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LLS Chapter 345 – Blessing in Disguise

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Chapter 345 – Blessing in Disguise
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Changing Prison Emperor Excalibur to Prison Emperor Divine Sword. Previous chapter has also been changed accordingly.

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Brilliant rays of light flashed.

The Human King’s Pearl emitted blinding rays of light with the power of Yue Yang’s Innate Qi. A huge image of an emperor rose to the sky, covering over Yue Yang’s body.

The image of emperor in the sky followed Yue Yang’s movements as he moved his hand.

Yue Yang reached out and grabbed the sword, and the giant emperor image also reached out to help Yue Yang, pulling the sword at the same time.

The Prison Emperor Divine Sword inside the cauldron shook slightly…

Although it was an imitation Human King’s pearl, it seemed to really be effective. Yue Yang was secretly happy, and at the same time, his confidence increased.

“Come out right now!” Yue Yang exerted his maximum power and shouted loudly as he pulled the Prison Emperor Divine Sword from the giant cauldron in one shot. Yue Yang then raised it high to the sky, and in that moment, no other view in the world was more majestic than Yue Yang. The Prison Emperor Divine Sword in Yue Yang’s hands crackled with static electricity as the energy that was sealed exploded out suddenly. A powerful shockwave of Qi blasted through the surrounding, pushing Princess Qian Qian and the others several steps backwards.

The power of the Divine Sword merge together with Yue Yang.

As an intelligent treasure, a divine weapon that chose its master, although Yue Yang had shamelessly played a trick to acquire it, the Prison Emperor Divine Sword still recognized him as its new master.

However, just as the girls were about to cheer for Yue Yang, Yue Yang slammed the Prison Emperor Divine Sword fiercely downwards.

Could this sword actually be fake?

The Old Dragon Turtle was shocked. It was obviously the real Prison Emperor Divine Sword!

Then why would that brat smash the sword downwards? The Old Dragon Turtle was completely confused, e simply couldn’t understand Yue Yang’s crazy antics. Since the Prison Emperor Divine Sword had chosen him as its master, he should be happy, shouldn’t he? Why would he fiercely smash the sword downwards immediately?

However, the Prison Emperor Divine Sword didn’t smash on the ground. Instead, it floated in the air automatically.

A figure suddenly appeared in the sky, it was a big and tall man wearing an armor all over his body. He looked strong, bold, heroic and powerful. He had a pair of thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a full beard that was slightly blue-coloured. His short moustache didn’t give off a bad impression, instead, it make others feel that he was especially mature and wise. His calmness give off the impression that he had went through millions of hardships and years of loneliness, perfectly blended into one… His deep gaze would involuntarily cause others to sigh and be ashamed of their inferiority. This was because the light in his eyes were deep like ocean. Yue Yang and the others really couldn’t imagine what kind of experience he had gone through to amass such wisdom and essence.

“Prison Emperor? You, you are real…” The Old Dragon Turtle immediately burst into tears, unable to contain his anguish when he saw this person.

He was separated for six thousand years before he could see his master again.

Although this was only the remnant of the Prison Emperor’s conscience and will on the sword, the Old Dragon Turtle was still wrought with emotions, unable to restrain himself. Six thousand years worth of longing burst like a dam of water, as tears rolled down his cheeks unstoppably.

Yue Yang was secretly speechless. This fellow was the Prison Emperor?

He, isn’t he too big and tall?

He simply didn’t look like a human. Could it be that humans six thousand years ago were all this big and tall? The figure of Prison Emperor in front of Yue Yang didn’t seem to be a magnified version, it looked like it was a one-to-one scale. However, the Prison Emperor was over 2.5 metres tall, he was much taller than Yue Yang. Yue Yang looked like a kid standing next to the Prison Emperor’s figure.

Seems like he was the Avatar-version of Yao Ming, another world edition!
(Shiro: Yao Ming is the super tall basketball player)

No wonder the Prison Emperor Divine Sword was so big. If it were the size of a normal sword instead, it would be like a dagger for the Prison Emperor. That would really not be appropriate.

“My child, although I have no way of knowing who you are, since you can awaken my conscience that is sealed inside this sword with just your blood, that proves that you are my descendant without a doubt. Don’t be afraid, what you are seeing now is the remnant of my conscience that I sealed six thousand years ago. Before I disappear, I want to give you a present.” The Prison Emperor figure started to speak. Although there were no voice spoken out loud, his message was transmitted directly through everyone’s minds through a thought wave. Everyone present on the location was able to hear the Prison Emperor clearly.

“Ah… you are the descendant of the Prison Emperor?” The Old Dragon Turtle looked at Yue Yang in shock.

“Have you become senile?” Yue Yang was speechless. He was someone from another world, he wouldn’t even have a single drop of the Prison Emperor’s blood. How could he be his descendant?

“The descendant that Prison Emperor mentioned is probably Qian Qian!” Xue Wu Xia reacted the quickest. She saw Princess Qian Qian spurting out blood onto the Divine Sword because she was injured from its resisting force before. Although the blood splattered on the blade just now, it had completely disappeared now. It was obvious that the blood was absorbed by the Divine Sword. From this, it could be concluded that indeed, Princess Qian Qian’s blood had awoken the Prison Emperor’s remaining conscience sealed within the sword.

“Impossible!” Princess Qian Qian was shocked when she heard Xue Wu Xia. Just now, the Divine Sword had resisted her, so how could she possibly be the descendant of the Prison Emperor?

“This, what is happening actually?” Luo Hua City Mistress felt extremely confused and disoriented, unable to comprehend the situation that was unfolding before her.

The figure of the Prison Emperor slowly closed his hands as a huge amount of energy started to gather in his palm.

His thought wave was transmitted to the rest of the people’s minds, “My child, although your current strength is still inadequate to wield the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, don’t give up, I will also give you a little bit of help. I hope that you will cherish this Divine Sword and don’t disappoint my decision to pass this sword on to you…”

As Princess Qian Qian continued to be in the state of shock and disbelief, the Prison Emperor gathered his energy and synchronized it with the Divine Sword’s power.

In the end, the Prison Emperor’s remaining conscience seemed to disappear as the two mass of energy conformed together, forming a ball of light that flew straight towards Princess Qian Qian.

A deafening tiger’s roar shook throughout the whole Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

Princess Qian Qian’s Guardian Beast, the White Tiger, appeared immediately, and started to evolve into a giant beast who was several metres long from its head to its tail. It opened its mouth and immediately swallowed the ball of light that was filled with energy.

The beast then immediately turned into a pillar of light that shot up to the sky, flying to a high altitude before it came back down towards Princess Qian Qian again.

After absorbing the energy from the “Spirit’s Remnant” and the “Divine Sword”, the White Tiger’s body shone with an incomparably bright golden light… Princess Qian Qian who had been holding back and wasn’t willing to level up to the Innate realm couldn’t resist the huge amount of energy that the White Tiger had ingested anymore. She shouted out as her whole body shot up to the sky and floated in the air motionlessly at a height of ten metres high.

Her summoning grimoire appeared spontaneously and a pillar of golden light enveloped her whole body, extending almost a hundred metres high to the sky. The pillar of golden light seemed to connect the heaven to the earth.

Numerous Ancient Runes and Heaven Runes arranged themselves into a Rune Pattern that slowly expanded bigger, faintly forming a gigantic, ferocious-looking figure of a tiger.

On the other side, the Prison Emperor Divine Sword spontaneously flew towards the pillar of light, bathing in the golden light together with the tiger-shaped rune pattern and Princess Qian Qian’s summoning grimoire.

It was unknown how much time passed before this shocking spectacle of levelling up to the Innate Realm finally ended. The blinding golden light slowly dissipated.

Princess Qian Qian who had been promoted to the Innate realm was holding the Prison Emperor Divine Sword which was ablaze with golden light.

She slashed down once.

The slash of the sword flashed once and quickly disappeared.

However, soundlessly, a huge rift appeared from within the sealed space to the Second Hall outside, as if the dimension had been ripped apart.

“…” Forget about the others, even Princess Qian Qian never imagined that her one slash would be so powerful.

“Thank god, turns out the Prison Emperor has descendants!” The Old Dragon Turtle was both crying and laughing at the same time. With regards to Princess Qian Qian, who had received the recognition and Divine Sword inheritance from the Prison Emperor’s remaining conscience personally, he had no more doubts or qualms. He only felt touched and a deep sense of gratefulness. All along, he believed that all of the Prison Emperor’s descendants had died out. He never thought that this heroic, beautiful little girl was actually the descendant of one of the Prison Emperor’s children who managed to escape from everything.

Yue Yang was speechless.

Through the Human King’s Pearl cheat, he managed to trick the Prison Emperor Divine Sword to recognize him as its master.

Originally, he could have used the Prison Emperor Divine Sword. However, because of the interference of that Prison Emperor’s remaining conscience who only allowed his own descendants to wield the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, Yue Yang was left empty-handed. Prison Emperor might have done it out of goodwill, he probably never thought that the one who pulled out the Divine Sword was not his descendant, but a boy from another world who had cheated by using the Human King’s Pearl.

Hence, the moment he stepped in to help, Yue Yang was fated to be miserable.

Prison Emperor Divine Sword had now recognized him as its master, but Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to use it.

The only one who could use it was the Prison Emperor’s descendant. Not its rightful, perfectly legitimate master, but the descendant that the Prison Emperor had recognized himself, Princess Qian Qian.

Fortunately Princess Qian Qian was the one who get to use the Prison Emperor Divine Sword. If it was another person instead, Yue Yang would really fall into depression and hang himself… At the same time, Princess Qian Qian also did not feel good about this. Although the Prison Emperor Divine Sword had followed the Prison Emperor’s wishes, it rejected her because she was a girl and not an emperor. Hence, their compatibility couldn’t reach a hundred percent. After getting this Divine Sword, not only was she unable to utilise her full power, she had also acquired an additional title of the “Descendant of the Prison Emperor”.

Could it be that her ancestor was truly the Prison Emperor?

She didn’t dare to ask Jun Wu You about this, it’s not right to assume their ancestors recklessly.

If Yue Yang had acquired the Prison Emperor Divine Sword instead, his power would definitely be greatly increased… Of all things that could happen, after wasting the Human King’s Pearl to successfully contract the Divine Sword, he just couldn’t use it in the end.

“Forget it, not all things goes the way we want!” Yue Yang pretended not to care about it at all, but he was actually a little bit jealous inside. It’s all that old Prison Emperor’s fault for being a busybody!

“I think you look way cooler when you use Hui Jin Magic Blade to fight… This Prison Emperor Divine Sword looked like an iron panel, it’s so ugly, it can’t even be compared with your Crescent Moon Blade!” Luo Hua City Mistress hurriedly comforted him. On the other hand, Yue Yu, his second sister, was actually laughing in secret. She knew that her precious brother was a lucky star. Putting the fact that he was useless last time aside, ever since he stormed into the Yue Clan Castle with his sister and Fourth Mother, Yue Yu had never seen him falling into a miserable situation before. Who would know that the Prison Emperor’s remaining conscience would do Yue Yang in this time!

“Maybe it’s a good thing!” Xue Wu Xia truly think that this was a blessing in disguise.

“Unn, unn!” The obedient Xiao Wen Li nodded in agreement.

Princess Qian Qian really didn’t know how to pacify Yue Yang. In the end, she changed her aloof demeanour that she always showed him normally and gave him a hug, counting it as a compensation for him. Right now, there were too many people around, otherwise she would probably comforted him more. However, other than the girls, there was the Old Dragon Turtle too, who was an outsider. She couldn’t let go of her honor.

Since he didn’t manage to acquire the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, Yue Yang shifted his attention to the giant cauldron.

This kind of giant cauldron, Yue Yang had seen it once before. He had seen it at the Aries Temple of the Twelve Zodiac Temples, a cauldron that can store items.
(Shiro: Refer to chapter 52, it’s a cauldron that throws out items of previous Aries Temple challengers whenever Yue Yang throw 1 gold coin into it)

At that time, Yue Yang had thrown in gold coins inside the cauldron and acquired a myriad of things, including a secret Treasure Map in Death Canyon.

Could it be that this cauldron is also good stuff?

Yue Yang took out a few gold coins and was about to throw it inside the cauldron. The Old Dragon Turtle was speechless when he saw this, he almost die from speechlessness.

The cauldron in Aries Temple can store items in exchange for gold, of course the Old Dragon Turtle knew about it. However, he could guarantee that this cauldron and that cauldron were two completely different things. Even if one throw in money into the cauldron, one would definitely not be able to exchange it for anything, because this cauldron is a Sealing Cauldron.

A dazzling, bright white light shot out from within the cauldron.

Without waiting for the others’ reactions, numerous balls of light floated out one after another from the cauldron, as if they were fish from a fish farm escaping from a hole that had suddenly broken out.

What is happening here now?

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      Each of the Prison Emperor’s items was used to seal something; staff and seal are sealing the two big-shot angels, and this sword must have been the seal on the items(beasts or people) in the cauldron.

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    This can’t be called a blessing in disguise even in the most remote kind of sense
    1. after all they got the sword
    2. the princess has no adequate weapons (as shown in the previous few chapters)
    3. the princess is way more proficient with great-swords than mr. mc

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