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LLS Chapter 369 – Pay him back in his own coin!

Chapter 369 – Pay him back in his own coin!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Following Nightmare’s death, his grimoire and his ‘Nightmare Beast’ exploded violently with a boom.

The Gold Grimoire dulled and reverted back to the state without a master.

The Nightmare Beast disappeared into the mirage and left behind only a black bead which rolled towards Yue Yang’s feet.

Yue Yang bent down and picked both the bead and the Gold Grimoire up. He then kept them into a Lich Ring swiftly, just like how he did when he played online games in the past.

The one who was faster always gets the good stuff, therefore Yue Yang was never slow to react.

Jia De the fat toad began to understand where the five Platinum Grimoires came from. They were all acquired by Yue Yang after defeating his opponents.

God, what kind of opponents did he kill?

As Nightmare collapsed, the entire arena was roaring with cheers, including those gamblers who bet for Yue Yang to lose previously.

Nobody could stand the two scums, Nightmare and Tiger Nian. But as they were constrained by their limited power, they could only comply to them. After watching Nightmare getting killed and Tiger Nian landing himself into a sticky situation, who wouldn’t be happy enough to cheer?

Tiger Nian took out a weird-looking wand and waved it.

A black light flashed past.

Suddenly nobody could speak as their mouth seemed to have been sealed.

Silence loomed over the whole of the arena.

“Silence Wand, the Gold-ranked equipment! “ Everyone responded to it quickly but no one could speak a word under the spell of the Silence Wand, which almost choked those who were in the middle of their shout when the spell was casted. The Silence Wand was a Gold-ranked equipment which didn’t have the ability to attack, but to some warriors, it was a dreadful weapon. For example, it could be used when the opponent needed to speak to summon a beast. Unable to summon his beast at the critical moment, he would then suffer an ugly defeat.

Not only did Tiger Nian sealed the mouths of everyone in the arena using the Silence Wand so that they couldn’t cheer for Yue Yang, he also summoned a giant beast at the same time.

The beast looked like a tiger.

It had a huge physique, spanning an enormous length of 20 metres from head to tail.

Its mountain-like physique made it look very fit and full of strength. Sharp teeth were found all over its wide mouth. As the horn on its head was glowing with an eerie green light, its body started to expand close to 50% more than its original size. With four razor-edged claws and eyes sharp as a hawk, the beast pounced on Yue Yang, baring its claws as it prepared to tear Yue Yang into pieces .

The Reaper Mantis which had been hovering in the air dived down fearlessly.

The Reaper Mantis had seen nothing short of strong beasts.

It had also killed several of them. Forget about the Tiger beast, it would even kill a giant dragon without hesitation. It was no average Reaper Mantis, as it had been nurtured with a large number of Dragons Crystals and Yue Yang’s Innate Qi. With the Heaven Runes and purification by the Nirvana’s Flame, it was definitely a Reaper Mantis with the most potential in history! Its ambitions was to become a Holy Beast or even a Divine Beast in the future… So how could the Gold-ranked Level 8 Tiger Beast scare a Reaper Mantis that could hunt and kill any beast, one who even got the guts to kill a Giant Dragon?

Of course not!

Although it was slightly low-levelled, the Reaper Mantis was of a higher grade as it was Platinum-ranked!

The Reaper Mantis’ sickle pierced into the body of the Tiger Beast deeply, causing huge wounds on its neck and lower spine.

Even before its opponent can counteract, the Reaper Mantis was smart enough to fling it off and flew into the skies to prepare for its second attack… Actually, once a beast suffered severe injury at its neck and spine, it would be not far from death.

From the sickle attacks just now, the Reaper Mantis had already slashed the Tiger Beast’s artery and windpipe, it almost hacked its entire head off.

Under normal conditions, the Tiger Beast would definitely die.

However,something eerie happened…

The Tiger Beast’s head which had almost been hacked off didn’t have any blood on his wounds. They were even healing rapidly.

In less than ten seconds, the fatal wound disappeared without a trace, as if they were never there in the first place. The Tiger Beast’s horn was shimmering with green light as a pair of wings began to grow on his back. Like that of a bat’s, the wings expanded and opened.

It rose to the sky and sailed towards the Reaper Mantis in the sky.

On the ground, Tiger Nian smiled coldly as he unleashed his strong power as a Level Three Innate, stunning everyone with his shockwave.

Packinh his thunderous punch, he charged towards Yue Yang.

With every punch he made, the spectators felt a suffocating discomfort. They felt nauseous and felt a sense of tightness in their chests and the deepest part of their bones. No one could ever imagine the strength of the punches received by the calm-looking Titan standing before Tiger Nian. Those who sat near the arena or those who sat eye level to Tiger Nian’s punches were all in agony. They had to gather all their energy to protect themselves, and even then they could only barely endure against the strong punches that were more than ten or even hundred metres away.

Yue Yang didn’t retaliate and did not take a step backwards to retreat.

All he did was move his upper body slightly.

In doing so, he managed to dodge from all the punches thrown by Tiger Nian casually.

Although every single punch thrown by Tiger Nian was lethal, he didn’t even managed to touch even a single hair on Yue Yang’s body after more than ten punches.

The Reaper Mantis in the air slashed the Tiger Beast who had overestimated its abilities and tried to attack it. The Reaper Mantis tear the Tiger Beast into two and ferociously threw it to the ground… However, the strange Tiger Beast remained unscathed as it fused together again within half a minute. It completely returned to its initial state, unwounded.

Jia De felt the urge to shout to Yue Yang, “This Beast is called the ‘Nian’ beast. Other than sound, nothing can defeat it. “

He also wanted to tell Yue Yang that he could only take the ‘Nian’ beast down through the use of sound.

But he couldn’t shout any of those out.

It was all because Tiger Nian had already used the Silence Wand to turn the whole arena into a place of dead silence, no one could make a sound.

The Reaper Mantis had killed the Nian beast various times but even if it ripped the Nian beast into a million pieces, its would all be futile as the Nian beast could recover quickly. Conversely, the Nian beast, with its giant claws, sharp teeth and iron whip-like tail, it could easily injure the Reaper Mantis with its attacks. Although the Reaper Mantis could react quickly, minimizing its injury, the injuries had accumulated and the situation looked bleak now as the circumstances favoured the Nian beast.

After all, there would definitely be a gap when one side was immune to any attacks while the other could only dodge.

“Yes, that’s the way, this brat is going to die in my hands, together with his Mantis!“ The fat An Dong felt a pang of excitement and wanted to scream in joy. Unfortunately, his mouth was sealed too and he couldn’t make a sound.

“…” In the whole arena, only the mysterious man wearing the wide-brimmed hat still smiled, as if he still thought that Yue Yang would win in the end.

Seeing that his Beast was gaining the upper hand, the bloodlust on Tiger Nian’s face deepened.

He was the complete opposite of Nightmare.

Nightmare had strong psychological skills, but he didn’t fare in short distance fights. Once he faced an opponent who was immune to psychological attacks, he could be killed instantly.

Other than the Nian beast who was immune to attacks, Tiger Nian also possessed power as Level Three Innate that allowed him to engage in short distance fights. As long as his Beast could overpower the opponent’s Beast, Tiger Nian could kill his opponents easily in short distance fights. For example, he was going to use his strongest and most secretive trick, ‘Three moves of the Ferocious Tiger’ now. In the past, when he was overpowered by his teacher, he had used the Nian beast and ‘Three Moves of the Ferocious Tiger’. Together with the mental suppression subjected by Nightmare, they managed to kill their teacher and swallowed a large portion of his body to level up to an Innate.

Even though his teacher was a Level Five Innate then, he was still killed by Tiger Nian in the end.

Of course, Tiger Nian would never deny that part of the credit of killing his teacher went to Nightmare because without his mental suppression, it wouldn’t have been possible. But it was also a fact that it was the ‘Three Moves of the Ferocious Tiger’ that killed his powerful teacher.

After becoming a Level Three Innate, ‘There Moves of the Ferocious Tiger’ became Tiger Nian’s strongest move. None of his opponents who have seen it survived to tell the tale.

“Strike of the Ferocious Tiger.“ Tiger Nian gathered all his energy to form a giant Energy Tiger resembling the Nian beast. It then went together with the real the Nian beast such that Yue Yang couldn’t differentiate between the two. When Tiger Nian felt that the time is ripe, he would strike his attack, just like a fierce tiger pouncing onto Yue Yang.

‘Strike of the Ferocious Tiger’ could strike through any form of defense, nothing could defend against it.

The enormous Energy Tiger passed through Yue Yang’s body. As Tiger Nian was about to celebrate his victory, the Energy Tiger disappeared and didn’t burst as expected.

Similarly, the Nian beast who tried to attack at the same time was captured by the Reaper Mantis in mid-air. As the the Reaper Mantis dived to the ground, it slashed the Nian beast into two and then thrusting it to the ground…

Tiger Nian was shocked, he couldn’t imagine how Yue Yang could differentiate between the real and the phony the Nian beast. One wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference with their naked eye. Forget about the human eye, even an Innate belonging to the Hawks’ family, who were the most gifted in sights, couldn’t tell the difference between the Nian beast and the one he created by his energy.

Moreover, although the Energy Tiger was a phony, its strikes were on par with the Nian beast, how could this lad remained the same even after the Energy Tiger passed through his body?

Regarding this, Tiger Nian was very puzzled.

But he didn’t really have the time to think. Tiger Nian had to launch his second attack immediately after his first, if not he would suffer severe rebound. As he continued to unleash his powers, a second Energy Tiger appeared. It was compressed from a height of 20 metres to a hungry black tiger standing at only five metres. But of course, it’s strength was amplified ten times after the compression… The hungry black tiger moved like a bolt of lightning, it was so fast that it had already pounced on Yue Yang under the control of its master in the blink of an eye and started engulfing Yue Yang’s body.

Forget about Yue Yang, it’s sharp fangs would break even the strongest rock and mountain.

Without waiting for his ‘Engulf of the Hungry Tiger’ to take effect, Tiger Nian launch his third attack.

Tiger Nian morphed into a Tiger resembling the Nian beast, using his two hands, sharp teeth and head, he attacked Yue Yang at the same time as the Hungry Tiger.

When he successfully distracted Yue Yang, he turned his body swiftly, bent down and supported his body with his arms. With his left leg as a pivot point, he whipped his right leg like a giant whip towards Yue Yang’s ribs.

This was the most powerful move of the ‘Three Moves of the Ferocious Tiger’.

Tiger Nian’s then powerful teacher was also ultimately killed by this move. Although Tiger Nian didn’t have a tail, he can make use of his legs as whip to attack his opponent and its effect would be extremely powerful. Tiger Nian had already used this on six Rankers before. All suffered from smashed internal organs and had their ribs broken into pieces. Among the six rankers, two were Innates. Tiger Nian was very certain that once his leg whip struck his opponent, he would definitely die.

No opponent could ever survive the attack of the Three Moves of the Ferocious Tiger that could overcome any form of defense.

“Boom! “

The arena vibrated vigorously, making everyone shake from the shock wave.

Everyone fall onto the ground messily, looking extremely disorderly.

Other than the man wearing the wide-brimmed hat, no one could see what was happening clearly.

Tiger Nian stood at a distance of ten metres from Yue Yang, his expression was deep and no one could tell his emotions. Titan looked disheveled as an apparent shoe print and two punch prints could be seen on his chest…These were all results of the Three Moves of the Ferocious Tiger.

Was Titan, the young human boy, going to lose?

Everyone was worried.

Suddenly, Tiger Nian staggered a few steps as his body trembled and fell to the ground.

Both of his hands were pressed against his crotch as Tiger Nian curled himself up in pain, just like a grass snake which had been hit fatally.

The men wearing the wide-brimmed hat smiled even wider because he saw that when Tiger Nian struck ‘Whip of the Angry Tiger’ onto Yue Yang, attempting to hit his Yue Yang’s left rib with his right leg, Yue Yang titled his body and did a side kick. Not only did he dodge from the fatal strike, he also hit Tiger Nian’s crotch…. Needless to say, Tiger Nian must be in pain now!

The Nian beast threw itself towards Yue Yang in an attempt to protect its master.

It rolled up its master’s body shrewdly and attempted to escape.

A shadow moved in the sky with a speed ten times faster than the Reaper Mantis as it dived towards the ground. Ignoring the power of the Silence Wand, it let out a loud shriek… The duration of its appearance and subsequent disappearance was less than one second, however its shriek was so nerve-wrecking and made one’s soul trembled so much that it continued to resonate amongst the audience long after it’s gone. The previously majestic Nian beast curled up in pain from the shriek, looking even worse than its master.

Blood oozed out from its eyes, nose and mouth as an unknown force within its head caused it to explode.

Reaper Mantis then pounced on it, deprecating the Nian beast’s head with its sickle.

Blood spew out this time and the Nian beast would never recover from this.

It died.

The Reaper Mantis gave the Nian beast’s head to its master obediently and then went on devouring the Nian beast’s corpse…

Tiger Nian could only watch in horror.

He struggled to get up and escape. Even if he was a fool he would have understood now that he couldn’t match up to his opponent. Yue Yang ignored him initially as he picked the Silence Wand up. The spectators could only watch as he stored the Wand inside his Lich Ring swiftly. He must have killed and snatched the possessions of many to be so familiar with the procedures.

In reality, Yue Yang had already acquired the Silence Wand once in the Aries Temple.

But of course, its effects were temporary.

On the other hand, this one was a Gold-ranked equipment and its effects would be permanent. The two Wands’ functions were the same but their values were completely different.

With it, Yue Yang felt that a lot of people would run out of their luck… With the Silence Wand in his hands, he could exert its full power and make others cry!

Tiger Nian gritted his teeth as he tried to endure the pain.

He wanted to flee, but before he could shatter the Teleportation Stone, Yue Yang had already attacked him with his move, the ‘Strike of a Ferocious Tiger’ on Tiger Nian’s back.

Pay him back in his own coin!

The Teleportation Stone landed on the floor and rolled to more than ten steps away from him.

Tiger Nian was very clear that he wouldn’t be able to run away on two feet. Forget about Titan who was as terrifying as a devil, even his Reaper Mantis could make his life hard.

He had to get his hands on the Teleportation Stone, or else he would definitely die.

Tiger Nian whom Yue Yang sent flying into the air tried to hold in the fresh blood which had rose to his throat as he struggled to get up and threw himself towards the Teleportation Stone…

As he was about to grab on to the Teleportation Stone, a feet stepped onto it with full force.

Tiger Nian raised his head unintentionally.

It was Yue Yang the jinx!

“No, no don’t kill me! “

Yue Yang didn’t feel a tinge of sympathy or forgiveness for Tiger Nian who was drenched in blood… To Yue Yang, kindness and empathy were rare subjects to be considered, and must not be shown towards his opponents!

In front of all the spectators, Tiger Nian was struck in the head consecutively by Yue Yang’s ‘Engulf of the Hungry Tiger‘ and ‘Whip of the Angry Tiger’, causing his head to explode as he died instantly in dire straits. He shared similar fate with his junior, Nightmare, as they all died under their own tricks! However, no one took sympathy to the duo as everyone burst out in cheers for Yue Yang’s victory. The crazed gamblers took off everything they had, including their clothes, as they waved and tossed it towards the arena, which symbolised their admiration for the one who emerged victorious.

Surrounded by a sea of buttocks twerking in the festive mood, the fat An Dong’s face turned ashen.

It was especially so after the fat toad Jia De spoke, causing him to faint from haemorrhage.

Jia De said, “Dear Mr. An Dong, the sum I bet was not very big, so we shall leave it aside first. But Mister Titan pledged five Platinum Grimoire with you, so after his two wins, you’ll just have to return him 50 Platinum Grimoires. Since you are extremely wealthy…”

The mysterious man sitting beside An Dong was equally shocked. 50 Platinum Grimoires?

Looks like An Dong wouldn’t be able to repay Yue Yang even if he sells off all of his meat!


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