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LLS Chapter 354 – Coldness, Present, Human Rod

Chapter 354 – Coldness, Present, Human Rod
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Countless thunder and lightning gathered at Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s hands, forming a huge ball of electric current.

The whole of Third Hall was as bright as day with the illumination from the lightning.

The whole world was overshadowed by the brightness of the lightning.

The power of this ‘Sky Law’ was definitely not something a person could resist. Even if it was the Heaven Realm Great Leader who had just awakened, he couldn’t ignore this power.

“Careful!”Although Yue Yang was shocked by the scene of ‘Sky Law’, but a strange scene heightened his sense of danger. Out of the corner of his eyes, he discovered shadow of a black human figure floating out from a black hole. It was that Heaven Realm Great Leader who had hidden his true appearance behind his black hole Domain of Power. That fellow gathered two black holes that could swallow everything on his hands, as if he was about to sneak an ambush on Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

Yue Yang panicked and recklessly charged forward, using his body to protect Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s back.

He released his Star Explosion Domain of Power and threw it towards the enemy.

At the same time, Phoenix Fairy Beauty attacked with both of her hands.

The power of Sky Law which had been amplified a hundredfold mercilessly smashed at the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s body… The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Black Hole Domain of Power used one of the black holes to stop Yue Yang’s full-power Star Explosion. His other hand which was holding the other black hole penetrated through Yue Yang’s grimoire protective shield and ruthlessly smashed against Yue Yang’s chest.

The whole space was distorted.

Not only there was Sky Law’s power, the space was also distorted by the clash of Star Explosion and Black Hole Ball and the clash between the Black Hole Ball with the Innate Qi protection on Yue Yang’s body. There was also the clash between the Heaven Realm Great Leader Black Hole Domain of Power and Yue Yang’s grimoire protective shield.

Even the sound from the resulting explosion was crushing.

Everything inside the space, other than the four people, turned into fine powder.

The resulting shockwave sent Feng Shen Shi who was on his soul state flying a hundred metres away. All of the walls and pillars in the Third Hall broke down, even the dome almost collapsed.

If it wasn’t for the Prison Emperor’s will which was supporting the Third Hall and preventing it from collapsing, if it was a normal structure instead, it would have become debris from the huge explosion shockwave. Amongst flying debris, the four people didn’t move at all. The first one to move was the Heaven realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident who had been struck by Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s hundred times strengthened Sky Law.

He had lost one of his arms and his face was drenched in blood.

His left shoulder and the left half of his body had been seriously injured. His bones were even exposed in some parts of his body.

His left eyes were shut and his forehead was bleeding, from his hair down to his eyes and cheeks, like he was crying tears of blood. Drips of blood dropped onto what remained of his right hand. His right hand was still holding onto the Divine Trident, but he did not attack Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Instead, he stabbed it backwards towards the gap between Yue Yang’s ribs and arms, stopping the other Heaven Realm Great Leader’s second attack, the Black Hole Domain of Power, to everyone’s surprise…

With regards to this, Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty was extremely shocked.

This fellow not only didn’t attack back, he had even stopped his comrade’s fatal attack and saved Yue Yang’s life?

Could it be that this fellow’s brain had been fried from the Sky Law Power? Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty was completely at loss!

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with Black Hole Domain of Power seemed to not understand his comrade’s actions too. He had came to his rescue when his comrade was in danger, why was he unwelcomed?

“Jiu Xiao, this is my fight. Even if I am killed, my pride as a Heaven Realm Great Leader will not allow me to beg for help. This will only make me feel humiliated afterwards. If it was you instead, if you were beaten to the ground by your enemies, would you beg for your life like a dog? Would you wish for me to come to your rescue? I don’t want to look for any excuse, a victory is a victory, a defeat is a defeat… Even if my powers have not recovered and my opponent is using Hundredfold Life Combustion to kill me, is this an excuse for my defeat? As one of the Heaven Realm Great Leader, when did I ever need to find a laughable excuse for my defeat?” When the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident said this, the Heaven Realm Great Leader with Black Hole Domain of Power quickly returned to his Black Hole without a second word.
(Shiro: Jiu Xiao means Nine Nights)

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident turned around, his body drenched in blood. He closed his eye which was bleeding and only used one eye to look at Phoenix Fairy Beauty, “You are really a strong opponent… Other than Prison Emperor, you are the only human who managed to attack me until this bad. You could have killed me just a little bit more. If I didn’t have a Divine Weapon with me, I would need to sleep for thousands of years again today… With this Divine Weapon, you won’t be able to kill me. As for me, I don’t wish to kill. On the contrary, I long for an opponent like you. That boy and you, you still have so much growing potential. Both of you are still so young. Continue to train yourselves, we will wait for you guys in the Heaven Realm. This lesson, this defeat today, I will forever remember it in my heart.”

He summoned his grimoire and his body slowly disappeared, “Goodbye, two human warriors who bring so much excitement to me. I really hope that you guys can give us an even nicer surprise when you see us in the Heaven Realm in the future!”

Before he disappeared, he waved his Divine Trident.

A ray of bright light flashed.

A line of Heaven Runes slowly formed in the sky. Yue Yang recognized a few words, he reckoned that these runes should be that fellow’s address in Heaven Realm.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident returned to his grimoire world and completely disappeared. His parting words reverberated for a long time in the destroyed Third Hall, “Remember my name, my name is Xu Kong.”
(Shiro: Xu Kong means void, vacuum)

As the Heaven Realm Great Leader called Xu Kong returned to the grimoire world, Feng Shen Shi who was on his soul state also followed his master with the Divine Trident’s light as guidance.

At this time, in the Third Hall, there was only that Heaven Realm Great Leader with Black Hole, Jiu Xiao.

Although he did not speak at all, his true abilities were far above Xu Kong, the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident.

Five bleeding holes appeared on Yue Yang’s chest.

Even the extremely strong Yue Yang who possessed Nirvana Flame thus giving him the ability of Nirvana Rebirth was unable to heal the injury his opponent had caused. The black balls which possess the ability of a black hole, able to swallow everything inside, had already invaded Yue Yang’s body. If it was another person, they would have already become a corpse. Their corpse might not even exist anymore. However, Yue Yang who possessed [Devour] Domain of Power, had turned his body into a battlefield, fighting a tug-of-war battle that black ball… If it were an ordinary adventurer, they would definitely not be able to endure that kind of battle inside their bodies. However, Yue Yang possessed the Innate Qi protection and Nirvana Rebirth, and unimaginably managed to endure the battle inside his body. Furthermore, the origin of his [Devour] strength had become stronger as it continued to swallow the opponent’s power, transforming and devouring into a stronger [Devour] origin…

The black balls had aroused Yue Yang’s potential and the origin of his [Devour] Domain of Power abilities at the same time.

The origin of his [Devour] which was not considered very strong in the first place had already become ten times stronger because of the invasion of this strange power.

Furthermore, after the [Devour] origin fused together with the opponent, it started to evolve.

It was constantly changing, becoming stronger.

Of course, the impact it caused on Yue Yang’s body was excruciating pain.

Yue Yang was in so much pain that his whole body was trembling. Phoenix Fairy Beauty took care of Yue Yang who had almost lost control and fell to the ground with her beautiful hands and long tails as she glared coldly at the Heaven Realm Great Leader who was called Jiu Xiao.

This Jiu Xiao who possessed Black Hole Domain of Power had not left.

It was obvious that he wanted to kill Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang.

Xu Kong’s wishes had nothing to do with him.

Although Xu Kong had asked Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang to fight again in the Heaven Realm in the future, the current Jiu Xiao was thinking of eliminating these two people as soon as possible.

“I had always thought that humans are dangerous. No matter how weak they are, as long as there are some kind of miracle, they would become extremely strong. Even if they have short life spans, their growth rate was extremely quick. You, for example, a young human boy who is only twenty years old but possessed a power that is almost the same as my current strength. If I give you another 100 years, I really can’t imagine how much you will grow…” Jiu Xiao whose body was hidden inside his Black Hole Domain of Power slowly floated out. His appearance had not been fully revealed, but his strength and Qi pressured Yue Yang to the point that he found it difficult to breathe.

Compared to Xu Kong who had the Divine Trident, he was three times stronger.

Furthermore, this Jiu Xiao was much more cool-headed. He possessed some kind of cool-headed wisdom.

When Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty gave him a sense of danger, he would not be like Xu Kong, giving Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty the opportunity to launch their attacks. He wished to kill the two of them as soon as possible, nipping the problem in the bud.

Jiu Xiao raised both of his hands to the sky and formed two black balls in the sky.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty raised her hands to the sky and prepared to summon Sky Law once again.

That Jiu Xiao who was so calm that he was almost cold as ice suddenly asked, “How many more Sky Laws can you summon with that Hundredfold Life Combustion of yours? How long more can you last? If I didn’t guess wrongly, you could only last another minute at most. With such a little time, you shouldn’t be able to summon another Sky Law. Furthermore, do you think I will fight against you head on? You can continue to wait, wait until your life has been fully combusted…”

Although she didn’t speak, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s darkened expression proved that what Jiu Xiao said was true.

She didn’t want to admit defeat, but she had reached the limits of the limit of her Hundredfold Life Combustion.

“Only half a minute left, speak your last words!” Jiu Xiao didn’t attack Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang immediately. Instead, he stood in front of his Black Hole Domain of Power, as if he would return back inside any time. He knew that he had just awakened from his slumber, hence his powers were not even 1% of his original strength. He was completely unwilling to fight the current Phoenix Fairy Beauty head-on. He chose a different battle tactics from Xu Kong, he chose to wait.

“I die without regrets.” This was Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s last words.

“Why don’t you ask me what my last words are?” Yue Yang endured the pain in his chest and asked his opponent with a hoarse voice.

“What do you want to say?” Jiu Xiao was only vigilant towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty currently. With regards to Yue Yang who was gravely injured, he only spared him a tenth of his vigilance.

“Although I can’t compare to you, this doesn’t mean that you are invincible… Qilin girl, I never asked a penny for your rent. Right now I’m going to die, if you don’t come out and help, don’t blame me for kicking you out of my house.” Yue Yang suddenly shouted out and cursed furiously.

“Don’t be angry, how would I know you are fighting? I have been sleeping and I just woke up just now, I still feel very sleepy.” A Qilin girl who was wearing her pyjama full set sleepily patted her yawning mouth, looking indolent and drowsy as if she had just woken up. She then stretched out her waist and rubbed her eyes, then looked towards Yue Yang who was drenched in blood, with bleeding holes all over his chest, and asked curiously, blinking her eyes, “Are you injured?”

“Obviously!” Yue Yang really wanted to beat the Qilin girl’s butt violently. Forget it if she didn’t want to help heal his injuries, she even had the nerve to enjoy watching the show.
(Shiro: Popular children disciplinary measure in China is to beat their butt)

“This injury is not difficult to heal, but I only have a pair of hands. She or you, I can only save one of you. Which one should I save?” The Qilin girl reached out her hand, showing that she could only save one.

“Save her!” Yue Yang hurriedly asked her to first heal Phoenix Fairy Beauty when he heard her.

“I can save her, but I can’t give you any guarantees, because it’s already a little too late to save her.” Before the Qilin girl could even finish her words, Yue Yang had raised his hands and beat her little bottom hard, “Then why are you wasting time talking bullshit? Quickly save her now!”

“You dared to hit me?” The Qilin girl was furious, she was about to throw a tantrum. However, when she saw Yue Yang who looked like he was about to eat a person, she jumped in fright and stuck out her tongue. Then, she quickly held the unconscious Phoenix Fairy Beauty and brought her back into the grimoire world. In the end, she asked Yue Yang, “Who is that fellow that looked so ugly and sinister? It’s alright if his looks couldn’t make it, but he still dared to reveal his face to the public. I don’t understand, does he has any self-awareness?

“Save her quickly! You are not even marrying him, why do you care about how he look like!” Yue Yang shouted exasperatedly.

“So you actually have an Immortal Beast’s protection. No wonder Ming Yue Guang and Xu Kong let you off.. Although Immortal Beasts are strong, do you think they don’t have weaknesses?” That Heaven Realm Great Leader called Jiu Xiao suddenly turned invisible and returned to his Black Hole Domain of Power. His thought wave floated out, “If it wasn’t for the fact that I have just awakened, I would have killed you all together with that Immortal Beast. Young human, let me give you a present!”

A flash of black light, like a sword, shot out from the black hole.

It disappeared in an instant.

Just as Yue Yang prepared all of his body to take the attack, suddenly, Lei Shen Shi who looked like a Thunder Giant appeared. He held that black light in his hands as he bowed in respect towards the black hole.

The Black Hole Domain of Power slowly disappeared. In the end, a cold strain of thought wave floated out, “Cut all of his four limbs so that he could become a human rod. Bear in mind, you can’t endanger his life, otherwise that Immortal Beast protecting him will immediately attack you back. The Immortal Beast’s weakness is that she has to follow the rules. She can’t take the initiative to attack weak living things, unless her master’s life is in danger. Humans’ battle power mostly depended on their four limbs. Once he lose his limbs, his battle power will decrease greatly. Furthermore, humans will not be able to grow out another set of limbs… Young human, I hope that you will like my present!”

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