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LLS Chapter 348 – Xue Wu Xia’s Extreme Freezing Power

Chapter 348 – Xue Wu Xia’s Extreme Freezing Power
Translated by: Λαστ, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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[Howling Wind Spell] was the nemesis of all aerial beasts.

It was not an Inherent Skill but a special kind of spell. It required a special artifact to be summoned forth.

The wind walls created by the vortex of [Howling Wind Spell] had a strong capability to counter flight. The higher the enemies could fly, the stronger the attraction force of the wind wall and the vortex would be. The wind walls were made from many tornadoes capable of cutting and crushing any object. The most important thing was its mysterious binding power, which was capable of stopping teleportation and transformation to escape.

In short, once someone was trapped inside the [Howling Wind Spell], it would be hard to escape its restraints. Other than the owner who summoned it or someone with immunity to wind powers, everyone else would be affected.

Its sole weakness was that this [Howling Wind Spell] have time limits. After around two hours, it would gradually weaken and disappear.

However, this information wasn’t beneficial to Yue Yang.

Yue Yang was in a hurry to go to the Third Palace Hall’s “Profound Coffin Room” in order to stop the two great leaders from resurrecting. Naturally, he could not wait for the Howling Wind Spell to disappear by itself.

“The power of wind, right?” Previously, Yue Yang had already understood ‘Nature’s Heart’. Additionally, he also cultivates the Innate Invisible Sword Qi which was an Innate Martial Art. With these two, he had a unique understanding and comprehension of Life Energy and Elemental Energy compared to other people. The Big Loli had also taught Yue Yang many things. However, he normally did not use wind and earth very much. Instead he used Yang Fire Ability and Yin Water Ability… Right now, the [Howling Wind Spell] in front of him was the best challenge he could get. Despite Yue Yang not being an expert in the power of wind, he wished to experience the secret of subduing the [Howling Wind Spell].


The two Heaven Realm Centipedes had discovered their prey, Yue Yang, who had just came out.

Seeing this, Xue Wu Xia was astounded.

She had noticed a detail that she had not noticed before. The Heaven Realm Centipedes could not find the sealed space just now, but after Yue Yang left the Seven Star Pillar, they immediately discovered Yue Yang’s existence.

Ni Guo and his two comrades, who were hiding on the corner of the Second Palace Hall, had also noticed this. They immediately came this way and prepared to hide within the safety of the sealed space.

Those few remaining Heaven Realm Warriors also turned around and headed towards the Seven Star Pillars.

One of the Heaven Realm Centipedes quickly chased after them. Its hundred meter long body was as fast as lightning. Its hundreds of legs formed unique rows of leg. Its target was actually the strongest of them, Ni Guo. Like a bullet, its speed increased by ten times. Its mouth with poisonous fangs opened wide and wildly bite towards Ni Guo, who had blue-coloured wings made of mercury yet could not fly.


Ni Guo grunted.

His entire body suddenly transformed into melted mercury and entered a liquid state.

The poison attack became ineffective towards Ni Guo. The Heaven Realm Centipede then opened its mouth and sucked. It wanted to suck Ni Guo into its stomach. However at the same time Ni Guo’s body had become similar to steel. His legs became thorns deeply penetrating the floor and rooting him in place. No matter how strong the Heaven Realm Centipede’s suction strength was, it was unable to move his body a single inch. After all, Ni Guo had the strength of an Innate Level 6. If the Heaven Realm Centipede wanted to kill him, it wouldn’t be easy.

Very quickly, the Heaven Realm Centipede changed its target.

It immediately chose its second target. This target was not Ni Guo’s two Innate Level 5 comrades but a victim who was barely an Innate Level 2.

That person summoned a Gold-ranked Monitor Lizard and merged with it. His body became more than thirty meters long. The Gold-ranked Monitor Lizard’s skin was like a shield protecting his entire body. His back, head and four limbs all had sharp thorns protecting them.

A pair of bags under his eyes secreted poisonous blood and stinky juice. If others smell it they would definitely vomit.

However, all these protection methods could not protect his life.

The Heaven Realm Centipede’s body jumped with the speed of a meteor. Its huge mouth angrily bit at the Innate Level 2 Heaven Realm Warrior’s huge head and injected venom inside.

The victim howled in pain. Other than struggling with all his might, he also shot green poison and red juice on the Heaven Realm Centipede’s body hoping to drive it away. The poison and juice combined on the Centipede’s hard carapace producing hissing sounds. It had corroded a huge chunk of the carapace. However, this was not able to inflict any fatal injuries. Instead, it greatly angered the Heaven Realm Centipede.

Its numerous legs raised up like long pikes and deeply pierced his huge body.

His hard scales were like tissue paper and were easily penetrated.

In a flash, he had fallen on the ground. Before the poison killed him, the Heaven Realm Centipede had forcefully ripped apart his body. While he was still alive, it had opened its mouth and devoured him. This was truly painful that one would rather die.

The other Heaven Realm Centipede chasing after Yue Yang had encountered a small problem.

The Heaven Realm Centipede who was filled with confidence as it chased after Yue Yang suddenly discovered that this human was extremely fast, much faster than its prediction.

The strangest thing was that this human had actually disappeared in front of the wind wall, as if he wasn’t affected by the Howling Wind Spell at all. He completely went beyond its expectation.

Ni Guo didn’t care to check up on Yue Yang nor his comrades, he could only care about his own little life first.

At his first chance, he immediately jumped into the sealed space. Even if there were Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian glaring at him like predators, they were much nicer than those two Heaven Realm Centipedes which could never satisfy their hungers.

“Go out!” Princess Qian Qian knew that the enemy was an Innate Level 6 warrior, but she possessed the Prison Emperor Divine Sword now, hence she had enough confidence to defeat her opponent.

“With just the likes of an Innate Level 1 like you?” Ni Guo snorted in disdain. However, he still gave her some measure because of the Prison Emperor Divine Sword. Without the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, he wouldn’t even glance at Princess Qian Qian. Innate Level 1? To him, he could kill them any time, no matter if they are humans or monsters. In front of him, the Innate Level 6 expert, no Innate Level 1 would be an exception.

“There’s still us…” Xue Wu Xia replied calmly.

She pulled Princess Qian Qian forward, instead of backwards.

Just as Ni Guo was about to attack them and kill the on the spot, a ray of light beam flashed through the whole sealed space.

Ni Guo spread his four wings and extended his tiger arms as he defended against the [Aurora Light].

He activated his Qi protection to protect his body, just like a


When the [Aurora Light] reached him, Ni Guo discovered that he had completely underestimated the power of this [Aurora Light].

On the surface, this [Aurora Light] didn’t look special.

However, when it fell on him, Ni Guo found to his surprise that the [Aurora Light] was ten times denser than normal [Aurora Light], its power was way beyond his imagination… There was a Silver-winged birdman beast that was suddenly summoned by Ni Guo. It carried a great sword in its hands and blocked the [Aurora Light] in front of Ni Guo, its master, using its body to receive the terrifying [Aurora Light] in place of its master.

The [Aurora Light] quickly disappeared, and Ni Guo breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately its duration was short. Otherwise he would really suffer a grave wound… He looked at his palm and discovered that his hands, which had the protection of an Innate Level 6 Qi had actually been seriously burnt.

His palm was scorched black, his skin was split open to the point that his bones could be seen.

He had received this damage after the Silver-winged Birdman’s protection. Without its protection, his hands would probably be gone!

Ni Guo looked up and checked on his beast, ‘Silver Wings’.

He was shocked by what he saw.

The current Silver Wings’ body was emitting smoke, its feathers had been completely burnt bald. Its whole body was black, just like a chicken that had been thrown into fire and was burnt half to death before it escaped from the fire.

The great sword that it used to defend its body a little was originally a Silver-ranked weapon, but it had been completely destroyed.

“I’ll send you on your way!”

Princess Qian Qian had stored a lot of power. The White Tiger Image appeared above her head.

The Prison Emperor Divine Sword released a blinding flash of golden light that was incomparably bright like the sun.

She slashed down.

A terrifying power that could shake both heaven and earth…

Ni Guo quickly avoided this attack that could easily kill in an instant. Prison Emperor Divine Sword was a Mythical-ranked Weapon after all, even if the wielder wasn’t able to fully utilise its power, it was still not something that could be looked down on! Ni Guo had already avoided far away before the slash reached him. The Sword Qi from the sword slash was even faster than his prediction and closely brushed through his shoulders, creating a huge rift all along the passage inside the sealed space.

If this slash had slashed through Ni Guo’s body, he reckoned that even if he used his [Essence] power to recover, he would probably need a long recovery time. During that recovery time, his enemy would probably have enough time to cut his body into millions of pieces.

Although he possessed the power of [Essence], it didn’t mean that he had an immortal body.

Even if one possess an immortal body, receiving a direct attack from a Mythical-ranked weapon would definitely cause instant death…

“Do you still have any more moves?” Ni Gou snickered. With just these abilities, how could they possibly think of killing him, an Innate Level 6? Weren’t they simply setting their bar too high? If they didn’t have the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, these kinds of attacks were useless towards him. Actually, other than that human boy who possessed the World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame whom Ni Guo slightly feared, he didn’t care about the others at all. That abnormal human boy had already left, right now, there were only a few weak women left. What could they do? If there was no Prison Emperor Divine Sword, he could definitely slaughter his enemies, including that tenacious and stubborn Old Dragon Turtle who simply couldn’t die.

“Stormy Waves!” Yue Yu summoned her Stormy Waves and unleashed a powerful flood.

“Are you trying to make me laugh to my death?” Ni Guo felt that these women had gone crazy. Why are they trying to attack him with water? He wasn’t Huang Sha, what use would water do to him?

“Noisy bastard!”

Xue Wu Xia humphed coldly and raised her hands.

Slowly, she formed an Ancient Rune Circle. On her body, her Freezing Ice Ability exploded.

Behind her, an Ice Giant and an Ice Serpent Demon that had appeared soundlessly joined together to create an even colder atmosphere, supporting Xue Wu Xia’s Yin Ability who was attacking Ni Guo.

Sensing that something was going wrong, Ni Guo immediately flew towards Xue Wu Xia.

He was about to swung his fist forward with all of his strength.

His motive was to kill Xue Wu Xia in an instant with this punch…

However, in that instant where his punch was about to reach Xue Wu Xia, an incomparably strong, extreme Yin Ability froze Ni Guo’s body in an instant mercilessly, turning him into an ice statue. This kind of extreme freezing ice power was not even something that Yue Yang could defeat with his Yang Ability, let alone Ni Guo. In this world, other than Nirvana Flame which possess the ultimate heat, no other power could defend against this extreme freezing ice power. Xue Wu Xia who had been hiding her power all along and was waiting for an opportunity to use them finally made her move. The moment she made her move and showed her true strength, within an instant, she managed to take Ni Guo down and sealed him in ice, right on the spot.

If Ni Guo had not underestimated these human girls who were not Innates, he might not be defeated so quickly and so miserably.

The extreme freezing ice ability made Xue Wu Xia possess the strongest power to instantly kill any enemy.

She retreated a few steps back and looked at Ni Guo who was sealed in ice.

The Ice Serpent Demon who was looking at Ni Guo like a predator watching its prey brandished her Dual Blades and slashed through the ice easily, cutting through Ni Guo’s chest.

Behind her, there was also Princess Qian Qian who continued to release her White Tiger Strength. The Prison Emperor Divine Sword in her hands flashed brilliantly as it produced a Sword Qi Blade that could split the heaven and earth. It seemed very fast, yet very slow at the same time. This was what flashed through Ni Guo’s thoughts before he lost his vision. The Prison Emperor Divine Sword produced a sword move as beautiful as a meteor shower in the night sky. This beautiful scenery was what flashed through Ni Guo’s eyes in his last moments.

Ni Guo’s last thoughts were definitely not appreciation towards the beautiful sword move.

Instead, it was the surprise that the [Essence] power in his body, which was invulnerable towards ice and fire, could actually be sealed in ice.

Previously, no one had managed to sealed his power in ice before. However, it was not because his power was invulnerable towards ice, it’s just that he had not met someone who possessed the true power of freezing ice.

Unfortunately, he knew the answer too late!

On the entrance of the passage, his two Innate Level 5 comrades were staring dumbfounded. They could not believe their own eyes. This was simply more unimaginable than Feng Shen Shi summoning two Heaven Realm Centipedes to kill his own people.

Ni Guo possessed the ‘Essence’ power and was only second to Huang Sha in having an unkillable body. However, he was actually easily killed by a human?

Moreover, the one who killed his main force was actually a human female that had not yet reached Innate Rank?!

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