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LLS Chapter 372 – Long Live, Big Brother!

Chapter 372 – Long Live, Big Brother!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang had wanted to leave the Tian Luo Palace with his Fourth Mother and Yue Shuang and bring them into his grimoire world. However, Fourth Mother didn’t agree with him.

“Night Empress had already said that it is very safe inside the Mirage. Even an Innate would not be able to enter easily. If I were to follow you back to the Yue Clan Castle or to your grimoire world, I will definitely disturb your training. I don’t want to disturb you, I only hope for you to do your best. Come visit me here if you have time, and when you are finally strong enough and do not need to fear your enemies, we can return back to our little house in White Stone City!”

“Alright then.” Yue Yang did not demand insistently and stayed inside the Mirage to accompany Fourth Mother for two days. In the end, he carried the little girl and return to the Yue Clan Castle.

Elder Yue Hai looked even older than before.

However, his back was obviously still very straight.

He took out the will that Fourth Uncle had written for Yue Yang and nodded, “I’m okay, when your grandmother and father left us that time, I managed to overcome the double shock of their deaths. Your Fourth Uncle’s matter won’t make shock me to my death. As long as I live, I will take care of the Yue Clan. However, when I’m gone, I would have to trouble you to look after this family!”

Jun Wu You, the old fox and the others had also come to offer their condolences. However, they didn’t say anything much, they only patted Yue Yang’s shoulders.

After reading the will, Yue Yang stayed silent for a long while.

Afterwhich, he asked the house butler to send out a notice, inviting the Four Great Clans, Three Royal Families and Four Great Sects to the Yue Clan Castle and witness Yue Shuang contracting a grimoire.

If it were another person, they would definitely snort at this. How could someone contract a Grimoire just because someone said they could?

Even though it was common for the members of the Four Great Clans to contract a grimoire, it didn’t mean that they could contract it whenever they want.

Witnessing someone contracting a grimoire, that was really the first time everyone had heard of it!

However, the one who sent this invite was none other than the most abnormal human in the world, the third young master of the Yue Clan. Hence, no one suspected that kind of possibility.

In this world, was there anything more unexpected than a twenty year old reaching the Innate Realm? The miracles that the Yue Clan Third Young Master created was also not just once or twice. The unexpected miracles that Yue Yang had done was uncountable. For example, there was a time when the Great Demon King Baruth sent a strong complaint to Elder Nan Gong from the Innate Alliance, saying that there was a young boy called Yue Yang who invaded the Demon Palace for no reason, destroying the Demon King Statue and injuring countless Demon Soldiers. He even stole a beast and killed one of their friends who was seeking protection in the Demon Abyss… The Great Demon King Baruth emphasised that the Soaring Dragon Continent Rankers should give them an explanation to such a huge breach of the Innate Alliance treaty. Otherwise, the Demon Abyss would do whatever they could to invade the Soaring Dragon Continent.

All along, it had always been the Soaring Dragon Continent warriors that complained against the Demon King. Seeing the Demon King complaining against the Soaring Dragon Continent was really a matter that happened once in a thousand years!

People didn’t know what Elder Nan Gong had said to the Great Demon King Baruth, but in the end, Baruth didn’t mention invading the Soaring Dragon Continent anymore.

Everyone only knew one thing.

And that was the Yue Clan Third Young Master had recklessly trespassed into the Demon Palace… They didn’t know if this brat had played around with the Demon Queen, Demon Concubines or seduced the Demon Princess, but how many people from the Soaring Dragon Continent could return safely after invading the Demon Palace?

Even after three hundred years had passed, there might only be one person as abnormal as the Yue Clan Third Young Master.

People might not respect their Emperor, but how could they not respect a hero? Especially a hero who could step into the Demon Palace, which was an unattainable place for most humans! Whoever it was who was jealous and wanted to find mistakes on Yue Clan Third Young Master, wanting to use this chance to boast about how awesome they were, everyone would quickly interrupt them with a sentence, “Why don’t you try going to the Demon Palace yourself?”

Furthermore, Yue Yang was an Innate Ranker. His potential was limitless, and Zhi Zun was even his Introducer.

Even if Yue Yang didn’t send out invitations to invite honored guests all over the world, they would also want to take the advantage and visit to build a good relationship with the abnormal boy. Once they had established a good relationship, everything would definitely be of no problem.

The two Eastern and Western Sky Kings of Tian Luo, Old General Ma and Hua Xu Ri’s ambassador; Feng Xiao Yun, Feng Kuang, Feng Qi Sha from the Feng Clan; Xue Wen Dao from the Xue Clan; Yan Qian Zhong and Yan Po Jun from the Yan Clan; White Stone City Master, Master Golden Blade, Eagle-eyed man, princes of the Da Xia Kingdom… Zi Jin Kingdom ambassadors, elders from the Lion Pagoda, Elder Ku Ming from the Floating Mist Sect, Dragon Ambassador Pi Po from the Water Crystal Palace and Han Xing Swordmaster from the Moon Fairy Pavilion…

Those who came, some were members of great clans, great sects, great royal families, or even city masters that Yue Yang had not invited.

They came without invitation, looking-like they were being polite, when in reality, they were trying to build a closer relationship with the Yue Clan and introduce themselves to the upper class of elite experts circle.

For example, Fatty Hai’s Hai Clan and Ye Kong’s Ye Clan, who were noname Clans that others always look down upon previously, as one of their clan members had a good relationship with Yue Yang, they had also now risen in ranks. They had even received the warm welcome of other smaller clans.

A lot of Rankers brought along their own children.

Of course, they did not expect that Yue Yang would take a liking to their son and betroth Yue Shuang to their son. No one would dare to think this way, because it seemed like if their son wasn’t an Innate, they wouldn’t even be compatible!

Their real motive was to let Yue Yang see if their son had any potential and also for Yue Yang to provide him some guidance which would benefit their son for life.

One had to know that the most abnormal thing about Yue Yang wasn’t his own ability cultivate, but to discover talent.

Useless people like Ye Kong and Fatty Hai and ordinary adventurers like the Li Brothers who would have never stood out in the crowd previously, became brilliant geniuses in just a matter of few months under Yue Yang’s guidance. They could even be considered to be of the same level as Xue Tan Lang, Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha who were groomed under the four major clans. With regards to Plant-type Beasts which was regarded to be the worst beast of all, especially Thorny Flower which was said to be the worst of the worst and could only be used in school as teaching material…. Under Yue Yang’s care, he had actually nurtured a Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen that could kill the Blood Prison Demon King in legends.

This was the most awesome part of Yue Yang, who could make others around him as awesome and powerful as he already was!

There were a lot of guests, but except for the powerful ones, Elder Yue Hai normally wouldn’t go out to welcome them.

Yue Yang was even lazier to move.

He was an Innate, therefore he had this privilege…. If he were to go out and welcome everyone,wouldn’t he just scare off all the guest? Would there be anyone who dare to enter?

The busy Second Uncle Yue Ling, who was the substitute clan master, was very good with public relations and banquet issues. After going through several family issues, he had become more open-minded and less arrogant, he would even greet those from small clans and families passionately, building up the Yue Clan’s reputation amongst the people.

Yue Tian and Yue Yan who lost their power also became more tamed as they decided wholeheartedly to start from the bottom again.

They also went forward to entertain the guests despite past disagreements.

They probably wouldn’t think of becoming an Innate as they know that it would be impossible, but they hoped that they could at least become a Level Seven Overlord or Level Eight Emperor while they were still alive, this was their dream… Of course this was their ideal previously too.

Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha came to visit Yue Yang especially, and had wanted to pay respect to him like how they would to their father, but Yue Yang was magnanimous enough to help them up and spoke with them, seemingly providing guidance, making the duo very touched. As parents, Yan Qian Zhong and Feng Xiao Yun were also moved to tears. There was a saying that went, ”It isn’t scary to compare between goods, but it’s scary to compare between people.”

They were all part of the Three Great Killing Stars, but Xue Tan Lang had already surpassed them to become the most powerful among the trio. Forget about being a Level Seven Overlord or Level Eight Emperor, Xue Tan Lang would become an Innate sooner or later… As for Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha, even those losers like Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Li Brothers had surpassed them, how could they not be anxious? It was still alright for Feng Xiao Yun, because although the Feng family wasn’t as close to the Yue family than the Xue family, their relationship was still alright. Also, the Thousand Dried Bones General, Feng Kuang, was a close friend of Yue Yang despite the difference in their ages… However, the situation looked bleak for Yan Qian Zhong as the Yan Clan was at loggerheads with the Yue Clan. They had tried all means to take them down, and the worse thing was that Yan Po Jun had misunderstandings with Yue Yang previously. Hence, this was causing much of a headache to the Yan Clan.

“The entire Yan Clan will always remember your kindness today.” Seeing that Yue Yang didn’t mind the past anymore, Yan Qian Zhong proclaimed his gratefulness sincerely, so much that he almost called Yue Yang his master.

“Po Jun is endowed with superb skills and is considered to be a rare talent, he definitely could become an Innate in the future. So uncle, you don’t have to worry too much. If he faces any obstructions, I will try my best to help him become an Innate. Seniors, please rest while I speak with brother Po Jun and Qi Sha.” Feng Qi Sha was still alright, but Yue Yang didn’t want to guide Yan Po Jun at first as he was quite rude in the past.

But after Fourth Uncle’s incident , Yue Yang had matured a lot.

In any case, no matter how Yan Po Jun trained, he was destined to achieve little success. Yue Yang estimated that if Yan Po Jun was very lucky and reached his maximum potential, he could become a Level Five Innate, if not, he would reach around Innate Level Three.

With this kind of capacity, Yue Yang could still kill Yan Po Jun easily, therefore Yue Yang didn’t consider him to be a threat.

After a few decades when Yan Po Jun finally became an Innate, Yue Yang would have already went to the Heaven Realm to fight against the Heaven Realm Great Leaders Ming Yue Guang, Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao.

After a few hundred years when Yan Po Jun finally became a Level Five Innate, Yue Yang estimated that he would have already dominated the entire Heaven Realm. If things proceeded this way, why did he still have to be concerned about Yan Po Jun? It would be better for Yue Yang to pay him a little favour so that Yan Po Jun can help him guard the Soaring Dragon Continent. After all, it is better to make a friend than an enemy. If he were to be tempted into joining the Demon Abyss or other foreign Innates, he might even cause trouble in the future. If that would be the case, wouldn’t it be better for him to control Yan Po Jun so that Yan Po Jun will work for him?

As the four major clans are the foundations of Da Xia Kingdom, they had to be preserved.

Right now, due to Yue Yang’s appearance, the Four Great Clans had united. It was a golden time for the Soaring Dragon Continent. However, once the Soaring Dragon Continent combined forces and grew stronger, the Demon Abyss would definitely not stand still and watch. If those old fellows die, there had to be some juniors like Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha to replace them. Otherwise, Yue Yang wouldn’t be at ease even if he goes to the Heaven Realm.

“Brother Po Jun and Qi Sha, please follow me here.” After Yue Yang talked to the duo for one hour, they felt that they finally saw the light.

They almost did not break their fingers to express the sense of gratitude they felt towards Yue Yang.

As Fourth Mother did not come to attend the ceremony, Yue Yang made a special trip to see her.

Fourth Mother was touched by Yue Yang’s gesture, but at the same time also felt that he was playing around. Yue Shuang was still so young, what would she know?

It would be best if Yue Shuang did not get scared by the large crowd of warriors and cry in front of them!

Fourth Mother’s worries did not come true as Yue Shuang weren’t afraid of all those so called powerful and famous people. She had even sat on the lap of the Da Xia Emperor Jun Wu You and pulled the beard of the Innate Old Fox. As for Yue Yang, he had no choice but to carry her on his neck all the time, acting as her white horse.

After choosing an auspicious time, under the gaze of thousands of Rankers in the Soaring Dragon Continent, Yue Yang held his sister’s hand as they walked out from the hall. Together with Jun Wu You, Old Fox and Elder Yue Hai, they proceeded towards the plaza which could accommodate tens of thousands of people, and onto the platform in the centre.

Yue Shuang wasn’t scared at all as she held the candied fruits especially marinated by Yue Yang.

When the audience cheered loudly, she would bite the candied fruit and waved to the crowd like how the emperor, Jun Wu You, did.

“I am very happy to see everyone here attending my eighth sister’s Grimoire contracting ceremony. Fourth Uncle has passed on, leaving my two sisters behind. I am not talented, so I am afraid that I would fail my Fourth Uncle’s wishes. Hence, I hereby promise that i will protect my sisters and bring them up on behalf of my father. I don’t hope for them to achieve great success, but just for them to live happily and healthily everyday. I also wish for all the sisters in the world to have a brother to protect them, and also for them to be happy!” Yue Yang said as he wiped away the crumbs around Yue Shuang’s mouth and then planted a kiss on her pristine forehead.

“I’ll kiss you too! Long live, big brother!” Yue Shuang kissed her brother lovingly. She even kisser him the second time because she felt that once wasn’t enough..

Under the arena, it was met with thunderous applause.

Many of the older generations were welling with tears when they saw this touching scene.

Especially the Fifth Elder, who was wiping away his tears discreetly.

Yue Yang brought Yue Shuang who was all smiles to the centre of the arena, and then took out the Bronze Grimoire that he had already taken since long time ago from the Lich Ring.

The Grimoire contracting ceremony had just begun…

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