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LLS Chapter 356

Chapter 356
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Last: Prepare your tissues!
Shiro: Title will be revealed at the end of the chapter to prevent spoilers as per Last’s suggestion 🙂

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Lei Shen Shi’s immortal body was stronger than Huang Sha’s body of sand. If he had not sacrificed his body, then Yue Yang, with his current strength, would have had a hard time killing him, who was at Innate Level 10.

Other than destroying his nucleus, he would be invincible.

After losing his body, only his spiritual body remained and he couldn’t use his lightning powers. As a result, he was at his weakest. If not for Jiu Xiao bestowing him with the Black Light and giving him power, Yue Yang could easily ignore Lei Shen Shi’s existence. When the Qilin girl had saved Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Xue Wu Xia and the others had also rushed over. This completely lifted the boulder in his heart. He was determined to surround and kill Lei Shen Shi. Yue Yang would not allow this powerful enemy to regenerate. He would take advantage of him being at his weakest state to forever seal him inside the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.


Lei Shen Shi could not bear the pain. Whether it was Nirvana Flames, World Exterminating Wheel or Innate Invisible Sword Qi, any of them could heavily damage his soul.

The Prison Emperor’s Divine Seal, containing the Prison Emperor’s Will, pressing down on his forehead made him remember the shadow of death six thousand years ago.

Six thousand years ago, the Three Great Leaders and his comrades had used their strength to endure the seal together.

Today, he was alone without any support, could it be that he was going to die?

“Die with me!” Lei Shen Shi turned around and charged towards Yue Yang. He was prepared to use the Heaven Realm’s taboo skill, “Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation”, taking down Yue Yang with him.

Even though he lost the support of his body’s energy causing the Physical and Spiritual Self-Detonation strength to weaken, it would still absolutely be capable of annihilating his enemies.

Xiao Wen Li glared at him and her Binding Chains Inherent Skill burst out once more.

Yue Yang did not retreat but instead he moved forward. In his hands, he created a giant burning phoenix with Nirvana Flames and shot it towards Lei Shen Shi’s body. The World Exterminating Wheel followed after, cutting the Heaven Rune protecting his soul. Then, Yue Yang’s Innate Invisible Sword Qi struck at Lei Shen Shi’s nucleus.

Lei Shen Shi’s nucleus broke apart and his entire body shook. His spiritual energy dispersed and it was then absorbed by Yue Yang’s ‘Devour’ domain…

However, Lei Shen Shi did not die.

When he knew that he already had no chance to kill Yue Yang, he suddenly gave up the idea of dying together. Instead, he charged towards Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian. Yue Yang’s hair stood up in anger. He quickly chased him and reached towards Lei Shen Shi’s spirit body. He forcibly dug out what remained of his nucleus. Lei Shen Shi suddenly laughed: “Too late! Men’s weakness is women. Breakdown and go crazy!”

He charged towards Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian. The Black Light in his hands prepared to perform his final attack.

Before the Nirvana Flames obliterated his nucleus, he still had a bit of time.

“Die!” Princess Qian Qian tenderly shouted. The image of the White Tiger flashed in the air. With the strength of the White Tiger and the help of the Emperor’s Sword Qi, she moved the Prison Emperor’s Divine Sword and cut Lei Shen Shi’s spirit in half.

At the same time, Lei Shen Shi also extended his hands.

He basically did not defend. He only raised the Black Light and chopped towards Xue Wu Xia.

No matter how Luo Hua City Mistress, Yue Yu, Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and the Ice Serpent Demon attacked, he ignored them all. He wholeheartedly wanted to kill Xue Wu Xia. The Black Light slashed down and nothing could stop it… The Old Dragon Turtle quickly caught up but was sent flying by the other half of Lei Shen Shi’s body. He simply could not block the Black Light’s slash.

“No!” The Sickly Beauty had already formed a crystal shield, but her speed was not fast enough. She was too late to rush to Xue Wu Xia’s side and sadly shrieked.

“Sister Wu Xia!” Yi Nan also controlled the Soul Mirror to fly over but her distance was too far.

“…” Xue Wu Xia felt that she had already been locked on by the Black Light. If she ran away, she would just die faster. She did not panic and deeply looked at Yue Yang. She even let out a smile. If this would be an eternal separation, then she would leave him a smile. He liked her smile and always wanted her to smile, but she would normally ignore him.

She raised her right hand, preparing to receive the attack. She hoped that one arm would be enough to exchange with her life.

Even though she did not know if this would succeed, she still wanted to try it.

Isn’t it only an arm?

As long as Lei Shen Shi did not turn around to attack Yue Yu or Luo Hua, then losing an arm is fine!

She did not move at all. Her Guardian Beast, Blizzard Lady was also copying her movement. It also raised its arms inviting the attack, while her other hand condensed had condensed her freezing powers waiting for a chance to counterattack. Luo Hua City Mistress had already exhausted her strength and could not help. She was so scared that she almost fainted. Yue Yu, who was normally weak, had tears streaming her cheeks. She had prepared to use her body to protect Xue Wu Xia, but she stopped because she would only be sacrificing her life pointlessly.

“Motherfucker!” Yue Yang broke out into his fastest speed to pursue Lei Shen Shi. He also tossed out the Five Colors of Divine Light to block the Black Light.

“Kyaaahhhhh…” In the sky, Bloody Queen Red screeched and flew down. She used her entire body to embrace the Black Light. She knew that she was a Guardian Beast and would never truly die. She prepared to use her body to block this attack.

On the other side, the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen had rushed over.

A while ago, she was cleaning up the battlefield in the Second Palace Hall. She was late by one step and did not expect Lei Shen Shi’s suicidal actions.

Lei Shen Shi was not only an Innate Rank 10, he was also well known for his speed. Even though he had sacrificed his physical body, when he attacked, it wasn’t something that could be easily stopped by everyone.

The Black Light flashed.

It had chopped an arm, at the same time the body behind the arm was also cut in half…

Fresh blood erupted in mid air.

The nucleus that was being held by Yue Yang was being purified by the Nirvana Flames. It had thoroughly become a lightning-attribute Soul Energy Pearl. Lei Shen Shi’s spirit body immediately lost its conscience. His expression froze. His soul had been purified by the Nirvana Flames and faded away. The Black Light that he used to attack had fallen down from his possession and pierced the floor. Yue Yu was scared senseless. She rushed over and hugged Xue Wu Xia who was laying on the floor covered in fresh blood. She cried loudly: “No. No. Wu Xia. Don’t scare me!”

“I’m fine. Ah Man, Ah Man had helped me block the move.” Xue Wu Xia had also thought she was finished. However, she did not expect the tall Ah Man would suddenly come out, fly in front of her, and block the fatal attack.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man’s right arm was cleanly cut.

The Black Light had cleaved a half of her body. Her body was almost completely cut in half. She was already very close to becoming humanoid so fresh blood had spurted out wildly like a rain of blood.

When Yue Yang hurried over, she did not speak. Her eyes carried no pain and only carried joy.

Because she had seen her master’s eyes containing concern and pain.

Li Shen Shi’s soul had already faded away. However, his spiritual body was dragged away by the Female Spirit from the ancient book. She returned inside the ancient book and slowly disappeared. However, no one had paid attention to her actions. Everybody surrounded the Barbarian Cow Shadow. Yue Yang hugged her and exhausted his strength to use the Nirvana Flames to cure Ah Man’s severe injuries. Yue Yu was scared to the point that her hands trembled. She had even almost forgotten how to summon her Healing Water Ball.

Unconsciously, everybody had treated Ah Man as a human and not a Guardian Beast.

Ah Man stretched out her remaining left hand and touched Yue Yang’s face.

She shook her head as if wanting to smile to tell them she was alright. However, before her smile took form, she had already turned into light particles. Her body gradually returned to a state of energy and returned inside the Grimoire.

“I will remember today’s lesson. I will definitely become the strongest in the world! I swear that in the future, whether facing strong enemies in the human or heaven realm, this kind of thing will never happen again. Never again!” Yue Yang clenched his fists. At this moment, he was angry. He hated himself for not having enough strength. If he had killed Lei Shen Shi in an instant, if he had the strength to withstand the Two Great Leaders’ strength, would these kinds of danger even happen?

Until now, Yue Yang had thought that he was strong.

Even if he was not the strongest, Yue Yang still felt that he could deal with any kind of hardship.

However, this battle had told him a single lesson, and that was to never be limited by the strength in front of him. A true expert would be unimaginably strong. The circumstances would never always be according to their plans and expectations. This world was filled with the unknown.

In front of absolute strength, knowledge and skill were nothing.

Wishing to use knowledge and skill to gain a victory requires oneself to have enough strength.

Summarized in one sentence, only when you are strong enough would you possess the qualifications to toy with others.

The Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm showed Yue Yang a very high target… Even if they were asleep for six thousand years and under their weakest state, the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm still had the strength to kill Yue Yang. This kind of strength would become the goal for Yue Yang’s training.

Become the strongest warrior among humans was not enough.

What Yue Yang wanted was to become stronger than the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm, become stronger than the Prison Emperor that had sealed the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm…

Just as Yue Bing, Yue Yu, Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian, and Luo Hua City Mistress hugged Yue Yang, all of a sudden, everybody’s Grimoire appeared and flipped their pages. Huge golden pillars, unprecedented in history, had shone out from the grimoires and shot towards the skies. Every beast was bathed in this golden light pillar, evolving, leveling up together with their owners.

Amidst the light pillars, Yue Yang’s and Xue Wu Xia’s level up were the most shocking.

After the female spirit in Xue Wu Xia’s Ancient Book had absorbed Lei Shen Shi’s spirit energy and bathe under the golden light, the Ancient Book had undergone a fundamental change. It had leveled up to become a Gold-ranked Artifact.

Yue Yang’s Grimoire which was originally an Intermediate Gold-ranked Grimoire had directly leveled up into a beginner Platinum-ranked Grimoire.

Xue Wu Xia who had been suppressing her level at Lesser Innate was unable to suppress her energy any longer. With a loud shout, her body shot up into the sky and was bathed in the golden light pillar that only appeared when one levelled up to Innate. The pillar was so tall that it seemed to be connecting the sky and earth. It more than a hundred metres tall, close to two hundred metres, even taller than the golden pillar that appeared when Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress levelled up to Innates. However, everyone was all busy levelling up, hence no one had noticed Xue Wu Xia’s level up.

Her Guardian Beast, Blizzard Lady, changed her body completely and merged with the female spirit in the Ancient Book.

Ice and lightning along with their awareness merged together.

They formed a huge figure surpassing thirty meters, appearing at the center of the golden light pillar.

She inconceivably shed her feathers and became a Diamond-ranked beast. Even if she was only Diamond-ranked Level 1, it was enough to prove that her growth potential became even greater than before. Her appearance brought forth snowflakes that floated that danced around in the air… She gradually turned into spirit form and entered Xue Wu Xia’s body, just like how Xiao Wen Li would float into Yue Yang’s body. Only then did the snowflakes in the air gradually disappear.

“Ah Man!” Yue Yang did not pay attention to any of these. His mind was still worried about Ah Man. Just as he linked minds with the hibernating Ah Man, he surprisingly discovered that Ah Man truly did not die. She was only hibernating due to her severe injuries. She was unlike other Guardian Beasts that would lose their memories upon death.

She was still the same Ah Man.

She was still his own Ah Man.

Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen Red, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and the Ice Serpent Demon surrounded Yue Yang. They bathed in the Nirvana Flames that appeared during Yue Yang’s level up and leveled up at the same time. They continuously evolved and shed their feathers. Even the Spirit of Flame and Smoke, that had been hunting the Sand Drill Demon Worm, erupted into flames, enjoying the pleasure of leveling up…

The Old Dragon Turtle, who did not level up along with Yue Yang and the others, held the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff that contained the Prison Emperor’s Will. His tears welled up as he knelt down and lamented continuously.

Other than him, the Prison Emperor had only left behind a forgotten history.

Six thousand years had passed and the sealed Heaven Realm Warriors had not died but escaped. Who could have remembered the Human Emperor who had shocked the Heaven Realm?

Who could still remember the Prison Emperor who sacrificed his life in order to seal the Three Great Leader of Heaven Realm?

The sole thing that assured the Old Dragon Turtle was that a genius had once again appeared amongst the humans.

He was still very young and could not compare to the Prison Emperor before. However, with this brat’s growth potential and a little bit of hard work, there will come a time when he will become a new generation super Ranker. He could even become stronger than the Prison Emperor…

He was still young.

With the challenges and experiences he gained today, his powers would be unlimited in the future.

He would be the best successor for the new generation Prison Emperor!

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Title of this chapter: Conclusion of a Hard Battle – Everybody Levels Up!

Last Afterthoughts: Translating victory and level up chapters feels so much better. And something I finally understood: when translating a person puts himself as a third person, while reading a person puts himself as the first person, so it’s incredibly bitter to TL bedroom chapters.


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