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LLS Chapter 359 – The Standard of a Handsome Guy

Chapter 359 – The Standard of a Handsome Guy
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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In front of Yue Yang, stood a party of beauties and beasts.

There were two Ox-head people, four Orcs and three Golden Elves. In this party, the beauties were extremely beautiful while the beasts were extremely hideous.

The one that was shouting at Yue Yang was a three-metre tall Ox-head girl. Yue Yang thought that before the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man evolved, she was extremely ugly. However, who would have thought that compared to this Ox-head girl, Ah Man was really beautiful in comparison. It’s fine if only the Ox-head girl was ugly, but there were still four more Orc girls with lower fangs that extended upwards. Their bodies were stout and stocky, one even more muscular than the next.

Originally, when they stand together, they were already a shocking view.

Now that they were standing beside three Golden Elves who were so breathtakingly beautiful, the difference between the ugliness and the beauty was really too powerful.

Yue Yang thought that he had quite a strong mental strength, but when he turned around, he really felt that he couldn’t take it.

The sight was simply too shocking!

Amongst the three Golden Elves, one of the youngest one was a minor who have yet come of age. Strictly speaking, she was a big loli with a flat chest. Her hair was lively green, and she wore a green-coloured elven clothing that accentuated her slender waist and long legs. She gave Yue Yang the impression that she was a little deer in the forest, lithe yet elegant. Her graceful face was smooth without any flaws, really desirable. Her long eyebrows made her look especially quick-witted, and her light green eyes were like a pair of emeralds… Her soft lips were always smiling mischievously. One could tell with one look that she was smart but a troublemaker, an eccentric little enchantress.

Another one looked like her elder brother. His body was tall and lean, his long purple hair was draped over his shoulders. His handsome features did not lose to the handsome Prince of Tian Luo.

Compared to him, Yue Yang’s elegance and gracefulness was a little lacking.

However, he definitely won in terms of masculinity and soldierly aspects.

Of course, compared to the looks of the Golden Elves race, where everyone was either a handsome guy or a beautiful girl, the human race was definitely inferior.

The Golden Elves was the noblest, most beautiful and most reputable race amongst the different branch race of elves. If humans like Yue Yang, Xue Tan Lang, Yan Po Jun, Prince of Tian Luo and other handsome guys of the Soaring Dragon Continent were to be compared to them, they would only be average at the most.

Standing beside the Golden Elf man was a girl who looked much more mature than the first one. Her beauty definitely reached the ‘Femme Fatale’ standard, able to cause a downfall to a kingdom. Yue Yang had seen many beauties like Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress, the Sickly Beauty and the others, who had their own assets. They were much more beautiful than the average human girls, but compared to these Golden Elves, they were really incomparable… Yue Yang suppressed his good-for-nothing impulse. According to his asthethic standards, these Golden Elf girls were a little too skinny, if their chest area could be more wavy, maybe they would be much more beautiful.

Of course, wanting to see an elf’s breast was not simply a dream, but sleep-walking in broad daylight!

An elf’s personal strength was in their breathtaking, beautiful looks, their slender waists, their heart-stopping legs and perfect, flawless skin.

What are big breasts? Only the Orcs girls beside the Golden Elves would have this gifts, they were practically born with large breasts!

One of the four Orcs girls came out.

Their magnificent breasts were more than capable of suffocating a big man!

That Golden Elf girl who looked more mature was wearing a light purple gown decorated with golden threads. She held a green staff in her hand that had a blue precious stone embedded on top of it. Yue Yang didn’t observe her too carefully, because firstly, he had a wife at home that possess an exceptional looks not inferior to this Golden Elf girl. Secondly, this mature-looking Golden Elf girl looked like the handsome Golden Elf guy’s girlfriend. She had already been taken.

“The quest requires ten people, we are lacking one more person. If you come along, we can give you a Red Precious Stone as reward. If you want it in gold, we can also do that.” When the Golden Elf handsome guy saw Yue Yang, who was observing the three of them, averted his eyes immediately when their eyes meet, he felt that this human man was extremely well-behaved. If it were another human looking at his younger sister and wife, they would probably already drool uncontrollably. After thinking like this, he decided to explain courteously to Yue Yang, and even offer him a reward.

“Why did you guys choose me?” Yue Yang felt strange. The Plaza was full of people, why did they choose a newcomer like him?

“We definitely won’t let those fellows who have ulterior motives to join us. You can just follow us for a while, we won’t take up much of your time. When we have finished the quest, you can leave the party straight away.” The Ox-head girl slapped Yue Yang’s shoulders roughly, almost knocking his small body to the ground.

“Which Instance Dungeon are you guys going to? I am only a little Level 6 Puppet Master now, can I even go?” Yue Yang felt that it would be better if he asked clearly.

“What’s Instance Dungeon?” Everyone was looking at him with a bewildered expression.

“Like the place you guys are preparing to go, the… Jadeite Forest? What kind of Boss Monster is there? I mean, what kind of big monsters are there? Like the guardian of some artifact or the strongest monster?” When Yue Yang asked this, he discovered that they were looking at him like humans looking at aliens.

“Stop reading too many bullshit fairy tales like or . It’s not like what you think.” The Ox-head girl was about to slap Yue Yang’s back once again. Fortunately, Yue Yang managed to avoid it in time.

“You mean, you guys are not going to beat monsters? You won’t train to level up? You won’t look for treasures?” Yue Yang felt that this Otherworld Gaming Company was really too ruthless. How could they make a game that don’t give out treasures?

“We are going to pick up herbs!” A large blue vein started to pop out on the Ox-head girl’s forehead.

“This fellow looks like an idiot, will there really be no problems bringing him along?” One of the Orc girls spoke to another Orc girl.

“The stupider the better, a smart fellow would be dangerous instead… However, amongst the cunning human race, an idiot like him is really rare.” The Orc girls’ conversation really stabbed Yue Yang’s pride.

Ever since he came into this world, it was the first time he heard someone saying that he was an idiot.

Furthermore, it was also the first time he heard someone saying his looks were unsatisfactory. Heavens, this Tong Tian Tower’s Sixth Floor was really not a nice place!

Yue Yang thought that he might just came to the wrong place. He hadn’t even start touring this place peacefully, yet he was already jeered upon. Alright then, it’s good that they didn’t know the truth yet. It wouldn’t be interesting otherwise. Yue Yang immediately pretended to be ‘I am a fool who have a lot of money, I am easily bullied’. Yue Yang had even thought of pretending to be a ‘Newly Rich Country Bumpkin’.

There was an Ox-head man that had not spoken since the start. He looked like their leader.

He suddenly acted domineeringly and waved his hand heroically, “Why do you talk so much? Let’s go!”

Just like that, the ‘Easily Bullied Rich Idiot’ Yue Yang was dragged along by the beauty and the beast party. No one cared about this newbie’s opinion.

His existence was only to serve as the tenth member for the beauty and the beast party, because the basic requirement of coming to the Jadeite Forest was to have ten people in a party. It was a team quest. If there was only one person, even if he was an Innate, he would never be able to receive it.

The four Orc girls were wearing heavy armours and held a thick, bulky Wolf Tooth Clubs each in their hands. They were also carrying large, black, round metal shields.

Seems like they were the tankers in this party.

The two Ox-headed people, one male and one female, were carrying huge axes in their backs. They were probably the main attacking force.

The big loli elf was an archer, she carried a beautiful Wisteria Bow on her back. Her brother was either a magician or a warlock, the party’s important DPS member. As for that mature elf girl who was beautiful beyond compare, needless to say, she was definitely the babysitter of the party, a priest without doubt!

Yue Yang continued to daydream as he walked.

What kind of role would he play in this party? Puppet Summoner? But he was a fake one, alright? If Yue Yang was a real Puppet Summoner, then what was Ghost Genius Yue Gong?


No, that’s not right. Although he had Nirvana Flame, he couldn’t resurrect.

A Druid? Although he had Thorny Flower, Hui Tai Lang and the other beasts, he was definitely not a Druid. As for a Knight, forget it, that was not even reasonable!

Could it be that he was a Thief?

Yue Yang thought for a long time, and in the end, he actually made a shocking conclusion. According to his usual actions, his shameless and cunning ways, sneaky and secretive attitude, the most obvious conclusion was… a thief. Forget it, being a thief is also a good thing, he can do a Stun Attack… Yue Yang was still daydreaming when the Ox-head girl’s back slap almost sent his heart jumping out from his mouth.

“What are you mumbling about? Do you really have some dissatisfaction?” The Ox-head girl glared at him intently.

“No, I wouldn’t dare!” Yue Yang immediately raised his hand in surrender, showing that he was docile and submissive. He was like a submissive citizen of a tyrannical king who would never scold or strike back no matter how much he was bullied.

“If you are worried about the danger, after receiving the quest later, you can leave the party at the Jadeite Forest and teleport back. We will give you your reward and the teleportation scroll.” The kind elf girl thought that Yue Yang was afraid, so she comforted him with a gentle voice. She was just like a big sister comforting her younger brother, making Yue Yang feel really depressed.

“Hey coward, do you know I was brave enough to start doing quests in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower since two years ago? Unlike you, you are already so old, yet you are still trembling in fear!” That mischievous big loli elf made a face at Yue Yang.

“You have started doing quests since two of years ago? Little friend, how old are you this year?” Yue Yang was bewildered. Two years ago, won’t this little minx be around Primary 3?

“Listen well, I’m not a little friend. In another 5 years and 8 months, I will be 160 years old. I’m a grown up, you understand?” The big loli elf girl’s words almost made Yue Yang drop to the ground. Sigh, talking about age with the Golden Elves race who could live up to three thousand years is meaningless.

“Where are you from?” That handsome Golden Elf sent a wry smile to Yue Yang. It was obvious that he felt bad as her brother, hence he tried to change the topic.

“Soaring Dragon Continent.” Yue Yang knew that in these people’s eyes, the Soaring Dragon Continent was a foreign domain, a very small foreign domain at that.

“I know that the Supreme Elder Zhi Zun came from the Soaring Dragon Continent.” When the big loli spoke about Zhi Zun, she sounded respectful.

Yue Yang noticed something. Not only her, everyone in the party, be it the Ox-head people, the Orcs or the Golden Elves, they showed sincerely respectful expressions when Zhi Zun’s name was mentioned. Seems like everyone in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower really respected the strong. As long as one was strong, one would have fans from all the different races.

The big loli elf then continued, “I also want to be Supreme Elder when I grow up!”

The handsome elf guy who usually spoil her immediately rebuked her, “Don’t disrespect the Supreme Elder, there is only one Supreme Elder in the world.”

The mischievous big loli elf jumped in fright and stuck out her tongue to show that she knew she had spoke wrongly. She then tilted her head and looked towards Yue Yang, “Do you know the Supreme Elder?”

Yue Yang hurriedly shook his head.

The four Orc girls burst into laughter. One of them laughed so hard that her mane became ruffled, “Of course he know the Supreme Elder, but the big question is if the Supreme Elder knew about him. A weak human like him, I really doubt he had even heard about the Supreme Elder.”

“Of course I heard about the Supreme Elder before.” Yue Yang replied in a monotone.

“Hahaha, do you want to make me laugh to my death?” This time, the Ox-head girl and the reserved elf girl couldn’t help their laughter anymore.

“Little boy, stand beside me later on, I will protect you. Jadeite Forest maybe a dangerous place for you, but I have gone there three times, so I am more familiar with that place than anyone else. As long as you continue to follow me, I guarantee you will be fine.” The Ox-head girl proudly slapped Yue Yang’s shoulder. Her actions really made Yue Yang speechless. Fortunately he knew that the Ox-head race’s standards of beauty was different from humans, otherwise, he would really suspect that this Ox-head girl had taken a liking to him.

The Ox-head people like men with horns. Furthermore, their bodies must be sturdy and full of fur.

A thick, long tail was the most important aspect. Amongst the Ox-head race, a man who couldn’t use his tail to swat away flies was not handsome at all!

Lastly, if one wanted to be even more handsome, one should even put on a nose or an ear piercing.

As for scars, of course the more the better!

Based on Yue Yang’s appearance, within the Ox-head race, he was definitely ugly. According to the standards amongst the Orcs, without a big pair of front tusks, a hairy mane and a big belly, a man would definitely be unpopular.

Hence, in conclusion, according to their standards of handsome men, in the eyes of the Ox-head girl and the four Orcs, Fatty Hai would probably be a much more handsome man than Yue Yang.

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  1. Bat Liger from Lol says:

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    Some chapters ago (not entirely sure of how much), YY was talking about the rewards offered by the World Quests in each level of the Tong Tian Tower (12 Zodiac Temples in 1st Floor, 3 Temples in 2nd Floor, World Tree in 3rd Floor, don’t remember if the others are said to exist or their names, but these 3 I’m sure) and how these rewards were useful.

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      As Kirinashbell said, the 12 zodiac temples were completed during the tournament arc. There have been several mentions of the artifacts gained, but as the last several temples were glossed over, we don’t know everything he got.
      He equipped the barbarian cow with the golden bell from the Ares temple.
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      He used the golden pitcher(with healing liquid) from the ??? temple to make pills.

      The 3 world shrines on the 2nd floor were completed in chapter 310-315. He got 3 pearls: (Fake)Human King Pearl(he used this to pull out the prison emperor’s sword). (Fake)Ground Breaking Pearl (he used this to try and break pillars in the prison emperors 3rd level to release the 3rd leader).
      (Fake) Sky Splitting Pearl – he has not used this yet.

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