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LLS Chapter 367 – Nightmares and Tiger Nian

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Chapter 367 – Nightmares and Tiger Nian
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Everyone lost their bets.

Being utterly disappointed, the gamblers tore the paper used for betting into pieces and threw them all over the ground.

As the three Chief Bodyguards were not powerful enough, the gamblers who lost their bets were blinded by rage and immediately switched over to Yue Yang’s side as they screamed, “Kill him!“

Listening to the waves of crazy screams, made An Dong’s complexion became uglier.

However, there was another person whose complexion was even worse.

It was the only surviving Chief Bodyguard, Li Er.

As he was the most powerful among the trio, he survived until the last moment. But he was also not far from death. As long as Yue Yang wanted it, Li Er could die any time. Even the swift Reaper Mantis could kill him, let alone such a strong opponent. Li Er’s Thunder Lizard and Green Spotted Dragon King that were once arrogant and known to be powerful in the underground city had all became food to the Reaper Mantis.

He wouldn’t have dreamt that a little-known opponent like Titan would be so powerful.

He previously thought that with the combined power of the trio, they could have killed Titan easily.

Unexpectedly, even after drinking ‘Crazed Bloodthirsty Potion’ and upgrading their strength, they were still easily defeated by their opponent.

This young man who appeared extremely weak possessed strength that no one could imagine. To win the fight with him was as hopeless as three ants fighting against a mammoth; they couldn’t defend against him at all. It was a pity that Li Er realised it all too late.

“Spare me, I can give you all my money in return. “ Li Er pleaded desperately.

“Sorry but i’m not short of money. “ Yue Yang was indifferent.

A man wearing a wide-brimmed hat sat beside An Dong and whispered, “ How’s the feeling of losing a bet? Depressing, isn’t it? If you didn’t forget, I placed a full bet on Titan just now for 100,000 gold. I know a million isn’t a lot to you, but I hope to get them quickly… I’m be more than happy if you use your shares from the Thunder Mine to repay me. “

An Dong’s face fats shook and his face turned ashen, “I haven’t lost yet!“

The man wearing wide-brimmed hat shrugged his shoulders, “Of course you haven’t, but soon.”

Upon hearing his words, An Dong’s complexion became akin to that of a dead pig. He gritted his teeth and jostled the female demon slave beside him who was just about to serve him beer, sending her flying into the air, “Scram! Go and get Mr. Nightmare and Mr. Nian quickly, or you’ll lose your life!“
(Shiro: Nian means year)

The men with the wide-brimmed hat stretched his lips, seemingly smiling but also not at the same time. “Mr. An Dong, do you want to bet? I’ll bet 100,000 gold this time too if you don’t mind! “

“One million, if you’ve got guts. If I win we’d be even with the debt for the previous two rounds!” An Dong hit the couch in anger, almost breaking it.

“If you lose, I want one fifth of your share in the Thunder mines.” The man wearing the wide-brimmed hat said as he nodded in agreement.

In the arena, Yue Yang ignored Li Er’s pleads.

Yue Yang only cared about digging all the magic crystals of the beasts and told Li Er casually, “ I’ll give you a chance to commit suicide now. But don’t take too long because I have limited patience! “ Upon hearing this, all the gamblers cheered loudly. Although Yue Yang injured many and made everyone lose their money previously, nobody want to support a loser. Everyone would only go after the one who had emerged as the winner.

Li Er wore an abject look of despair on his face upon hearing the news.

At the same time, he felt a sense of indescribable wrath .

He glared as Yue Yang with eyes full of hatred, and cursed, “ You forced me into this. If I’m dying, you are going down with me too! “

Li Er spoke his summons quickly as red light shimmered off him. His whole body inflated like a balloon as he turned into a blood red human balloon in a blink of an eye. Self-detonation, it was apparent that Li Er knew that he couldn’t survive so he was attempting to kill Titan together with him.

Jia De’s heart raised to his throat as he felt anxious for Yue Yang.

However, Yue Yang reacted to it as if nothing had happened .

It was only until Li Er’s body bloated up to it’s maximum capacity did Yue Yang raise one of his fingers to poke into the roundest part of the stomach of the blood red human balloon.

Uncountable amount of energy burst out like an volcanic eruption.

Yue Yang spinned his hands.

The explosive energy became tamed like a kitten instantly. Under the control of the Yang Ability, it went from violent to gentle, moving to stationary as it coalesced to become a blood red glowing ball.

It was then kept into the Lich Ring and disappeared.

Only Li Er was left in the arena. All skins and bones, he looked like a dry corpse.

Li Er was not dead yet, but everyone knew that his current condition was worse off than being dead. After losing his powers completely, he went from an Innate to a useless man. No one would be able to accept such a drastic change, so even if he survived now, he would definitely commit suicide later.

Li Er fell to the ground, crestfallen. Nobody cared about his well being now.

After all, who would care about a useless person’s well being?

An Dong sat upright, and said in a loud voice, “ Mr. Titan, you have won this round. If you are interested, we can have a second round. For this round, you’d only have to fight against two people, and I’ll give you ten times the reward, which is 100,000 gold,if you succeed. Do you have enough guts to rise up to this challenge? If you don’t, then you are a coward, a bastard with no balls! “

Yue Yang raised his head and stated at An Dong sharply, like a ferocious tiger staring at a fat pig. Everyone crowded around to watch the show, as they were certain that An Dong would likely become a dead pig. Yue Yang snorted coldly, “ Mr. An Dong, please don’t insult a ranker so casually like this, if not you may have to fret for your life. I will let you off this time after you apologize. But if you do it again, I will kill you! “

Yue Yang’s word struck to one as the descend of a devil.

An Dong quivered uncontrollably.

Forget about An Dong, the spectators sitting behind him all had their palms sweating in fear of facing Yue Yang’s wrath due to An Dong.

“Alright, I apologize. It was just a slip of the tongue. But still, if you think of yoursself as a Ranker, then you will have to accept my challenge. “ An Dong was a cunning rich man who had been in various situations, thus he knew that he couldn’t insult the dignity of a Ranker and therefore he wasn’t stingy about apologizing. In his heart, in order to get Yue Yang to agree to him, he could bear with everything. As long as Yue Yang fell into his trap, he would have a chance to turn things around

“This isn’t fair, we won but you are saying that that this round isn’t counted? This is going against the rule set by King Chong Ni for the underground city. “ A minority of the spectators saw that Yue Yang instant killed Gu Nai Te and betted that Yue Yang would win in hopes of being favoured by luck .

It was therefore obvious that they would object when they saw that the win wouldn’t be counted.

Moreover, they would lose the money from the previous winning round if Yue Yang loses in the next round.

In order to calm the nerves of the spectator, An Dong had to say, “Of course we will take this round into account, but now there’s another avenue to bet. You can continue betting that Titan will win consecutively for two rounds, or you can bet that my men would make a comeback this round. Especially for those who lost their money just now, this is your chance to compensate for your losses . I’ll give you half an hour to contemplate before you can start betting. The new ratio is 1:2 ,meaning that if Titan lose when you bet for him to win, you lose twice the amount you bet.

There were betting stations set up all around the arena.

Those who lost their bets just now rushed to place their bets. This time even the fools knew that they should bet on the strong newcomer, Titan.

There were also a lot who bet that Yue Yang would win consecutively. Among all, Jia De the fat toad was the most enthusiastic one. He bet with the whole of his life savings, which was total of 90,000 gold.

Even if he lost, it would still be offset by the 10,000 he won previously… And if he wins again, his total earnings would become 280,000! With this money, he could open a small Merchant Guild and be his own boss, he wouldn’t have to deal with the attitude of his seniors anymore.

Regarding Yue Yang’s bet…

Jia De the fat toad felt that An Dong wouldn’t be able to repay him even if he cuts off his meat to sell everyday!

It was because Jia De took advantage of the chaos and transferred all the receipts from his winning bet to another betting station … This was also a convention in the arena of the underground city. As time is tight, people usually used receipts from winning rounds as their money to bet in the next round. They would then get another receipt in return. If they won, they would become rich overnight,but if they lose,it would taken that they hadn’t win,and they would lose all their capitals.

Jia De was very crafty, he didn’t go back to the betting station at the west side,as he proceeded to the one at the east side instead.

As the betting officer and recorder at the west side were too timid,they didn’t dare to report it immediately .

The betting officer and recorder at the east side didn’t know a thing.Due to the overwhelming crowd,they only saw that it was a receipt from a winning bet and had no time to notice anything else as they shouted,” One old certificate of deposit , all-in , we’ll leave it up to fate to see what happens to the money. If you lose,we wouldn’t return you the money, vice versa. The betting ratio is 1:2 …” The recorder then wrote a new certificate of deposit hastily and kept the old one in a Kraft paper bag and stuffed it into the drawer. He placed the new receipt onto Jia De’s palm as he shouted, “ Next one, quickly! “

“Thank you, thank you!” Jia De thanked them politely but on the inside, he was overwhelmed with excitement .

After betting, the initial 25 Platinum Grimoire would become 50.

Forget about An Dong, even the owner of the Thunder Fortress,Chong Ni, wouldn’t be able to repay him with 50 Platinum Grimoire!

Now, he would just have to wait for Titan to win and watch the fall of An Dong. That fatty who’s ten times heavier than a pig must be crying right now. 50 Platinum Grimoire,just the thought of it made Jia De shiver with excitement .

As Jia De returned to the arena, before he even got chance to speak with Yue Yang, curses filled his ears.

Previously , they were hurled towards Yue Yang,as all of the gamblers hoped for him to lose.

But it was the complete opposite now.

All the cursing were cast at An Dong.

Jia De the fat toad looked at the duo standing in the arena and started to curse loudly too. “Fuck, An Dong you shitbag, fuck your ancestors! “

The reason why Jia De was so agitated was due to the two gladiators hired by An Dong.

One of them was named ‘Nightmare’, and the other one ‘Tiger Nian’. This duo were very notorious and in the whole of the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, nobody was unaware of them. As shameless as Jia De might be, he despised the duo. This was due to the fact that the duo were the scum of the scums. If not for their power as Level Three Innates , more than 90 percent of the speculators would have charged towards them and tore them into pieces.

In the whole of the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, there was no place for the duo, except for the Thunder Fortress and some other robbers’ dens.

The Warrior Guild, Mercenary Guild and Assassin Guild all offered rewards for anyone who could kill Nightmare and Tiger Nian. The person would then choose his reward among the Black Dragon Pearl, the Wisdom Fruit and one Gold-ranked equipment… This type of reward would only be offered for those who could take down serial killers on the top hundred of the Bloody Villain List. Undoubtedly, Nightmare and Tiger Nian were in the top hundred among all other villains.

Although the duo had Innate powers, the Innate Alliance excluded them and expressed disdain over the idea of them joining .

Even in the Thunder Fortress, which was a robbers’ den, Nightmare and Tiger Nian weren’t welcomed.

Nobody liked them, including Chong Ni who took them in.

“They are all shitbags that couldn’t be shitier, don’t ever let me see them! “ Chong Ni mentioned this more than once .

Although he didn’t mention his reasons, but a lot thought that why Chong Ni took the Nightmare and Tiger Nian in was because their teacher saved his life when he was young, therefore Chong Ni took them in to repay their teacher’s kindness. It was therefore no wonder that the duo, who killed their teachers and families , were the type of people that Chong Ni hated most.

Nightmare and Tiger Nian were both Level Three Innates and were extremely vicious.

This was not a simple war between three Innates anymore!

Could Titan continue to win this second round?

Jia De thought as his heart thumped in anxiety. His head was covered in perspiration, but he didn’t bother to wipe them away as he was focused on the changes in the arena.

The tension in the arena peaked as the battle was just about to begin!

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    You only win half of what you bet. For ecample, If you bet one dollar and you win, you get paid 50 cents.

    You should never bet more
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