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LLS Chapter 370 – Because I am a Father

Chapter 370 – Because I am a Father
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Whether it was five books or fifty books, An Dong could not pay for it.

In reality, he did not even have a single one.

Normal people simply could not possess Platinum Grimoires. Let alone normal warriors, even those who had contract with Grimoires do not necessarily possess a Platinum Grimoire… Furthermore, even if someone had one, would they even be willing to part with it? Moreover who would be able to give it? Acquiring a Platinum Grimoire was not completely impossible. If someone was like Yue Yang killing others and taking their treasures, then it was definitely possible… but obviously, An Dong does not have this kind of ability!

Those who have the ability to possess Platinum Grimoires were all Innate Rankers.

Thinking about taking their grimoires is no different from throwing away one’s life!

The mysterious man wearing a wide-brimmed hat stood up and courteously nodded at Jia De: “Mr. Jia De, if you do not mind, please allow me to recover the loss. After all, I am also Mr. An Dong’s creditor. Just like a while ago, Mr. Titan helped me win two million gold. Even though it will not be possible for me to help Mr. Titan take back fifty Platinum Grimoires, I still believe that we will be able to give him the biggest compensation. If you do not mind, please bring Mr. Titan to An Dong’s mansion to rest for a while… no, that mansion now belongs to Mr. Titan.”

“Of course, Mr. Chen. In the entire Tong Tian Tower no one could doubt your unconditional fairness.” The Fat Toad, Jia De, respectfully handed over the mortgage over.

Facing the boy wearing a wide-brimmed hat, Jia De actually chose to put his trust on him without a single bit of hesitation.

The mysterious man named Mr. Chen, whose face couldn’t be seen clearly due to his wide-brimmed hat, continued to smile: “I will most likely need three hours. I ask Mr. Jia De and Mr. Titan to patiently wait. In the next meeting, I hope to discuss with Mr. Titan about the business of the Ore Mine. I believe that at that time, he would have already become the new owner of the Ore Mine…”

Jia De bowed a second time: “Thank you very much Mr. Chen. With your help, all our problems are easily solved.”

The mysterious Mr. Chen did not even look at the fainted fatty An Dong and confidently shrugged his shoulder: “I am very grateful to Mr. Titan in making me Mr. An Dong’s second biggest creditor. In fact doing this much only requires me to lift a single finger.”

Yue Yang immediately grabbed back the five Platinum Grimoires.

Other matters were all left to the mysterious Mr. Chen to handle.

In Fatty An Dong’s spacious and majestic mansion, he ate a satisfactorily meal and rested for a while. Soon, the mysterious Mr. Chen and a serious-looking elder, as well as a fully smiling merchant entered. Outside the gate, a group of people not less than a hundred also knelt outside close together.

The Fat Toad, Jia De, now acted as if he was Yue Yang’s spokesperson. On one hand he welcomed the others and on the other he commanded An Dong’s former beautiful maid to pour wine for the guests.

“No need to be polite.” The mysterious Mr. Chen sat in front of Yue Yang. His voice was clear as spring water, sweet sounding and pleasant to hear: “Mr. Titan, first, I would like to show you my thanks. First is because you helped me earn a bit of money, but I am more grateful for the second reason, and that is that you are willing to trust me.”

“You are someone worthy of trust, of course I would feel assured.” Yue Yang replied.

“No matter who, believing a stranger in the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower is hard, especially someone from the Thunder Fortress.” The mysterious Mr. Chen’s mouth exposed a smile: “I always get right to the point and directly say what I think. In fact, I’m the same as An Dong, I came from the Qi Lan Continent. I normally do not stay at the Tong Tian Tower’s sixth floor, and even less at the Thunder Fortress. However, in this period of time, I had no choice but to come back repeatedly. I do not lack money, just like you, we are not people lacking in money. However, because of a certain reason, the Qi Lan Continent needs Thunder Ores… These Thunder Ores are very important to the Qi Lan Continent. Unfortunately, in order to earn money, An Dong was never willing to sell these Thunder Ores to his home, the Qi Lan Continent. In this period of time, I continuously wanted to acquire An Dong’s cave and continuously had no ability to fulfil this wish. Until you, Mr. Titan, appeared.”

“Is that so? Looks like I have done a good deed.” Yue Yang indifferently smiled.

“An Dong was very rich and also very crafty. Whether it was the Thunder Fortress or the Qi Lan Continent, there would always be a huge demand for Thunder Ores… However, he had miscalculated. He did not know my determination in obtaining Thunder Ores nor could he see through your strength. His stupidity and self confidence will one day get him cut to thousand pieces by the Demon Eye, because Nightmare and Tiger Nian that he had invited fell dead in front of you. A weakening in terms of their overall power is like an attack towards the Thunder Fortress, and more so towards the Demon Eye. An Dong absolutely could not bear this responsibility. Enough, let us not care about a person who is about to die, let us talk about something else!” The mysterious man wearing a wide-brimmed hat, Mr. Chen, raised his head. His pretty face and eagle-like eyes shone from under the shadow of his wide-brimmed hat, looking towards Yue Yang, “Mr. Titan, if you agree to sell Thunder Ores to the Qi Lan Continent then, other than obtaining twice the market value, you will also obtain the true friendship of the warriors in the Qi Lan Continent.”

“Precisely as you said, I do not lack money. Maybe we could use something else for our deal.” Yue Yang placed a magic crystal on the table.

It was a piece of Gold-ranked Level 5 Green-spotted Wyvern Crystal, Yue Yang’s previous spoil of war.

Regardless of it being a high level magic crystal, Dragon Crystals were still treasures. Yue Yang would never say that he had enough, he only felt that the more he had the better.

Other than being used for his own beasts, his sisters Yue Bing, Yue Shuang, Yue Yu, and even Yi Nan all needed great amounts of magic crystals to level up their beasts.

Moreover, there was also Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers. Those people all needed a lot of magic crystals, there won’t be enough no matter how many he had. And finally there was the insatiable Hui Tai Lang who ate magic crystals like eating rice. That fellow, if an entire storehouse of magic crystals was given to it, it would still be able to finish them in no time at all. As a World Exterminating Demon Wolf, it would level up differently from other beasts. It did not seem to be walking the path of a humanoid Holy Beast, instead, it continued to be in wolf form while having the strength of a Holy Beast. It can even be said that it had now become stronger and smarter than a Holy Beast… Its only weakness was that it needed countless magic crystals!

The only good thing was that Hui Tai Lang was not a picky eater like the Bloody Queen Red.

As for Xiao Wen Li, she simply held these kinds of things in contempt. And he simply did not know how to raise this Little Loli Lamia properly.

“Although magic crystals are also in demand, it is not as scarce as Thunder Ores. I will agree to this condition. There are no problems using magic crystals in exchange.” Mr. Chen muttered and nodded to agree with Yue Yang’s request.

“Do you guys have Lustrous Branches, Everlasting Leaves, Fairy Light Bamboos, Helix Woods and Wisdom Fruits, all these precious items?” Yue Yang once again added a condition: “If Mr. Chen has a way to get them, I will buy them for ten times the price.”

“Ten times?” When Jia De heard this, he was shocked.

When he heard Yue Yang talk about Lustrous Branches, Everlasting Leaves and Wisdom Fruits, these treasures, he wanted to remind Yue Yang that no one would sell these things.

Gold can buy a lot of things but these treasures could not be bought with money.

Those who were able to climb up to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower were all experts. They were all the different Continent’s Super Elites.

Everybody needed Wisdom Fruits, those were required for beasts to evolve into Holy Beasts. Additionally the demand for Wisdom Fruits would also never go down. But towards Yue Yang’s offer of ten times the price, Jia De still felt extremely shocked… Those things were originally expensive, by increasing the price ten times many people would be tempted, at the very least the merchant in him was thoroughly tempted.

Ten times was absolutely a fatal temptation.

However Mr. Chen shook his head: “Mr. Titan, we do possess a few of these treasures. However, because our younger generations also need them, we could only apologize. Your price is very sincere, but Wisdom Fruits and these items are truly hard to obtain.”

Yue Yang was only trying to probe. Towards Mr. Chen’s response, he had already expected it.

Other than merchants, which warrior would bear to sell their Wisdom Fruits?

He looked at the mysterious Mr. Chen and said: “Although we were just acquainted, Mr. Chen’s honesty gave me a good impression. Lustrous Branches, Everlasting Leaves and Wisdom Fruits are things I wanted to obtain. If you agree, I could use a few Martial Spirit Pills to exchange.”

“Martial Spirit Pills?” Mr. Chen stood up stupefied.

“Ow!” The merchant sitting on the side was more shocked that his entire butt had fell down on the floor.

“Pft!” The Fat Toad, Jia De, who was drinking tea, had sprayed out the tea in his mouth. He almost choked to death.

Even the serious-looking elder’s expression twitched slightly.

The mysterious Mr. Chen deeply breathed in air.

He supported his wide-brimmed hat, apparently trying to calm his mind. He thoroughly suppressed the excitement in his heart: “Mr. Titan, you truly have Martial Spirit Pills?”

Yue Yang nodded.

Mr. Chen once again deeply breathed in air: “Regarding Martial Spirit Pills, I had searched for them for more than twenty years and continuously unable to find them. Mr. Titan you are truly the biggest lucky star… I wish to use one Lustrous Branch, two Wisdom Fruits, a bottle of Succubus Springwater, and a piece of fully ripe Hard-shelled Dragon Fruit to exchange for two pieces of Martial Spirit Pill, can I?”

“Can you tell me why you want two pieces of Martial Spirit Pill?” Yue Yang asked.

“Because I am a father, a father of two children…” Mr. Chen slightly paused. In the end he told the entire truth.

“Your children has a good father.” Yue Yang instantly thought about Fourth Mother. His heart became moved and nodded: “No problem!”

In fact, Yue Yang could immediately agree to Mr. Chen. Without considering anything else, Yue Yang would already agree to exchange them for the Hard-shelled Dragon Fruit. This was an important ingredient in creating Martial Spirit Pills and incredibly hard to obtain.

With it, Yue Yang could make more Martial Spirit Pills.

However, Yue Yang originally wanted to sell ordinary Martial Spirit Pills to Mr. Chen.

After hearing about Mr. Chen cherishing his children and being moved by it, Yue Yang decided to give him two of his specially created Martial Spirit Pills… Without any other reason other than that thirst for paternal love that he would never obtain!

He thought about Fourth Mother selling all of her jewelry to gather a thousand gold in order to give the tragic guy a Spirit Beast Awakening Knowledge Pill.

Although it was not him, Yue Yang had after all replaced the tragic guy.

So much that Yue Yang had enjoyed all of Fourth Mother’s love, and it was not less than what the tragic guy had received!

“I had never envy others, but this time, I envy your children.” Yue Yang handed over a small Jade Bottle to Mr. Chen. Inside it were two specially made Martial Spirit Pills.

“I also had never been so grateful to someone like today, thank you. At the same time I also wish to say that I envy two people. And those are your parents, having a child like you. I believe that that is their live’s greatest pride.” Mr. Chen carefully took in the Jade Bottle into his bosom. He did not store it inside the storage ring and only placed it in the breast pocket. Afterwards he brought out the items for exchange and gave them to Yue Yang one by one. He stayed until Yue Yang stored them and suddenly bowed: “Mr. Titan, originally, I had a lot of deals to discuss with you, but my heart is now very moved. I wish to take my leave for now and bring back the good news. Please pardon me, I hope to visit and apologize tomorrow!”

“Take care!” Yue Yang’s heart was also filled with waves. He had received the Lustrous Branch and the Wisdom Fruits. He also had the Hard-shelled Dragon Fruit. With these things he was now able to continue making Martial Spirit Pills. Moreover, Yue Bing’s treant could finally evolve this time.

The most important thing was Mr. Chen’s action which triggered Yue Yang’s longing for Fourth Mother.

He also decided to return to the Soaring Dragon Continent and return to the Mirage to see Fourth Mother and the mischievous little girl….

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        Sorry I don’t really understand what you’re trying to get across but I quite like that he was moved by the man’s story because it shows the love it has for fourth mother, the mischievous girl and yue bing. Plus he’s finally gonna go help his little sister awaken her powers/grimoire so im excited. Lol

    • WirlWind says:

      If they’re willing to give him rare herbs that he needs, why not? On top of that, he can make a solid contact for future business and a potential ally.

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