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LLS Chapter 363 – How could you lose a person?

Chapter 363 – How could you lose a person?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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In the Warrior Guild, Yue Yang who teleported with the teleportation stone immediately appeared in front of the middle-aged warrior.

“Do you need healing?” When the middle-aged warrior saw that Yue Yang was covered in blood, he thought that Yue Yang was grievously injured. He never thought that those blood were the blood of the Dragon Hunters party that Yue Yang had massacred.

“Thanks, I’m fine. I can’t compensate your teleportation stone for the mean time. As for the quest, my comrades will definitely finish it.” Yue Yang nodded, then turned around and left.

“That boy is really a little weird…” The middle-aged warrior watched Yue Yang’s back and frowned.

“What happened?” A young Foreign Tribe Warrior beside the middle-aged warrior asked.

“It doesn’t seem like he has gone through a bloody battle. Although he was covered in blood, he was extremely calm. I don’t understand, how could he be someone who had just reached the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower?” The middle-aged warrior had seen through Yue Yang’s details previously, and discovered that he had joined a party straight away, before an hour had even passed since the first moment he stepped onto the Sixth Floor. If it wasn’t that way, the middle-aged warrior would not have given Yue Yang a teleportation stone for emergency escape.

Right now, this newbie had actually returned before half a day had passed. Furthermore, he was covered in blood.

However, he looked extremely calm.

Could it be that this boy was one of the generals who led bloody battles in the lower floors of Tong Tian Tower?

Not even ten minutes had gone by before Yue Yang entered the Warrior Guild again. He walked up to the middle-aged warrior and gave him a form, “I decide to join the Anti-Dragon Hunters Mercenary Procession. The Mercenary Guild said that I need a nominator and a guarantor. May I ask if you could help me sign your name here?”

“You met Dragon Hunters just now?” The middle-aged warrior was greatly shocked. Dragon Hunters were not a joke. Although they weren’t many, almost every Dragon Hunters party was led by a corrupted Innate Ranker. Every Time they moved, their party would consist of more than ten members at least. It would be extremely difficult for normal warriors to kill Dragon Hunters! Even the Warrior Guild’s ‘Iron Blood Guards’ would require more than a hundred men to defeat a single Dragon Hunter party.

“There happen to be a powerful warrior passing by. He drove them away, so my party member and I were unharmed.” Yue Yang didn’t deny that they met the Dragon Hunters.

“You are very lucky!” The middle-aged warrior sighed, “Every year, at least a hundred newbies died under the Dragon Hunters’ hands. Listen, I can sign here, but you must listen to my advice. Before you reached the Innate realm, if you met the Dragon Hunters when you are alone, you must immediately escape, the faster the better.”

“Understood.” Yue Yang obviously wouldn’t tell him the truth.

“You wait a minute!” The middle-aged warrior wrote two words on Yue Yang’s form, ‘Ou Gen’. Looks like that was his name.

After he finished signing his name, he did not gave the form back to Yue Yang immediately.

Instead, he walked into the Warrior Guild’s inner office and did not come out for quite a few minutes.

When he returned the form back to Yue Yang, there was another name written on it, ‘Ma Tai’. That was Yue Yang’s guarantor. The middle-aged warrior Ou Gen had settled the guarantor’s name conveniently. When Yue Yang was about to leave, Ou Gen had even warned him, “Young one, I understand your anger, but I sincerely wish that not just today, I wish that next year, or even a hundred years later, I can still see you walking into the Warrior Guild full of fighting spirit like today… Do you understand what I mean?”

Yue Yang nodded, “Thank you for your advice. I think I won’t do anything foolish.”

With regards to Ou Gen’s name, Yue Yang remembered that there was a Great Demon King with the name of Ou Gen in the Demon Abyss.

Of course, that Great Demon King Ou Gen didn’t give Yue Yang a good impression. This Uncle Ou Gen, an Innate Level 1 with a moustache in the shape of ‘八’ , on the other hand, was much more to Yue Yang’s liking. Although he was a little naggy, he was really a good guide for newbies.

When Yue Yang left, the old man who was in-charge of teleporting Yue Yang and his party to the Jadeite Forest just now came out.

He, who had hair as white as white swan, laughed out, “Ou Gen, it’s really rare for you to agree being the nominator for a newbie. You have even asked me to be the guarantor.”

“That young human is really mysterious… The thing that made me feel strange is that he looks very familiar. Maybe I have seen his father or relative before, it’s just that I can’t remember him from the back of my head now.” The middle-aged warrior Ou Gen frowned.

“Yeah, he do look familiar. I wouldn’t notice it if you hadn’t said that.” The old man remembered vaguely.

Yue Yang walked towards the Mercenary Guild and handed a hundred gold and the filled up registration form. He officially became one of the mercenary and received a ‘Valor Medal’, the identifier for mercenary soldier.

This Valor Medal was divided into six ranks.

Every rank had different Runes installed. The first three ranks were strengthened with Dwarf Runes while the later three ranks were strengthened with Heaven Runes.

With regards to this medals, Yue Yang didn’t care at all. Furthermore, Dwarf Runes was easy as primary school questions to him. Even the Heaven Runes on the later three ranks of the Valor Medal was like the most basic knowledge for Yue Yang. They couldn’t even compare to the sickly beauty’s research. What Yue Yang wanted was a status. Now Yue Yang discovered that the normal path of training was not suitable for him, he must walk a unique training journey that was different from anyone else.

For example, levelling up by defeating monsters. Yue Yang felt that he was now under-levelled but extremely powered up. With his super strong abilities, it might even be an overkill.

Yue Yang decided to be patient and start from the beginning. This was actually quite difficult.

This was because he had already gotten used to meeting stronger enemies with every battle.

Yue Yang really couldn’t care less about picking herbs or defeating low-levelled monsters to get magic crystals. These things didn’t make his heart move at all.

On the opposite, if he tried a new way.

If he could ‘get treasures from killing people’ rather than ‘get treasures from killing monsters’, Yue Yang would be more fired up about it. Especially when he slaughtered the small Dragon Hunters party just now. He had killed his arrogant enemies in one swoop, then took their treasures such as Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, Curse Ball, Blood Scythe, Thunder Axe and others and kept them inside his Lich Ring. That kind of satisfying feeling was something that he wouldn’t experience normally. Furthermore, the equipment that the small Dragon Hunters party wore were far more valuable than the magic crystals and herbs that he collected along the way.

If he had killed a normal party, he wouldn’t be able to explain it. After all, the other party had not offended him at all.

However, he had killed the Dragon Hunters, who was notorious for their cruelty and crimes.

He managed to uphold justice and acquire treasures at the same time. Getting double achievement, why shouldn’t he go for this?

In the Mercenary Guild, Yue Yang realized that among the top 100 quests, five were requests to annihilate the Dragon Hunters. Some requests were for small parties, while some requests were for a single person.

Assassin Guild, Thief Guild and Mercenary Guild were all combined together as one body in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. All requests would be issued on the Mercenary Guild, but the trade, materials and rewards would be completed at each guild. All three guilds would have a Bloody Villain List. Amongst the top ten wanted people, eight of them were Dragon Hunters. Only two were naturally born mad slaughterers.

The murderer who killed the most number of people was called ‘An Xi’. That fellow had slaughtered over a million people, way ahead of the second in line.

This An Xi, from the description, possessed the strength of an Innate Level 10. He was a Ranker who was said to have slaughtered one whole continent before.

Other than the Supreme Elder of Humans, Zhi Zun, An Xi who had lived for more than two thousand years was not an enemy that anyone dared to challenge.

According to the Top Rankers List, his great name was ranked even higher than the Great Emperor of Zi Wei, Shun Tian, and Thousand Goblins Sect Leader. Amongst the names Yue Yang recognized, only Luo Jia Shan, the ‘Sky Execution’ from the Demonic Palace were ranked at the fifth place, the same rank as ‘An Xi’. The Great Demon King Baruth was ranked fourth, but Yue Yang did not recognize the second and third Rankers. Seems like they were Rankers from the Outer Realm.
(Shiroyukineko: Sorry for mistranslation. Sky Execution was previously Sky Pearl, I read the word 诛 as 珠… Will change the previous chapters.)

In the Bloody Villain List, other than An Xi who was top of the list, the top ten mad murderers had not killed over ten thousand people.

Of course, these numbers were not counting the number of civilians that they killed, it was only the number of warriors that they killed.

It was unknown how the list kept track of the numbers.

Yue Yang went through the list. He felt that if he killed every single fellow in the list, he would acquire a lot of treasures.

Other than the mysterious An Xi, the Dragon Hunters who mostly dominated the Bloody Villains List had actually so rampantly created a country in one of the Outer Realms in Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. It really made Yue Yang surprised… Seems like as long as one possess power, no matter who they are, they would be able to act as they please, unrestricted!

“Why are you covered in blood?” When the sickly beauty saw Yue Yang return all covered in blood, she became curious.

“I was beating up some little thieves.” Yue Yang chuckled.

“Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear? It’s a set with your Dragon Slaying Dagger. Not bad.” The sickly beauty knew that Yue Yang had always wanted to find suitable weapons. This Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, although it was not the ideal Holy-ranked or Divine-ranked Weapon that Yue Yang had wanted, it was still part of a Gold-ranked set. It was still a good thing to have.

“The Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower is kind of interesting. I will rest for a while, tomorrow I will continue to find treasures.” A thought suddenly flashed through Yue Yang’s mind. Should he bring Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others to train here? Although it would be a little dangerous, and that they might die if they were careless, under this kind of environment, they would definitely improve faster than in Soaring Dragon Continent.

“Are you missing Wu Xia, Qian Qian and the others?” When the sickly beauty saw Yue Yang deep in thought, she even thought that Yue Yang was missing his home. She slowly hugged him.

“Also missing you.” Yue Yang didn’t deny her. He hugged the beauty and gave her a sweet kiss.

“You are thinking of playing dirty tricks, right?” The sickly beauty’s starry eyes looked drunk in happiness as she slowly closed them. Within Yue Yang’s embrace, her hands pinched his arms lightly, “Scoundrel, you should bathe first, your whole body reeks of blood…”

The second day, Yue Yang who wore the Gemini Mask, Wyvern Armor, and carrying a Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear wrapped up in a cloth appeared in front of the Mercenary Guild.

He used his Valor Medal to receive three quests. After getting the map for the quests, he prepared to teleport to his destination.

Suddenly, he walked towards the Plaza.

Golden Elves Lin En, Anna, Bao Er and the Ox-head party leader Li Ao, Fan Lun Tie and the four Orc girls walked passed him, but they did not recognize that the man who was dressed strangely was actually the weakling Titan Yue who had suddenly exploded and annihilated a whole Dragon Hunters party. Yue Yang was walking right beside Bao Er the big loli golden elf, but this self-pronounced 100% Accuracy, Unrivalled Archer with Sharp Eyesight had even glared at him, because Yue Yang had accidentally knocked over the card in her hand.

She raised her card up high, which stated, “Looking for party member, Titan Yue. Hoping for any kind of news, informers will be rewarded.”

The same search request for Titan Yue had also been posted at the Mercenary Guild Quest List.

Yue Yang didn’t greet them, he only chuckled and teleported away from the Plaza, starting his bounty request.

And at this time, in the newbie registration site, a few men were acting like farmers who had just came into a big city. They were shouting excitedly as they walked in. One of them was a fatty, he was holding a chicken drumstick with his oily hands, biting voraciously as if he was a reincarnation of a Hungry Ghost. He ate as he talked with his comrades, “Monkey Ye, look at that. This is the plaza of Tong Tian Tower’s Sixth Floor. My god, it’s so much bigger than my courtyard… Look at those monsters, my god, how did it grow so big? Look at those Golems, do you think that their brains are made of stone? Not bad, this Tong Tian Tower Sixth Floor is more lively than I imagined. If we can set up a stall here, we might earn a lot of profit.”

“Dumb Fatty, although you have the spirit of a merchant, don’t be an embarrassment to Soaring Dragon Continent. Nobody here wants your trash!” The lean guy sneered at the fatty.

Two honest-looking, dead silent men carried two huge bags and followed behind the lean guy and the fatty, not speaking anything at all.

Behind them, there were two more guys.

One was cold as ice, as if he was a guy who had just broken out from a world of ice and snow.

The other one had a face as smooth as jade and whiter than girls. For a human man to have such a beautiful appearance, it might even be pushing the limits of a human.

The Golden Elf Lin En and the Ox-head Li Ao glanced at each other. Are they newbies from the Soaring Dragon Continent?

The Ox-head Fan Lun Tie became more anxious. She quickly walked forward with wide steps and shouted out with her coarse voice, deafening everyone around, “You human newbies over there, stop there and don’t move!”

“Is this robbery? Great Ox-head King, I have no money!” Fatty Hai raised his hands exaggeratedly and pretended to be panic-stricken, “I have chicken drumstick though, if you don’t mind leftovers!”

“Who wanted to rob you? I just wanted to ask you about a person!” The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie grumbled at her heart, why are there no normal humans from the Soaring Dragon Continent?

“So it’s not robbery…” The fatty immediately turned around and shook his hand, just like he was swatting flies, “Shoo, shoo. I don’t speak to anyone other than beauties. What do you mean ask us about a person. We just came to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, we don’t know anyone and didn’t owe anyone money. You asked the wrong person!”’ He continued to speak as he ate his chicken drumstick, completely disregarding the Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie’s enraged eyes.

“We want to find someone who is like you, a newbie who came from the Soaring Dragon Continent!” Bao Er hurriedly ran towards them and asked.

“It’s a whole other case if a beauty is asking me! Although you are still small, you will definitely be a beauty when you grow up. I have decided to answer your question. However, you must call me Great Big Brother first!” The Fatty showed his piggy older brother appearance.

“Scram! You are really an embarrassment!” The lean guy sent the fatty flying through the air with a kick.

“That’s right…” The ice-cold guy agreed.

“Please don’t mind him. Although the Soaring Dragon Continent produce many handsome guys and beautiful girls everyday, sometimes, a defective product will arise. For example, that piggy over there is a disgrace to our Soaring Dragon Continent. Just ignore him.” The lean guy acted refined and courteous, but even a blind person could see that he was not a virtuous person either. Furthermore, his courteous demeanour right now was the complete opposite of his violent actions just now. Even the Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie, who had strong mental strength, could not react to these people.

“We have no intention to disturb you guys. We only wanted to find a friend whom we had just gotten to know but went missing. He is called Titan Yue, do you happen to know him?” Anna decided to ask them herself.

The moment she asked, Lin En and Li Ao noticed that everyone’s faces revealed a strange expression.

Did they really ask the wrong people?

Were these people Titan Yue’s enemies?

They definitely recognized him, but they might not be friends. If Titan Yue was their friends, why wouldn’t they come to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower together? Titan Yue came alone, could it be that he was trying to hide from these people? These people looked a little strange, it was completely possible that they were Titan Yue’s enemies!

Lin En and Li Ao prepared themselves internally.

The fatty that had been kicked flying just now had already returned without anyone noticing. He was standing right in front of Anna.

He put the chicken drumstick inside his robe and wiped the grease on his mouth. He then took out a comb and brushed his hair neatly. Next, he dusted off the dust on his clothes and finally, acting like an elegant noble, he bowed gracefully, “My beautiful, fair lady, allow me to answer your question. Let alone answering your questions, I would even jump into blades and fire for you. I would also…Ahhhh!”

Before the fatty finished his words, he was kicked to the ground by the lean guy once again.

Then, the few people who came from the Soaring Dragon Continent harmoniously stomped and trampled on the fatty. Anna and Bao Er were completely dumbstruck by the scene before them.

Could it be that everyone in Soaring Dragon Continent are freaks?

Why aren’t there any decent ones?

When they finished beating up the fatty, Anna tried to endure her smile and asked once again. Initially, she had doubted that these humans were bad people, but now that she looked again, they didn’t seem so. This was only a group of buffoons who liked to make commotions. Although they were kind of lewd and strange, it seemed like they were good people.

“What did you say? Titan Yue? Of course we know him. That brat is my little brother and I’m his big boss. How could I not know him?” The fatty, whose face was full of bruises, so much that he bears close resemblance to the Orcs, suddenly jumped up. His face weren’t read and he wasn’t out of breath as he proudly patted his chest, “When we studied at Ivy Academy last time, I was the one who led him to woo girls. That brat was too inadequate, no girls like him at all. He simply couldn’t compare to the handsome me, who had so many admirers that I have rejected!”

“You are his big boss?” Lin En and Li Ao immediately sweated profusely when they heard him, speechless.

“Are you really big brother Titan’s big boss?” Bao Er couldn’t help but to sweat profusely as she thought, could it be that the Soaring Dragon Continent respect the fattest as elders? Whoever was the fattest would be the big boss?

“Big brother Titan?” The lean guy looked at Bao Er curiously. His probing gaze made Bao Er feel embarrassed. Before this, Bao Er definitely never called Yue Yang big brother Titan before, she only called him idiot. However, after she woke up, she heard about the mysterious, amazing story that Fan Lun Tie and the others had told her. She heard about how the cowardly, weak and idiot human had annihilated the Dragon Hunters in an instant and saved everyone. About how he had left in a flashy way and left a lonely, strong person’s figure at the end. Hence, the weak, cowardly idiot had levelled up to become big brother Titan.

“Where is he? Hand him over!” The Ox-head girl Fan Lun Tie was different from Bao Er. She felt that she had been fooled by Yue Yang previously, hence she was extremely furious and was thinking of settling the debts between them.

“Eh, isn’t he with you guys?” The fatty asked.

“He, uh, got lost…” Fan Lun Tie found it embarrassing to say that their whole party misunderstood that Yue Yang was a coward weakling, and made him walk away in anger at the end.

“You can lose anything, but you, you, how could you lose a person!” The fatty immediately made a big fuss.

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