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LLS Chapter 346 – Ming Yue Guang

Chapter 346 – Ming Yue Guang
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: I think I need to check up on my eyesight… Sorry guys, I mistook Ming Ri Hao’s sister’s name. So the name of Ming Ri Hao’s sister is actually Ming YUE Guang, not Ming Ri Guang. I mean, if the brother is called Ming Ri Hao, shouldn’t the sister be called Ming Ri something too… I have also made changes to the previous chapters. Btw, Ming Yue Guang means ‘bright moonlight’, while Ming Ri Hao means ‘bright daylight’.

The drops of white light floated out of the sealed space like a school of fish. Almost instantly, they disappeared without a trace.

In the end, there were only clusters of light left.

Within the cluster of light, there was a girl.

She looked like a moon elf with her golden hair, pointed ears, silver feet and bright eyes. Could it be that this was Ming Ri Hao’s sister, Ming Yue Guang? Yue Yang couldn’t help getting shocked. If it was based on appearance, this Ming Yue Guang looked as different as heaven and earth with her brother Ming Ri Hao. Ming Yue Guang was a graceful, delicate female elf that was smooth as flowing water while her brother was a ten-metre tall giant…. The thing that Yue Yang was curious about was if the two of them were brothers and sisters, then what kind of parents do they have, to be able to produce such a distinct son and daughter?

Ming Yue Guang who was shrouded in clusters of light slowly opened her eyes and looked at Yue Yang. She then bowed, giving Yue Yang the unique greeting between Innates.

If it was based on body types, she definitely couldn’t be Ming Ri Hao’s sister.

However, if it was based on power, Ming Yue Guang, who was still weak because she had just been released from her seal, seemed to have power that was even stronger than Ming Ri Hao.

Although Yue Yang had enough mental preparation, he couldn’t help but feel slightly regretful when he saw Ming Yue Guang. If he knew that Ming Yue Guang still possessed such a huge amount of power even after being sealed for six thousand years, he wouldn’t release her so easily just for the sake of acquiring the Prison Emperor Divine Sword.

Of course, even if Yue Yang didn’t pull out the sword, with Ming Yue Guang’s power, she would probably be able to break free from the seal before long.

“Although I have been sleeping this entire time, I have received the message that my older brother has passed on to me. He mentioned about the deal he had with you. With regards to making peace with the human race, that is also my heart’s wish. Originally, I have no grudge or qualms with the human race, everything was just a misunderstanding. I thank you for releasing me, I hope we can be amiable in the future.” Ming Yue Guang didn’t speak, she only nodded slightly, but it was like everyone was able to hear her voice. Her thought wave resounded inside everyone’s minds. This thought wave was very similar to the Prison Emperor’s thought wave just now. Her voice was even clearer and more distinct than the Prison Emperor’s voice.

“What are you going to do next?” Yue Yang asked.

“Leave the Prison Emperor Divine Palace and return to the Heaven Realm… I’m in a very weak state currently, I am unable to give you any substantial help. If one day you can visit the beautiful Heaven Realm, you can find me for help then. I am a member of the Sun Moon Sect, it is very easy if you want to find me in the Heaven Realm.” Ming Yue Guang’s thought wave was not only transmitted to Yue Yang. Everyone could hear her voice very clearly, including the Old Dragon Turtle.

“You guys killed General Nan and many other brave soldiers. You even attacked the Prison Emperor… If you want to leave, you must pass through me.” The Old Dragon Turtle was beyond furious.

“With regards to the past misunderstandings, I am deeply sorry.” Ming Yue Guang slowly bowed towards the Old Dragon Turtle. Then, she shook her head and hands, “I don’t want to fight with you. It was a mistake for the Sun Moon Sect to fight against the human race, I will definitely not allow the mistake to happen again. Yuan Long, even without me saying it, I think you are also aware that you are not my opponent. Even if you fight me in your peak condition, you won’t be able to hurt me in my current weakened state. In this six thousand years, as I was imprisoned inside the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, I have always pondered on one question. Who was it actually that set up this trap and sow discord betweeen us, causing us to fight to death against each other? Yuan Long, you should know that there is some other preparator behind the scenes. In this kind of situation, don’t tell me you are still determined to fight to the death with me, and allow the real preparator to continue getting away with his sins?”

“…” The Old Dragon Turtle suddenly discovered that she was right. He had too many enemies, but this Ming Yue Guang in front of him right now was simply too strong for him. He, who was currently seriously injured and was in the process of healing, would definitely be unable to defeat this enemy.

Most importantly, the person that the Old Dragon Turtle wanted to kill the most was the Prison Emperor Divine General.

Before he succeeded in killing the traitor, the Old Dragon Turtle wouldn’t die that easily.

Otherwise, he would die full of regrets.

It had been a difficult journey to enter the Prison Emperor Divine Palace and came this far.

As long as they acquire the Prison Emperor Divine Staff, they would be able to kill the traitor, Prison Emperor Divine General. The Old Dragon Turtle really didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

As for killing Ming Yue Guang, forget about the fact that they didn’t have the capability right now, even if they have, they must still kill the Prison Emperor Divine General first. That traitor had lived for six thousand years without anyone’s punishment. The Old Dragon Turtle couldn’t tolerate the fact that that traitor was roaming freely about anymore.

Considering between the two of them, the Old Dragon Turtle decided to let go of his smaller grudge towards Ming Yue Guang at the mean time and think of a way to kill the Prison Emperor Divine General.

Towards this enemy who had been sleeping for six thousand years, the Old Dragon Turtle felt sorrowful because he couldn’t stop her from leaving.

He slowly walked out of the sealed space, unwilling to watch the sight of his enemy leaving this place safe and sound.

Outside the sealed space, Ming Ri Hao, whose body had lost its usual splendour and was covered in cuts and bruises, brought along Sha Fei, who was similarly in a dire state and three other Heaven Realm Warriors, into the sealed space. When they brushed shoulders against the Old Dragon Turtle, the two parties acted like they didn’t see each other. They didn’t say anything at all and only cared about moving forward to their respective destinations.

When Ming Ri Hao, Sha Fei and the three other Heaven Realm Warriors saw Ming Yue Guang, their expressions turned both emotional and respectful.

They all knelt on the ground, bowing in respect to Ming Yue Guang.

Afterwards, Ming Ri Hao formed a ball of light filled with energy and gave it to Ming Yue Guang.

“We have lost this battle. But we should be glad that we are all still alive. There would be hope as long as we live.” Ming Yue Guang reached out towards that ball of light and quickly absorbed the energy. At the same time, she turned her lily-like hand and released several gentle drops of moonlight that floated towards Ming Ri Hao and Sha Fei, enveloping them and healing their wounds in an instant.

“I didn’t manage to intercept Feng Shen Shi, you didn’t manage to release the seal on time too. Both of us didn’t manage to finish our tasks perfectly. Before we leave, please allow me to give a word of advice as your ally.” Ming Ri Hao raised his head and looked towards Yue Yang, “The two Great Leaders would probably awaken in another hour. They would be able to break free from their sealed coffin. If you guys couldn’t stop their awakening, leave this place right now. With our current strength, they are not someone that we can defeat. In another hundred years, you would probably be able to become the next Prison Emperor and become the strongest warrior amongst the human race. But right now…”

“Can you guys leave this place?” Yue Yang was a little confused. Under the Prison Emperor’s seal, could they even leave this place?

“He can’t, but as the Sealing Heaven Lady, I should be able to override the Prison Emperor’s will.” Ming Yue Guang bowed towards Yue Yang and the girls again as she summoned a grimoire shining in colourful light. Yue Yang raised his eyebrows when he saw it, because he discovered that it was actually a ‘Holy Grimoire’.

There were only one hundred Holy Grimoires in the whole world.

This Ming Yue Guang actually possessed one of them.

Although her Holy Grimoire was not as strong as Empress Fei Wen Li’s Holy Grimoire, Ming Yue Guang still possessed the Holy Grimoire. Although Yue Yang had heard of her true identity from the monster guy leader An Ge, he couldn’t help but to feel shocked. Possessing a Platinum Grimoire and Diamond Grimoire was already extraordinary, but she possess a Holy Grimoire. Wouldn’t this mean she was the strongest person in the world?

Ming Yue Guang enveloped Ming Ri Hua, Sha Fei and the others with an extremely beautiful, gentle and special Domain of Power, Moonlight, and brought them into her Grimoire world.

In the end, she waved at Yue Yang and looked as if she was about to leave.

Suddenly, she stopped.

She turned around and smiled a little, then asked with a heavenly voice, “Have you already realised that I am one of the three Great Leaders of the Western Heaven Realm?”

“Oh, are you one of the three Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm?” Yue Yang had already known beforehand when the monster guy leader An Ge visited them at the last minute and told them all the secrets that he knew. Because of this information, Yue Yang and the girls decided to work together with Ming Ri Hao and pull out the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, releasing Ming Yue Guang at the same time.

“Although you are exaggerating your reaction, my senses tells me that you have already known my identity.” Ming Yue Guang looked a little curious as she asked again, “Could you tell me why did you decided to pull out the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and release me from my seal? Aren’t you afraid I will kill you the moment I was released? Don’t doubt that I have the strength to do that, even though I’m very weak now, I can still kill a human warrior below Innate Level 10 easily.”

“If I don’t pull out the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, how much time would you need to release the seal on your own?” Yue Yang asked her back.

“Three days at the most!” Ming Yue Guang estimated for a while.

“You can break free on your own, then why would Ming Ri Hao urgently seeks my cooperation?” Yue Yang asked again.

“Because he didn’t want me to awaken after the two other Great Leaders. You know, time is life.” Ming Yue Guang answered.

“When we released you, why didn’t you take the opportunity to kill us? Didn’t you say just now that you have the power to kill us all? Why didn’t you do it?” The way Yue Yang asked was so relaxed, it was like he was asking her about what they should eat for dinner, not about the matter of his life and death.

“You are younger than the Prison Emperor, so you are more terrifying than him. Forgive me, but I think the word terrifying is more appropriate to describe you.” Ming Yue Guang turned around and her figure slowly disappeared in her Moonlight Domain of Power. However, her last answer was transmitted to Yue Yang’s mind through a thought wave, “Actually, I did think of killing you, but I immediately changed my mind when I opened my eyes. I wouldn’t be so free as to try killing the descendant of the Eastern Immortal Tribe who could resurrect with Nirvana Flame every time he died. That’s not a smart person’s move, and it’s definitely not something that I, who possessed the ‘Moon Eyes’ true sight would do… Goodbye now, young human who had the protection of the Immortal Beast. When you possess the strength of a Prison Emperor in the future, I don’t mind sharing the Western Heaven Realm with you.”

“This girl, she really has a big appetite!” Yue Yang sighed secretly. He understood that Ming Yue Guang was offering to join hands with him to kill the other two Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm,

“There is still an hour left. Can we rush in time?” Xue Wu Xia frowned.

“I can bet that you guys won’t be able to enter the Third Hall in an hour, let alone interfere with the Restoration Ceremony. In order to delay time, we have sacrificed a lot of comrades. If you guys had not come in here, we could have continued to sleep and leave this Prison Emperor Divine Palace in another hundred years without sacrificing anything. The worst thing was that you guys even dared to join hands with Ming Ri Hao and release a frightening enemy that you guys would have never expected. That was actually one of the three Great Leaders, Ming Yue Guang, who was hiding her identity. She was unable to escape to the Heaven Realm and was sealed inside Prison Emperor Divine Sword. You repulsive humans, you have completely foiled the plan that we have thought of since five thousand years ago. Right now, I really can’t endure my anger anymore, I must teach you guys a lesson… When you are reincarnated in your next life, remember one thing, don’t ever provoke my anger!” In the sealed space passage, there was a transparent giant with a voice like the roaring of gale and thunder. The moment he opened his mouth, he immediately charged forward towards Yue Yang and the others like a hurricane.

“Feng Shen Shi?” Yue Yang asked hesitantly.

“I don’t want to waste my time talking with you. Go and die, annoying human!” The transparent giant man charged forward like the wind, disappearing without a trace.

Outside the passage, the Old Dragon Turtle had been blown away by a great power, and was shot inside the sealed space again like a cannon.

When Yue Yang caught him, the Old Dragon Turtle who had always looked calm and unperturbed revealed a panic-stricken expression.

He pointed towards the Second Hall outside the sealed space passage, his lips trembling slightly as he gulped down his saliva and said, “Everyone, beware. There are two Goblin Beasts outside. These Goblin Beasts are probably from the Heaven Realm who had just awakened. They are extremely famished, you guys must not belittle them…”

Yue Yang was slightly dazed when he heard him, “Goblin Beast?”

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