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LLS Chapter 350 – Opponent With Terrifying Abilities

Chapter 350 – Opponent With Terrifying Abilities
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Will keep Phoenix Fairy Beauty as it is for now. Alright guys, please don’t kill me… I’m changing Mythical Beast to Divine Beast, Divine Grimoire to Celestial Grimoire and Godly Grimoire to Divine Grimoire. For more info, please read this post.

“Is that a hand gesture to insult us? Wow, this is the first time I met someone who dared to resist and insult me. Interesting!” That Heaven Realm Great Leader who wore a white robe wasn’t angry, he smiled widely instead, “Even if they are enemies, I won’t be angry because they have such a great dignity and personality.”

The black figure on the left revealed his appearance. He was like a black hole, he possessed a body that sucked in all the light all around him.

He looked like a black whirlpool.

He stood quietly on the right side.

He did not say anything at all.

Even when Yue Yang used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he was unable to see through his true appearance and level.

However, the sense of danger that he gave Yue Yang was not any less than that Heaven Realm Great Leader who wore a white robe and wield a Divine Trident. His power might even be more than the Great Leader who wore a white robe.

“Ming Yue Guang is really clever. Did she leave already? I knew it, she will never let us awaken faster than herself.” That Heaven Realm Great Leader who wield a Divine Trident sighed. Feng Shen Shi quickly replied him, “My Lord, Ming Ri Hao has joined with the enemies and formed an alliance with this human boy in front of you. He strengthened your seals with blood sacrifice and asked this boy to pull out the Prison Emperor Divine Sword at the same time. Ming Yue Guang has left half an hour ago. If it wasn’t for Ming Ri Hao betraying us, Ming Yue Guang would never be the first to awaken.”

“Although you and Lei Shen Shi are a little stronger than Ming Ri Hao in terms of fighting skills, when it comes to strategies, Ming Ri Hao is still better than you guys. If it were others, would they even thought of the brilliant plan to join the enemies and pull out the sword?” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident first praised Ming Ri Hao with a gentle voice. Then, he suddenly sighed in a low voice, “Although I don’t get along well with Ming Yue Guang, and that we might even be after each other’s necks, she was still one of the Heaven Realm Three Great Leaders. You, you have to respect her. Only a true warrior would be able to respect their enemy who has more power and higher status than them. Listen well, I won’t say these words twice. In the future, if I hear you insult Ming Yue Guang’s name again, I will kill you immediately!”

“Yes!” Feng Shen Shi broke into cold sweat and trembled violently in fear. He hurriedly knelt deeply, prostrating himself.

“…” Yue Yang frowned. He suddenly had a thought that this Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident was quite awesome.

Possessing an extremely strong power, he was not only able to tolerate his enemy’s provocation, he could also strictly manage his subordinates. He could even respect his enemies. This was definitely not an attitude of someone that was ordinary.

Seems like this fellow had indeed lived up to his reputation as one of the Three Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty pulled Yue Yang lightly to signal to him to stop watching them and start attacking instead. Otherwise, they could also escape quickly. It was not a good idea to simply stand still like this.

Yue Yang nodded slightly, showing that he understood her.

However, his next action was still quietly observing them.

In reality, he was extremely anxious. The more time passed, the more the two Great Leaders would recover a part of their powers.

After these two Great Leaders left the Profound Coffin Room, they were actually quite similar to Ming Yue Guang, they were extremely weak because they had just come out for the sealed crystal coffin.

Of course, this kind of ‘weak’ was relative. Even if these two Great Leaders only possessed one percent of their true strength, they would not be opponents that Yue Yang could defeat at this stage. There was no use in becoming anxious. Yue Yang suppressed his wildly beating heart and observed his opponents’ speech and behaviour with a cold heart. Both running away and making a move was unwise, he must find his enemies’ weaknesses.

Otherwise, this battle would end in a meaningless defeat.

“You could pull out the Prison Emperor Divine Sword? You, you are strange indeed. Although Ming Yue Guang might not kill you, she will definitely take you captive. I believe her eyesight wouldn’t be inferior to mine, how could she let such an interesting human like you go so easily?” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident looked at Yue Yang. He slightly frowned his brows, as if he was thinking about something.

“My Lord, he has pulled the Prison Emperor Divine Sword indeed. Your servant has seen it with his own eyes. He used a strange-looking pearl and increased his Emperor’s Qi greatly, pulling the Prison Emperor Divine Sword that was originally resisting him smoothly afterwards.” Feng Shen Shi reported quickly.

“Did you use artefacts to increase your strength? Good idea!” The Heaven Realm Great Leader who wore a white robe nodded towards Yue Yang and said, “You are smarter than I thought.”

“Hmm, let me guess you too!” Yue Yang suddenly spoke out, “I think you, who are extremely powerful, is unable to leave the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, that’s why you are having ideas on us. Sorry to break your bubble, let me tell you the true answer, we are also unable to live the Prison Emperor Divine Palace… After hearing this answer, as the Great Leader of the Heaven Realm, are you very disappointed?”

“No, I have never worried about not being able to leave the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.” The Great Leader of the Heaven Realm who wield a Divine Trident laughed out, “Honestly, the thing I am most worried about is whether Ming Yue Guang would set up an ambush when I get back to the Heaven Realm. So, I must make a little preparation in advance.”

“Does your preparation has anything to do with me?” Yue Yang asked.

“No, but I’m a little curious. Why would Ming Yue Guang leave you alone? If she wanted to capture you, a human boy, it would be very easy. She is probably doing it on purpose to make me guess you out and waste my time. Or did you have some kind of tricks up your sleeve that makes her afraid to attack you?” When the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident said this, Yue Yang’s heart calmed down a lot.

The Heaven Realm Great Leader was indeed powerful, although he was hiding his Qi, his enemy was able to see something was not right.

Most importantly, an enemy who liked to analyse others was the most troublesome.

This kind of enemy was definitely the most formidable ones!

As one of the three Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm, he possessed such an immense power, yet he was still cautious and sensitive to signs. He also analysed his opponents repeatedly. It’s not a good idea to provoke this fellow, they would just be a headache.

If they had no other way, Yue Yang would never start a fight with this enemy. Especially when their enemy found out that Yue Yang had not fully grown yet. They would definitely be at a disadvantage the moment they start fighting.

Yue Yang could definitely not reveal any weakness to these enemies. This Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident was extremely strong, but he didn’t have ‘Moon Eyes’ like Ming Yue Guang, so he must not be able to see through the strength that Yue Yang was hiding. He only had a brain that would continuously analyse, make inferences and a cautious personality. He would definitely analyse whatever reaction or expression that Yue Yang made.

“You are not our match. You are not even as strong as Feng Shen Shi. However, you are fearless, this is definitely not because you are gutsy. Inside you, there is a special kind of ability that have the power to resist us.” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident concluded as such.

“Congratulations, you have assumed correctly.” Yue Yang praised him greatly.

“Maybe I have guessed wrongly, but I don’t think that I missed the mark by a huge margin. Young human, you have hidden your abilities very deeply. At your age, you shouldn’t be able to possess so much power. This proved that you are some kind of special existence. Furthermore, that human female beside you who has almost reached the rank of ‘Heaven Level 1’ is actually listening to you, following your lead, who is merely an ‘Earth Level 1’. This must not because of the Soaring Dragon Continent’s tradition of women submitting to men, it must be because your hidden true abilities far surpassed hers. Hence, she, who had fully understood the depths of your power, followed you without question…” When the Heaven Realm Great Leader said this, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s heart skipped a beat.

This fellow was simply too clever.

With just a simple observation, he was able to conclude so many things.

Fortunately, he had awakened late. Had he awakened a little bit earlier and watched Yue Yang’s fight, he might even manage to guess their final plan.

Yue Yang held Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s hand, smiling slightly.

Their enemies were extremely strong and clever. However, this difficult challenge had actually spurred Yue Yang’s fighting spirit. Although it looked impossible to defeat their enemies on the surface, so what? Although Boss Monsters were difficult to fight against, why do people fight over one another to challenge the Boss Monsters? The reason was because Boss Monsters were more challenging, more exciting and more satisfying to fight than normal mobs!

Only by defeating these kind of enemies would one feel satisfied!

Yue Yang took a deep breath.

The pressure that he originally kept feeling inside his heart was finally gone.

After entering the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, it was the first time he revealed a relaxed expression. He said, “Since I possess some kind of special power that you couldn’t figure out, what do you plan to do?”

“It’s quite a difficult situation. Ming Yue Guang have left the difficult decision on what to do with you to me.” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident frowned. “If I didn’t try anything and let you go just like that, it felt kind of regretful. However, if I make my move recklessly, it may result in a result that is beyond my expectations. If that happened, I will really fall into Ming Yue Guang’s trap.”

“My Lord, this young human possessed Nirvana Flames and World Exterminating Wheel. Ming Ri Hao decided to form an alliance with him because of those abilities.” Feng Shen Shi dutifully reported to the Heaven Realm Great Leader.

“Is that so?” The Heaven Realm Great Leader nodded, “Possessing Nirvana Flames means you have an immortal body. As for the World Exterminating Wheel, what a great temptation! I have always longed to know the Ancient Rune for World Exterminating Wheel… Dangerous, under this circumstances, Ming Yue Guang had actually left you to me… Did she think I will die under Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel? I have to think about it carefully. Young one, I can’t deny my wish to try and steal the World Exterminating Wheel Ancient Rune from you. If I didn’t try at least, I won’t rest easy… In the face of temptations, how can we not feel any desire or greed? If you don’t want me to kill you, then prove to me that you are an outstanding warrior, someone who deserve to possess the ‘World Exterminating Wheel’. As for Nirvana Flame, that is not something that anyone can steal, hence I won’t hope for it.”

“Alright then, I am also thinking of fighting with you.” Yue Yang suppressed the nervousness in his heart and squeezed Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s hands a little, signalling her to stay back.

“…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty squeezed his hand too. Her hand was a little moist as she broke out in cold sweat.

It was obvious that she was extremely worried for him.

He was obviously not even Feng Shen Shi’s opponent, now he wanted to fight the Heaven Realm Great Leader who was a hundred times stronger than Feng Shen Shi. His opponent even had a Divine Weapon. If Phoenix Fairy Beauty said that she wasn’t worried, it would be a blatant lie.

However, she understood and respected Yue Yang’s decision.

This battle, she would not stop him. However, she would also not leave, she would use her utmost strength to protect him!

Unless that Heaven Realm Great Leader who wielded a Divine Trident killed her altogether with Yue Yang.

Otherwise, he can stop thinking that he will have his way.

The second Heaven Realm Great Leader who had been standing on the right side quietly since before suddenly turned towards his comrade. It looked like he said something. Soundlessly, he interacted only with his comrade with Thought Waves. Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty was unable to hear anything. According to their reactions and expressions, Yue Yang could conclude that this Heaven Realm Great Leader who looked like a black hole and had not revealed his appearance seemed to disagree with starting the battle.

However, after his comrade, the Heaven Realm Great Leader with the Divine Trident continued to insist repeatedly, he finally agreed.

The black hole fellow ‘looked’ towards Yue Yang.

Yue Yang immediately felt as if he was being X-rayed. He hurriedly hid all of his abilities and quietly summoned his Gold Grimoire, pretending all “I’m very weak please don’t hit me”, trying to trick his enemy.

Showing all of your abilities before PK-ing with your enemy is the most foolish behaviour.

Yue Yang must be able to give a surprise attack in order to get a little bit of advantage.

‘Forcing against the odds’, forget about other people, even Yue Yang might not be successful… His opponent was one of the three Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm, forcing himself against the odds was simply equivalent to seeking death!

“Reveal your true strength!” The Heaven Realm Great Leader with Divine Trident said calmly. Suddenly, he appeared in front of Yue Yang. Before Yue Yang could even react, he reached out his hand and went through Yue Yang’s protective shield. He touched Yue Yang’s face immediately and released his Qi, sending Yue Yang flying a hundred metres back. Yue Yang collided and broke through three giant pillars, smashing hard on the walls of the Prison Emperor Divine Palace. Only then did the impact from the Heaven Realm Great Leader’s attack finally stopped.

“…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was right beside Yue Yang previously, could only stare in shock. She simply couldn’t believe their enemy’s attack speed.

This kind of speed is beyond logical.

Even though she and Yue Yang was already prepared beforehand, they couldn’t keep up with the Heaven Realm Great Leader at all.

Heavens, this was actually still the ‘weakened’ Heaven Realm Great Leader who had just broken free from his seal. If they were at their peak condition, wouldn’t they be nightmares then?

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  1. kirinashbell says:

    when is the qilin/kirin girl or the twin phoenix gonna show up to beat this guy? My hope of this fight would be his first wife(sword goddess) will possess his body for the fight n completely beat them black n blue ^^(i can only hope as least or i can read the raws but cba,funny that i can listen n speak it but cant read or write even tho im Chinese)

    • shiroyukineko says:

      No, here’s some rune facts:
      Immemorial Runes – 36 Runes
      Ancient Runes – 72 Runes (Require special requirements)
      Heaven Runes – can be used by everyone
      Dwarf’s Runes – Used to create puppets, engraved inside a metal or item.

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