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LLS Chapter 362 – You don’t deserve to use this spear!

Chapter 362 – You don’t deserve to use this spear!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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That heavily-muscled man was still in shock. He never thought that a ‘weakling’ enemy would actually be able to instant kill his comrade who was equal to him in strength. How could a Level 8 Intermediate Emperor have killed just like instantly just like that?

However, as a Ranker, he had a quick reaction speed.

When Yue Yang appeared in front of him, he didn’t think much and simply punched forward.

This punch was strong enough to split a mountain. Even the gigantic Gold Mammoth would collapse to the ground with this punch.


The heavily-muscled guy only felt pain in his fist. His body suddenly went weak and involuntarily collapsed to the ground. He felt his fist was grabbed by an unstoppable force and was completely crushed in that moment. That kind of pain shot straight into his bones. He heard a weird sound in his ears, which he was actually very familiar with. This was because he would hear that cracking sound every time he crushed his enemies’ bones. He even liked that cracking sound that makes others’ hair stand on its end.

He listened to the voice as he closed his eyes in an attempt to endure the pain.

He realized his arm was completely numb. It continued to twist and changed shape.

In the end, his whole arm was twisted out of his shoulders… He never imagined that today, the one that was being tortured turned out to be himself.

He didn’t even bother to shout in pain before he turned around and escape.

This kind of enemy was not someone he could handle, he could only run away. He must return to the two Innate Rankers, only then could his life be saved! As he was about to run away like crazy, Yue Yang touched the back of his head.

A great force suddenly pushed the heavily-muscled guy’s face to the ground. His head sunk into the ground, but the great force continued to push his head forward. Like a plough that the bull pulled to loosen the soil on the ground, his head drew a long line on the ground.

Everyone, including the two Innate Rankers, was completely dumbstruck by the scene in front of them.

They were shocked speechless.

No one could understand what was actually happening!

That fellow whose head was pulled through the ground like a plough was not dead yet. When Yue Yang released him, he could even jump up and ran towards his comrades, with a face like a rotten fertilizer.

Only his squished mouth was calling out in an unclear cry for help. The sight made everyone’s heart tremble and hair rise.


He didn’t even manage to run ten steps away before his head was exploded to pieces by Yue Yang’s Innate Qi charge.

His brain matter and skull pieces splattered all over the ground!

As the two Level 8 Emperors had died under Yue Yang’s hands, their beast’s body had also exploded as they died together with their master. They didn’t even manage to betray their master and died on the spot.

“We have no intention to be rude to your excellency…” The one who reacted fastest was one of the Innate Ranker. He wore black clothes and had an eagle beak-like crooked nose. His gaze was sharper than sword and he held a Curse Ball in his hands. He should be playing the role of intelligence in the party. He had heard a little about their conversation just now, and he knew that the two Level 8 Emperors were vile and nasty. Now that they had angered the opponent, it was very normal for the opponent to kill them one after another afterwards. The only thing that he felt strange about was the fact that there was such a strong Innate Ranker in their opponent’s party.

Why would an Innate form a party and do quests with Level 6 Elders and Level 7 Overlords? This was really bewildering.

The other Innate with the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear wore a red robe and had red hair.

He was glaring at Yue Yang furiously.

If only he could determine Yue Yang’s level and abilities, he would already attack him.

As a Level 3 Innate Ranker, although he possessed extraordinary powers, he knew that there would always be someone stronger than him. Although Innate Level 3 was considered strong in Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, there were many far stronger warriors than them. Innate Level 3 was not an unrivalled existence.

If he were to encounter a Level 6 ranker, he would be killed instantly. Right now, he was just afraid that this boy was a Level 6 Innate Ranker!

Judging from his age, he didn’t look like an Innate at all.

However, if he wasn’t an Innate, he wouldn’t have been able to kill two Level 8 Emperors in an instant!

“Let’s talk!” Amongst the Dragon Hunters, a scrawny guy who seemed to be the most proficient speaker tried to ask Yue Yang.

“….” Yue Yang’s answer to them was the Earth Splitting Slash. With a burst of his Innate Qi, his Hui Jin Magic Blade burst into raging flames and he slashed the scrawny guy who was about to negotiate with him into half.

The Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear pierced the air in a flash.

The red haired Innate Ranker wearing a red robe roared in anger. He gave up fighting with the heavily injured Green Dragon although he could have killed it with a few more blows. The sudden critical situation that arose because Yue Yang killed his comrades forced him to change his mind and attack Yue Yang instead. Innate Rankers were bound by the rules of the Innate Alliance, so normally, Innates would avoid battles as much as they can. Especially Innates of the same race, so as to avoid lost in overall strength as a race, unless negotiation completely broke down, killings between the Innate Rankers would not occur under normal situations.

Following its master’s attack, a Gold-ranked Level 8 Red-eyed Lion roared as it attempted to pounce on Yue Yang.

In the sky, two Gold-ranked Level 7 Cow-Eating Giant Vultures were hovering in the air, baring their sharp claws.

Facing attack from all sides, if it were another Innate Level 2 or below, they would definitely bred e running around in circles, especially when they were being attacked by the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear which was extremely sharp, terrifying and powerful. It was more than capable of causing one to die upon contact.

Yue Yang dodged and escaped from the sharp point easily.

His Yang Ability burst out in an instant.

Under Yue Yang’s control, the Hui Jin Magic Blade roared with raging purple flame that soared into the sky like a phoenix and attacked the two Cow-Eating Giant Vultures.

The two vultures shrieked as they became roasted birds!

As the Red-eyed Lion attacked from behind, Yue Yang held the Silver-ranked Eye Destroyer Dagger and sliced it past the eyes of the Red-eyed Lion. Without waiting for the Red-eyed Lion to react to the attack, Yue Yang’s Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger had penetrated its skull. Innate Invisible Sword Qi pierced the skull through the blade and shot through the Red-eyed Lion’s magic crystal in its skull.

The Red-eyed Lion was initially leaping through the air, but it suddenly fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Without it could even land on the ground, it had already killed by Yue Yang. The other Innate Ranker watched as his face turned pale from the realisation that the ‘Venom Curse’ released from his Curse Ball was rendered useless on his opponent. God knows what those two Level 8 Emperors did to offend this opponent, who was immune to the unique skills of Gold-ranked artefacts and could remain safe under attacks from both the Innate Rankers and their beasts. He was even capable of striking a deadly attack in return.

“No, my Kitty!“ The red haired Innate Ranker with bloodied clothes cried sorrowfully as he unleashed all his powers and went after Yue Yang.

Yue Yang didn’t even bother about him as he raised the Crescent Moon and Hui Jin Magic Blade together.

The two Level 7 Overlords who rushed to defend couldn’t even withstand one blow from Yue Yang before their heads were cut off, soaring across the sky…

The current Dragon Hunters Team, who was always the tyrannical bully, now became victims of abuse. In front of Yue Yang the killing machine, they couldn’t stay in their party formation anymore. The survivors all fled, except for two Level 8 Emperors who fled to where their leader, who was holding the curse ball was. They knew that they would be the safest when they were near their leader.


Who can flee faster than an Innate?

Yue Yang thrust the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillars onto the ground and went after the Level 7 Overlords.

Blade slashes, dagger thrusts, Star Explosion… Yue Yang raised his fire bow and ice arrow and aimed at the fellow who escaped the furthest. His Ice Arrow pierced the heart of the fellow who thought that he could get away.

Even an Innate Ranker could be instantly killed by Yue Yang’s Ice Arrow. Previously, Yao Guang of the Seven Great Bears died after being shot by three ice arrows.

As the fellow who escaped was just a normal Level 7 Ranker, he didn’t even get the chance to cry before he froze into a ice sculpture.

“Burst! “

Yue Yang clenched his fist as the ice sculpture burst into a million pieces of ice crumbs.

Apart from two Level 3 Innate Rankers and the two Level 8 Emperors, amongst the whole team of Dragon Hunters, there was only one surviving Level 7 Overlord. Based on his real strength, he could easily fight on the same level as the Golden Elf Lin En and the Ox-head Party leader Li Ao. However, now he appeared as weak as a chick in front of Yue Yang, he didn’t even have the courage to fight back.

As Yue Yang approached him, he took out his teleportation stone with trembling hands.

The teleportation stone was subsequently shattered.

However, the pillar of light for teleportation didn’t appear… Nobody looked at Yue Yang as their attention fell on the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillar thrust onto the ground previously. The giant pillar had such a strong will that it disrupted the teleportation severely.

“Please spare me! “ The fellow cried out as he trembled in fear.

“Your comrade taught me that only the fittest will survive, and I’m sorry you’re not strong enough!“ Yue Yang then pointed on his forehead.

A bloody hole for appeared on his forehead, passing through the back of his head.

The [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi is invincible. It was unrivalled and invincible. Forget about the Level 7 Overlord, even powerful warriors like the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian, the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and the Great Demon King Baruth didn’t dare to stop the attack head-on.

Maybe because they have witnessed Yue Yang’s terrifying power and also understood that they couldn’t escape, the two Innates and two Level 8 Emperors charged forward towards Yue Yang like madmen, intent on attacking Yue Yang from all sides. If they didn’t risk everything to kill Yue Yang, they wouldn’t have any chance of surviving. Right now, they had understood that their opponent had been completely enraged by their comrades’ arrogant attitude and was determined to slaughter their whole party. There was completely no room for negotiation or reconciliation!

The Innate with the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear took the lead, becoming the main attacker of the party.

The Innate Party Leader who held the Curse Ball in his hands took out a Gold-ranked Staff and attacked from above Yue Yang. He also summoned his Gold King Beast, Chaotic Flame Beast, to attack Yue Yang altogether.

The two Level 8 Intermediate Emperors attacked from the left and right. The one on Yue Yang’s left held a Thunder Axe while the one on the right held a Blood Scythe.

Yue Yang laughed coldly.

Welcoming the four attacking enemies, his body flashed across.

When Yue Yang re-appeared again, amongst the four attacking enemies, the two Emperors who was charging towards Yue Yang in the air had fallen to the ground.

The warrior with Thunder Axe’s head was separated from his body.

The warrior with Blood Scythe waist had been twisted off.

The Innate party leader with the Curse Ball cried out disbelievingly, “Impossible, it’s definitely impossible! What godly weapon do you actually have? How could you kill them so easily?”

“I don’t believe it!” The red-robed, red-haired Innate with Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear charged forward as if his life depended on it and thrusted his spear straight towards Yue Yang’s heart.

Before the spear even reached Yue Yang, the wind blade caused by the spear had already torn across the air.

Even the cliff dozens of metres behind Yue Yang were smashed into pieces by this powerful attack.

Yue Yang was pierced through by the spear.

However, before the enemy manage to smile, Yue Yang’s after image had disappeared. Yue Yang’s real body appeared right behind the enemy, his eyes flashed with ridicule. With regards to speed, how could these fellows be compared to the Heaven Realm Great Leader, Xu Kong? They were like tortoises compared to him. How could Yue Yang, who had gotten used to Xu Kong’s speed, be pierced by his spear?

He stuck close to his enemy’s back.

Nirvana Flame flared up and turned into a spear.

With a powerful thrust, the Nirvana Flame Spear pierced through the back of the Innate with the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, right through and out of his chest…

“You don’t deserve to use this spear!” Yue Yang snatched the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear in lightning speed. With another beautiful thrust of spear, he pierced the burning enemy on the spear point and threw him to the ground. He stomped on the enemy’s head, trampling his head deep into the ground, trapping him, who was still trying to struggle for live even on death’s door.

“Let me go, I can promise you something!” The Innate party leader with the Curse Ball knew that he would definitely not be able to defeat his enemy, hence he only pleaded for his life.

“You asked too late…”

Yue Yang turned around, and the World Exterminating Wheel that he had thrown out just now easily slashed the last man standing, the Innate party leader, into half.

He kept his World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame Spear, and took the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear and Curse Ball. He then turned around, and looked at his new party members Lin En, Anna, Li Ao, Fan Lun Tie and the others who were still staring with their mouths agape, unable to believe everything that happened in front of them. Yue Yang then turned again and took back the Prison Emperor Seven Star Pillars. At the same time, he crushed the teleportation stone that the middle-aged warrior from the Warrior Guild gave him.

It was time for him to leave the party…

Although they had different thoughts, Yue Yang had learnt quite a lot of things from the Ox-head, Orcs and the Golden Elves. For example, he witnessed their will to fight for their own beliefs, their fearless courage and their unyielding spirit. These things were things that Yue Yang had never seen before.

Although he didn’t agree with their views, he didn’t disagree with their life philosophy.

“Wait…” In the instant before Yue Yang teleported away, Lin En, Li Ao and the others shouted out, as if they had just woken up from their dreams.

Before Yue Yang left, he felt that weird Holy Beast that had been following him from the start observing him. When did it come? Even with Yue Yang’s sharp senses, he was actually not able to sense its presence.

If he wasn’t in the midst of teleportation, Yue Yang would have searched for that Holy Beast to see what it truly look like.

If it was fated to be, they would definitely meet again. Yue Yang suddenly felt this way in his heart.

He had only just came to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. His future levelling journey was still a long way ahead…

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