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LLS Chapter 365 – Friend

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Chapter 365 – Friend
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko
Shiro: Changing fat frog to fat toad.

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The strongest one would always be the big boss.

This sentence suits the Robber’s Den, Thunder Fortress the most. When Yue Yang made his move, all the problems were solved.

Even after they walked two kilometres out of the pit, the fat toad still couldn’t believe what he had seen. It was only until they almost reached the Black Market at the end of the road that he finally swallowed his saliva and said, “Mr. Titan, you really surprise me. Honestly speaking, this is my first time seeing someone handling the elite guard in the Thunder Fortress like that… They were usually evil demons who would devour humans whole, they wouldn’t stop until they wring the person who wanted to enter Thunder Fortress dry. Other than giving them endless amounts of bribes, I still have to give them a hundred female slaves every year, otherwise I won’t even be able to enter the first checkpoint…”

“Actually, no matter what kind of method you use, it is a good method, as long as you can achieve your purpose.” Yue Yang replied disinterestedly.

“Yes, you are right.” At this time, the fat toad’s respect for Yue Yang greatly increased. Previously, he had only regarded Yue Yang as a VIP customer who must be waited upon carefully. However, right now, he only felt a little afraid of him, mainly because he feared the unforeseeable, “Mr. Titan, I didn’t complete my job well. Maybe I should refund you 500 gold, no, I should refund you 1000 gold!”

“No need, gold has no meaning to me.” Yue Yang’s attitude was like an emperor.

That kind of attitude which sees gold as nothing almost made the fat toad cry river of tears. Thinking about how he had always had to work hard, running around everywhere, how much could he earn a year? At first, he only wanted to earn a small sum of money to purchase a small villa in the most bustling part of the Plaza at Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, then lived peacefully with his family. He dreamt of living a high-class, worry-free life. Who would have known that in the end, compared to others, he was not even worth a fart.

Money was indeed unimportant to Yue Yang.

He didn’t have a lot of money, but he didn’t lack of them.

Yue Yang only lacked a Divine Weapon… Of course, in Tong Tian Tower, no one would complain having too many Divine Weapons. He believed that Zhi Zun was also the same.

In the underground city of Thunder Fortress.

Black Market.

This Black Market was extremely large. Other than those who lived outside of the dark pit, all the roads and caves were part of the Black Market. Everything could be found in the Underground City, including food, water, beast, slaves, weapons, minerals, women, etc… Anything anyone could think of, everything was provided in the Black Market. Even things that nobody could think of can be found here!

On the outskirts of the Black Market, different stalls selling street food from different races were set up. There were Roasted Rats and Roasted Snakes skewer or Roasted Lizards. They were the most popular snacks around.

One would already feel good just by smelling the delicious smell.

It was best to eat them with a chilled mug of Dwarf Ale. That was the definition of a sumptuous meal by most people who lived here.

Walking deeper into the underground city, Yue Yang discovered more products being sold here. Most of them were small stalls, there were also some stalls that were built underground.

Yue Yang felt that this place was very similar to some underground markets in China.

It was messy, but lively.

And it seemed like it was better to set up stalls here than in China, because there were no troublesome things such as ‘city management’ over here.

Walking past the bustling stream of people, Yue Yang walked a few miles forward.

As he continued to walk, the area in front of him suddenly cleared up as a huge Underground City suddenly appeared in front of Yue Yang. This underground city was more or less as big as ten football fields. The dome-shaped roof was more than 300 metres above the ground and was covered in caves. The caves glowed brightly with residents’ lights, making the whole scene looked like a starry night filled with red stars.

“Although this place was incomparable to the Villain City above, it was still an extremely expensive estate. The stronger and richer people would live at higher floors. Our Merchant Guild pays 30,000 gold yearly rent for a room that was even narrower than a snail’s shell, but there’s no other way, that’s the way of this damned place. It is really hard to find a place to rest immediately unless you rent a cave.” The fat toad complained a few words, then introduced himself in an over-friendly manner, “My real name is Jia De, I am of the Golden Toad race. Of course, in front of the others, it would be best if you still call me Wei Er. I have used this alias for almost a hundred years.”

“Wei Er, you damned toad. I said I want a Butterfly Beauty last time, did you bring one with you?” Suddenly a loud voice resounded from afar.

“Butterfly Beauty?” Everyone couldn’t help but to stop their conversations and turned towards the fat toad.

“…” Yue Yang knew that butterfly beauties were extremely rare. They were the gems of the butterfly race, but Yue Yang didn’t know that they were so popular in this Thunder Fortress.

“My highly esteemed Lord Gu Nai Te, how could this lowly toad dare to forget your orders! We have caught a Butterfly Beauty, but the rumours have gotten quite out of hand, so I was not able to bring her here. Please wait for another ten days, maybe I can think of a way.” The fat toad nodded and bowed to another person, humouring him.

This man was not a human, but a man from a different race.

Yue Yang didn’t know what race this fellow was, but he could see that he was a Level 8 Emperor (Beginner). His strength far surpassed the rest of the people around, he looked like he was the gangster boss of the region. Yue Yang didn’t care about his curious gaze, but measured his surrounding instead. Countless people were performing secret trades, huddling in different groups. There were torches hung on the cliff walls, the soft glow of light bearing witness to these exchanges in the Black Market… Naked Leopard Girl and Snake Girl were twisting their waists inside their cages, seducing soundlessly. They were all high-quality goods.

These women were much luckier than those prostitutes that Yue Yang saw just now, who were standing along the tunnel, revealing their bodies under the torch lights.

They were all beautiful, they only lacked their new master.

Of course, high quality goods couldn’t be shown on display, they were for the finale of the Black Market Auction House.

For example, a Butterfly Beauty or a beautiful elf.

Even if the fat toad brought a Butterfly Beauty, he wouldn’t sell it to that Gu Nai Te. He would have auctioned her on the Auction House, so that other rich people would fight over her. Even if he sold her privately, the fat toad would have sold it to the Rankers in the Thunder Fortress, for example the top ten Rankers of the Thunder Fortress. As for Gu Nai Te, the small-time gangster boss, it would be enough to deal with him politely afterwards.

“You are just bragging, right? How could the likes of your third-rate Merchant Guild be able to catch a Butterfly Beauty? You think the strong warriors in the Butterfly race are all fools?” Gu Nai Te, who was from a different race, slapped the fat toad’s shoulders hard, shaking the fats on the fat toad’s arms. His other hand took the money pouch that the fat toad offered, collecting his bribes. Then, he looked at Yue Yang.

It seemed like he extremely disliked Yue Yang.

He signalled for Yue Yang to give him money too.

When he found out that Yue Yang had no intention to give him any bribes at all, he became extremely furious.

He brushed the fat toad who was about to sweet-talk him away, and glared at Yue Yang provocatively, purposely staring him down.

Yue Yang ignored him.

Seeing this, Gu Nai Te became even more furious. His oddly-huge nose flared open, almost as if he was about to breathe fire. Two of his four, thick hands clenched into fists. One of his hand brushed the fat toad aside while his last hand dug into his nose and dug out a green-coloured booger. He then disgustingly tried to wipe the booger on Yue Yang’s mask. Yue Yang moved his head in a swift movement and avoided his hands.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s all a small misunderstanding. He is new here, he doesn’t know the rules yet.” The fat toad hurriedly wiped the booger off on Gu Nai Te with his hands. What a joke, Gu Nai Te, who dared to provoke this Titan who could even disregard an Elite Guard, would definitely suffer in his hands. But this fellow was still a gangster boss after all, everything would be fine if they gave him some money.

“Since he’s new, we should teach him our rules!” Gu Nai Te thought that Yue Yang was scared.

He dug out an even bigger booger, but he was still unsatisfied because it wasn’t big enough.

He reached out his other hand and dug inside his other nostril.

Seems like he was intent on embarrassing Yue Yang, the newbie who had just arrived here… The surrounding people were only watching idly, as this kind of scene happen everyday, they had long gotten used to it. The crowd even followed Gu Nai Te’s sneers as they wanted to be on his good side. They jeered a few words so that Gu Nai Te would feel happier.


Yue Yang punched Gu Nai Te square in the face.

He punched him hard, shattering Gu Nai Te’s nose into pulp. His finger that was digging inside his nose was also shattered.

Gu Nai Te hadn’t even managed to scream out before Yue Yang grabbed the horns on his head and smashed it hard against the cliff wall.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Broken teeth and blood spurted out.

That big boss Gu Nai Te who was extremely strong in people’s eyes, his head burst open like a watermelon, splattering blood and brain matter everywhere.

Yue Yang acted like he had only done a small thing, like a normal person who had just killed a mosquito. Under everyone’s dumbstruck gaze, he turned around leisurely and prepared to leave.

Gu Nai Te whose head had been completely shattered suddenly stood up. Although he had a head, as a warrior of the Land Scabbard Race, he could continue to fight even without a head. This kind of power was similar to other animals who could continue to live without their tail or their head, but it was much stronger. Yue Yang was not surprised. With his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he had already known his opponent’s weakness.


Yue Yang clenched his fists.

The Star Explosion Power that he had shoved inside Gu Nai Te’s body exploded in that moment, shattering Gu Nai Te’s innards into pieces. Gu Nai Te’s innards and blood splattered all over the fat toad’s face.

One of Gu Nai Te’s arms fell right at Yue Yang’s foot, twitching continuously.

Watching this scene, Gu Nai Te’s subordinates immediately abandoned all thoughts of surrounding and attacking Yue Yang… Looking at it right now, changing their boss was more logical than fighting against this terrifying boy in front of them. They could change their boss, it was a very normal occurrence in the Black Market. But if their head was gone, they wouldn’t be able to change it anymore! When the guard who was patrolling at a far distance saw that Yue Yang easily killed Gu Nai Te, he also pretended that he didn’t see anything. He hurriedly walk further away in order to avoid being implicated.

Fighting, brawling, injuries, death.

These things happened on daily basis in the Thunder Fortress.

The only exception today was that an outsider had killed the strong Gu Nai Te in an instant, he could be considered to be a dark horse.

Many gamblers regretted not betting on the outcome of the fight, otherwise they might have won some money… One of the most regretful person in the scene was the fat toad. He was the person who understood Yue Yang’s abilities the most. Yue Yang had even dared to attack the elite guard just now, so what was Gu Nai Te even mean to him? He really regretted not setting up a bet and attracted everyone to wager on the winner of the fight. Otherwise, all the gamblers here would have already emptied their pockets.

“Nice one! Your speed is as fast as lightning, and your power is as might as thunder. I really like a young talented person like you.” A man that was ten times fatter than the fat toad was lying on a comfortable, luxurious-looking carpet. He was being lifted by fifty strong Beastmen slaves who looked like they were having a hard time carrying him. Like he was the star of a show, he proudly make an appearance from the crowd. Beside him, there were even two demon race slaves feeding him grapes and massaging his shoulders.

“…” Yue Yang was speechless. If he didn’t have his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he wouldn’t have known that this humongous, overweight fatass was actually a human!

“Do you have any interest in wrestling with me? Winner gets 1000 gold.” The huge fatass tried to entice Yue Yang with money.

“Sir An Dong, the great Slave Merchant of Qi Lan Continent, we are really happy to receive your offer, but my friend over here don’t really care about gold. Maybe we can find a better place to have a chat, about trade, for example.” The fat toad hurriedly bowed politely. He knew that it was the time for him, the spokesperson, to show himself.

“If you want me to fight against that Chief Bodyguard of yours, I don’t mind trying.” Yue Yang suddenly spoke out his condition.

“Three Chief Bodyguards fight you altogether and I will give you 10,000 gold. Do you have the guts?” The huge fatass An Dong had three Lesser Innates Chief Bodyguards. These three people were very close to becoming Innates, but due to their cultivation and enlightenment state, they might not be able to became Innates in this lifetime. Hence, they would be Lesser Innates forever. Their powers were definitely one of the top in the Underground City.
One Chief Bodyguard could easily kill Gu Nai Te in one move. Now that there were three of them in one row, everyone thought that Yue Yang, the newcomer, would never agree to An Dong’s deal.

As long as one was not a fool, one would understand how terrifying it was to fight against the combined strength of three Lesser Innates!

Although there are a lot of money, they still need their lives to in order to enjoy spending it!

Yue Yang pretended to be thinking deeply and mumbling to himself, then he spoke out, “I don’t want money, but if I win, you have to give me a high-class equipment.” When Yue Yang said this, even fools knew that he wanted the ‘Thunder Ore’. However, the thing that everyone never anticipated was that Yue Yang actually wanted the three Chief Bodyguards’ lives… These three Chief Bodyguards were all notorious villains in the Bloody Villains List. As both the Merchant Guild and Assassin Guild offer bounties for their heads, they had nowhere to run to, in the end, they stayed here at the Thunder Fortress under An Dong’s protection.

As long as Yue Yang got rid of them, the quest that Yue Yang came here to finish would be twenty percent completed.

“No problem.” The huge fatass An Dong was rich and influential, he was one of the Thunder Ore Mines’ shareholders. He had many Thunder Ores to spare.

“Boy, you are courting death!” Those three Chief Bodyguards revealed a menacing glint in their eyes.

“Not a bad phrase for your last words.” Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders disinterestedly.

“In order for both sides to fight in a fair match, I suggest that we start the fight one hour later. This way, you would be able to get enough rest and preparation. As for us, we would also be able to take the opportunity to invite more people to watch this intense fight and place their bets on us.” An Dong laughed out loudly as he glanced at Yue Yang, “Young one, you can find a place to rest or come to our waiting room. There are a lot of supplies that you can use for free over there.”

“Thank you, we will appear on time.” The fat toad quickly rejected their offer. What a joke, if they used their supplies, they might not even know it when they suddenly die!

When An Dong left, the fat toad started to complain at Yue Yang without caring about the others watching them, “Mr. Titan, it’s not that I want to blame you for your recklessness, but this time you are really too reckless. You did not think over it carefully and you did not even try to discuss it with me, your friend. Yes, I understand An Dong’s scheming ways, even if you are very powerful, it would be very difficult to defeat them, you understand? An Dong has this special kind of drug that would increase someone’s strength multiple times for a short period. If he used it, then you won’t be fighting against three Lesser Innates Chief Bodyguards, you would be fighting against three Innates… If you don’t have the confidence, we should run away now! Retreating is not a disgrace, recklessly going into fights and dying would be the greatest mistake you can make in your life. Maybe you don’t agree with my idea, but I still hope that you could listen to my advice. This matter, you have to think about it carefully. The enemy definitely have the intention to ‘eat us to our bones’, otherwise they wouldn’t initiate a fight with us… Maybe, An Dong’s true motive is your mask and the treasure behind your back!”

Yue Yang waved his hands, “Jia De, thank you for your good intention. Allow me to say one thing, if you want to be my friend, the only thing you must do is to believe in me!”

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