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LLS Chapter 366 – Wager, Five Platinum Grimoires

Chapter 366 – Wager, Five Platinum Grimoires
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Although Yue Yang said that, inside the fat toad Jia De’s heart, he was thinking about other things.

In this world, there was no way that a Ranker could be friends with a weakling!

It was the same logic as how he wouldn’t be friends with servants or his bodyguards, because the relationship between a weakling and a Ranker would always be that of a master and servant. When this young human said that to him, he thought that it wasn’t because he wanted to be friends with him, he just wanted a merchant/manager to help him. Of course, the fat toad Jia De didn’t dislike this kind of status difference, he even approved of it.

If Titan, this young person was truly strong enough, it would be a good idea for him to change the person he could depend on.

He didn’t mind servicing anyone, as long as he could depend on and had the backup of someone strong!

Although the Golden Toad Merchant Guild was ranked the 95th largest guild, within the Golden Toad race, Jia De was nothing, his status was not high.

If he really could follow this Titan, the human with extraordinary powers, and helped him to manage stuff, it was definitely not a bad thing… The only problem was if this Titan could win against the fight with the three Chief Bodyguards.

This young human Ranker’s power, was his power really as strong as what he had claimed?

“If he could return victorious…” The fat toad Jia De made a decision in his heart. He was a risk-taking merchant, and he was an expert in speculation.

“Let’s go!” Yue Yang didn’t give a damn on what the fat toad was thinking about.

In the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, everything was so much easier than the Soaring Dragon Continent or China. Here, there were no seniority or complicated human relationships. Only strength matters here, with power, one can do whatever one pleased.

In conclusion, power determined everything. Without power, one would be nothing.

To Yue Yang, the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower made him like a fish in the water.

When he was at the Soaring Dragon Continent, there were still Elder Yue Hai, Jun Wu You and the rest above Yue Yang. Although they didn’t restrict his life, their senior-junior, king-subject relationship was extremely evident. Even though it was extremely mild, it still existed. Under the same situation, when Yue Yang reached the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, no matter how many Soaring Dragon Continent Rankers were here, as long as their strength was weaker than Yue Yang, they would have to show respect to Yue Yang. They would not be able to adopt seniority over him. The norm of human lives were not applicable here.

Yue Yang possessed power, hence he was extremely confident.

Whoever that An Dong from the Qi Lan Continent was, Yue Yang did not even care at all… In this whole Thunder Fortress, there was only one person that was worth of his careful attention, and that was the Innate Level 8 Chong Ni.

Chong Ni did not only possess the power of Innate Level 8, he was also extremely cunning.

As a Ranker who could kill heartlessly and still had the ability to join the Innate Alliance, his wisdom was definitely comparable to Huang Sha, who was of the same level.

However, as Yue Yang, Xiao Wen Li, Xue Wu Xia and the other girls had partied together to kill Huang Sha with his weakness, water, at the Second Hall of the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, they succeeded in defeating him. That victory couldn’t be an evidence of Yue Yang’s strength. It can be said that Huang Sha who possessed the strength of Innate Level 8 died wrongfully in Yue Yang’s hands. If Yue Yang were to fight Huang Sha fair and square, it was not even clear if he would be able to beat Huang Sha or not.

Comparing Chong Ni and Huang Sha, although their powers were more or less equal, if Yue Yang were to fight Chong Ni, he wouldn’t be able to make use of the same, siege technique like what they had used on Huang Sha.

Ming Ri Wu and An Ge had told Yue Yang all of Huang Sha’s weaknesses.

On the other hand, no one knew this Chong Ni’s weakness.

The only information that Yue Yang knew was that this fellow had accidentally committed an offense against Night Empress and became her target. However, he cleverly managed to escape and only suffered minor injuries.

The moment he escaped, he immediately asked for Elder Nan Gong’s help.

He seek forgiveness from the Night Empress with nine Meteor Stars and buried the hatchet between them.

Hearing about Chong Ni’s actions, Yue Yang could imagine how patient and clever he was.

Night Empress didn’t have a high rank in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. A lot of people had even thought that she was merely one of the members of the innate Alliance. Only the people in Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower knew that her abilities was only second to Zhi Zun. Amongst the millions of Rankers in Tong Tian Tower, she was definitely one of the top ten. She even had the qualifications to be in the top 5. Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who had the title of Sky Law, although she acted so arrogantly, she never disrespected the Night Empress when they discussed about her.

Of course, there were many other strong people who hid their true strengths from the public. Night Empress was not the only one.

One of such example was Sky Execution who lived in the Demonic Palace at Mountain Luo Jia. Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who had become Innate Level 10, had told Yue Yang before that she couldn’t compare to Sky Execution even with her current level.

Sky Execution’s strength was close behind Zhi Zun’s. His power had even surpassed the three Demonic Palace Lords who set up the Demonic Palace in Mountain Luo Jia thousands of years ago.

Shun Tian and the Thousand Goblin Sect Leader’s strength was extremely clear.

Even if they tried to hid it, they didn’t hide a lot.

Night Empress and Sky Execution was different. These two people completely hid their true powers, no one knew their true powers and which realm their cultivation was at.

Right now, it was still too early for Yue Yang to catch up with Zhi Zun and Night Empress or fight against Sky Execution. That was only Yue Yang’s long-term goal. Even if he challenged Shun Tian, Thousand Goblin Sect Leader, Baruth, Ha Xin and the other, it was still too early for him. However, this Innate Level 8 Chong Ni had becoome the perfect stepping stone target that Yue Yang had chosen.

He still had no ability to defeat the extremely strong Rankers, so he should look for a nicely-matched opponent to train.

This was Yue Yang’s current training plan.

With regards to killing monsters to level up, no one would go kill the last big boss at the beginning. That was not killing monsters to level up, that was suicide!

Just like in Diablo, no one would fight Diablo right from the beginning, newbies would definitely go to caverns to find wraiths first! However, Yue Yang who had a certain amount of strength, wasn’t interested in small wraith boss who could breathe fire. At least he would try to defeat Andariel… As he walked out to the fighting arena, Yue Yang continued to daydream.

Countless people were pointing at Yue Yang, the newbie. They felt that Yue Yang really had a death wish challenging three Lesser Innates to a fight.

A few gamblers shouted loudly towards him, cursing Yue Yang to die quickly so that they could earn money.

There were also a few people who had seen how Yue Yang had instant-killed Gu Nai Te just now. They had hurriedly pulled their comrades and tried to warn them, in order to avoid provoking Yue Yang’s wrath. Provoking a Ranker’s wrath would never be a good idea!

“Boy, go back into your mom’s arms and drink your milk!”

“Why are you so skinny? Li Er and the others would definitely beat the shit out of you!”

“You can start crying now, you won’t be able to cry later… Did you see his expression? I saw him trembling just now. What a wimp!”

“Anyone wants to buy his flesh? I have already told Mr. An Dong that his flesh belongs to me. Those who wanted to eat human flesh, please register here. I will give you a chilled wine for free if you buy three parts of meat! Innards? What did you say? You think that after being beaten by Li Er and the others, this brat won’t even have any innards left? I daresay that Li Er would pull his intestines out, then he would tie it on his neck and turn him into a kite!”

Countless number of people gathered and gossiped together. There were even some people who tried to force their way inside to beat Yue Yang up.

These people were serial gamblers who had bet on Yue Yang’s lost.

Yue Yang turned the Crescent Moon Blade in his hand, and slashed every single gamblers who wanted to ambush him, those fellows who wanted to spit on his body with their unclean mouths… The whole ground was filled with cut off arms, lips, tongues and ears.

Following that, miserable cries resounded all around relentlessly. The cursing crowd was immediately thrown into chaos.

Countless people started running away in terror, those who moved slowly were stepped on by other people.

It was the first time in the Slave Fighting Arena that a gladiator had injured countless audience. No one dared to do this, no one dared to offend the audience. Only Yue yang, the newbie who had only came to the Thunder Fortress less than an hour ago, dared to use the sharp blade in his hand to enforce his new rule! There would always be people in this world who was born to bend rules, for example, Yue Yang.

No one dared to curse Yue Yang anymore. However, behind him, at a place where Yue Yang couldn’t hear them, they would still curse him badly.

Almost everyone bet on Yue Yang losing.

The fat toad Jia De thought about the battle for a while and in the end, placed 10,000 gold to bet on Yue Yang’s victory.

This was not the Merchant Guild’s money. It was a tenth of his lifetime savings.

Jia De was not a crazy gambler, but he was a clever, speculating businessman. If Yue Yang was defeated, he would definitely suffer a great loss. But he wouldn’t be ruined, he would still have a chance to start over; If Yue Yang became victorious, then he would earn a small fortune… Chances like this won’t come by every single time, Jia De thought that he must get hold of this chance. Otherwise, he would only be a small merchant in the Golden Toad Merchant Guild forever.

“How much did you bet?” Before Yue Yang entered the Fighting Arena, he suddenly asked Jia De.

“Not much, cough cough, I didn’t bring a lot of money.” Jia De jumped in fright and hurriedly explained, “Mr. Titan, I definitely believe in you. I bet on you winning!”

“Will we be compensated with the same good if we place our bet with physical goods?” Yue Yang asked.

“Do you want to bet too?” Jia De was bewildered. Under the normal situation, the gladiator was forbidden to place bets, because everyone was afraid they would fake the results. Of course no one would really follow these rules, as long as they didn’t bet on themselves losing, no one would care if a gladiator bid the maximum amount. The Slave Fighting Arena would always welcome it. The maximum amount here was 100,000 gold, other than the extremely affluent people, no one would bet that much. Some poor beggars who wanted to bet but had no money would even pawn his goods to place their bets. It’s just that the odds from the pawning of goods would be half of the usual.

“Help me pawn these.” Yue Yang took out a huge sack from his Lich Ring.

“Ah… okay.” The fat toad Jia De thought that it was gold pieces or some kind of special ores, so that when he won he would be compensated by Thunder Ores by the huge fatass An Dong.

Unexpectedly, when he opened the sack, he was completely dumbstruck.

That Pawn Declaration Officer who was about to shout out his usual ‘Pawning of five items, item price will be halved due to bad quality’ was completely shocked. He wasn’t able to utter a single word.

This was because the things that Yue Yang wanted to pawn were five Platinum Grimoires with different motifs… If he pawned these things and if he really won the battle, what would they pay him with? Money? No one knew how to price a Platinum Grimoire. Those were priceless treasures!

The Pawn Register Officer moved extremely quickly. He first wrapped the five Platinum Grimoires and the threw it to the back pile of pawned goods like cabbage. He then wrote a Pawn Receipt with sharp writings, “Five dilapidated Platinum Grimoire as collateral, gambling capital will all be used in one day. Goods will not be refundable if the bet is lost. Goods will be returned if the bet is won. The odds are only half of the market price… When the fat toad Jia De and the Pawn Declaration Officer was still in a state of shock, all of the formalities had been completed. He then stuffed the pawn receipt to Jia De and shouted towards the window, “Next!”

This shout finally woke the Pawn Declaration Officer up.

He had wanted to snatch the pawn receipt in Jia De’s hands, but Jia De immediately ran away quickly, not giving him a chance to renege.

The Pawn Declaration Officer grabbed the collars of the Pawn Register Officer, who was as expressionless as a rock. He shouted furiously, “Damn you, are you blind?! Did you see what thing it was just now? You actually dared to accept it! If that Jia De fatty really won the bet, how are we going to compensate him? The odds are 1 to 10! Idiot, if that damned Titan really won, we have to compensate him with fifty Platinum Grimoires! Even if it was halved, we would still need to compensate twenty five Platinum Grimoires. Where on earth are you going to find twenty five Platinum Grimoires for him?”

The Pawn Register Officer was completely shocked, “What Platinum Grimoires?”

The blood to the Pawn Declaration Officer’s head was completely blocked due to anger as he shouted miserably in despair, “Please don’t tell me you did not see the goods properly just now.”

“Wasn’t it just five old books?” It was only then did the Pawn Register Officer felt that something was wrong. He looked at the records in his book, “Five dilapidated Platinum Grimoire… PLATINUM GRIMOIRE? My god, which fool would do this kind of thing? That fellow is mad, he actually used Platinum Grimoires as collaterals!”

“That’s not important, the most important thing is that it has been pawned. How are we going to compensate it!” The Pawn Declaration Officer felt like the sky had fallen on him.

“Listen to me, Huo Ji, I didn’t react at all just now because I thought it was just five old books. Dammit, those beggars have always used some rotting books as collaterals, so much that I became so used to accepting old books. How would I know they are Platinum Grimoires! If I knew those 5 books are Platinum Grimoires, I won’t accept it even if they threaten to squeeze my head against the door…” The Pawn Register Officer felt that his numbness to his job had brought him a huge trouble.

“Dammit, that’s not important, the most important thing is that we have accepted the collateral. If that Titan brat really won, Jia De would ask for twenty five Platinum Grimoires from us! Mr. An Dong would beat us all to death and would probably roast our meat into meat skewers. I daresay that we would definitely meet the same end.” The Pawn Declaration Officer was sweating bullets right now, he was trembling all over.

“I say, Huo Ji, maybe it is not that bad… You saw Jia De’s bet, right? He laid a bet on that Titan. That boy will be fighting against three Lesser Innates. Li Er and the others will definitely not lose. We will definitely win this bet. This is not scary at all. We will definitely win this bet, and the unlucky Jia De will cry and wail. He should be the one crying!” The Pawn Register Officer was also sweating bullets.

“You are saying, we should win this five Platinum Grimoires? Mr. An Dong will not be angry at us, but will reward us instead?” The Pawn Declaration Officer also felt a glimpse of light shining from the dark sky.

“Maybe… No, that’s certain!” The Pawn Register Officer comforted his comrade and himself at the same time.

The two people didn’t care about the gamblers outside who wanted to place their collaterals anymore.

The two officers listened to the news intently, hoping to hear the good news of the three Lesser Innates defeating the newbie called Titan.

Along with a deafening roar of cheers, everything become silent all of a sudden. This kind of silence made the two officers’ hairs stand on their ends. Not good, if the three Chief Bodyguards had won, everyone should be cheering. Could it be that that newbie Titan really won? But that’s weird too, how could the newbie Titan be able to defeat three Lesser Innates?

The two people didn’t care about anything anymore and rushed out. Gasping for breath, they went to a corner of the Fighting Arena and stuck their heads out from the crowd.

When they saw, the two people immediately were so shocked they turned into statues.

In the Fighting Arena, the three Chief Bodyguards had all collapsed on the ground. It was unknown whether they were dead or alive. One of them was so scared that he was trembling nonstop.

Over ten beasts’ cut up corpses were scattered all over the ground as a Platinum Reaper Mantis grabbed two beasts on its two scythe-like arms. One was a Thunder Lizard and it was already dead, while the other was Poison Spotted Dragon King who was still alive. However, there was a portion of its head that had been chewed off by the Reaper Mantis. Even a blind person could see who was the winner in this battle.

The Pawn Register Officer and the Pawn Declaration Officers’ eyes blacked out as they fainted over.

The huge fatass An Dong who was sitting on his carpet looked extremely miserable, as if he was a widow who had just lost her only son.

Jia De felt like laughing when he saw An Dong. That fellow still didn’t know what would happen afterwards. If he knew that he was supposed to pay twenty-five Platinum grimoires to Yue Yang, his face would definitely become even more interesting…

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