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LLS Chapter 360 – New Party Member

Chapter 360 – New Party Member
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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At first, Yue Yang thought that it would be easy to get a quest in the Warrior Guild at the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. Who would know that it was completely beyond his expectations.

In the Warrior Guild of Tong Tian Tower Sixth Floor, the requirements of getting a quest was extremely strict.

Other than the fact that the party level had to meet the requirement, the party’s number of members and job allocation were also strictly imposed. If the party leader did not meet the required level, or if the party did not have a party member with certain jobs, the Quest Officer would reject the party’s request for the quest. Furthermore, in the Warrior Guild, there were very little single-person quest, because even Innate Rankers believed that in the Tong Tian Tower Sixth Floor, the chances of a single person surviving was extremely low. Without the support of a party, a person would not even be able to guarantee their life’s safety, let alone finish a quest.

“Are you really sure that you have the power to finish this quest?” The Quest Officer, who was a middle-aged warrior, asked this question to Yue Yang at least three times.

“If it was really a Starcup Flower picking quest.” Yue Yang was speechless. Did he really need to be so nervous over picking some flowers? They were not even going to defeat some big boss monster. Furthermore, why didn’t he ask the others and only him alone? Could it be that he really looked that weak and fragile? Was his [Camouflage] Inherent Skill that effective?

“Young one, you have to pay attention to your attitude. Although the Jadeite Forest is a green-coded area, thirty percent of the monsters there are Gold-ranked monsters, and close to ten percent are Gold King Beasts. Most importantly, sometimes the strong Green Dragon or Blue Dragon would appear there, as they like to rest there. In this hundred years, there were at least 500 warriors who died taking this quest. Do you understand what I mean?” The middle-aged warrior was dissatisfied with Yue Yang’s attitude. He felt that if he let Yue Yang do the quest, it would be equivalent to sending him to his death.

“Alright, I’ll be careful.” Yue Yang didn’t want to argue. He hurriedly expressed his understanding and gratefulness to the middle-aged warrior’s good intentions, so that he could stop him from lecturing him again.

“I will lend this to you for the moment.” The middle-aged warrior gave a teleportation stone to Yue Yang, and warned him one last time, “Young one, if you are in danger, crush it at the first moment, understand? Sometimes retreating is not a disgrace, on the opposite, throwing one’s life is the real foolish thing to do.”

“…” Yue Yang never thought that this middle-aged uncle who had too much saliva on his mouth would actually really care about his life.

Of course, to a Warrior Guild Officer, the warriors who managed to come here, no matter where they were from, were the elite amongst the elites.

If they die at the beginning, it would be a great loss to the world. Especially the younger ones, they still have a huge growth potential, they might even become an Innate in the future. If they die at the initial stage of their growth, it would really be a pity.

After accepting the quest, an attendant led them towards a special teleportation room.

Before they teleported into the Jadeite Forest, the old man who was in charge of the teleportation gate warned them, “Everyone, you only have ten days to finish the quest. If you cannot return by the deadline, you will fail your quest. From the eleventh day, we will send a rescue team. If you guys fall into a predicament, you have to keep persevering on. Lastly, I wish you good luck!”

“Thank you for senior’s well wishes.” Other than Yue Yang, everyone, including the Orcs and the Ox-heads, replied him respectfully.

A golden light flashed.

Yue Yang discovered that he was teleporting to a special place.

The whole sky and earth was green. The sky was green jade-coloured while the ground was dark green. The trees here were close to a hundred metres tall, lush and thick, full of vitality. Compared to the Soaring Dragon Continent, the forest here was obviously much cleaner and lusher, moist and humid as if they had just been washed thoroughly by water.

No wonder this place was called Jadeite Forest.

The sixfold gravitational force had been increased to around eightfold.

The Ox-heads, Orcs and three Golden Elves were quietly adapting to the gravitational force the moment they teleported over.

The strongest amongst them, the Ox-head Leader and the handsome elf guy had quickly adapted. When Yue Yang saw them opening their eyes, he hurriedly pretended not being used to the gravity, so as to avoid them seeing through his deception. The slowest one to adapt was the Golden Elf big loli. She required five full minutes before she finally adapted.

The moment she adapted, she immediately teased Yue Yang, the ’weak human’, with a bell-like voice, “In the past, I have always been the slowest. It’s good now, finally someone stole the precious position from me. You have to treasure it well, because I gave that position to you! Right, what’s your name? It’s been so long, yet we still don’t know what your name is!”

“That’s not my fault, it’s because you never asked.” Yue Yang reported his name and spoke out the famous name of ‘Titan’ proudly.

“That… I think you don’t really suit the name Titan.” The Ox-head girl slapped Yue Yang’s shoulders as always.

“If my name is not Titan, then what could it be?” Yue Yang didn’t let her slap his shoulder.

“Maybe Pai Gu Jing will suit you more.” The Ox-head girl almost said that Yue Yang was a skeleton.
(Shiro: Pai Gu Jing is the slang for anorexic in china)

“…” Yue Yang immediately rolled his eyes when he heard that. They were really such a bully!

Entering the Jadeite Forest, everyone showed a serious and vigilant expression, as if they were going to fight a bloody battle. Only Yue Yang who was not afraid because of his ignorance, treated this journey as a holiday trip. Of course, according to strength, for the powerful Yue Yang who could kill an Innate Level 8, coming to the Jadeite Forest was really to have fun.

It was not that there were no strong monsters in the Jadeite Forest. On the contrary, there was a lot.

However, it was marked as a green-coded area because the monsters here would not take the initiative to attack intruders. Most of the time, they would only roar to drive the intruders away. Unless the intruders attack them, they would live in harmony with each other.

A large group of Forest Wolves and ten over Forest Boas walked past Yue Yang, but they did not pay attention Yue Yang’s little party at all. They only walked past them quickly.

All of them were Gold-ranked Level 6 monsters and above.

There were also the Metal Dragon Eagles and Golden-head Falcon which were even more powerful. Yue Yang had even saw two Gold King Beasts, Purple-backed Thunder Condors.

Other than a row of Gold Mammoths’ footprints marking their territory and warning intruders not to come in, the party who had walked for six hours had not met any enemies yet. The Ox-head and Orcs, Elves and human risk-taking party that Yue Yang was in, they were not in these beasts’ prey list.

With great difficulty, they finally walked towards a marshland that was slightly more deserted.

Just as they were finding a place to rest, suddenly, Yue Yang felt a strange presence…

“No, this isn’t right. My heart is beating so fast, there may be danger here. We should leave.” That gentle elf girl who didn’t talk much usually suddenly stood up. Her slender hands grab hold of her staff tightly as she surveyed the surrounding. Although she didn’t see any anomaly, she immediately warned her comrades, “I didn’t see any enemies, but this place doesn’t feel good.”

“Anna’s senses are the sharpest. Since she said it’s not safe here, we should leave immediately.” The elf woman’s husband, that handsome elf guy immediately stood on guard in front his wife and sister.

The four Orc girls and two Ox-head people reacted very quickly. They immediately took out their weapons and guarded the three elves in the middle.

Only Yue Yang didn’t move in tandem.

In the sky, a cry resounded.

More than a hundred over wyverns proudly flew towards them, blocking the sun above them.

Yue Yang almost drooled when he saw this. So many wyverns, how many magic crystals could he get if he killed them all?

“Hide behind the trees, idiot, do you want to die?” The Ox-head girl who had hidden herself behind the trees rushed out and pulled Yue Yang inside. She glared at him angrily and whispered, “Didn’t I say you should follow me? Are you really an idiot? Don’t speak loudly, wyverns have sharp senses, especially this kind of green-spotted wyvern. Their sight and hearing ability are extremely sharp.”

“You are really not going to fight monsters at all?” Yue Yang was a little disappointed. How would he level up without fighting monsters? How would he get magic crystals?

“Stop talking!” the Ox-head girl glared at him and hurriedly told him to stop talking.

The majestic flock of wyverns flew across the sky.

Yue Yang’s heart broke into pieces. His Reaper Mantis needed wyvern’s magic crystals to level up, it was such a good opportunity just now. Had he known earlier, he wouldn’t have joined their party, he would have come on his own… Of course, he wouldn’t be able to receive the Jadeite Forest Quest, and wouldn’t even come here at all.

Although the wyverns have gone for quite a while, the strange feeling that Yue Yang felt was still very strong.

He knew that it wasn’t those wyverns, there was an even stronger existence following him. Furthermore, this existence’s location was way out of his hearing and sight ability. The elf girl Anna couldn’t sense the strong existence’s presence at all. The Ox-head party leader, although he kept silent, he had a bad feeling and even went to check ahead on his own before leading his party forward.

It was a pity that the Ox-head party leader’s search ahead was ineffective. That strong existence was like a shadow who could even hide from Yue Yang’s ears and sight.

What kind of existence was it?

It was following the party that he was in so closely, what does it actually want?

Having the ability to hide itself and tail someone, it proved that this existence was at least a Holy Beast…

Yue Yang couldn’t figure it out, he could only keep a look out.

On the way, Yue Yang had a lot of harvest. Although the place where the Starcup Flower grew was still far away, on the way there, there were various flowers and herbs. Yue Yang had seen them in his Medicine Encyclopedia and the tragic guy’s mother’s knowledge inheritance. Seeing good stuff, of course Yue Yang wouldn’t let it off easily, plucking them off continuously. On the contrary, the Ox-head, Orcs and Elves in the party were indifferent to Yue Yang’s actions, as if they didn’t know that these were all precious treasures.

“The herbs in the forest are limited, we should exercise restraint when we pick them, so as to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.” That Golden Elf handsome guy advised Yue Yang not to pick so much.

“But the Jadeite Forest is so big…” Yue Yang was speechless. From the map, the Jadeite Forest was at least half as big as the Da Xia Kingdom, what does it matter if he pick some herbs? Even if a hundred thousand people came and cut down the trees for a month, it would only affect the Jadeite Forest a little.

“That’s right, but the Jadeite Forest is a medium-sized forest, and their resources are limited. We are all outsiders after all, we are not the owner of this place. The living things here, they have their own cycle of nature. We cannot overdo it, otherwise we might really destroy the environment. You must understand that there are a lot of adventurers like us who come to this forest endlessly. If everyone demanded something from the nature without giving anything else back, Jadeite Forest wouldn’t have time to recover. If it can’t recover, our successors would not be able to enjoy the Jadeite Forest’s selfless rewards.” The handsome Golden Elf guy’s words made sense, making Yue Yang stared blankly for a long time.

No matter if it was in China or in the Soaring Dragon Continent, Yue Yang never met anyone who was so caring and protective of their nature.

The government in China had only spoken about protecting the environment, they did not act on it at all.

However, the moment materials such as fur, herbs, oil, minerals and others appeared, everyone would claim the resources like madmen, plundering everything as quickly as possible. Even if it was harmful to the environment or causing imbalance to the nature, and causes natural disasters, people continued to plunder without end.

In conclusion, in front of money, environment means nothing. As long as they get money, no one would care about natural disasters, no one would care about the consequences of polluting the environment.

Even if they obviously know that they ended up destroying the environment , destroying their own home, destroying their own lives, they did not care at all.

Yue Yang didn’t know what kind of realization that this handsome elf guy had, but when looked at the Ox-heads and the Orcs, they were all looking at him with an expression of “You are nature killer”. Yue Yang couldn’t help but to be shocked. Could it be that humans are really that greedy compared to other races? Still dissatisfied even after plundering so much resources and was even greedier to plunder more until their deaths?

“Alright, I won’t pick them anymore.” Yue Yang couldn’t endure the gazes they were giving him. Did he really deserve this for picking just a few branches of flowers and herbs?

“A human like you who could suppress your own desires is really rare.” The handsome elf guy seemed surprised at Yue Yang’s reaction. He sincerely praised Yue Yang as he reached out his hand, “I’m Lin En. Your behaviour has really changed my perspective of humans.”
(Shiro: Lin En literally meant gratitude to forest)

“I’m called Bao Er, I’m a very very very outstanding godly archer, one hundred percent accuracy.” The big loli elf emphasized her godly, unrivalled archery skills.

“Although I don’t really like you, it’ll be quite rude if I don’t introduce myself.” The Ox-head girl was offended when Yue Yang avoided her slaps to his back, but she still mumbled out her name, “Call me Fan Lun Tie, it means healthy and strong, it’s a really good name.”

“…” Yue Yang didn’t think that Fan Lun Tie was a good name for girls, although she was an Ox-head.
(Shiro: Fan Lun Tie is a very boyish name)

“Li Ao.” The Ox-head party leader said curtly.

“Fude La, Fude Jiao, Fude Li, Fude Man.” The four Orc girls’ name sounded very strange and odd, but according to their Orc Language, when the four names were put together, it meant plump and white. However, when Yue Yang observed the four Orc sisters, he discovered they were darker than anyone, they are anything but ‘white’. However, the plump part was definitely true.

“If you don’t know, my name is Anna. I am Lin En’s wife.” In the end, the mature elf girl smiled, “Although you are human, you gave me the feeling that you are a little brother who have not matured yet. You are different from other humans who are cunning and full of schemes.”

“…” Yue Yang was speechless. Couldn’t she just praise him if she wanted to? Why did she has to say that he wasn’t mature? It hurts his pride.

“Although your abilities has not reached the maximum potential, we welcome you to join our party. After that annoying Ai Gui returned to his hometown to become a blacksmith, he refused to come out and receive quests with us. We have not been able to find someone that we can get along with. Little boy, you are very lucky. If you are scheming and deceiving, I would have thrown you out to the marshland and feed you to the wyverns.” The Ox-head girl grabbed Yue Yang’s shoulders, stopped him from running away, and slapped his shoulders hard. Then she laughed out very happily.

With regards to her tendency to speak and behave rudely and provocatively, Yue Yang was really speechless.

Fortunately the Ox-head race wouldn’t marry a human. Otherwise, if this Fan Lun Tie had a human husband, the unlucky cap would probably be beaten until he died of internal injuries.

The flat-chested big loli elf very mischievously asked Yue Yang about the human race, deliberately trying to embarrass him.

Of course, it was also because she was curious.

For example, “Do humans really fight wars everyday?”

Another example, “I heard that humans would exchange their sons for food when they are hungry. Is that real?”

All these questions, it was difficult for Yue Yang to answer.

This was because all of these questions were actually facts, and the cruelty of humans were a hundred times worse than selling sons for food or engaging in wars all the time! If he told this pure-hearted Golden Elves about the darkness of humans’ heart, they would probably faint from shock.

“What’s your personal strength?” The handsome Golden Elf guy tried to help Yue Yang out of the predicament by changing the topic. He also wanted to understand if this party member that was newly-acknowledged by his friends had the ability to join them.

“Personal strength? Probably creating mechanical puppet beasts…” Yue Yang summoned the Silver Fox that he worked hard to make for Yue Shuang, his little sister, before. It was quite a good explanation for his personal strength. When the Silver Fox appeared, the big loli elf Bao Er immediately took a liking too it. Countless little stars appeared in the big loli elf’s eyes. If it weren’t for her good upbringing, she would have already stolen Yue Yang’s Silver Fox that was extraordinarily cute away.

The Silver Fox did not have intelligence, it only have a set of skills.

Yue Yang created it to protect the little girl Yue Shuang.

Because he was worried that enemies would endanger Yue Shuang’s safety, when creating the Fox, he made its ability of sensing enemies nearby his priority.

The moment it appeared, its eyes immediately flashed with a blue colour. Its ears perked up and it snarled, revealing its sharp teeth.

This kind of battle position showed that it had discovered a strong enemy nearby…

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