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LLS Chapter 349 – Resurrection, The Two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm

Chapter 349 – Resurrection, The Two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Sorry for the late post!!

If Xue Wu Xia did not possess the extreme freezing ice power, or if Princess Qian Qian didn’t have the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, it would be impossible to kill Ni Guo so easily.

Of course, the most important point was that Ni Guo never expected to be killed by a few human girls who were not even Innates.

His [Essence] power which was invulnerable to fire and ice made his body almost immortal.

Never in his thoughts did Ni Guo ever imagined that his life would end so tragically.

Sealed inside the block of ice, he was unable to showcase his strong abilities at all. He did not even manage to struggle at all before he was killed by the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, the Mythical-ranked weapon.

His two Innate Level 5 comrades were panic-striccken. They were also unable to react in time due to their shock. Suddenly, they sensed an impending crisis. Instinctively, they looked up and to their surprise, they found a Stone-element Medusa aiming at them with her bow and arrow… Beside the Stone-element Medusa, there was also a Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon. All of them were saving up their powers and eyed them like predators watching their preys.


These beasts were definitely not your normal beasts. If these beasts’ sneak attack succeeded, they might even end up like Ni Guo.

A Reaper Mantis was flying in the sky, prepared to attack anytime.

However, in the eyes of these Heaven Realm Warriors, the Reaper Mantis was the weakest one. The beast that made them felt really uneasy and nervous was that girl with fresh flower crown on her head. This kind of humanoid beast, although they didn’t know if she could speak, her eyes showed intelligence. She was definitely a Holy Beast. The two Heaven Realm Warriors didn’t know what the humanoid beast was called, but they had accidentally seen how this flower girl who looked innocent on the outside had instantly killed a Platinum-ranked Level 8 Giant Pollution Beast with her terrifying strength.

This girl who was as beautiful as fresh flowers was definitely not someone that was easy to deal with. Her strength was extremely powerful. Even the Radiation Mecha Beast which had wrecked havoc everywhere it go could only die pitifully in her hands.

Even the Radiation Mecha Beast couldn’t do anything to her.

If they wanted to fight against her, they really didn’t know what kind of beast to summon to counter her skills.

It was the first time that the two Heaven Realm Warrior stopped looking down on their enemies and keenly observed their opponents’ skills.

In their eyes, there was no need to fear the human girl who looked as gentle as water, the one who summoned the Storm Waves beast. She was the weakest person in this place.

However, that human girl was standing beside another human girl who continued to charge an [Aurora Light] in her hands relentlessly. Hence, they have no choice but to avoid her.

They would definitely die tragically if they were to be hit by the Aurora Light head on.

As for the two girls, the one with the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and the one with extreme freezing ice ability, they were definitely even more difficult to deal with. If they were not careful, the instant kill incident would probably happen again.

They finally understood now why that other human boy with abnormal abilities could leave so easily, completely not worrying about the safety of his comrades. It was really beyond their expectations. Turns out they really couldn’t belittle these girls.

If they belittled the girls, the result would be very obvious. Ni Guo, whose body was still frozen on the ground, was a good example.

“Let’s go!” Those two Heaven Realm Warriors would rather fight against those two Goblin Beast Centipedes than have these girls as their enemy. Both beasts and humans all had the power to kill them instantly, it was really unwise to start a fight with them. Furthermore, within the sealed space, there was not enough room to fully utilize their abilities. The moment their enemies release the Aurora Light, they wouldn’t even be able to avoid. They could only face the attack head-on, and that was how Ni Guo met his tragic end just now.

“Water attack!” Xue Wu Xia made a hand movement. If those two Heaven Realm Warriors decided to fight them to death, even if their own side would probably win, they would require a lot of time to kill the two enemies. They have to revise their initial battle plan completely.

Fortunately, their instant kill just now had intimidated those two Heaven Realm Warriors. They decided not to initiate attack and return back to the Second Hall.

This was the turning point of their battle.

Since their enemies had decided to retreat, their next step would be very easy.

The Storm Mermaid blew her Storm Conch once again and summoned a storm rain. Yue Yu’s beast, Storm Waves, added to the momentum and released a huge flood, creating a huge torrent that washed everything towards the Second Hall. It didn’t matter if it was the Heaven Realm Centipede or the Heaven Realm Warriors, they would definitely die in this huge flood… Speaking about water fights, there were also the Stone-element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon who were experts in water.

Even more, there was also Storm Waves and Xue Wu Xia who possess the extreme freezing ice power.

Even the undying Old Dragon Turtle with high vitality was an expert in water fights.

Meanwhile, at the highest place of the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, the Third Hall.

When Yue Yang entered, he discovered that there was a transparent giant waiting for him in the middle of the hall. That transparent giant seemed to be a little surprised when he saw Yue Yang walking in, “The Howling Wind Spell wasn’t enough to stop you?”

“Let’s start the fight and stop talking nonsense.” Yue Yang felt that there wasn’t much time, he had to finish the fight quickly. Otherwise, when the two great leaders of the Heaven Realm resurrected, he would have to escape.

“Don’t you just want to acquire the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Divine Seal? If you have the ability to do so, just try it! I won’t stop you!” Feng Shen Shi whose body was completely transparent suddenly smiled in a strange manner. He then continued, “Walk around a hundred metres forward, then turn left and enter the Inner Hall. Walk another ten metres, and under the Prison Emperor Statue, there will be the entrance to the Profound Coffin Room. The Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Divine Seal are all inside.”

“…” Yue Yang’s heart dropped a little as he listened.

This Feng Shen Shi sounded so confident. Could it be that the resurrection of the two great leaders were no longer avoidable?

The thing that made Yue Yang had a bad feeling was that Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was fighting against Lei Shen Shi had disappeared. Where was she now? Previously he could still hear the sounds of them fighting, but right now it was completely quiet. Was she defeated?

What actually happened during this period of time?

Although Lei Shen Shi was strong, Phoenix Fairy Beauty was definitely not weak.

Previously she possessed the strength of an Innate level 10. After re-cultivation, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had ranked down to Innate Level 9, but she experienced a complete fundamental change that caused her powers to increase instead of decrease.

Even if Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi joined hands and attacked her together, Phoenix Fairy Beauty wouldn’t be defeated so easily. Could it be that the two great leaders of the Heaven Realm had already succeeded breaking free of the seal and resurrected? When Yue Yang thought about this, he immediately break out in cold sweat. Ming Ri Hao said that there was still an hour, but Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi were not fools. Maybe they did something in order to hasten the resurrection of the two great leaders of the Heaven Realm…

Of course, Yue Yang was not someone that could easily be intimidated.

Yue Yang teleported and entered the Inner Hall straight away, rushing straight towards the Profound Coffin Room.

Inside the Profound Coffin Room, brilliant light was shining all around. Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was holding a pearl in her hand was summoning Sealing Runes incessantly, attempting to fight against the two black figures in front of her.

Lei Shen Shi was nowhere to be found… Those two black figures were leaning out from crystal coffins, half of their bodies were still inside the crystal coffins. The black figure on the left reached out his hands and easily defended against Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s sealing ability. If it wasn’t for the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Divine Seal holding them down with an incomparably powerful strength, the two black figures would probably already be free. Without the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Divine Seal, the two black figures wouldn’t even take the Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s sealing into account.

“What is happening here?” Yue Yang didn’t understand at all. How could things end up this way, how did the two great leaders resurrect earlier?

“Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi sacrificed their strength to resurrect these two fellows earlier. I waited for such a long time for you. Why did you only arrive now?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was a little weak when she said this, it was obvious that she was fatigued. She had been holding on on her own for far too long, every second was excruciatingly exhausting for her.

“But Feng Shen Shi is still outside!” Yue Yang was even more confused when he heard her.

“It’s his soul. Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi only had their souls left, they have sacrificed their true bodies. Didn’t you see that they are not attacking back? They have no more fighting power left, they only have their soul strength left. I can’t hold on much longer, think of a way, quick!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty threw the crisis over to Yue Yang. The two great leaders were about to break free, what could they do?

“The situation has already turn this bad, what do you mean think of a way? We should quickly escape this place!” Yue Yang pulled Phoenix Fairy Beauty and hurriedly started running away.

Forcing the battle would only result in their deaths.

Maybe if they forced themselves, they could slightly delay the two great leaders from breaking free. But they had already awakened now, so whatever they did would be useless.

Without Phoenix Fairy Beauty suppressing them, the two black figures whose faces weren’t clear immediately won against the Prison Emperor’s sealing power. They were quickly breaking free of the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Divine Seal.

Prison Emperor Divine Staff released a blinding burst of light, like a sun.

However, the Prison Emperor Divine Seal which was suppressing the crystal coffins from above was still being pushed away by the two black figures, slowly but steadily.

The lids of the crystal coffins suddenly broke open and rolled on the ground. The Prison Emperor Divine Seal’s golden light turned darker as it continued to float in the air, but its suppressing power had been greatly decreased. The two black figures’ seal had been decreased to the minimum. The Prison Emperor Divine Staff started to shine even more brightly. White light shone out, as sharp as swords, attacking the two black figures, forcing them to join hands and protect each other, enduring the pain… When the white light shining out from the Prison Emperor Divine Staff shone onto the two black figures’ bodies, they started to melt. However, these were not mortal wounds. It could only obstruct and prevent the two black figures from breaking free.

“Sealed for six thousand years. Prison Emperor, you are really a terrifying opponent. I will never forget the miserable defeat this time.” The black figure on the left sighed with an immeasurable relief as he moved his left foot out of the crystal coffin.

“…” The black figure on the right didn’t say anything. He only bowed respectfully towards the first black figure with the Innate Bow, showing his respect.

There was another crystal coffin, which was supposed to be the Prison Emperor’s coffin.

However, there was nothing inside the coffin.

Prison Emperor’s body and soul had already turned into Sealing Power and Sealing Will. He had already died six thousand years ago.

As Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty ran and escaped out of the Third Hall, they met Feng Shen Shi whose body was completely transparent. He sneered coldly at them, before he respectfully kneeled on the ground. This was because right behind Yue Yang, the two black figures had already chased after them. The black figure on the left had shown his true appearance. He was a pretty boy with golden hair, blue eyes and skin as white as snow. He wore a white robe that looked as white a the clouds in the sky.

There was a halo on his head that was spinning around slowly.

There was a unique Ancient Rune on his forehead that showed his unique identity as one of the great leaders of the Heaven Realm.

Countless white light shone from his back, spreading out just like a pair of wings. Slowly, it continued to spread outwards, emitting a pure and holy power that made others feel inferior from its strength.

His hands that was even whiter than a girl’s hand held an incomparably beautiful and majestic-looking Divine Trident. There were precious stones embedded on it. Numerous Ancient Runes and Heaven Runes were also engraved on it. They were shining brightly like stars.

Below the white robes, the man was barefooted. However, his feet didn’t get dirty even after stepping onto the Third Hall’s grounds.

When he walked a step forward, bright light would appear on the ground, completely cleansing the place where his feet was about to tread on…

This great leader of the Heaven Realm who had just resurrected ignored his subordinate’s, Feng Shen Shi’s respectful welcome, and looked towards Yue Yang with a slightly smiling gaze instead. With an extremely beautiful, heavenly voice, he slowly spoke towards Yue Yang and the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, “Don’t be afraid, young human warriors, I will not kill you. Although killing you are easier than stomping on a small ant, I don’t have any intention of hurting weak lives. That way doesn’t suit my status. Just answer three of my questions, and I will allow you to leave.”

“Look, this is my answer!” Yue Yang raised his middle finger. This was his answer.

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Shiro: Guys, all along I’ve been translating 凤仙美人 as Phoenix Fairy Beauty because I didn’t know if it was her title, her nickname, or her real name. Arguably, Phoenix Fairy Beauty makes a very weird name in chinese (but hey, all the characters here have weird names don’t they), but now I think it is really her real name… so I should be calling her Feng Xian Mei Ren… Otherwise it would be like I’m calling 岳阳(Yue Yang) High Mountain Sun… What do you guys think lol.. Should I change or not?


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