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LLS Chapter 352 – Second Berserk Transformation

Chapter 352 – Second Berserk Transformation
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Phoenix Fairy Beauty started chanting a special kind of chant with an extremely soft voice, faintly discernible.

However, the chant’s true power resonated from the bottom of her heart.

When Phoenix Fairy beauty started chanting the Summoning Chant that could activate Hundredfold Life Combustion, a skill that will greatly increase one’s fighting power, everyone’s soul seemed to be struck by thunder. Her voice echoed continuously.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident showed a grave expression.

It was the first time he made a defensive gesture.

He put his right hand in front of his chest, protecting himself.

A grimoire appeared and floated into the air together with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, its master, ascending dozens of metres into the sky.

Countless Heaven Runes sprung out from the grimoire, magically floating around with the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s hands. One by one, they formed mysterious-looking Rune Circles, complementing one another, combining with each other. When the Heaven Realm Great Leader saw this, his face immediately changed. He could see it now, his enemy was not faking him, she definitely have the power of Life Combustion that could increase her strength by a hundred times…

This was a summoning skill that not even a Heaven Realm Warrior would have.

Some Heaven Rune started to explode.

The Rune Circles broke apart.

A golden light pillar erupted from the summoning grimoire, rising up to the sky, enveloping Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body completely.


That energy she was emitting was like a tsunami that could engulf the whole world.

It was like a volcano eruption. A loud explosion resounded throughout the surroundings.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body had now unified with her Guardian Beast.

A pair of purple demon wings rapidly grew out from her back. It was extremely long, almost ten metres. On the wings, Heaven Runes blinked and formed into Heaven Rune Circles. On the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s beautiful bottom, a hole formed on her skirt as a long, thorny tail grew out from her butt. Adorable demon horns which curved upwards grew out from her head. It looked beautiful and did not seem evil at all. On the opposite, it make her look extremely seductive and tempting. Her ten beautiful fingernails which was dabbed in balsam flower oil also started growing longer, turning into purple-coloured demon claws.
(Shiro: Just FYI…So Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s chinese name is 凤仙美人, which literally meant Phoenix (凤), Fairy/Immortal(仙), Beauty(美人). But in Chinese, the same word can have different meaning based on how it is combined with other words. Today I learnt that Balsam Flower is called 凤仙花. So Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s name could also be translated as Balsam Beauty)

At the same time, another thing that changed was Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s pupils. Both of her eyes had turned deep purple.

Even with her eyes half closed, she already looked extremely charming and beautiful.

When those eyelashes moved and her eyes completely opened, a pair of majestic, cold demonic pupils were revealed.

Even the golden pillar was unable to conceal the energy that she was emitting. A beautiful dark purple, magenta and light purple-coloured ring of light which was made from Heaven Rune Circles and an Ancient Rune as its core was formed, perfectly and ingeniously combining together, surrounding the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body.

This special sight happened before when Phoenix Fairy Beauty levelled up to Innate Level 10 before.

However, the energy at that time wasn’t as strong and intense as this time.


Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was placing her hands on the grimoire suddenly shouted out loudly.

The whole Prison Emperor Divine Palace trembled.

Her body was slightly trembling, as if she was enduring a great deal of pain.

The level of energy increased rapidly… at first it was only twice of her energy, but very quickly, it rose to 5 times, 10 times…

When the Heaven Realm Great Leader saw how Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s strength increased like crazy with her Life Combustion, he couldn’t help feeling a chill down his spine. He felt that human warriors were not very strong, other than Prison Emperor, he really had never seen anyone capable of giving him a mortal wound. However, it couldn’t be denied that a lot of human warriors were dead stubborn. They would rather die and battle until the end, using Self-Detonation or Life Combustion that offered their life energy as sacrifice to kill their enemies, completely disregarding their own lives.

This kind of sacrificial spirit was something that was rarely seen amongst the Heaven Realm Warrior.

Other than their own clan or sect members, Heaven Realm Warriors would not sacrifice themselves for others.

As for humans, most people didn’t even know what they were fighting for. Sometimes human might even sacrifice their lives for a stranger or a friend they were not very close with. They might even be willing to sacrifice their lives for enemies they disliked last time.

Humans were really difficult to understand. The Heaven Realm Great Leader couldn’t understand them even after thousands of years.

While the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident pondered about this, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s energy continued to increase.


Phoenix Fairy Beauty spurted blood from her mouth that splattered onto her grimoire.

Her body was ignited with purple flame.

There was an Ancient Rune that surfaced on Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s head. As that Ancient Rune lighted up, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s strength increased greatly.

Right now, her strength had reached twenty times stronger.

Furthermore, it was still increasing until thirty times…

A tornado-like energy surrounded Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body like crazy. Even the golden pillar that was emitted by her grimoire was twisted around by this tornado-like energy. The moment she break through her one hundred years bottleneck, when Phoenix Fairy Beauty levelled up to Innate Level 10 and stepped into a whole new realm, her powers had already transcended the ordinary realm. After rebirthing to a new life with Yue Yang’s Nirvana Flame, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had benefited even more. She had down-levelled to Innate Level 9 from Innate Level 10, but her strength increased instead of decreased, because it was like her energy was purified by the Nirvana Flame, causing a fundamental change with her energy… With the Life Combustion summoning skill, her energy exploded once again!

Although she had not reached the level of a hundred times, the Heaven Realm Great Leader didn’t suspect her anymore.

“You are crazy. I don’t have any intention of killing you.” He looked up to Phoenix Fairy Beauty in the sky and suppressed the anxiousness in his mind as he called out to her.

“Are you trying to stop me? Just try it out!”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty raised her hand.

Even faster than lightning, she appeared behind the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s back. The hand that she just raised just now pressed onto his back.

Her palm power exploded.

It was the first time that the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident was sent flying.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader stepped nine full steps forward before he could stable himself.

Blood dripped from the corner of his lips but the gaze in his eyes was still calm. His left hand which was holding his Divine Trident didn’t move at all, but his right hand lightly brushed across his lips and wiped his blood, “Is thirtyfold strength enough to injure me? If it gets to a hundredfold, it would really be dangerous. I shouldn’t be looking down upon human warriors. If it weren’t because I was defeated by the Prison Emperor, was sealed for six thousand, and only have merely one percent of my strength and as the Heaven Realm Great Leader, I shouldn’t even need to worry about this. I have assumed too much, too much… Can I give up? I really don’t want to fight against you. You might not care about your own life, but you should think about that human boy lying on the ground. Isn’t he the human race’s hope? If we battle to our deaths, he would definitely come to your rescue and might die in the process. Do you really want to see that happen?”

“My dear clever Heaven Realm Great Leader, do you know what I wanted to tell you the most?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty have not finished speaking when she pressed her hand onto the back of his head.

“Ouch!” The Heaven Realm Great Leader wasn’t sent flying this time, but his body swayed forward.

With just a slight sway, he neutralised Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s powerful attack.

Even at this point of time, he still had not used the Divine Trident in his hand.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t pursue him. Instead, she, who had increased her strength thirtyfold by combusting her life as sacrifice, suddenly pressed her hands onto the grimoire and chanted.

Yue Yang who was deep in his sleep mysteriously woke up from his dream. Even though his eyes was not opened, his expression was extremely angry.

It was as if someone truly angered him inside his dream.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty slowly tightened her fist that she pressed upon her grimoire.

Yue Yang’s expression became even angrier. Nirvana Flame ignited on his body, like hell boiling over and volcano eruption.

The furious Yue Yang roared like a wild animal.

His voice was loud like thunder, resounding throughout the whole Prison Emepror Divine Palace, deafening. When he took a step forward, the ground beneath him collapsed.

Mud splattered everywhere.

It was as if Yue Yang had become a madman and lost his sense of reason. He charged furiously towards the Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident rapidly.

In an instant, his fists had already flew towards the Heaven Realm Great Leader hundreds of times… The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident felt a little strange in his heart, feeling a little surprised with Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s [Charm] Inherent Skill. He might be someone interesting, but this fellow had already slept, so how could he still be hypnotised by Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s [Charm] Inherent Skill? Furthermore, this kind of hypnotism power was even stronger than hypnotising with artifacts.

The Hypnotising Pearl was extremely strong, a lot of Heaven Realm Warriors died because of the hypnotism.

However those hypnotising pearl was limited to one time use.

The thing that surprised the Heaven Realm Great Leader was that Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was using Life Combustion could also activate Life Combustion on her partner. Although he didn’t know where this power came from, the Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident had already realized one thing, and that was his opponent’s abilities were much stronger than what he had expected. Even if he was one of the Heaven Realm Great Leader, he didn’t know any Summoning Skills that would be able to increase his comrade’s powers by ten times.

Most importantly, this Life Combustion skill did not do damage to her comrade’s body at all!


The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident felt some kind of unexplained sense of danger. Furthermore, it was getting stronger with time.

Yue Yang, who had just been pushed back just now, his power was increasing once again.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty sent a ball of purple ball onto his body.

Yue Yang’s body immediately morphed into a Demon King-like existence.

Of course, that was only an illusion, it was not his true body. Yue Yang who was ignited in Nirvana Flame and in a berserk state moved his hands and formed a Fire Phoenix. He prepared himself to ride this destructive Fire Phoenix and kill the Heaven Realm Great Leader.

That Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s calm expression was finally broken.

He didn’t stand at the same spot anymore, he immediately soar to the sky.

The Divine Trident in his hand continued to swing.

A white light wave, that looked like a lightning splitting across the sky, shot straight towards Yue Yang’s head, attacking him and the Fire Phoenix.

At the same time, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had already caught up to him.

Her hand had already pressed against the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s back. She unleashed her palm power.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader quickly escaped.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty quickly chased after him. Her shadow formed a long streak of line across the sky, as if she was always pressing onto the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s back, trying to push him down to the ground. On the ground, with a loud boom, Phoenix Fairy beauty’s right hand crashed inside. On the other hand, the Heaven Realm Great Leader who had managed to escape at the last minute, break out in cold sweat from fright.

So dangerous, if he was late even a little bit…

“Come out, my slave.” Finally the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident summoned something.

A flash of white light flashed down from the sky to the ground.

The shock wave emitted from the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s grimoire was not something that a normal person could endure. Compared to the energy that Phoenix Fairy Beauty had emitted when she activated her Life Combustion, this shockwave was many times stronger.

Seems like this Heaven Realm Great Leader had not even used his true strength at all since just now.

On the other side, Phoenix Fairy Beauty unleashed the second [Charm] on Yue Yang, making him complete his second transformation!

In the history of the Soaring Dragon Continent, many researchers or great sages had studied about Berserk Strengthening, and most supported Second Berserk Transformation. They had even spent their whole lives researching it. However, the result they obtained were extremely little. Their conclusion, human’s Second Berserk Transformation only existed in theory, but no one had ever proven it. In this thousand years, only Phoenix Fairy Beauty was able to successfully use this kind of illogical Second Berserk Transformation…

Yue Yang who had been sent to berserk state twice had completely gone mad.

Seeing his Second Berserk Transformation, the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s eyes popped out, revealing a shocked, disbelieving expression.

This was the Heaven Realm’s secret ultimate skill, and only a handful of people could master it. How could the Soaring Dragon Continent warriors learn about it?

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