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LLS Chapter 351 – Life Combustion

Chapter 351 – Life Combustion
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The walls crumbled and broke into pieces.

Yue Yang who had been knocked out on the ground just a few moments ago suddenly disappeared. He appeared behind the Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident with Hui Jin Magic Blade in his hands which was blazing with the flames from his Yang Ability. He slashed down ferociously with a courageous, vigorous ‘First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash’.

“You don’t have enough strength, and your speed is just so-so,” the Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident turned into a shadow and disappeared.

Within the same second, he re-appeared right behind Yue Yang.

His palm touched Yue Yang’s body.

Yue Yang felt like a Giant Mammoth had just collided against his body. His body was sent flying in the air, rolling wildly.

Yue Yang tried hard to gain control of his body in air. When his body was about to crash onto the ground, he swung his Hui Jin Magic Blade momentously to decrease the impact of his crash. This also caused his body to slide back and avoid his enemy’s terrifying attack. After creating a huge split of almost a hundred metres on the ground, Yue Yang stopped his sliding body and charged forward towards the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident the second time. This time, he had not only hold the Yang Ability-infused Hui Jin Magic Blade, he was also holding his Crescent Blade which was infused with his Yin Ability.

In the air, he formed a mysterious-looking Yin and Yang Circle.

Ice and fire revolved and mixed together inside the circle, quickly yet slowly.

That Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s eyes glinted. He didn’t avoid the attack, instead, he raised his hands which was as white as a girl’s.

With this right hand, he stopped Yue Yang’s Fire and Ice Power Slash.

No matter if it was the Crescent Moon that was incomparably sharp or the Hui Jin Magic Blade which had continued to grow together with Yue Yang all this while, both were unable to harm that tender, snow white right hand. Yue Yang was not even able to nick the enemy’s hand. The enemy had easily stopped this ‘Second Slash: Heaven and Earth Collapse attack which could easily kill a Lower Innate in an instant, with only the minimum protection power of his body.

“Your abilities shouldn’t be this low.” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident shook his right hand a little.


A ray of white light flashed and immediately reflected the Crescent Moon Blade and the Hui Jin Magic Blade in Yue Yang’s hand away. Yue Yang who was holding his weapons tightly was actually injured with multiple lacerations on his skin by this ray of light.

Yue Yang staggered a few steps back and gritted his teeth, charging forward once again.

Heaven Runes and Ancient Runes formed in his hands.

It was dazzling like the brilliance of Milky Way.

In the end, it formed World Exterminating Wheel. With a world exterminating, unstoppable power, it charged towards the Heaven Realm Great Leader.

Before this, no one had dared to stop the World Exterminating Wheel head on before. The Great Emperor of Zhi Wei, Shun Tian, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader, Great Demon King Baruth and so on were all enemies much stronger than Yue Yang, but against the World Exterminating Wheel, they could only avoid it and retreat. None of them dared to stop Yue Yang’s World Exterminating Wheel head on. The World Exterminating Wheel was not something that could be stopped with brute force alone. It represented destruction, any living being that came into contact with it would definitely be destroyed. The only exception was Yue Yang, its user, the only person capable of controlling the World Exterminating Wheel.

“Steal.” When the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident saw it, he was not shocked. Instead, he looked excited.

It was as if he was waiting for Yue Yang to unleash his World Exterminating Wheel.

His opened, empty hand made a pushing down, capturing movement.

Then he pulled his hand inwards.

That unstoppable World Exterminating Wheel which was capable of destroying every single living being immediately flew towards his right hand.

The World Exterminating Wheel that was flying in the air, spinning quickly, stopped in the middle of the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s hand. It spinned even more quickly, but it was unable to move forward at all.

Behind that Heaven Realm Great Leader, his innumerable white wings which was shinning brightly magically turned into long ropes of light. They reached out forward as if they were living things, like an octopus capturing its prey. Uncountable ropes of light surrounded the World Exterminating Wheel which was still spinning quickly.

The Heaven Runes located on the outer surface of the World Exterminating Wheel seemed to be unable to damage those ropes of light.

It was enveloped by the long ropes of light instead.

This kind of strange scene was not something that Yue Yang, or even Phoenix Fairy Beauty had ever seen before. She heard about the ‘Steal’ Rune before, and knew that some strong warriors was especially good in stealing other people’s Runes. However, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had really never seen someone stealing Runes by using ropes of light filled with energy like this. Looking at the layers of Heaven Rune Circles being dismantled one by one, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s heart fell… Could it be that this Heaven Realm Great Leader was really that strong, that even the World Exterminating Wheel couldn’t do anything to him?

Yue Yang was about to charge forward and unleash an Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

Suddenly, the Immemorial Rune in the middle of the World Exterminating Wheel appeared after it was unwrapped from the layers of Runes.

Bright light flashed.

The Ancient Rune surrounding the Immemorial Rune immediately emitted an immense burst of power and an extremely dazzling flash of light. The ropes of light coming out from the back of the Heaven Realm Great Leader were immediately severed. Furthermore, they were absorbed by the Immemorial Rune Circle in the middle that had been continuously spinning. The Heaven Runes that were taken captive previously returned one by one, combining once again into a firmer, more complex combination.

Yue Yang discovered with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision that the World Exterminating Wheel seemed to have unlocked a new ability. He also discovered that it was now able to fully display its full strength.

Its destructive power increased by a hundred times.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident which was extremely strong and calm immediately took back his hand and bent backwards, avoiding the World Exterminating Wheel’s attack… As the World Exterminating Wheel broke down to pieces and return to Yue Yang’s body, the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident looked at Yue Yang with a deep gaze.

His right hand which had been cut by the World Exterminating Wheel bled a little. He mumbled to himself, “There’s actually an Immemorial Rune inside the World Exterminating Wheel!”

The Heaven Realm Great Leader who never spoke at all from the start, whose body was like a black hole, suddenly emitted a special kind of wave.

He seemed to be trying to communicate with his comrade, the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident.

“Yes, this is the real World Exterminating Wheel. It is the World Exterminating Wheel from the legends which have the power to destroy everything in this world. Turns out it looked like this. I am really getting a little jealous. Why would a mere human boy possess the true World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame? He is really blessed with good fortune. Even Ming Yue Guang and the two of us, who are renowned as the Three Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm, do not possess those skills… There are only 36 Immemorial Runes, and one of them actually appeared in front of me. It’s a pity that I couldn’t stole it. This is definitely my life’s biggest regret.” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident nodded towards his comrade and sighed heavily.

“Come towards me!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt that Yue Yang shouldn’t attack them anymore. If this continues, the opponent might get jealous of him and decided to kill him for real.

“With your abilities, it’s a miracle if you managed to hurt me. Of course, with the World Exterminating Wheel, it is quite reasonable that you managed to hurt my body. What a paradox! Try showing your Nirvana Flame, although I can’t steal it away, I have never seen it before. I will feel regretful if I don’t see it at least once in my life.” The Heaven Realm Great Leader’s expressions returned to normal.

“As you wish.” Yue Yang formed Nirvana Flames in both of his hands and charged straight towards his opponent.

“Two clusters of Nirvana Flames? That is more than my expectations!” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident reached out his right hand and stopped Yue Yang’s punches easily.

Yue Yang was pushed back.

As for the Heaven Realm Great Leader, he observed his right hand with a curious expression. Nirvana Flame continued to burn on his fingers where his fist met with Yue Yang’s.

No matter how much power he exerted, he was unable to extinguish the Nirvana Flame completely.

Nirvana Flames possessed the power to burn and purify every single thing in the world. It was even more powerful than the World Exterminating Wheel, who could only destroy and did not possess the power of rebirth.

That Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident slid his right hand across his Divine Trident, and immediately cut a slice of flesh.

He cut the piece of flesh burning with Nirvana Flame away.

His wounded finger was quickly healed to normal. When Yue Yang finally steadied himself, the wound on the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s right hand had already closed, as if it had never been wounded before.

“Fortunately you have not mastered the ability to control Nirvana Flame from afar. Otherwise, I will be really miserable.” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident muttered a little, then asked Yue Yang, “Do you have anymore strong abilities? I can feel that you are still holding yourself back. Even if you are not my match, I can feel that you are still hiding something. Young human, I really respect your resolution. Even in this kind of situation, you are still maintaining your fighting spirit. You even have the intention to kill me… Counting the Prison Emperor, you are the second human I met with so much courage, insight, and the guts to fight me!”

“I still have a stronger ability, do you want to try?” A deep killing intent flashed upon Yue Yang’s eyes.

His enemies were strong, they were strong beyond his imagination.

Even if he forced himself to fight him, he wouldn’t be able to kill his enemies.

There were even two Heaven Realm Great Leaders, the moment one of them was in critical situation, they would definitely join together to attack.

The combined power of the two Great Leaders would not be something that could be overcome with brute force and fighting spirit.

The only way was to continue fighting and find out their opponents’ weakness during the fight. Before they manage to find their opponents’ weakness, it would be a joke if they said they wanted to kill such a strong enemy like these Heaven Realm Great Leaders.

If it was another person, fighting against such a frightening Heaven Realm Great Leader, they would have fallen into despair long ago.

However, right now, in Yue Yang’s heart, there wasn’t fear at all. Instead, he felt strangely excited, he felt an excitement that could only be experienced by challenging a strong enemy.

A manly man would grow stronger when they met difficulties… He had already slowly managed to catch up with his previous targets, the Great Emperor of Zhi Wei Shun Tian and the Thousand Goblin Sect. Yue Yang had stopped using them as his goal since long ago. The current Yue Yang already had a new target, and that was the Heaven Realm Great Leader, who was much stronger and wiser than Shun Tian and the Thousand Goblins Sect Leader.

Yue Yang felt that as long as he found the opponents’ weakness, he would still have a chance to kill his enemies.

There were many ways to kill their enemies. Nirvana Flame, World Exterminating Wheel and there was even the Innate Invisible Sword Qi. The only problem was how to find the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s weakness. Where in the world was his weakness actually?

Everyone has a weakness.

Some would have many, some would have less. Some people’s weakness were more obvious, some were hidden deep.

For example, this Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s weakness was hidden really deep. From the surface, he didn’t look like he had any weakness, as if he was a perfect existence.

However, Yue Yang knew he had a weakness.

No one in this world was without any weakness, this includes the three Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm.

Yue Yang had been observing with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision since he started fighting, thinking hard about how to his enemy’s weakness. He felt that he was about to find it. Some kind of feeling surfaced inside his heart, that as long as he continued to fight, he would be able to find his enemy’s weakness very soon.

“Young human warrior, do you think I will foolishly wait for you to release all of your strength?” The Heaven Realm Great Leader laughed out loud.


Yue Yang who was about to attack once again fell on the ground with a thud, falling into a deep sleep.

He had been hypnotised to sleep.

Originally, with Yue Yang’s mental strength and abilities, no one in Soaring Dragon Continent was able to hypnotise him. However, in front of this Heaven Realm Great Leader, he had actually been hypnotised without him realizing it. He was sleeping soundlessly, like a defenseless, powerless baby.

On the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s right hand, there was a small chain bracelet.

On top of it, there was a light green pearl.

It broke into pieces soundlessly and become fragments, slowly disappearing into the air.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident turned around and looked towards Phoenix Fairy Beauty, “You don’t seem to be worried about his life? Could you tell me why?”

“He possess Nirvana Flame, so he had an immortal body. Why would I be afraid?” Phoenix Fairy Beaut looked towards Yue Yang. There was a gentleness that was rarely seen on her expression.

“No, that is not the real answer.” That Heaven Realm Great Leader didn’t agree.

“Alright then, I’ll tell you the real answer. The real answer is that I am going to make my move. Unless I die, don’t even think of killing him.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s gaze slowly became more resolute. Watching the Heaven Realm Great Leader intently, she humphed, “I’m not the Prison Emperor, so I don’t have the power to seal you. However, don’t ever look down on human warriors other than the Prison Emperor… Otherwise, I might be able to kill you!”

“Did I hear correctly?” That Heaven Realm Great Leader didn’t mock her, his voice carried a little curiosity.

“There is a kind of summoning skill that can only be used once in our lives.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty suddenly revealed a slight smile, “It just happen that I knew this kind of summoning skill which requires sacrifice!”

“Life Combustion?” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident’s expression turned serious.

“The correct answer is actually a Hundredfold Life Combustion!” The moment Phoenix Fairy Beauty finished, that Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident whose face had always been calm and unperturbed was actually disturbed…

Phoenix Fairy Beauty took a deep breath and started summoning.

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