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LLS Chapter 347 – Goblin Beast, Heaven Realm Centipede

Chapter 347 – Goblin Beast, Heaven Realm Centipede
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Changing Restoration Ceremony to Resurrection Ceremony

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Goblin Beasts were not from the Soaring Dragon Continent. They were monsters that only existed in the higher floors of Tong Tian Tower.

Goblin Beasts in general lived within the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s lands, sharing the territory with them.

Goblin Beasts who possessed intelligence would evolve into a low-ranked Eastern Goblin Tribesman after some period of time. For example the Plum Leopard and the Xiong Brothers that fought with Yue Yang during the tournament last time, they had evolved from Goblin Beasts. Of course, not all Goblin Beasts would have the chance to evolve into an Eastern Goblin Tribesman. In order to evolve, the Goblin Beast must fulfil a series of conditions. The difficulty of evolving into an Eastern Goblin Tribesman was the same as a normal beast evolving into a Gold King Beast…

After inheriting the knowledge that the tragic guy’s mother had passed on to him, Yue Yang had come to know of a secret.

Those Goblin Beasts that even Innate Rankers fear were not the normal Goblin Beasts, but the Goblin Beasts that came from a higher realm, such as the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower or the Heaven Realm. Heaven Realm Goblin Beasts only existed in legends. According to the records from the tragic guy’s mother’s knowledge inheritance, these Goblin Beasts might never possess an intelligence equivalent to a human’s, but Heaven Realm Goblin Beasts possess an extremely huge and strong body… They were not something that can be compared to a normal Goblin Beast or Normal-ranked Demon Beast. It was said that any Heaven Realm Goblin Beast had the ability to kill a low-levelled Innate Ranker.

Heaven Realm Goblin Beasts were nightmare-like existences for Innate Rankers.

Fortunately they only lived in the higher floors of Tong Tian Tower, so they did not pose as any kind of threat towards the human race.

The moment he heard the Old Dragon Turtle mention Goblin Beast, Yue Yang immediately realized that these Goblin Beasts had been released by Feng Shen Shi to obstruct him.

“Everyone, stay here, I’ll go outside and take a look.”

Yue Yang took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and flew out quickly from the sealed space.

At the end of the passage in the sealed space was the Second Hall. When Yue Yang came out, to his extreme shock, he found two Giant Centipedes which were more than one hundred metres long. They were ferociously attacking Ni Guo’s subordinates. Other than Ni Guo, who was Innate level 6 and two other Heaven Realm Warriors which were Innate Level 5 who continued to fight desperately, over a dozen of them were slaughtered immediately without a chance to escape.

The beasts that they summoned to fight the two Giant Centipedes were all killed instantly.

No matter what, as long as something have a gigantic body, they would be terrifying.

Ants are small and weak, but when they turn into Fire Red Giant Ants, they became adventurers’ nightmare.

Normal centipedes were nothing much, they can be easily killed when a normal person stepped on them. However with regards to centipede monsters, they were all extremely terrifying. The strongest centipede beast would probably be the Red-headed Domineering King Centipede. It was the king of all myriapods, and was more than thirty metres long. Its outer shell was as hard as iron panels and couldn’t be injured by sword blades. Their numerous legs were sharp like spears, and they had poison in their fangs which would kill their enemies instantly.

Domineering King Centipede could even kill Flaming Lion, Battle Kodo Beast, Giant Mammoth and other strong beasts.

However, it did not exist in the Soaring Dragon Continent.

One would need to go to the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower at the very least in order to see them.

Domineering King Centipedes who have come of age would be one of the Five Great Insect Kings, including Reaper Mantis, Devil Spider, Great War Scorpion and Sky Demon Poison Bee. Among the five of them, the Domineering King Centipede and the Reaper Mantis were the strongest in terms of fighting.

If the Reaper Mantis couldn’t fly, the Domineering King Centipede might even be stronger than it.

The Domineering King Centipede was only thirty metres long, yet it could survive in the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower. Right now, how frightening would this Heaven Realm Giant Centipede be, who was over one hundred metres long, three times to even five times bigger than the Domineering King Centipede? Yue Yang realized that he couldn’t see through the true strength of the centipedes even with his sharp senses. Although they were definitely not as strong as Ming Ri Hao or Huang Sha, compared to human-sized beings, these Heaven Realm Centipedes’ body were simply too overpowered…

These two Heaven Realm Centipedes not only have huge bodies. They were also very quick and agile, to the point that it was unreasonable.

In the Great Hall, there was a Forest Boa.

It had just been summoned by its master. Unfortunately, it hadn’t even managed to attack before one of the Heaven Realm Centipede shot towards it and bit the Forest Boa’s head swiftly.

Injecting poison deep into its enemy’s head, it used its sharp, poisonous legs to stab at the Forest Boa’s body, which was over thirty metres long. The giant Forest Boa which was a Gold-ranked Level 8 was attacked like a weak prey. Blood flowed out of the dozens of holes that were created on its body.

The Forest Boa didn’t even have the chance to struggle, it collapsed on the ground straight away.

Before 10 seconds passed, the mighty Forest Boa who could kill everything on its path was instantly killed without any chance of struggling. Its tail could only wriggle a little before it died.

As for that Heaven Realm Centipede, it didn’t care if there were enemies around who wanted to attack it, it immediately devoured the boa.

The process was extremely bloody and cruel.

Xue Wu Xia and Prince Qian Qian had followed Yue Yang outside. When they saw such a terrifying scene before them, their faces immediately turned pale.

Seeing the hundred metre long Giant Centipede devouring a Forest Boa not far from them, it was truly a terrifying scene that no ordinary human could handle.

Surrounded by the two Heaven Realm Centipede, with the sealed space as the center, there was an eye of a storm, a vortex of wind that was surrounding the whole of Second Hall. A wall of wind that was even colder than a tornado prevented anyone from leaving or entering. Everyone trapped within the vortex of wind would end up as the Heaven Realm Centipedes’ food. This did not only apply to Yue Yang, but Ni Guo and his subordinates too.

In order to prevent Yue Yang from leaving, Feng Shen Shi had placed an artifact on the second hall. With the power of this artifact, he had summoned one of the most famous spells in Heaven Realm, the ‘Howling Wind Spell’.

All kinds of living beings would not be able to fly through the Howling Wind Spell.

Even if they try to walk, their movement speed would also be greatly decreased.

Yue Yang had not managed to test out the power of the Howling Wind Spell when Ni Guo’s subordinates met their tragic ends.

The Howling Wind Spell coupled with the two Goblin Beasts would only result in tragic deaths!

The Heaven Realm Centipedes which were starving were slaughtering anything that comes within their view.

“What are centipedes most afraid of?” Yue Yang thought that it would definitely be difficult to kill them by physical attack. They must find the centipedes’ weakness first and make use of it to inflict a mortal wound on them. Otherwise, even though these Heaven Realm Centipedes didn’t move at all, even if he was free to attack them all he want, he would probably need half a day at least just to kill one.

“Centipedes are afraid of chickens…” Xue Wu Xia replied with a proper answer.

“Then… seems like we should at least find a chicken that is at least a hundred metres tall, otherwise it would not be able to eat these Heaven Realm Centipedes.” Yue Yang was speechless. Chicken eats centipedes, this he also knew. The problem was where to find a chicken that was a hundred metres tall to eat the centipedes. Furthermore, this was a Heaven Realm Centipede, a Goblin Beast. It might not even be afraid of chickens at all. They could just forget about using chickens to counter the centipedes.

However, the thing that made Yue Yang troubled was not these Heaven Realm Centipedes. Although they looked like they were starving, they would not pose as a threat to him.

The real problem was how to leave the Howling Wind Spell.

The two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm would revive in just another hour.

If they did not stop the Resurrection Ceremony, the consequences would be dire.

How could he avoid these two Heaven Realm Centipedes, pass through the wind wall of the Howling Wind Spell and stop Feng Shen Shi from resurrecting the two Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm?

Just as Yue Yang was thinking over it, the Heaven Realm Warriors who reached the Second Hall died from the battle.

They had been turned into food.

Ni Guo and two other strong comrades were pale as death. They had used an ancient Invisibility Spell and hid at a corner of the Second Hall. Even though their comrades were slaughtered one by one and continued to scream out in pain, they didn’t dare to save them, afraid that they would be implicated themselves.

The few remaining Heaven Realm Warriors desperately clung to their lives.

Some had fused their bodies with their beasts and turned into a twenty metre tall giant monster.

Of course, their gigantic body was nothing compared to the Heaven Realm Centipedes.

In front of the hundred-metre long centipede, their gigantic body was extremely small. Even if the Heaven Realm Centipedes only knocked against them a little, they would definitely fall and roll on the ground from the impact.

No one dared to fight head on with these two terrifying Goblin Beasts. Some were shooting ball of lights from far away to distract the centipedes’ attentions while some had summoned blazing flames to protect their bodies.

There were also some who brandished their gigantic blades and attacked the Goblin Beasts’ body.

However, this action proved to be a useless struggle.

Any physical attacks on the bodies of these Heaven Realm Centipedes would simply produce fire sparks. Forget about cutting open those outer shells that was as hard as iron panels, even taking out one of their legs was extremely difficult. Fire, ice, and other elemental attacks did not show any kind of special effect on the Heaven Realm Centipede. When Yue Yang saw this, he was secretly shocked. These two Heaven Realm Centipedes’ defense were simply too strong.

Normal attacks were completely useless.

Physical attacks to them were equivalent to ordinary adventurers trying to attack a Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle.

The two Heaven Realm Centipedes surrounded ten over Heaven Realm Warriors.

If the Heaven Realm Warriors did not escape quickly, they would immediately be killed. However, whenever someone tried to pass through the wind wall to leave the Second Hall, the centipedes would immediately use their quickest speed to chase after and kill the escapees, biting them to death, before they managed to leave.

Even the twenty metre tall Heaven Realm Warrior who had fused his body with his summoned beast could not last a minute before he became food to those centipedes…

Other than Ni Guo and two other comrades with strong abilities, all the other Heaven Realm Warriors were unable to escape the centipedes’ pincer attack and the Howling Wind Spell.

The two Heaven Realm Centipedes were extremely cunning. They first killed and swallowed the Heaven Realm Warriors’ summoned beasts, filling their stomach up.

This had literally given a little hope to those Heaven Realm Warriors. They make the Heaven Realm Warriors felt that at some point, these Goblin Beasts might feel full and decide to let them go. However, from Yue Yang’s point of view, forget about the few humans and beasts in front of these centipedes. Even if there were a hundred over Heaven Realm Warriors and summoned beasts, they would not stop devouring every single one of them. The two Heaven Realm Centipedes in front of them were creatures with enough intelligence to hatch such a cunning plan. It was their inborn ability to pressurize their enemies, allowing their enemies to live longer, then devour them slowly after torturing and terrorizing them.

Moreover, terrified preys would not be able to fight with one hundred percent of their strength.

“Let’s take the opportunity before those centipedes finished chewing that fellow. I think we should make our move, otherwise it will be too late.” Princess Qian Qian grabbed the Prison Emperor Divine Sword in her hands tightly. Although she had already levelled up to an Innate and possess the Prison Emperor Divine Sword in her hands, she couldn’t be sure that she would be able to inflict damage on those two Heaven Realm Centipedes.

“No, let’s wait for a while.” Yue Yang knew that if they joined hands with those trapped Heaven Realm Warriors, their combined fighting strength would be far greater.

However, he didn’t think that they would be able to smoothly kill the two Heaven Realm Centipedes just with a few more additional Heaven Realm Warriors.

If those two Heaven Realm Centipedes could be easily killed, Feng Shen Shi wouldn’t have released them.

Yue Yang thought over this point, and shook his head to reject Princess Qian Qian’s suggestion. He replied her in a serious tone, “You guys stay here, don’t even take a step outside. I will stop the Resurrection Ceremony myself.”

Princess Qian Qian immediately refused, “Definitely no. You can’t abandon us. Furthermore, you won’t be able to win fighting against Feng Shen Shi alone.

She knew that Yue Yang meant well, that he didn’t want the others to risk their lives.

From her Six Records Inherent Skill, she could faintly feel a bad feeling. She felt like Yue Yang would be in a grave danger if he went. However, she was unable to sense more clearly what the source of danger was.

Would they really be able to stop the two Great Leaders’ Resurrection Ceremony?

Would they make it in time?

Princess Qian Qian’s heart was a mess, she couldn’t be certain about anything.

Hence, she determinedly refused Yue Yang’s idea of going alone.

Even if they could not provide enough help for him, even if their help amounted to nothing, it would still be better than going there alone.

Xue Wu Xia, on the other hand, reacted opposite of Princess Qian Qian. Normally, she would disagree with Yue Yang’s opinion. However, at this critical juncture, she had actually showed an unconditional support. She knew that Yue Yang must have his own reason for doing this. Even though he never mentioned his reason, this must definitely be the best idea. If this was not the best choice, he would not choose to do so.

Hence, Xue Wu Xia decided to give him her full support. Moreover, she would help him to persuade the others to support his idea.

What he needed right now was everyone’s support.

She suddenly reached out her hands and hugged Yue Yang. With a low voice, she whispered determinedly, “I understand, we will wait here for you!”

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  1. nobody says:

    As a biologist, it hurts to read that the “Five Great Insect Kings” only consist of two insects (Reaper Mantis and Demon Poison Bee), while the rest are _completely_ different arthropods… even crabs and shrimps would be more fitting than spiders, scorpions and centipedes (since insects developed from crustacean ancestors). Then again… we might read soon that the Seven Great Mammal Kings include a fish… a catfish maybe…
    Somehow fantasy and phylogenetics don’t seem to mix well…

      • nobody says:

        Well, that is true… in the bag of “nopes”, which is then wet with gasoline and burned. For most people insects = small animals with legs and exoskeleton, but without vertebrae. The rest is worms and molluscs.
        Still, I think that a bit of differentiation is not a bad thing, especially since invertebrates make up most animal species on this planet and for everyday use, you can just count the number of legs. 6 = insect, 8 = spiders (and scorpions), 10 = crabs and shrimps, too many to count = myriapoda (except the funny, soft and squishi onychophora*, but they live in some tropical countries and south africa).

        PS: Onychophora would be soooo great for this novel… they can shoot glue-like slime to trap prey and defend against predators. Not very elegant, but very effective.

  2. Colin says:

    I don’t get why he’s so worried about that wind spell, can’t he teleport? He should be able to teleport past it

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    i finally caught up to the latest chapter after 7days of casual reading ^^
    thanks white snow cat for translating this book(currently my fav Chinese novel, tdg let me down too much with his lack of motivation)

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    thanks for the chapter~
    when the fact that you love to eat chickens and chickens love to eat insects would mean that you indirectly eat insects. the only consolation is that you only eat chicken muscles and skin not including the digestive system which means you dont eat insects.
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    I’ve always been curious… If his blood can contract beasts into his guardians, then why doesn’t he just cut his wrist and throw a ball of blood into the beasts mouths? That’d be the easiest way of winning and it’s not like he’s short on pages anymore…

    I’m sure having a contracted, immortal centipede that eats innates for snacks would be a good beast to have, let alone two of them.

    If they’re not beasts, he could at least do it it whenever he finds another one that’s so strong he can’t kill it easily etc.

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