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LLS Chapter 344 – Prison Emperor Divine Sword

Chapter 344 – Prison Emperor Divine Sword
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Ground Breaking Pearl in Yue Yang’s hand continuously absorbed Innate Qi like an endless black hole.

When it had almost sucked in all of Yue Yang’s Innate Qi dry, it suddenly exploded, sending a sphere-shaped shockwave blast towards all six directions.

That kind of explosion was enough to destroy heaven and earth.

However, that kind of unbelievable, explosive shockwave blast did not cause damage to the human body at all… Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress, Yue Yu and the others were standing right in the middle of the explosion, but they did not feel anything at all. Other than feeling slightly blinded by the light, they didn’t feel any shockwave, they didn’t even feel a breeze. The shockwave slowly dispersed to the surrounding, gaining speed with every moment. When the shockwave sphere had reached a radius of a hundred metres, it exploded into countless rays of light. The whole Second Hall was engulfed in radiance. Even the space outside of the Second Hall was illuminated in shining light as the light spread out all over the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

One minute later, when the light disappeared, the great hall returned to normal.

On the surface, nothing had changed.

However, Yue Yang and the girls realized one thing, and that was other than the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillars which was not damaged at all, the buildings and structures in the surrounding one hundred metres radius had all disappeared. The only thing left was a mirage of the Prison Emperor Divine Palace that only existed with the support of the Prison Emperor’s will.

In the middle of the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillars, a small gate of light appeared. That was the entrance to the sealed space within the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

Yue Yang took the lead and entered the sealed space inside the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillar.

There was a transparent passage inside with no physical ground, but Yue Yang and the others were free to move about and walk forward as if they were on the ground.

Other than the Spirit of Flame and Smoke who refused to enter the Second Hall and was waiting outside, all the other beasts followed Yue Yang inside. The Spirit of Flame and Smoke hesitated a little and decided to stay behind in the end, glaring like a tiger watching its prey at the Sand Drill Demon Worm who would sometimes peek out from underground to check the situation above.

Inside the sealed space, there were no Crystal Tablets or coffins that Yue Yang had originally imagined. The whole sealed space was more or less as big as a soccer field.

In the middle, there was a giant cauldron.

In the middle of the giant cauldron, a mysterious-looking great sword that was faintly exuding golden light was embedded inside.

The blade of the great sword was as wide as an axe. It was mysteriously long and thick, a sabre was like a piece of paper compared to this sword… There was an Ancient Rune on top of the blade, surrounded by nine different Heaven Runes that formed a mysterious-looking Rune Circle. Yue Yang recognized the Ancient Rune as “Immortal”. Seems like this was the name of the sword or something that denotes the nature of the sword.

The divine sword was dark in colour, simple and unadorned with jewels. From the outside, it didn’t look impressive at all.

However, Yue Yang who possessed Heaven Eyes Divine Vision could see that it was emitting a faint golden light that ordinary person would not be able to see. That light was extremely pure and condensed with energy.

“Is this the Prison Emperor’s Divine Sword?” Yue Yang was exhilarated. In reality, his true intentions to strike a deal with Ming Ri Hao was not to help him release the seal on Ming Yue Guang, his sister. The reason why Yue Yang wholeheartedly wanted to enter the sealed space within the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillar was to acquire this Prison Emperor Divine Sword.
(Shiro: I was really in dilemma over this term – Prison Emperor Divine Sword. The raws for this term is literally Prison Emperor Divine Sword (狱皇神剑), but the sword holds a lot of similarities with the sword Excalibur (e.g. they were both stuck in something and only a king can pull it out) and it also sounds way cooler. But there’s Prison Emperor Divine Palace, Divine Staff and Divine Seal, so shouldn’t there be Divine Sword too… What do you guys think?)

The Old Dragon Turtle didn’t agree with Yue Yang acquiring the Prison Emperor Divine Sword at first, the reason was because the conditions of using this sword was even more restrictive than the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Prison Emperor Divine Seal.

Only people who had an Emperor’s bloodline would be able to use this sword.

He didn’t think that such a shameless guy like Yue Yang who was not even a member of the royal family would be able to use the Prison Emperor Divine Sword. However, due to Ming Ri Hao’s betrayal and the change of situation in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace that had exceeded all of his expectations, the Old Dragon Turtle had no choice but to support Yue Yang’s decision to acquire the sword. If Yue Yang didn’t have enough strength or a divine weapon to help him, this battle would be very dangerous to fight.

Rather than sit and watch the Prison Emperor Divine Palace collapsing and the two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm escaping, the Old Dragon Turtle would rather allow Yue Yang to try pulling the sword out.

Even if there was only one in a million chance of that happening, he wanted Yue Yang to give it a try.

“Only people who has been recognized by the Prison Emperor Divine Sword will be able to pull out the sword.” The Old Dragon Turtle coughed a little. He didn’t want to disappoint Yue Yang too much. Forget about being the descendant of the Prison Emperor, the Old Dragon Turtle was certain that Yue Yang didn’t have a trace of royal blood in his veins.

“Isn’t it only a piece of worn out sword?” Yue Yang was a little annoyed. Although it was a divine weapon, it was simply too arrogant. Its master had already died, why can’t it just accept the next person as its master?

“Give it a try then!” Speaking from his heart, the Old Dragon Turtle didn’t think too favourably on Yue Yang.

“Xiao San, I support you. You can definitely do it!” Yue Yu was full of confidence for Yue Yang. In her heart, nothing is impossible for Yue Yang.

“…” Yue Yang looked arrogant on the outside, but he was actually feeling a little cowardly on the inside. This was because he knew that he was someone from another world, so he definitely did not have the bloodline of some ancient emperor. If he wanted to acquire the Prison Emperor Divine Sword’s recognition, the chances of it happening was probably as low as meat pies falling from the sky. Of course, with Yue Yang’s shameless character, he would definitely not try to pull the sword out fair and square. He would definitely cheat in the end.

Yue Yang first walked towards the side of the giant cauldron and leaped into the air. He reached out and grabbed onto the great sword that was twice the size of hero Yang Guo’s Heavy Iron Sword, then pulled with all of his strength.
(Shiro: Yang Guo is the protagonist of a popular chinese classic novel, Return of the Condor Heroes. He had a Heavy Iron Sword that a martial arts expert, Dugu Qiu Bai, had left behind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yang_Guo)

Only the Prison Emperor Divine Sword was stuck inside the cauldron.

There was nothing else inside the cauldron.

Originally with Yue Yang’s strength, forget about pulling the Prison Emperor Divine Sword once. Even if he pulled a hundred times, he would still be able to pull it out easily.

However, strangely, the sword didn’t even move an inch.

It was as if the great sword was connected with the cauldron, it couldn’t be pulled out no matter how much force was exerted. When the Old Dragon Turtle saw this, his heart was completely crushed… The divine weapon chose its master, this fact couldn’t be denied indeed. When the Prison Emperor pulled out the Prison Emperor Divine Sword at that time, he had to communicate with it for ten years before he succeeded in pulling it out.

Yue Yang didn’t manage to pull it out even an inch, it’s hopeless to even think about it.

Seems like even if he were to communicate with the sword for a hundred years, he still wouldn’t succeed in the end.

However, Yue Yang was not discouraged when he failed to pull it out. He turned around and signalled to Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress, “You guys, come try it out too!”

The Old Dragon Turtle almost twisted his nose in anger when he heard that.

This Prison Emperor Divine Sword could only be used by men. Furthermore, recklessly giving the Divine Sword that the Prison Emperor had used before to a girl, what kind of logic was that? Did this brat actually think of the Prison Emperor Divine Sword as a normal thing in his possession?

Just as he was about to stop them, Yue Yang sent him a glare. The Old Dragon Turtle could only endure his misgivings and kept quiet.

He reckoned that Yue Yang, this brat who had no respect for his predecessors at all, would probably send him a flying kick if he spoke out to stop his absurd idea.

After living for thousands of years, he had really never met such a disrespectful human before… Yue Yang ignored the Old Dragon Turtle’s furious expression and pulled Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress over, signalling to them to pull out the sword. If he couldn’t use the sword for himself, his beloved girls could use it instead. Princess Qian Qian was a little hesitant. Her upbringing was slightly more traditional, she didn’t dare to do a blasphemous action such as acquiring the Divine Sword instead of Yue Yang. Luo Hua City Mistress was different, she didn’t feel any hesitation at all. Furthermore, as Yue Yang’s wife, she would definitely listen to his words.

When Luo Hua City Mistress grabbed the sword hilt, the Prison Emperor Divine Sword suddenly shone with a dazzling light, slightly moving from its spot.

The Old Dragon Turtle almost vomited blood. This indication was similar to when the Prison Emperor was pulling out the sword last time.

Could it be that this girl who looked delicate and fragile was destined to use the Divine Sword that only the Prison Emperor could use last time?

(Shiro: Similar to ouch in chinese)

Luo Hua City Mistress suddenly screamed out in pain and let go of her hand.

She could only touch the Prison Emperor Divine Sword for three seconds before she was blasted away by the resisting force of the sword. The Old Dragon Turtle was greatly relieved when he saw this. Girls couldn’t use the Prison Emperor Divine Sword after all. Fortunately the sword rejected her, otherwise the Prison Emperor’s most divine weapon would be used by a girl of the later generation. This would greatly disrespect the Prison Emperor.

Yue Yu quickly healed Luo Hua City Mistress while Yue Yang pulled her hands and checked them thoroughly.

There was definitely a reaction just now, but why would it reject Luo Hua City Mistress afterwards?

When Princess Qian Qian saw Luo Hua City Mistress’ failure, she felt angry instead. Even if it was a divine weapon only for men’s use, did it have to injure Sister Luo Hua’s hand when she tried to pull it out?

She covered her hands with White Tiger Qi and grabbed the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, then gave it a strong yank.

This time, the movement in the Prison Emperor Divine Sword was more obvious. Princess Qian Qian had managed to pull a few inches out, but the sword’s resisting force became even bigger and also blasted her away.

“This can’t be happening…” The Old Dragon Turtle was completely shocked. Could it be that the little lady was actually the descendant of the Prison Emperor? Could it be that she truly had the bearings of an Emperor? But from the feeling that he get from her blood, he couldn’t be sure whether she was truly the Prison Emperor’s descendant!

“…” Xue Wu Xia also tried once. The Divine Sword shook slightly, but the reaction was similar to Luo Hua City Mistress.

“One more time, lend me a helping hand. I don’t believe I can’t pull it out.” Princess Qian Qian was burning with excitement with the Prison Emperor Divine Sword once again. With the help of Yue Yang’s Innate Qi, Princess Qian Qian once again activated her White Tiger Qi and shouted loudly as she tried to pull the Prison Emperor Divine Sword out from the cauldron. She succeeded pulling out half a metre before the resisting force of the sword crackled and electrocuted her until her body felt numb. She was in extreme pain, but Princess Qian Qian continued to grab onto the sword hilt and refused to let go. She was determined to pull out the Prison Emperor Divine Sword no matter what.

“This, is this even possible?” The Old Dragon Turtle felt like the sky had collapsed.

Even the Prison Emperor at that time wasn’t able to pull out the sword forcefully.

Could it be that the divine weapon would really fall onto a girl’s hand? Furthermore, this girl was not even an Innate. How could she possibly possess the power to control the Prison Emperor Divine Sword?

The Prison Emperor Divine Sword released a powerful blast of shockwave, blasting Princess Qian Qian’s hands away. The extremely strong resisting force caused Princess Qian Qian to vomit blood on the spot. The blood spurted out from her mouth splattered on the Prison Emperor Divine Sword.

The Old Dragon Turtle shook his head. Without the Prison Emperor’s bloodline and the bearing of an Emperor, a divine weapon such as this Prison Emperor Divine Sword would never submit to others.

No matter if it was a man or woman, the most basic condition was to possess the bearing of an Emperor.

Maybe this stubborn girl was born in one of the Three Royal Families. Maybe she was the daughter to a country’s emperor. But the Divine Sword would only recognize emperors, not princesses. The Prison Emperor Divine Sword is a King’s Sword. Whoever wields it in their hand must be an Emperor, this kind of stubborn will and requirement was not something that could be easily changed. The Old Dragon Turtle slightly sighed in his heart. He was quite divided in this matter. On one hand, he didn’t want Yue Yang and these girls to use the treasure sword that had recognized Prison Emperor as its master before. On the other hand, he also hoped that Yue Yang could pull the Prison Emperor Divine Sword out and use the divine sword’s power to kill off their strong enemies. Only then would they be able to fulfil the Prison Emperor’s wish of sealing the Heaven Realm warriors in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace forever.

“If I can’t use it, I must as well destroy it completely.” Yue Yang’s bad thoughts was that if he can’t have something, he would destroy it so that others can’t have it too.

“No, please don’t destroy the Divine Sword!” The Old Dragon Turtle was really afraid that Yue Yang would damage the Prison Emperor Divine Sword. He quickly shook his hands in fright. In reality, Yue Yang was only saying it, he didn’t really intend to destroy the sword. He felt that it wouldn’t be easy to gain the recognition of the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, this treasure sword which seemed to have its own will. However, even if it was impossible right now, it doesn’t mean that it would be impossible forever. As long as they spend more time and effort to try it again and again, they should be able to take it down. Especially for Princess Qian Qian who was born of the royal family. With the blood of an Emperor in her veins, there was a high chance for her to be able to succeed.

Most importantly, Yue Yang still had another treasure.

If he used it, maybe it would be effective.

Of course, because this treasure was a consumable item, before he studied it thoroughly, Yue Yang couldn’t use it so easily. Otherwise, he might lose a once in a lifetime chance.

Human King’s Pearl (Fake): The user would be able to use the Human King’s power for ten seconds upon use. Limited to one time use only.

This Human King’s Pearl that he acquired from the Three Worlds Shrine, would it be effective?

Yue Yang was still contemplating in his mind when the Old Dragon Turtle suddenly charged towards him, spreading his arms in front of the giant cauldron, afraid that Yue Yang would really use his World Exterminating Wheel and destroy the sword in a fit of anger. Towards this old geezer, Yue Yang immediately sent him flying with a kick irritatedly. Then, he took out the Human King’s Pearl…

Success or failure, it all depends on this imitation pearl.

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