to make his Beast contract a Grimoire, which means to say, he was going to cultivate a Divine Beast in front of everyone! Had they not heard it and seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe that it was true…Or had it been someone else other than Yue Yang who said it, even if the person was an Innate, they would have thought that that person was out of their mind! Making a Beast contract a Grimoire and turning it into a Divine Beast, was it even possible?

Anyone would say that it was impossible!

People had been trying all ways to do it for thousands of years but to no avail.

Only one person owned a Divine Beast, and that person was Zhi Zun… No one knew what method she used to cultivate her Divine Beast and of course, she wouldn’t tell anyone about it… The reason why people knew that Zhi Zun owned a Divine Beast was due the the attack of the Demon Abyss in the past.

Zhi Zun still wasn’t the Supreme Elder back then, and she was also not so famous.

The powerful Demon Kings of the Demon Abyss worked together to invade the Soaring Dragon Continent, breaking the rules set by the Innate Alliance .

The whole of Soaring Dragon Continent was faced with the threat of destruction. Before this invasion, the human-populated Ao Jia and Gu Feng Continent were already destroyed by the Demon Abyss. Soaring Dragon Continent, which was weaker in power, was on the brink of destruction. Innate Rankers like Shun Tian, the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Chong Ni, Black Prince and An Xi didn’t attempt to stop the Demon Kings, and even seemed to support their actions.

In the Innate Alliance, only Elder Nan Gong went forward to stop them, and even fought against the invasion by the Demon Kings, together with warriors from the Soaring Dragon Continent.

The battle was even more dangerous than the battle 3000 years ago.

If the human Warriors lost, the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent would fall and human would become slaves to the demons, or even food for them.

However, the battle didn’t take place because of Zhi Zun’s appearance… She summoned her Divine Beast and killed two of the strongest Demon Kings with ease. It shocked all the Rankers as a Divine Beast, which only appeared in myths and was rumored to possess great power, appeared in the public eye suddenly, causing the human warriors and the Demon Army to tremble with fear.

Since then, the name ‘Supreme Elder’ appeared in the world.

She was incomparably strong, and she once again established the Innate Alliance Treaty. Up till today, all the Innate Rankers had to abide by them.

Even if a fight erupted, they would also have to abide by the rules. Otherwise, Zhi Zun would kill the person who violated the rules personally… But what made the Innate Rankers heave a sigh of relief was that Zhi Zun didn’t care about anyone and didn’t restrict others’ training. She only cared about exploring higher floors of the Tong Tian Tower and searching for the legendary Heaven Realm.

Although it was a long time ago, those Rankers who knew about it was still full of respect to the Divine Beast.

The Divine Beast was a creature of another level.

Its power was unimaginable!

“Let me introduce my guard dog, Hui Tai Lang, to everyone. As you can see, its power is very limited as it was only a bronze-ranked level 3 beast.“ As Yue Yang was speaking, Hui Tai Lang nodded coordinately and use it’s own language to greet everybody in a well-practised manner. “Woof… Meow…“

Nobody understood Hui Tai Lang, but what everyone knew was that it was sensitive.

Not only was it smart, but it was ridiculously smart.

To put it bluntly, it was cunning!

Other than not knowing how to speak, it was able to conspire and scheme, and even knew how to bootlick its master.

Although it cannot turn into a person as it wasn’t a Holy Beast, it was smarter than a Holy Beast, as it even knew how to disguise itself. It was actually a powerful Demonic Wolf King who could kill normal warriors and even low level Innates, but it decided to masquerade as a Bronze-ranked level 3 Ironback Demonic Wolf… If not for its even more powerful and abnormal master, people would have to worry if Hui Tai Lang would become the terminator of the Soaring Dragon Continent, bringing about a huge mess. With Yue Yang, people started to regard Hui Tai Lang as no big deal because ‘like master like Beast’. If its master was extremely powerful, it would make sense that his dog would be somewhat strong too.

Although Hui Tai Lang was very powerful, it paled in comparison to other Beasts that Yue Yang owned.

For example, the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen which ranked up from the Spitting Thorny Flower, the Bloody Queen, which ranked up from a Golden King Beast to a Holy Beast, the one and only Tong Tian Tower Beast, and even his Guardian Beast who turned into Barbarian Cow Shadow…

The Beasts owned by Yue Yang weren’t what normal people could imagine.

As for the Reaper Mantis that fed on Dragons, it couldn’t even compare to Hui Tai Lang at present.

If not for the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice, the Platinium-ranked Reaper Mantis would be at the bottom of the list.

Those were Yue Yang’s beasts that were known to the public, those that were unknown were even stronger! Only a few people like Jun Wu You and the Old Fox knew about his domineering Diamond-ranked Little Lamia Loli, normal Warriors wouldn’t know about it … And nobody knew that the Little Lamia Loli owned a Diamond Grimoire, if not they would all faint from shock!

As the warriors in the Soaring Dragon Continent had not really seen the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Bloody Queen and Barbarian Cow’s skills, they ranked Hui Tai Lang as Yue Yang’s number one beast.

They thought that it was the most powerful of them all!

The adventurers were very enthusiastic when they discussed about Hui Tai Lang’s deeds.

They were well aware of what it would do and eat everyday.

Some busybodies would even go to the Yue Clan Castle to see how Hui Tai Lang would abuse the young elites of the Soaring Dragon Continent such as Ye Kong, Fatty Hair, Li Clan Brothers, Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo during their training… They watched as the powerful Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were defeated and left in distress by Hui Tai Lang, and similarly with Xue Tan Lang and Prince of Tian Luo. If they had not known, they wouldn’t dare to believe that the weary looking person covered in wounds on the training ground was one of the three Great Killing Stars, Xue Tan Lang! Sometimes they would even see Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha coming to the Yue Clan Castle and getting abused. They were even worse than the ‘Bronze-ranked level three’ Hui Tai Lang, as they could be deemed as vulnerable in front of Hui Tai Lang.

Forget about them, even the Old Fox who had ranked up to an Innate wasn’t a match for it.

This was the beast of the Yue Clan Third Young Master .

A beast without a contract but still remained loyal, not from a noble background but had powerful combat skills, and wasn’t groomed deliberately but turned out to be very smart. This was Hui Tai Lang.

Needless to say, nobody in this world, except for the extremely powerful Yue Yang, would own such a strong beast!

But even so, to make everyone believe that Hui Tai Lang could make contract with a Grimoire was still a little tough.

No matter how smart, cunning or powerful it was, it wouldn’t be able to match up to the standard of a Grimoire. Neither was it a Holy Beast nor could it turn into a person and talk in human language, so how could it make a contact with a Grimoire? Even if it could, would it even be able to understand what was written on the Grimoire?

Would it know how to use the Grimoire ?

It was definitely impossible because only a Holy beast, who was both smart and could turn into a person, have the right to make contract with a Grimoire .

To put it bluntly, even Shun Tian’s Guardian Beast, ‘King’, wasn’t able to make contract with a Grimoire, let alone Yue Yang’s guard dog, would it even be possible?

“Please be my witness. I’m just trying so I may not succeed. “ Yue Yang said as a Bronze Grimoire popped out from his hands.

People thought that the higher the level of the Grimoire used to make contract, the better the Guardian Beast and its potential would be.

But Yue Yang knew that it was the exact opposite.

The higher the level of the Grimoire, the harder it would be to make a contract…Also, unless it would become a Holy Grimoire like that of Yue Yang’s, the rest would just revert back to Bronze-ranked Grimoire, hence using a Gold-ranked or a Platinum-ranked Grimoire would be a waste.

Hui Tai Lang barred it claws in front of everyone.

After a long moment, there wasn’t any reaction.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief as they felt more comfortable. Luckily Hui Tai Lang wasn’t that so powerful that it would turn into a Divine Beast immediately, otherwise they might not even need to live anymore.

“Hui Tai Lang you idiotic, stupid dog, you just wasted my energy! I hold expectations of you, so can you please be more competent?“ Yue Yang was boiling with anger as he rained punches onto Hui Tai Lang, causing it to be covered in wounds. People thought that Yue Yang was vexed and had beaten Hui Tai Lang up to vent his anger, but Hui Tai Lang knew that it was a special reward from it’s master… The harder Yue Yang punched, the more the Innate Qi would enter its body and the more comfortable it would get! If it were other people, they wouldn’t even get the chance to get beaten up even if they want to!

“Woof!“ Hui Tai Lang who was sent flying more than ten metres away ran back obediently, giving off the vibe that it would show its power this time round.

“If you still can’t do it, I would kill you and use your meat to make a dog meat pot to eat!“ Yue Yang’s words caused everyone to break out in cold sweat.

Only Yue Yang would dare to say such things, if it were others, forgot about dog meat pot, there would be a higher possibility of a human meat pot… Moreover, Yue Yang didn’t even contract it but still beat it up so badly, everyone pitied the dog. Even if Yue Yang possessed other powerful Beasts, he shouldn’t abuse it like this!

People never understood why Yue Yang only liked beautiful beast, why he did not want to contract a powerful beast like Hui Tai Lang.

They could not even understand as to why Yue Yang always beat it up!

Although Hui Tai Lang might not be very strong or smart, or know how to bootlick, he shouldn’t treat it like this!

For other Beasts, if their master neglected it just a bit, it’s loyalty would drop. If the same logic was applied here, ten million Beasts would have betrayed Yue Yang long ago.

Hui Tai Lang felt the people’s sympathy and found it annoying.

It is a sign of endearment when my master was beating me up, what do you think you all doing here, is it your business?

“Swallow this down, if you can’t, then I might really have dog meat pot tonight for dinner. I’m not joking.” Yue Yang said as he stuffed a ball of something into its mouth. As he did it quickly, nobody could see what it was. But if they knew that it was the nucleus of Huang Sha, a Heaven Realm Ranker who was a Level Eight Innate, they would have vomited blood.

“Meow! “ Hui Tai Lang wolfed it down and pretended that he was a cat as it rubbed against Yue Yang’s feet.

“Scram!“ Yue Yang shouted as he kicked it a hundred metres away.

“Woof woof… “ Hui Tai Lang felt extremely pleasant. Initially the energy from the nucleus of the Level 8 Innate was causing its body to be on the brink of bursting, but Yue Yang’s kick suppressed the energy nicely, which made Hui Tai Lang felt much comfortable.

Taking note of the time limit of the suppression, Hui Tai Lang quickly ran back.

Its front paws reached for the Bronze Grimoire as it looked at Yue Yang, signalling to him that it was ready and waiting for his command.

Everyone held their breath as silence loomed over the place. Rankers of the Soaring Dragon Continent such as Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai, Eagle-eye man, Eastern Sky King, Western Sky King, Feng Xiao Yun, Xue Wen Dao and Yan Qian Zhong all balled up their fists. Feng Kuang, Eagle-eye man and Dragon Ambassador Bi Bo leaned forward so much that they almost fell as they watched eagerly to witness the important moment… Everyone could see that Yue Yang was dead serious this time. If he was not certain, he wouldn’t have brought Hui Tai Lang out to contract a Grimoire.

No one knew what he made Hui Tai Lang eat.

They only knew that Hui Tai Lang’s energy had been amplified by tens of thousand instantly.

Maybe a historic moment with the first Divine Beast making its public appearance in Soaring Dragon Continent would happen in the next second. Would Yue Yang succeed?

Yue Yang used his feet to lift Hui Tai Lang’s front paw onto the Bronze Grimoire…On the surface, it seemed like he was abusing it,but he was actually using his Innate Qi to help Hui Tai Lang, just like how he did with Yue Shuang the little girl.

Only astute people like Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai would notice the details.

They looked at each other immediately and nodded to each other.

It would be successful!

With Yue Yang’s help, the success rate of contracting the Grimoire would be almost certain.

A golden light diffused from Hui Tai Lang’s front paw, it wasn’t too bright and was even a little dark.

However, the golden light slowly spread out, and the dark golden light was reflected onto the faces of the people around. It made them look as if they were covered in a layer of golden water, which made them looked like they were golden statues.

A golden light pillar rose to the sky…

Everyone raised their head to see as they all gasped… God, that height was even taller than the little girl just now, putting all the human warriors to shame.

The dark golden light pillar fell back, causing Hui Tai Lang’s body to shake violently as large amount of smoke and flame rushed out of its mouth and nose. Its tail became transparent like a mist and then turned metal-like in texture in the next moment… Before people could respond, it became mercury-like and just as it looked as if it was melting to the ground, it became a patch of golden sand under the flabbergasted gaze of everybody.

The Bronze Grimoire became smaller gradually, and its design became completely different from that of a human Bronze Grimoire.

A pale light circled around the Bronze Grimoire.

As its pages flipped slowly, observant Warriors realised that Hui Tai Lang’s image was on it… Now, even a blind man would have known that Hui Tai Lang had successfully contracted a Grimoire!

The historical moment in the Soaring Dragon Continent had begun.

With all the warriors as witness, a Divine Beast was born in front of the public!

It was Hui Tai Lang!

A Beast who did not make a contract with its master but was groomed by its owner wholeheartedly; A Beast who let its master beat and scold it but could still be happy and contented; A Beast who was even smarter than a human; A Beast who could surpass a human contracting a Grimoire… Together with its owner, they would leave a glorious mark in mankind’s history.

Of course, Hui Tai Lang did not care about that.

After successfully contracting the Grimoire, it was so happy that it transformed into a cucumber-like long body, wiggling on the stage. Afterwards, it grew a pair of wings as it flew in the sky aimlessly. In the next moment, it grew three heads as they meowed, woofed and roared (tiger’s roar) simultaneously. It even turned into a violent sandstorm as it blew up the skirts of gorgeous ladies on purpose in an attempt to please its master, because it knew that its master would like it…

“Come down immediately, are you trying to steal my limelight? I’d punish you for being so supercilious!” Yue Yang was boiling with anger as his beast was embarrassing him by being so haughty.

“Meow!” Hui Tai Lang lowered its head as it tucked its tails like a child who just made mischief. It obediently received a series of beating and scoldings from Yue Yang.

“Hui Tai Lang didn’t do it purposefully, it was just too happy!” The Empress couldn’t hold back her sympathy for Hui Tai Lang anymore as she went forward to stop Yue Yang in his tracks, otherwise Hui Tai Lang would have to continue suffering for a long while. Hui Tai Lang also took the chance to piggy back Yue Shuang, appearing like an obedient guard dog , which finally quelled Yue Yang’s anger.

“Never mind, let me see what skill and Guardian Beast this stupid dog has!” Yue Yang said, jolting up those who were still in a daze back to their senses as they quickly crowded around him.

The Summoning Grimoire would unlock a skill of its owner and grant it a Guardian Beast.

Could it be that Hui Tai Lang also possessed it?

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