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LLS Chapter 371 – Fourth Uncle Passed Away, Handing Down The Responsibility

Chapter 371 – Fourth Uncle Passed Away, Handing Down The Responsibility
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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As Yue Yang wanted to return back to the Soaring Dragon Continent, he teleported straight to Tian Luo’s palace after he stepped out of the Tong Tian Tower.

Initially some Warriors from the Warrior Guild saw that Yue Yang was coming down from the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and wanted to host a welcome ceremony as a pretext of digging information about the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower from him.

Yue Yang didn’t have time to bother about them as he took their name cards and hastily
walked off after telling them that he was in a hurry.

The Warriors saw Yue Yang off respectfully.

Although they didn’t know Yue Yang personally, everyone in the Soaring Dragon Continent would have heard of the famous Yue Titan who was the third young master of the Yue Clan. If one didn’t know about him, then he must be a mute and blindman.

Attacking the Yue Clan Castle twice, killing Innate Rankers thrice, following the Eastern Goblin Tribe to invade the Demon Palace, defeating the Seven Great Bears, fighting Shun Tian, killing his fake father… All his heroic deeds were circulated widely among the Mercenaries and Warriors, and were even recorded into the annals. In educational institutions, Yue Yang’s fights had even been used as classic examples by the teachers. His summoning, trainings, Beasts, skills and everything else served as a model for Warriors around the world to follow. Those weak Plant-type Beasts and tragic Special-type Beasts with useless skills all managed to improve their reputations under Yue Yang’s influence.

The lousiest combat skills in the world such as the Crushing Stone Hammer and the Steel Chopping techniques, where even the Mercenaries disdained to train, all had their status upgraded.

This was all due to Yue Yang’s words.

There was one time where a student from the Death Class of Ivy Academy went to the Yue Clan Castle to visit Yue Yang. He asked, ”What kind of combat skill is the best?”

Yue Yang’s answer then was, ”The best combat skill is the combat skill that can defeat the opponent. Prince Zi Jin’s ‘Great Desert Storm’ may not be stronger than ‘Steel Chopping’, the Thunder King’s ‘Thunder Hammer technique’ may not be better than the’ Crushing Stone Hammer technique’… The combat skills are fixed, the more important thing is to see how one can use them flexibly. Which is more powerful, Steel Chopping used by an Innate or Great Desert Storm used by a Braveman? There is no lousy combat skills, but rather, lousy Warriors; similarly, there is no lousy Beast, but lousy masters… With enough hard work and effort, even those who trained with Steel Chopping or Warriors that have contract with poor Beasts can become Elders, if not even higher.”

Yue Yang said this to motivate the student.

He was afraid that the elites in the Death Class would be too ambitious and anxious in achieving success, hence he said those harsh words.

His words were spread around unexpectedly by the students in the Death Class, and not only the Ivy Academy, but the rest of the institutions around the Soaring Dragon Continent also used his words to educate their students.

The elites in the Death Class already had some kind of foundation, coupled with great teachers like the Old Fox, Eagle-eyed man and Grandma Wu Teng, they would definitely become people worthy of respect in the future. If there were no accidents, they would at least become Level Six Elders.

Therefore, Yue Yang could confidently say that if they work hard enough, they would definitely become Elders.

However, using the same theory on others may not yield similar results.

For those with little potential, if they were to learn Steel Chopping or contract a Beast with poor skills, then their future might be bleak… They would be useless unless they worked a thousand times harder than others, like that of a Ascetic Practice Saint cultivating for decades, in order to change their fate.

It would be impossible for a situation where everyone becomes an Elder, but Yue Yang’s words and actions changed a lot of bad practises in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

At least when contracting a Beast, people wouldn’t just go for the popular choices like the Bird-type or Animal-type Beasts.

When the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen reappeared in the world under Yue Yang’s care and defeated the almost invincible King of Black Light; When Yue Bing’s Treant shone on the stage of the Hundred Schools Elite Tournament, warriors of the Soaring Dragon Continent did not dare to belittle Plant-type Beasts anymore. Through the Yue siblings, people not only saw the fact that Plant-type Beasts weren’t weak, they also saw that they were far stronger than the Bird-type and Animal-type Beasts.

It was similarly the case for Insect-type Beast. When the Reaper Mantis that killed the Giant Dragon, it proved to people how strong Insect-type Beasts could be.

As Yue Yang didn’t go out often, he was unaware of how famous he was in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

It could be said that even the fame of the three great kings such as Jun Wu You, were less famous compared to that of Yue Yang’s. Some may not know who the kings of other countries were, but almost everyone was aware who the third young master of the Yue Clan was.

Yue Yang, a twenty year old Innate Ranker, the incredible third young master of the Yue Clan, encouraged a lot of people tremendously, especially the young ones.

The example set by the third young master of the Yue Clan conveyed a fact to people. If you are willing to work hard, nothing is impossible!

Hence, even if Yue Yang wished to, it would be hard for him to be not famous.

After teleporting to the Palace, Yue Yang revealed to the palace guard that he was the third young master of the Yue Clan and requested for the Tian Luo Emperor to allow him into the Mirage to meet Fourth Mother.The guards were boiling with excitement.


After being stunned initially, everyone stood upright in respect as a general led his guards to salute Yue Yang.

If not for Yue Yang , the Eastern and Western Sky King, and various other Rankers in Tian Luo wouldn’t be able to make it back from the Ancient Passage. Forget about him saving Old General Ma Xing Kong and his 3000 soldiers or rescuing the Hundred Schools Elite students on the Champion Island, and further ignoring the fact that he saw through the motives of Zi Jin Kingdom, Green Summit Sect and Lion Pagoda Sect, the very fact that he was the fiancé of the Luo Hua City Mistress was enough to earn him their respect.

Luo Hua City Mistress was Tian Luo Kingdom’s pride. If it was not that she wasn’t interested in succeeding the throne, she would have been the next empress.

What made the people of Tian Luo most proud of was that the Luo Hua City Mistress had already levelled up to become an Innate.

This was announced officially by Night Empress, one of their Heavenly Imperial Guardians. These were her original words, “Children of Tian Luo, I have a good news for you. Today, we have with us here an Innate Ranker who is qualified to join us as part of the Heavenly Imperial Guardian. Our Luo Hua here has levelled up to become a Innate Ranker through her own hard work and also support from her fiancé who is the third young master of the Yue Clan. She is the second youngest Innate in the history of the Soaring Dragon Continent… “

The third day where the announcement was made became the most widely celebrated National Day of Tian Luo.

Although she was not as abnormal as Yue Yang, as a female, Luo Hua City Mistress had surpassed many other powerful people and levelled up to become an Innate. This kind of outstanding natural talent was definitely one in a million!

How many powerful people were there in the whole of Soaring Dragon Continent?

And how many warriors could only watch the Innates and sigh?


They might be dominant in certain areas, have shocking talents, or had been training for hundreds of years, but they were still unable to become an Innate as they turned from young teenagers to an elderly with white hair.

Although Luo Hua City Mistress wasn’t as powerful as the third young master of the Yue Clan, but for a young woman to soar to such great heights of becoming an Innate was definitely a miracle in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

The Tian Luo Emperor, Hua Xu Ri, didn’t meet Yue Yang but arranged for him to go to the imperial garden to wait as he sent Forth Mother and Yue Shuang there from the Mirage… Yue Yang didn’t understand, why did Hua Xu Ri not want to meet him? On the other hand, Jun Wu You that old guy kept asking to see him. Both of them were emperors, why was there such a big difference? Could it be that Hua Xu Ri have something to hide from him?

People thought that Yue Yang’s skill was the Camouflage Inherent Skill, which allowed him to find out the secrets of people around him in a certain distance.

Yue Yang seriously suspected that Hua Xu Ri was actually a female, because when he accidentally went into the Night Empress’ Mirage previously, he felt that something was a little wrong. Unfortunately, he didn’t pay further attention, and after that he didn’t get any more chance to see the low key emperor, Hua Xu Ri, directly.

Hearing footsteps, Yue Yang stopped his overthinking.

He turned and raised his eyes up to see.

Fourth Mother was clad in plain white as she held the little girl Yue Shuang and walked towards Yue Yang.

Upon seeing Yue Yang, Yue Shuang pouted her mouth and was on the verge of tears. She then ran into Yue Yang’s embrace crying and started weeping sorrowfully.

“Don’t cry, my darling, don’t cry!” Yue Yang comforted her.

“San-er, my San-er has grown up… “ Fourth Mother said as she stared at Yue Yang for a long time with tears in her eyes. She bit her red lips to stop her tears from rolling down in front of Yue Yang. It was only then did Yue Yang notice that Fourth Mother was wearing a white mourning clothes. With shock, he asked, “Fourth Mother, what happened? “
(Want2eat : Fourth Mother is called Fourth Mother because she is the wife of the fourth son in the family. Yue Yang is actually called ‘san’ which means number three here because he is the third oldest son in the family. People add ‘er’ when addressing a person as a form of endearment.)

“Your Fourth Uncle has passed away! “Fourth Mother closed her eyes as tears rolled down her pristine skin.

“What? “ Yue Yang was shocked upon hearing the news. Although Fourth Uncle might not get well after eating his special made drugs, the toxin in his body wouldn’t worsen. How could this happen… Could it be that the toxin in Fourth Uncle’s body changed after he went to the Prison Emperor Divine Palace? Or could it be that the drug he made under Qilin girl’s guidance wasn’t effective? But if Fourth Uncle’s condition worsened after he went to the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, why didn’t anyone inform him? Initially Yue Yang had wanted to find the best ingredient in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower and make the Ground Lotus Antitoxin Pill mentioned by Qilin Girl, but it was all too late now that Fourth Uncle was gone.

“San-er, don’t think too much into it. Your Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng gave up willingly, it wasn’t your fault.“ Fourth Mother was afraid that Yue Yang would start his wild guessing and feel guilty, hence she embraced him lightly and told him what happened. “When you were in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, there were two Innates who brought your Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng here, threatening to kill them and Miss Feng’s baby if we don’t tell them the method of ascending the Heaven Stairway. The Heavenly Imperial Guardians from Da Xia and Tian Luo kingdom came to rescue them but to no avail because the duo were too strong. “

“Are they called Shun Tian and Thousand Goblin’s Sect Leader? “ Yue Yang asked as he felt that only those two were powerful enough to fight against the Heavenly Imperial Guardians from the two kingdoms.

“No, I heard that they were followers of the Dark Prison King, who was the Prison Emperor Divine General 6000 years ago. Only the Night Empress and Zhi Zun can fight him, but they could not return on time. I don’t know much about the method of ascending to the Heaven Realm, but I do know that my sister once carved it onto a stone in the Valley of Butterflies… So I told them this secret in exchange for the wellness of your Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng. However, your Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng refused to give in to the Innate duo. Miss Feng had even cut open her own stomach to give birth to her daughter and passed away. Your Fourth Uncle then followed her shortly after… San-er, San-er, it’s only us now, you Fourth Uncle is never coming back, he won’t come back anymore!” Fourth Mother embraced Yue Yang as she wept sorrowfully, her tears running down endlessly, causing Yue Yang’s shoulders to become wet from the tears.

“Fourth Mother… “ Yue Yang felt extremely guilty as he didn’t do his best in rescuing Fourth Uncle.

He always thought that there would still be time, especially because it was a slow-effect poison.

Although the situation looked bleak, with the Qilin Girl’s teaching that improved his drug making skills, Yue Yang thought he would be able to cure Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng slowly after he found the best ingredient. He thought that he would first settle his own business, strengthening his power before levelling up his drug making skills. He didn’t expect that Fourth Uncle, who treated him like he was his own son, couldn’t wait for him and passed away so quickly. Although Yue Yang was someone from another world, he felt thankful towards Fourth Uncle for bringing him up.

If Fourth Uncle hadn’t gone out to buy the Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill for the tragic guy, he wouldn’t have gotten poisoned.

Even after the incident, as a stepfather, Fourth Uncle never made any request towards Yue Yang who was successful. He even rejected Yue Yang’s advances to help and didn’t allow Yue Yang to stay by his side, as he was afraid that he would affect his son’s promising future.

The silkworms of spring will weave until they die, and every night the candles will weep their wicks away.
(Shiro: Poem by Li Shang Yin, translation taken from http://www.ebridge.cn/new/languages/lan.php?sno=458)

This quote flashed past Yue Yang’s thoughts.

Although Li Shang Yin’s poem was used to describe how undying his romantic love was, it could also be used on kinship.
(Want2eat: Li Shang Yin was a poet in ancient China.)

Fourth Uncle was a filial son, a dutiful husband and also a loving father… be it towards the tragic guy in the past or the Yue Yang now, even though he didn’t know that his stepson then and now was two different people.

“Fourth Mother, I will avenge the death of Fourth Uncle and Miss Feng, I will definitely behead the Prison Emperor Divine General and his followers!” Yue Yang was flaming angry. Initially, he didn’t want to provoke the Prison Emperor Divine General, but since he finds trouble with him, Yue Yang would definitely make him toast no matter how powerful he might be!

“Silly San-er, both your Fourth Uncle and I only wish for you to live in peace, not in vengeance…. You are the only man in our family now and you’ll have to bring up your sisters, if anything happens to you, how do you expect us to live on? And how would I be able to account to my sister? Promise me that you won’t take revenge, or your Fourth Uncle won’t rest in peace. In his last will, he even warned you repeatedly not to seek revenge. San-er, will you listen to me once?“ Contrary to Yue Yang, Fourth Mother didn’t want him to take revenge. Although she was in grief, she was still realistic enough to realise that it would be extremely tough for Yue Yang to kill the Innate duo. Even the Heavenly Imperial Guardians couldn’t fight against them. Therefore, she’d rather not take revenge and chose to deal with the pain herself so that Yue Yang and Yue Shuang can live safely…. At least for now.

“Don’t cry, Fourth Mother. I’ll listen to you, okay?“ Yue Yang agreed on the surface, but he was still burning with anger underneath.

Fourth Mother finally stopped crying after a while.

Tired from crying, Yue Shuang fell asleep in Yue Yang’s embrace. Streaks of tears still hung on her face, wrenching Yue Yang’s heart.

If he had been more persistent, she might not have lost her father…

Initially Fourth Uncle was like an NPC to Yue Yang, but now the pain Yue Yang felt for his death was akin to that of the passing of a loved one. When he saw Fourth Mother crying hysterically and Yue Shuang weeping, Yue Yang could no longer maintain his composure as just a guy from anther world.

Yue Yang felt that in Soaring Dragon Continent, the small house in White Stone City was like his second home.

Although he was from another world, the people surrounding him were like family to him .

He didn’t want the incident that happened on Fourth Uncle to occur again… The responsibility of protecting Fourth Mother, Yue Shuang and Yue Bing had now become his, it was his responsibility as a man… Yue Yang suddenly felt that he had grown up, he felt that the responsibilities left by his Fourth Uncle had suddenly been transferred over to his shoulders.

He had the same realization last time. But it was only until Fourth Uncle’s passing, leaving him the only man in the fourth branch, did he realise what responsibility really means.

His mentality was changing rapidly.

This incident caused Yue Yang to make a profound realization that he had never known before.

He felt that he grew up instantly… He really did mature this time! It was only now that he could call himself a real man!

Although there wasn’t any observable difference on the outside, Yue Yang’s mindset changed drastically, allowing him to make a breakthrough in his mentality.

His mental state had also risen to a whole new level…

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