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LLS Chapter 355 – Lei Shen Shi, Death

Chapter 355 – Lei Shen Shi, Death
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Although the Qilin girl didn’t attack at all, Jiu Xiao, the mighty Heaven Realm Great Leader was definitely scared away by her.

A lot of unexpected events had happened in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace battle.

For example, strong Heaven Realm Warriors such as Feng Shen Shi, Lei Shen Shi, Ming Ri Wu, Huang Sha, Sha Fei, Ni Guo and the others had broken free from their seals and even possessed physical bodies. This was completely different from the information that the Old Dragon Turtle had given to them previously. These strong enemies who popped out of nowhere had completely thrown Yue Yang’s plans into jeopardy. Even after intense training for a month guided by the Sword Goddess and obtaining Nirvana Rebirth, he was still unable to pull the gap between him and the enemies. The most frightening thing was that the time of the awakening of the three Heaven Realm Great Leaders had changed because of Yue Yang’s interruption. Furthermore, every Heaven Realm Great Leader succeeded in breaking free, and every single one of them possessed destructive powers capable of annihilating a whole army.

Under this kind of critical battle, Yue Yang was unable to control the flow of the battle. He could only make the best out of the situation.

Other than fighting to their deaths, Yue Yang’s only hope was for the Phoenix Sisters and Qilin girl to help him with his fight. Yue Yang was not afraid of the hard battle, but he was afraid that Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the others would be killed.

Forget about Xue Wu Xia and the others who couldn’t revive, Yue Yang was not even willing to let his guardian beasts like the Bloody Queen and the others who could revive to die.

Their greatest threat was only Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao, the two Heaven Realm Great Leaders.

Xu Kong had been heavily injured by Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Sky Law attack which was strengthened by a hundredfold, and left with a flashy escape. The one that Yue Yang was worried about the most was the cold and wise Jiu Xiao. Furthermore, he was such a strong opponent… Fortunately the Qilin girl had appeared and scared him away. Seeing how quickly he escaped after the Qilin girl appeared, Yue Yang sighed in relief in his heart. As for Lei Shen Shi who was still in his soul state, even though he possessed strong powers and the artifact ‘Black Light’ that Jiu Xiao had bestowed to him, Yue Yang wouldn’t really care too much about him.

After all, compared to the two Great Leaders just now, the strength of this Lei Shen Shi who had lost his physical body couldn’t really be mentioned.

“Electric Cage…”

Lei Shen Shi was originally in his soul state, so he was not very strong. His battle power should be almost zero. However, with the ‘Black Light’, his powers had greatly increased. He was able to summon a gigantic Electric Cage, turning the whole Third Hall into a prison, trapping Yue Yang and the others.

Yue Yang’s [Devour] Domain of Power was still trying to consume the black ball filled with energy that Jiu Xiao had shot into him. His body was also healing his wounds with Nirvana Flame, hence he was unable to stop Lei Shen Shi’s actions.

Maybe he didn’t have much confidence in victory, hence Lei Shen Shi had borrowed the power of the artifact ‘Black Light’ again and summoned two Heaven Realm Goblin Beasts.

They were different from the Centipedes that Feng Shen Shi summoned. These goblin beasts had humanoid appearances.

One of them was red while the other was green.

Both of them were gigantic, their heights could reach 50 metres easily.

They looked grotesque like a blood-sucking, man-eating demon.

Their bloody mouth dripped with their smelly slobber. Their sharp teeth and red eyes continuously emitted their bloodthirst and ruthlessness. Their forehead were branded with the word ‘Demon’ and their body were almost naked other than their lower part which was covered with animal skins.

They held a 30 metre long giant wolf tooth which had the ability to crush one of the pillars in the Third Hall with just a simple swing.

Whenever they took a step, the weight of their body would shake the whole of Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

Boom, boom, boom…

When they walked towards Yue Yang and the other humans who were much smaller than him, the whole of Third Hall shook uncontrollably.

The most frightening thing was that these two humanoid red and green Goblin Beast had the Domain of Powers “Bone Maggot” and “Death Mist”. The red demon’s “Bone Maggots” sucked in Yue Yang’s strength like crazy while the green demon’s “Death Mist” engulfed the whole Third Hall with a green, disgusting mist. Yue Yang discovered that his skin had even turned rotten green!

Yue Yang’s eyes glinted as he looked at Lei Shen Shi.

Lei Shen Shi who was holding the ‘Black Light’ artifact was waiting for the right opportunity to attack. Seems like he wouldn’t leave unless he really cut all of Yue Yang’s four limbs.

Suddenly, Yue Yang sighed slightly, “Yes, I admit it. With my current strength, I am still unable to fight against the two Heaven Realm Great Leaders. This battle was the hardest and most difficult battle I have ever experienced amongst all of my battles. However, I will forever remember the lessons learnt today. When I escape from here, i will train myself again from the bottom, so that I may become a true expert. When I meet Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao in the future, I will definitely not be like today…”

“Did you think you can really leave here?” Lei Shen Shi didn’t speak, he only sent out a thought wave.

“Even Jiu Xiao could leave, that is the truth.” Yue Yang suddenly smiled brilliantly, like a sun. His smile really confused Lei Shen Shi.

“Immortal Beasts would definitely not take the initiative to attack their enemies…” It was obvious that Lei Shen Shi understood Immortal Beasts’ limitations. An Immortal Beast’s protection would only come when their master’s lives were at stake.

“I have a sister. She had never participated in battles before, so none of you guys know about her existence. Right now, do you want to know where she is?” Yue Yang had not finished speaking when a small body appeared from inside the Profound Coffin Room, holding the Prison Emperor Divine Staff in her hands. It was Yue Bing. When the Prison Emperor Divine Staff that contained the Prison Emperor’s will came out to thee Third Hall, it immediately shone with dazzling light, illuminating the whole hall so brightly as if it was daylight.

The bright light was so dazzling that the two Goblin Beasts were unable to open their eyes. They roared in fear continuously.

They subconsciously avoided Yue Bing who was holding the Prison Emperor Divine Staff with both of her hands, retreating step by step backwards.

However, when Lei Shen Shi shouted to them to stop and keep calm, they became slightly better.

Suddenly, from outside the Electric Cage, a human figure appeared. He shouted a warning towards Yue Yang, “These two are the Red Goblin King and Green Goblin King. They possessed extremely strong vitality. You won’t be able to defeat them using normal physical attacks. You must take out the Goblin Pearl inside their bodies. Most of the time, their Goblin Pearl would be at their head, some would also have it at their belly button…”

Before he finished his words, Lei Shen Shi had already shouted thunderously in fury, “An Ge, you traitor!”

Although the birdman An Ge was afraid of Lei Shen Shi, he felt quite safe because there was Yue Yang in front of him.

He summoned his courage and replied, “I’m not a traitor. You guys are not my master from the beginning, you are also not our Sect Leader. You guys are just our dictators, forcing us to listen to your order with fear and violence. We were forced to come down from the Heaven Realm and fight with the humans. The battle with the Prison Emperor left my brothers and sisters in grave injuries, but even so, you continued to look down upon us. You guys never acknowledged us as your comrades, you guys didn’t even acknowledge us as your comrades… Our existences were just like slaves. When Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao needed to speed up their recovery, the ones you sacrificed were our brothers and sisters. So many of my comrades were still in their slumber, yet you sucked all of their energies from them. Many of those who were like me, who had awakened earlier, were also unable to avoid their tragic fate… In order to rescue the two Great Leaders in advance, in this six thousand years, you guys have been using our bodies and beasts as sacrifice… Look at my body, what have I become? When I woke up, I have turned into a beast-mix, I have even lost a huge part of my memories. If I hadn’t’ recovered my memories due to the shock from my battles, I might even still continue to be your foolish slaves, becoming the sacrificial pawns you needed, like my other brothers and sisters…”

“I’m not afraid of death, and I’m not afraid to fight. However, I definitely don’t want to become your sacrificial pawn. I am also a proud Heaven Realm Warrior. Even if you are much stronger than me, you won’t be able to kill my pride.” An Ge only had the strength of an Innate Level 1 right now. If Lei Shen Shi had not turned into his astral state because of his sacrifice to the two Heaven Realm Great Leaders, he could have killed An Ge in one move.

“No matter what reason you have, the fact that you are a traitor doesn’t change.” The Black Light Artifact in Lei Shen Shi’s hand shot out a ray of light towards An Ge, sharp as sword.

“If you want to kill him, can you ask my opinion first?” Yue Yang stood in front of the sharp sword beam.

He reached out and stopped that sword beam head-on.

Speaking of controlling sword beams, other than the Heavenly Sword Goddess and the Big Loli which was made up of sword qi, no one was more of an expert other than Yue Yang.

Lei Shen Shi discovered that the sword beam that he shot out with ‘Black Light’ was useless. Hence, he quickly ordered the Red and Green Goblin King to attack. Just as the two Goblin Beasts were charging towards Yue Yang, a mirror suddenly appeared in front of Yue Yang. This was Yi Nan’s ‘Spirit Mirror’. Her Spirit Mirror reflected the brightness emitted from the Prison Emperor Divine Staff onto the two Goblin Beasts’ face. Immediately, the two Goblin Beasts shut their eyes in pain, blocking the light coming into their eyes with their big hands. It was as if they had great fears towards this shining light.

The two Domain of Powers in Yue Yang’s body ‘Bone Maggots’ and ‘Death Mist’ had also quickly dispersed under the light that the Spirit Mirror had reflected.

When the Black Light in Lei Shen Shi’s hands were slashed down, Yue yang unleashed the Five-coloured Divine Light.

It was time for Yue Yang to strike back.

The ‘Green’ colour of the Five-coloured Divine Light clashed with Lei Shen Shi’s ‘Black Light’.

Within one attack, Lei Shen Shi and the ‘Black Light’ were both blasted a hundred metres away. The ‘Black Light’’s light grew dimmer while Lei Shen Shi’s body crackled with electricity current, as if he had received quite a grave injury.

“Mine is the real Five-coloured Divine Light, yours is fake goods. No matter how generous Jiu Xiao is, he wouldn’t give the true Five-coloured Divine Light to you. The ‘Black Light’ in your hands is nothing more than imitation goods.” Yue Yang appeared behind Lei Shen Shi’s body, holding the Five-coloured Divine Light in his left fist. He punched out as he condensed the Star Explosion power in his right hand. When Lei Shen Shi tried to defend himself, Yue Yang threw the Star Explosion to him.

“Woosh.” Lei Shen Shi was shocked, he immediately turned into electricity and avoided the Star Explosion attack.


Yue Yang didn’t pursue him, instead, he guided that ‘Star Explosion’ to bend and exploded it right at the Red Goblin King’s head.

The Star Explosion caused half of the Red Goblin King’s head to shatter into pieces.

It fell to the ground with a loud boom.

However, the strange thing was that the Red Goblin King whose head had been shattered to pieces, was still alive.

Its shattered brain was quickly regenerating as countless pieces of flesh automatically turned into powder and returned back to the Red Goblin King. A paste like substance formed on the Red Goblin King’s head and it slowly turned back to the Red Goblin King’s original appearance. This process had only taken a few seconds.

“Let me send you back to hell.” Yue Yang who held the World Exterminating Wheel in his hand threw it down from the sky, slashing the Red Goblin King whole body into two.

On the other side, the extremely furious Green Goblin King had not managed to do anything before Yue Yang turned around and slashed it into two too with his World Exterminating Wheel.

Both the Red Goblin King and Green Goblin King’s bodies which were split in half were growing sprouts of flesh, as if they were about to reconnect again into one.

However, a little lamia with big, adorable eyes had appeared.

She had Dual Icicle Blades in her hands.

In an instant, she froze the Red Goblin King and the Green Goblin King’s bodies which were split in half into ice blocks… Of course, this was not the end.

When Lei Shen Shi rushed towards them to help, she had already raised her two little hands towards Yue Yang, showing him a red and green Goblin Pearls in her hands.

The Red and Green Goblin Kings who had lost their Goblin Pearls were just like humans who lost their souls. Although they had not died physically, they became a mere mountain of flesh. They were not a threat at all. The ‘Bone Maggots’ and ‘Death Mist’ Domain of Powers had also become useless under the light from the Prison Emperor Divine Staff.

“Even if I can’t kill you, I can kill all the girls you brought with you. Human, the greatest weakness of your race are women.” Lei Shen Shi was completely incensed.

He knew that he would definitely not be able to defeat Yue Yang, because Yue Yang possessed the true Five-coloured Divine Light.

Yue Bing was under the protection of the Prison Emperor Divine Staff, hence Lei Shen Shi was also unable to come in closer.

Yi Nan had the Spirit Mirror to protect her. The Spirit Mirror revolved around her body, reflecting the light from the Prison Emperor Divine Staff, allowing her to control the Spirit Mirror to face any direction. This was also equivalent to having the Prison Emperor Divine Staff protecting her, hence Lei Shen Shi didn’t dare to attack her. As for Xiao Wen Li, she was a Guardian Beast, hence he wouldn’t be able to kill her completely. In the end, the furious Lei Shen Shi decided to go down to the Second Hall and kill those few female humans who would not be able to resurrect in the future. This would cause Yue Yang to go crazy. That was how they dealt with the Prison Emperor and the warriors that followed him last time.

When a human man saw their women die, they would fall into despair. They might even kill themselves after winning the battle.

This kind of behaviour was far beyond Lei Shen Shi’s, who was from the Heaven Realm, comprehension.

However, he knew that human warriors had this kind of fatal weakness.

“Do you want to kill me? You don’t have to go to the Second Hall, I’m already here…” Xue Wu Xia clasped the Ancient Book in her hands as Princess Qian Qian whose body was drenched in blood appeared behind her, holding the Prison Emperor Divine Sword in her hands. Behind them, Luo Hua City Mistress and Yue Yu who looked pale and a little weak followed.

Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon were protecting them left and right.

The fact that they managed to come over proved that the two Heaven Realm Centipedes had been successfully killed.

The thing that shocked Lei Shen Shi the most was not the fact that the Howling Wind Spell that was supposed to stop them were ineffective, nor was it the fact that his subordinates and the Heaven Realm Centipedes have been killed. It was not even the Heaven Centipede Pearl that the Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon were holding in their hands. The thing that shocked him was the Ancient Book that Xue Wu Xia was holding.

That Ancient Book was a Silver-ranked Artifact.

If it were last time, Lei Shen Shi wouldn’t even bat an eye on a Silver-ranked Artifact… Even a Gold-ranked Artifact wouldn’t be able to hurt him, who was an Innate Level 10. However, he, who was in an astral state right now, felt a really bad feeling towards the Ancient Book. Although it was only Silver-ranked, it was a soul-type artifact. The most terrifying thing was that it seemed to be an artifact that specialized in swallowing thunder-type energies. It was coincidentally his nemesis.

Xue Wu Xia turned her book open, and a female spirit that looked like her appeared.

The spirit was covered with cold air all over her body, but there were static electricity buzzing in her hands.

Facing against Lei Shen Shi who was so much bigger than her, the female spirit charged forward courageously, not showing a trace of fear at all. She looked as if she wanted to swallow Lei Shen Shi who was a thousand times stronger than her.

“NO!” Lei Shen Shi felt a kind of fear from his sixth sense as a warrior and hurriedly tried to leave. However, behind him, Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li had appeared at the same time an locked his movements with Binding Chains. Nirvana Flame, World Exterminating Wheel and Innate Invisible Sword Qi flew towards Lei Shen Shi’s body at the same time. However, the one who delivered the ultimate blow was the sickly beauty who had taken out the Prison Emperor Divine Seal from the Profound Coffin Room and knocked Lei Shen Shi’s head with it.

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