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LLS Chapter 373 – There’s another beast who wants to contract a grimoire?

Chapter 373 – There’s another beast who wants to contract a grimoire?
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The little girl Yue Shuang’s delicate hands, following Yue Yang’s instructions, reached out and rested on top of the Bronze Grimoire.

“Close your eyes and don’t think of anything… or how about thinking your favorite food? What’s your favorite food that you want your brother to make? Think about it!” Yue Yang’s encouraging speech was only made for others to hear. He lightly covered the little girl’s eyes and continuously injected Innate Qi in between her eyebrows, that was the true essence of the contract. Quite some time ago, Yue Yang had already connected Yue Shuang’s blood channels. She already had a hundred percent chance to contract a Grimoire. However, the time needed to contract a grimoire was uncertain. Moreover, a normal contract was not shocking. Yue Yang wished to make the grimoire contract ceremony a bit more impressive than the usual.

He wanted to make her little sister’s contract shock everybody.

Yua Yang had already tested many times on Xue Wu Xia’s, Princess Qian Qian’s, Luo Hua City Mistress’ and Sickly Beauty’s body. Using Innate Qi does not really count as anything for Yue Yang. If he did not fear outsiders finding out, Yue Yang had even wanted to used Nirvana Flames to purify Yue Shuang’s body!

Of course, those were needless worries…

Golden light gradually spilled out from Yue Shuang’s small hands, and it gradually grew brighter.

In the end, it was like a lake or an ocean giving off a gentle feeling. It was unlike other warriors, who gave out a biting cold and oppressive feeling during their contract. It overflowed and expanded outside just like clouds and mists.

When the golden light reached its limit, it stopped expanding and all the golden light started soaring to the skies. The light pillar was incomparably tall. It was tens of meters high… Every single warrior who saw the gigantic golden light pillar were coloured in shock. What did this golden light pillar represent? It represented a grimoire contractor’s potential. An ordinary contractor would never have a light pillar. Normally, light would flash from their bodies and soar up two three meters. This process did not even last a few seconds.

Those contractors who had obtained three meters of light was already very rare. A person who obtained a light pillar above five meters was already an extremely rare genius.

Those capable of exceeding ten meters would have a chance to join the Innate Rankers.

When someone so powerful like the Old Fox was promoted to Innate Rank, his golden light pillar had reached twenty meters high. The Ascetic Practice Saint had praised him endlessly and felt that the Old Fox would probably be promoted into a Heavenly Imperial Guardian in the future.

Today, Yue Shuang’s Grimoire Contract gave out a golden light pillar that was tens of meters high….

Although the light pillar from contracting a grimoire was not as accurate as the light pillar from leveling up into an Innate Rank, it was not really that different. If that person did not have some kind of accident in the future, then leveling up into Innate Rank would definitely not be a problem. If the light pillar from leveling up into Innate Rank was one hundred percent accurate and represented a person’s future growth, then the light pillar from contracting a grimoire defines their potential.

There was a possibility that the potential would never be realized, but there was also the possibility that it become a huge growth!

The thing called potential… having it does not necessarily mean that you would be strong in the future, but not having it means that you would be very miserable and tragic!

No matter what, this potential of the golden light pillar that was several metres high made the all warriors flabbergasted.

The time and place of contracting a grimoire would never be based on the owner’s decision.

There were some who would successfully make a contract in the day, some at night. Others would make a contract while awake, and some while they were asleep.

Generally speaking, a contractor would have a hard time seeing their own light pillar. As for outsiders, other than coincidentally seeing it or following Yue Yang’s example of inviting everyone to bear witness to it, it would be very rare for them to bear witness to other contractor’s light pillar.

If they did not see it themselves, the Rankers would not dare believe that the little girl Yue Shuang would actually have such a high potential.

“It looks like it is three times higher than mine…” The Old Fox still could not return to his senses from the shock.

“Brother Hai, I could not help but envy you. I can’t do anything about your grandson being abnormal, but it is really unfair now that your granddaughter is also this powerful.” Jun Wu You guessed that this potential most likely had a connection with Yue Yang. Yue Shuang definitely did not have this kind of frightening potential originally. Of course he would never reveal this speculation; on the contrary, he would even help Yue Yang protect this secret.

“I truly did not know.” Elder Yue Hai laughed bitterly. He also understood that Yue Yang had done something. However, he did not imagine that this brat was capable of making such a huge move.

The golden light pillar flowed back and returned to Yue Shuang, and Yue Shaung’s body shook a little.

She fell down powerlessly and fainted.

Yue Yang knew that this was the grimoire filling her head with knowledge. Her small head could not handle it, hence, as a result, she momentarily fainted. This was a self-defense mechanism of the brain. During contracting a grimoire, there were also a few people who fell into this kind of situation.

This was also proof that the grimoire was putting more information into their head, so it would become like this.

The knowledge everybody obtained was different, even if other people wanted to faint they would not have the opportunity!

After the Bronze Grimoire finished the contract, it automatically flipped pages.

Yue Yang, who was carrying Yue Shuang, bent his head and looked down. He jumped in surprise… Although she was mischievous and a bit gluttonous, this little sister still gave Yue Yang a nice big surprise. Little girl Yue Shuang was not one bit inferior to her sister Yue Bing.

She was different from Yue Bing, who had to fight through the Twelve Zodiac Temples to obtain her second Inherent Skill. Yue Shuang, this little girl, was naturally born with two Inherent Skills.

[Pearl Inherent Skill]: Gives the skill owner the ability to use pearl type treasures to summon a beast’s spirit. Current Level: Level 1.

[Sweet Sweet Inherent Skill]: When the skill owner’s stomach is hungry, there is a fixed probability to temporarily turn objects or weak beasts into a sweet dessert. If the dessert was eaten before it returns to its original form, it would create an irrecoverable loss or be eternally be digested. This Inherent Skill will become stronger as its level increased. Current Level: Level 1.

“What?!” When Yue Yang saw it, he perspired profusely. This kind of Inherent Skill truly was Yue Shuang’s style.

“Hahahahaha…” Eastern Sky King and the other’s swarmed like bees and squeezed in to look. They were first dumbstruck, but soon after they erupted in laughter. The tears in the Old Fox’s eyes even splashed out.

This was too funny. Although any kind of Inherent Skill was possible, Yue Shuang’s amusing Inherent Skill was something no one has seen before.

Of course, not a single person present dared to hold this [Sweet Sweet Inherent Skill] in contempt.

It was fine if it was an ordinary object, but if some kind of Divine Weapon was turned into a dessert by the little girl and eaten, it would really be tragic for her enemies. For beasts it was much more terrible. Those stronger than the little girl Yue Shuang might be safe, but those weaker than her could suddenly be turned into dessert and eaten. Luckily this Inherent Skill still had a lot of restrictions, otherwise it would defy the natural order! The warriors discussed spiritedly. Everyone thought highly of the [Sweet Sweet Inherent Skill] because it had already established a rule. The more restrictions an Inherent Skill has, the more useful it was.

Yue Yang’s point of view was different from everyone else. He believed that this [Sweet Sweet Inherent Skill] was not a bad Inherent Skill but, the stronger skill was the [Pearl Inherent Skill].

The Inherent Skill with more restrictions was indeed a better Inherent Skill.

However, Yue Yang still knew of something else. An Inherent Skill which looked simpler and more useless looks on the surface was actually the stronger one!

After a long while, the little girl Yue Shuang finally awakened. Yue Yang told her to flip the pages of her grimoire, and her Guardian Beast appeared in front of everybody. It was a small humanoid doll with beautiful shell as its wings. Its name was Pearl Beauty.

Pearl Beauty: Special-type beast. Humanoid Intelligent Life Form. Silver-ranked Level 1. Living entity. Everyday it would offer three Seven-colored Pearl to its owner. Skill: “Spirit Assist”.

Following Yue Shuang’s summons, the small thing appeared with a bright violet flash.

Looking at it, it was only a finger big.

Its size was similar to Thumbelina from children’s fairy tales. However, it had beautiful shells for wings. Its small body was the same as a dragonfly’s, petite and nimble. Its hands held a big piece of silver colored pearl. Furthermore, there were also three pearls of purple, blue, and gold that revolved around its body.

When this Pearl Beauty appeared, it bowed towards Yue Yang and the others, looking extremely polite and well-mannered.

Afterwards, it gracefully flew in front of Yue Shuang and gave a pearl to its owner. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, it was playing with Yue Shuang. After Yue Shuang extended her hands to receive the pearl, it flew back a bit, not allowing the little girl to touch her… Yue Shuang insisted on catching her and continued to chase her. She ran down the stage with bell-like laughter, full of joy… However, everyone looked at each other in fear, such a smart beast…

God, how far was the Pearl Beauty from becoming a Holy Beast?

Even if there was a gap, it would definitely become a Holy Beast in the future, it is already something set in stone!

Being born a Silver-ranked Beast was already shocking, but the most surprising thing was its wisdom. The Pearl Beauty was naturally smart and was a beast other could only dream about but never obtain!

Seeing that the number of Yue Clan younger generation geniuses had increased, many people couldn’t help but sigh. They were truly worthy to be called the Four Great Clans. Even a little girl from the Yue Clan was better than the other’s grandson. How long would it take for the Soaring Dragon Continent to produce a child like Yue Shuang? If it was not for the fact that there was the abnormal Yue Clan third young master above her, someone with her power might not even appear in hundreds of years.

This generation of youths in the Yue Clan was really too extreme.

One is stronger than the other!

In the past, Yue Tian and Yue Yan were part of the Ten Elite Youths and was already very strong. Then, Yue Feng had unexpectedly appeared and became the clan’s hope with his high potential. Not mentioning Yue Yang the abnormal Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, Yue Bing had appeared afterwards, showing her powers with her plant-type beasts. Using her Treant that had been powered up with poison and her combat skills, she had almost defeated Feng Qi Sha… Now, emerged another Yue Shuang who possessed two Inherent Skills. In addition, she even possessed the smart Pearl Beauty Guardian Beast and displayed a light pillar that was tens of meters tall. It would be very hard for her to not become famous in the future!

“Come my darling, come here!” Jun Wu You’s Empress’ motherly instincts was triggered as she lifted the little girl and kissed her cheeks. She faced Yue Yang and said: “Yue Yang, I am extremely fond of this little darling. How about letting her become my adopted daughter? Darling, do you want to become a princess? If this cute little body was to wear a princess’ clothes…”

“Becoming a princess is not fun!” Yue Shuang quickly shook her head.

“A princess has many delicious things and many candies, don’t you want to be one?” Before the Empress finished, Yue Shuang’s eyes shone and quickly nodded her head. It can’t be helped, candy was an unrivalled existence for her.

“…” Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai glanced at each other.

The Empress wishing to adopt a daughter was not impossible.

However, it would disorder the seniority between them!

In any case, the seniority between them were already disordered. Princess Qian Qian was Jun Wu You’s daughter, yet, she was engaged to the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. However, Jun Wu You calls Elder Yue Hai as Brother Hai! Now the Empress wanted to adopt a daughter, although it was no big deal, the seniority between them got slightly disordered again.

In any case, at this point, Jun Wu You already did not care about the seniority disordering anymore!

Seeing the empress readily take a future Innate Ranker as an adopted daughter, the women present couldn’t help but regret endlessly.

Of course, no matter how much they regret it, they couldn’t steal her from the empress. Furthermore, even if they wanted to take her, the Yue Clan Third Young Master would not necessarily agree. This little girl was his darling treasure. How could a normal person adopt her? Those who realized this raised their hands to congratulate the Yue Clan’s happiness. Yan Qian Zhong and many other big clan’s patriarchs clenched their fists and stopped themselves from thinking about the idea of tying the knot with the Yue Family.

Let it be, the small bastards in their families simply could not match up to Yue Shuang. Suggesting it would simply be an embarrassment.

It was better to be more honest and not make oneself feel unpleasant.

If the little girl Yue Shuang contracting a grimoire gave everyone such a huge shock that it required them hours to digest everything, then afterwards, the things that Yue Yang said made everyone shocked senseless.

Everybody doubted their hearing.

This included the Old Fox, Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai. However when everybody saw the shock on each other’s faces, they understood that they did not hear wrong.

“You.. What did you say?” The Eastern Sky King grabbed Yue Yang’s collar: “What are you playing with you brat?”

“Nothing, I only wish to try something.” Yue Yang smiled brilliantly like the sun. Despite everybody seeing his smile, they couldn’t help but shiver. Yue Yang swept a glance over everyone present and in the end repeated his sentence word by word with certainty: “You did not hear wrong. A while ago I said that I have a worthless beast, its strength is incredibly bad. There’s no other way, I will let it try if it could contract a grimoire, so that it can gain a bit of strength.”

Yue Yang turned around, charged down the stage and yelled: “Hui Tai Lang, you damned dog. Come quickly, this master is still busy. You actually dared to lazily sleep down there?”

When Hui Tai Lang heard him, it eagerly trotted onto the stage. Everyone was dumbfounded.

This dog? It will contract a grimoire?

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