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LLS Chapter 358 – Yue Yang looked hideous?

Chapter 358 – Yue Yang looked hideous?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang who was able to endure Xu Kong’s Domain of Power, which could manipulate gravitational force and continuously changing it between hundredfold and zero gravity, didn’t feel anything when he stepped into the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, which impose a sixfold gravitational force on everyone on that level. In reality, a few months back, Yue Yang had already had no problem withstanding twentyfold gravitational force when he fought against the Vice Sect Leader of Green Summit Sect, Moqi Xu Ling.

After finishing the Prison Emperor battle, Yue Yang had improved by leaps and bounds, be it in terms of skills or levels.

If it were another person, they would definitely need a long time to adapt when they first stepped into the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

To Yue Yang, this was nothing.

At the teleportation gate of Tong Tian Tower’s Sixth Floor.

Many of the warriors who had just teleported to the level were quietly sitting down and adapting to the sixfold gravitational force. Only a handful of people who had adapted to sixfold gravitational force before or experts who have teleported down from the Seventh Floor could leave the gate proudly with wide steps. Some of the newcomers like Yue Yang who had never stepped into the Sixth Floor before could only look at them in envy. Many newcomers were observing the sealed Giant Teleportation Circle. Different from the lower levels, from the Sixth Floor onwards, all the teleportation circles were sealed tightly. In order to enter or exit the Sixth Floor, everyone would need to go through the same passageway. Moreover, this passageway restricted flight.

Only experts who had reached Innate Level 6 and above had the power to overrule the restrictions.

Otherwise, even if it was a Giant Dragon or a demon from the Demon Abyss, everyone would need to walk through the passageway step by step.

Yue Yang noticed a lot of demons who were several metres tall walking through with booming steps beside him. They completely disregarded humans’ existence.

In here, the hatred between races was not the most important thing. Human warriors respected the strong. No matter what race they were, if they were strong warriors, they would be respected by the others. On the contrary, if their abilities were so-so, even if they were the Golden Elves whose status was extremely high and noble, they would still be looked down and scorned upon.

One’s position depended solely on one’s levels.

This was the real Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

“What’s your name?” On the entrance to the Sixth Floor Teleportation Gate, the newcomers were queuing to register their names. In the Tong Tian Tower First, Second and Third Floors, they could just stir up trouble whenever they liked and show off their powers for a while. However, here, they were all newcomers. If they were not obedient, they might provoke the wraths of old timers here and die.

“Titan Yue.” Yue Yang also entered the queue. If he was willing, he could just notify Elder Nan Gong or the Innate Alliance, then everything would have been easier. Innate Rankers enjoy special privileges, there was no need for them to queue. Furthermore, an attendant would also be appointed to take care of them. Yue Yang, who wanted to experience life on his own, would of course choose not to do that.

“What’s your level and rank?” The registry officer who seemed to come from a different race asked disinterestedly.

“Ah… Level 6 [Elder]-Intermediate.” Yue Yang did not lie. According to the level stated in his grimoire, he was actually a Level 6 [Elder]. His rank had just levelled up after defeating the Prison Emperor Divine Palace. If it was last time, he would just have been a Level 5 [Grandmaster]. If it was just based on his level, he didn’t even have the qualifications to enter the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

“Your Introducer?” The man with four strands of beard, from an unknown race asked in the Common Language.

“Shui Dong Liu!” Yue Yang didn’t dare to say the Supreme Elder of Humans, Zhi Zun’s name out loud, otherwise, this indifferent registry officer would definitely have a heart attack. He said the Old Fox’s name instead. In any case, in order to protect every Ranker’s personal strength and privacy, the registry officer couldn’t check warrior’s grimoires or test their strengths, so as to prevent the leak of information and protect the interest of different races.
(Shiro: In case you guys forgot, the Old Fox’s name is stated in chapter 323)

The registration process would usually only involve verbal inquiries. The registering warrior could even choose not to answer some of the questions.

For the registration of ordinary warriors, this was enough.

As they do not have to hide their rank and strength, Innate Rankers had a special entrance process.

The ones that were being protected were all warriors with special abilities. They might not be very strong, but they have some kind of special skill. These people, if their abilities were known to people who had bad intentions, their lives would be in danger. Of course, nobody would ever think that there would be a powerful person like Yue Yang who would queue and register together with the newbies. No one suspected that he was an Innate Ranker. Most people who saw Yue Yang who possessed the [Camouflage] Inherent Skill would only suspect if he really had the strength of a Level 6 [Elder].

“Do you have any unique abilities?” This question asked by the man from a different race, wasn’t to pry into the secret of the warriors, but instead to set them up with a suitable quest. This question, the registering warriors could choose not to answer.

“My speciality is to create mechanical puppets.” Yue Yang pretended to be an honest child and replied.

“Creating mechanical puppets?” That man from a different race tried to recall something and nodded, “You said that you came from the Soaring Dragon Continent just now. I remember there is a Yue Clan over there that creates puppets… Are you one of their disciples? What’s your strongest beast?”

“Silver-ranked Wind Eagle Warrior.” Yue Yang stated one of Ghost Genius Yue Gang’s ‘Transformers Goods’ that he found in the Puppet Palace.

“Do you know any combat skills?” The man from a different race questioned closely, “A few decades ago, there’s a Yue Qiu from the Soaring Dragon Continent, who was an expert in combat skills. Was he from your Yue family?”

“He had already passed away during a battle, I didn’t inherit his combat skills.” When Yue Yang said this, that man from a different race revealed a pitiful expression. Seems like he had no interest at all for Yue Yang who was an expert in creating combat mechanical puppet beasts, but was extremely interested in Yue Qiu, who was a combat expert.

”Young man, do you need my word of advice?” The man from a different race asked finally.

“Please speak.” Yue Yang felt strange. This fellow didn’t seem to give any word of advice to the registering people in front of him just now.

“According to your level, strength and abilities, it would be very difficult for you to survive in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. In the lower floors of the Tong Tian Tower, your beasts might be an invincible existence, but you must know that in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, the monsters here are a hundred times stronger than what you imagine. Their numbers are also a hundred times more! Beasts that can’t level up such as puppet beasts or beasts with low potential are just like trash up here, they are completely useless. Please don’t blame me for my harsh words, but the ability to create mechanical puppet beasts is useless. If you want to survive in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower longer, you have to possess strong powers, not only in terms of combat skills, but also in terms of possessing beasts with high potential of growth… If your purpose of coming here is not to train for a long period of time, that you only want to try living in the higher floors of Tong Tian Tower for a while and experience a different world, that’s okay. Young one, if you want to train yourself here and continue to become stronger, your preparations are far from enough. Can you understand my words?” The man from a different race didn’t speak in a loud voice, but he used an extremely stern voice to warn Yue Yang.

“Little human boy, why don’t you go home and continue to drink your mother’s milk? This is not a place for a weak, spoilt child like you.” Behind Yue Yang, a sharp voice scorned at him.

“……” Yue Yang turned back, and discovered that the voice who jeered at him was unexpectedly coming from a dwarf. He was speechless.

“If you insist on entering the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, then, I suggest that you better not enter these places. It’s better to stay in a safe district. “ The man from a different race took out a map, and drew tens of circles, representing those death traps of Yue Yang, this six-ranked clan leader.

“Thank you.” Although he had been looked down upon by the others, Yue Yang was still thankful towards the man from a different race who was cold on the outside and warm on the inside.

This was also his way of showing some kind of protection towards his juniors.

Generally speaking, it was difficult for young humans to accept rejections. However, a word of advice, although it was unpleasant to hear, the effects are much better than harsh rejections.

If Yue Yang hadn’t hid his abilities, if his abilities were really only limited to what he had stated just now, it would really be very dangerous for him to enter the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

That man from a different race didn’t reject him or stop him from entering. Instead, he gave him a fair warning and even carefully pointed out the various dangerous areas on the map for him. Forget about someone from a different race, even if he was also human, they might not show so much care and attention.

Hence, Yue Yang wholeheartedly said ‘Thank you’ to him. Although he was not really thankful, he wanted to praise the attitude of this man from a different race.

The dwarf who was queueing right behind Yue Yang still continued to ridicule him.

The whole queue were buzzing with hoots of laughter.

Only one of registering warriors, who was a humanoid goblin race, frowned his brows as he observed Yue Yang from the back.

He felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure out the problem. Was this human boy really like what that dwarf had said, a weak, spoilt little human boy? Wrong, if he were to choose an opponent, he would rather choose to fight two of that dwarf than fight that human boy… His sharp Goblin’s senses make him feel that something was wrong, but he just couldn’t figure out what’s wrong.

Would a true weakling, when faced with mockery, be so calm and tranquil?

Even if it’s oneself, one can never reach this state of ignorance.

He’s not that simple. This human boy, he was definitely hiding his abilities. He definitely had some kind of special abilities, it’s just that he was extremely secretive and didn’t want to reveal it at all.

The Goblin man made a conclusion in his heart. He felt that Yue Yang was a formidable opponent, but he would never imagine that this young human boy was actually an exceptional Innate Ranker, who possessed a terrifying strength capable of killing an Innate Level 8.

“Looking for tankers in the Blood Area 1…”
(Shiro: tankers are literally meat shields in chinese lol)

“Willing to train you for ten days for a Wisdom Fruit. Two Wisdom Fruits and I’ll train you for a month!”

“Cheap equipments for sale! Exchanging a 90% quality, new Dragon Leather Armor and Light Sword for Black Sand. Mass buying Lustrous Branches, and buying a Death Suit!”

“Good news to the newbies, selling survival guidebooks for Tong Tian Tower for a thousand gold each. You’ll also get a Monsters Map as a free gift!”

“Super-strong healing medicine, selling for a hundred gold each bottle. Limited to nine bottles per customers, first come first serve. Also selling Yellow Topaz!”

The moment Yue Yang exited the Teleportation Gate Passage, just as he took out his water bag and was about to soothe his parched throat, he suddenly heard a crowd of people shouting outside the big Plaza in front. He immediately spurted out the water he was drinking, coughing violently.

This was really shocking.

This was practically an online MMORPG in a different world, the only difference was there was no hacking or alternate accounts.

Soaring Dragon Continent, as compared to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, cannot be referred to as a continent, but only a small place. On the map, it’s even smaller than the palm of an infant. If it’s not for Supreme Elder of Humans, Zhi Zun, who was extremely powerful and was ranked number one in terms of powers even amongst various races, these different races might not even be aware of such a small, insignificant place like the Soaring Dragon Continent. Advancing up the Eighth and Ninth floors, the Soaring Dragon Continent would just be a sesame-sized village, almost unseen on the map. Forget about Soaring Dragon Continent, even the Demon Abyss, which was a dozen times larger than the Soaring Dragon Continent, was merely a place as big as a finger on the Eighth and Ninth Floor map.

In the Soaring Dragon Continent, there were not many Level 6 [Elder]s. However, here, they are all over the place. Furthermore, every single one of them was strong.

Level 5 [Grandmaster]? Those could only be attendants!

As for Level 4 [Heroes], they were not even qualified to become servants.

After looking for a long time, Yue Yang finally discovered a handful of [Heroes] and dozens over [Grandmasters] amongst hundreds, nearing thousands of Level 6 [Elders]. Everyone, without exception, was servants to different Rankers.

“You, that hideous-looking human boy over there, come over here!” Suddenly, a lovable voice shouted towards Yue Yang.

“Hideous-looking?” It was the first time Yue Yang heard someone commenting that his looks were unsatisfactory.

“Why are you talking so much. If it’s not because we are short of one person, we won’t even bother to ask you to make up our number. We are rushing for time, so stop staring like an idiot. Let’s go, quickly!” Another voice that sounded coarse and rough resounded from Yue Yang’s back.

When Yue Yang turned around, he immediately jumped in shock, his heart almost flying out of his mouth.

My God…

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