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LLS Chapter 353 – Sky Law!

Chapter 353 – Sky Law!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Yue Yang was in front while Phoenix Fairy Beauty was behind.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident couldn’t react at all before he saw a fist ignited in Nirvana Flame quickly coming towards him.

He couldn’t do anything but watch as Yue Yang landed a heavy hit on his chest.

Furthermore, at the same time, same place from the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s back, Phoenix Fairy Beauty also attacked with a powerful attack.

“Humans are indeed a race that can create miracles.” The Heaven Realm Great Leader’s body trembled slightly and suddenly, he sent both Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty flying away like a bullet. Fresh blood spurted out from his mouth, but the expression in his eyes turned swift and fierce because of this. He nodded, “Interesting.”

Although he had high defense, after receiving Yue Yang’s and Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s attacks who had been powered up by Second Berserk Transformation and Thirtyfold Life Combustion respectively, the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident was still injured. It was not just a simple blood dropping from the corner of his mouth like just now, this time, he was really injured. However, the fact that Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty had joined together to attack him really made him furious. He threw Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty away and immediately retaliated.

He pushed his Divine Trident which was shining resplendently forward. Power started to overflow explosively from his body, just like a shockwave, spreading outwards quickly.

However, it was not destructive at all, it only formed a huge Domain of Power around his body.

“Fiftyfold Gravity.” The Heaven Realm thud his Divine Trident onto the ground. Countless Heaven Runes gathered at his feet, forming a huge Rune Circle.

“Boom!” Yue Yang who was sent flying immediately crashed onto the ground like meteor.

“Eh?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who was thirty times stronger by using Life Combustion as sacrifice, felt her body slowly falling down. When she reached the ground, the stones slabs on the ground were actually cracking from the weight of her body, spreading like a spider web. On the other side, Yue Yang’s legs had stuck deep into the stone slabs. However as he was in a Second Berserk Transformation State, Yue Yang didn’t care what tricks his opponent was using. As long as his body could still move, he would continue to attack. Yue Yang slowly moved his body, stepping on the stone slabs as he walked step by step towards the Heaven Realm Great Leader.

“Turns out you will get stronger when you lost your senses…” When the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident saw Yue Yang’s movements, he immediately understood why Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t stop him when he used hypnotism before. She also didn’t dispel the hypnotism effect. Turns out that this young human boy would become stronger when he lost his senses.

This situation proved one point.

And that was this young human boy possessed a really huge potential, far above his powers now. It’s just that he had not fully grown.

With his senses intact, he wouldn’t be able to realize his full powers because he was unsure about his true potential. When he lost his senses and enter into a berserk mode, this boy’s powers would burst forth without him realizing it.

Most importantly, this berserk state that made him lost his senses wouldn’t harm his body at all, because this boy possess the protection of Nirvana Rebirth from his Nirvana Flames.

From here, it could be seen that the true potential within hi boy was far above what he was showing right now, immeasurable.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident would obviously not let this situation continue.

He swung his Divine Trident and pointed it at Yue Yang, “Dispel.”

A strange-looking light burst out from the Divine Trident and shot straight towards Yue Yang’s forehead.

In an instant, the strong hypnotising power just now was dispersed, and Yue Yang reverted to his original state.

“My head hurts!” Yue Yang’s mental state quickly recovered, as if he had just woken up from a nightmare. His head hurts as if he was pricked by needles. The thing that made Yue Yang suffer the most was because his senses was coming back and the effects from the Second Berserk Transformation was rapidly vanishing. His power which had been rapidly increasing just now immediately decreased. Yue Yang almost couldn’t breathe bearing the weight of fiftyfold gravity.

Inside the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s Domain, any living being would feel the effect of fiftyfold gravity.

However, Phoenix Fairy Beauty noticed a small detail.

All the stones, building and items here were completely unaffected. They experienced the normal strength of gravity.

Summoning a grimoire protective shield did not decrease the effect of the pressure at all. It was obvious that the opponent’s Domain of Power had the ability to pass through protective shields. Their opponent was a Heaven Realm Great Leader, not an ordinary adventurer. The grimoire protective shield was nothing to him. Phoenix Fairy Beauty immediately reacted and increased her Life Combustion to fiftyfold strength… As she chanted to acquire the status, Yue Yang made use of the strength of Second Berserk Transformation which had not completely disappeared and jumped high. Riding on his Fire Phoenix, he charged towards the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s eyes glinted.

He didn’t receive Yue Yang’s attack head-on, instead he raised his Divine Trident to the sky.

A strange kind of light burst forth to the sky from the tip of the Divine Trident. Countless Heaven Rune Circles appeared, dazzling brightly, like a river of stars, interweaving together into a mysterious, complicated Rune Pattern.


Heaven Realm Great Leader pointed with the Divine Trident. The whole space immediately turned into a zero gravity, void dimension.

Yue Yang who was using all of his strength to resist the fiftyfold gravitational force couldn’t adjust his strength at all. Within a second, Yue Yang shot to the sky like meteor and crashed onto the dome of the Prison Emperor Divine Palace. The impact of the crash caused the whole Third Hall to shake violently for a long time.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty noticed that the rubbles and mud were falling towards the ground slowly.

Other than living beings, non-living things were not affected by the domain of power.

She took this in and remembered it at her heart. She felt that this might be the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s weakness… Of course, that Divine Trident might be his measure to make up for his weakness. Without it, this Heaven Realm Great Leader’s strength would definitely decrease.

“Fiftyfold Gravitational Force.” The moment Heaven Realm Great Leader changed gravity, Yue Yang’s body smashed onto the ground once again.

“Void.” The Heaven Realm Great Leader raise his Divine Trident up to the sky. Yue Yang who was resisting the heavy gravitational pressure with all his might shot up like a meteor again towards the dome of the Third Hall.

“Don’t forget I’m still here. Is there any meaning to bullying a kid?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty appeared behind the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s back. Her hands grabbed at the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s right shoulders.


The Heaven Realm Great Leader disappeared immediately, avoiding the battle with her.

He smiled towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty and said, “You are luring me to attack you, but no, I won’t fight you. You want to end your life together with mine. I know you have some kind of ability to do this, but I’m not that stupid. Provoking me is useless! How long can you last with your Fiftyfold Life Combustion?”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s heart slightly trembled when she heard that. Her opponent wasn’t tricked at all, what could she do now?

How long could she last under Fiftyfold Life Combustion?

Could it be that she must use Hundredfold Life Combustion?

However, the Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident had made a decision faster than Phoenix Fairy Beauty. He shouted, “Absolute Domain, Hundredfold Gravitational Force!”

Yue Yang supported his body as his hands and legs sunk into the stone slabs.

Under the pressure of Hundredfold Gravitational Force, forget about him, even Phoenix Fairy Beauty found it hard to defend.

Her legs crushed the ground beneath her as her body, which was enduring the Hundredfold Gravitational Force stooped down slightly. If her hands was not bracing her body by holding onto her grimoire, she might also be unable to endure the force and fall onto the ground.

Hundredfold Gravitational Force was definitely not something that a human could defend against.

The most troublesome thing was that the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident was able to immediately change the gravitational force inside his Domain of Power into vacuum. Phoenix Fairy Beauty was still alright, she could resist the changes with much difficulties. Yue Yang, on the other hand, was completely miserable. His body couldn’t endure it anymore, he was in so much pain as if a herd of giant mammoths had trampled over him.

He held his grimoire which was floating in the air with his bloodied hands to prevent him from falling towards the Divine Palace’s dome.

As long as his opponent continued to alternate between Hundredfold Gravitational Force and Zero Gravity, Yue Yang thought that the only thing he could do was to escape.

That was no victory at all.

“I said before, don’t forget, your opponent is me!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty humphed.

When the Heaven Realm Great Leader turned back and looked at her, he suddenly saw her hands coming towards her with a speed faster than lightning. Before a thousandth of a second passed, her hand was already right in front of him, getting bigger with the passing time.

Some kind of irresistible force burst out like a tsunami. The Heaven Realm Great Leaders with the Divine Trident immediately froze. He couldn’t even have the time to swing his Divine Trident and attack his opponent before he was attacked by that force… In Yue Yang’s eyes, to his surprise, he saw Phoenix Fairy Beauty powerfully pinning the Heaven Realm Great Leader onto the ground. Her sharp claws grabbed at the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s head, and when her opponent tried to look back, she smashed the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s head onto the ground.


The whole of Third Hall violently shook from this attack.

That loud explosion sound reverberated through the Divine Palace for a long time.

Forget about Feng Shen Shi and the other Heaven Realm Great Leader who was like a black hole. Even Yue Yang couldn’t believe it.

This, how could it be possible?

The Heaven Realm Great Leader who was strong beyond compare was actually pushed down on the ground by the Phoenix Fairy Beauty? Just as everyone was shocked speechless, that Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident lifted his head up from the ground with his hands as support. He stabbed his Divine Trident backwards, fiercely stabbing it onto Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body… However, the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s attack was useless to the Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

“It’s useless!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty shouted out.

She swung her claws and sent the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s flying away forcefully.

Just like a cannonball, he flew towards one of the pillars, immediately shaking the whole of Divine Palace. He crashed onto the palace walls and carved a human-shaped hole.

That Heaven Realm Great Leader immediately reacted.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader came out from the hole with a speed faster than light. The Divine Trident in his hand turned into a powerful thunder as he charged straight towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

The demon wings on Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s back quickly flapped about. With one flap, she had already reached the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s back.

Sharp claws grabbed onto the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s legs.

She clutched his whole body and smashed him mercilessly to the ground… Without waiting for the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident to recover, she stomped her legs onto the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s face. At the same time, she raised her hands high up to the sky. Endless power gathered in her hands, as an impressive sight started to appear in the sky. All of the free energy in the air became berserk, then, as if they were following a specific law, they quickly gathered towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s hands. A terrifying energy flow started to form in the sky. Purple-coloured lightning streaked across the sky like fiery snakes as thunderbolts boomed!


Phoenix Fairy Beauty never told Yue Yang before what her Domain of Power was.

She never showed it to him before, but Yue Yang finally understood everything now. Turns out that Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Domain of Power was ‘Sky Law’!
(Shiro: Tian Fa (天罚) – Sky Law can also mean Heaven’s Punishment or Sky Punishment)

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident revealed a terrified expression. If the Old Dragon Turtle had seen him right now, he would discover that the Heaven Realm Great Leader had the exact same expression when he was about to be sealed inside the Prison Emperor Divine Staff six thousand years ago.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty whose strength had been amplified hundredfold with Life Combustion was fighting against the ‘weakened’ Heaven Realm Great Leader who had just recovered.

The move that she used was an instant-kill move.

Right now, she had finally used her ultimate skill, ‘Sky Law Domain of Power’. With the greatest power she possessed in all her life, she prepared to kill this Heaven Realm Great Leader. Even if she had to sacrifice her life, she would have no regrets…

Would she succeed?

That Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident, for the first time in his life, revealed a terrified expression in front of a human girl!

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    Hi boy From here, it could be seen that the true potential within hi boy was far above what he was showing right now, immeasurable.

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