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LLS Chapter 343 – Ground Breaking Pearl

Chapter 343 – Ground Breaking Pearl
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Huang Sha had just pushed Yue Yang back with his punch when Princess Qian Qian’s attack fell hard on his head. He screamed out in pain.

Huang Sha took out the great sword that had slashed through his head and smashed it into pieces.

He whipped his long tail, attacking his enemy back.

Princess Qian Qian curled into a ball and protect her body with her hands. She was sent flying by the immense strength like a bomb from a canon, smashing against the sandstone wall.

Princess Qian Qian tried to lessen the impact of the attack on the sandstone. Although it was painful as hell, she immediately stood back up and counter attacked. Leaping with her legs, she flew with a speed faster than a free fall towards Huang Sha who was fighting Yue Yang at close quarters. The image of White Tiger appeared above her head, roaring soundlessly and menacingly… The layer of Qi protecting Huang Sha’s body were dispersed by the White Tiger Image and Princess Qian Qian slashed down the second time with another sword in her hand.

A long blade of sword tear across the air.

A pair of Sword Qi crossed in the shape of an X slashed down.

It shallowly cut an x-shaped wound on Huang Sha’s head who had just healed the wound on his skull.

With his four arms, Huang Sha used two of his arms to block Princess Qian Qian’s attack and the other two to fight with Yue Yang. Although as an Innate Level 8, he was surrounded and badly injured by enemies way below his league, he still maintained his calm and composure.

“Die!” Yue Yang’s eyes gleamed as he released all the strength that he had been hiding until now.

It was his first time using all of his strength to fight his enemy, with he support of a hundred layers of Giant Phantom Shadows.

As he thrust his fists forward, he released a World Exterminating Wheel from his right leg.

It directly hit Huang Sha’s left ankle.

The World Exterminating Wheel slashed across soundlessly, slicing Huang Sha’s left ankle easily. Huang Sha who was fighting with all of his strength lost his balance as his body tipped to the left. His two arms who were ready to resist Princess Qian Qian’s attack just now were not able to stop her Sword Qi anymore. Princess Qian Qian’s Sword Qi hacked deep into Huang Sha’s body through the gap of his arms, destroying one of Huang Sha’s eyes. The arm which had not been healed from the Nirvana Flame just now were gripped tightly by Yue Yang. With a shoulder flip, Huang Sha who had lost his left foot was slammed down hard onto the ground by Yue Yang.

Huang Sha was submerged in water.

He immediately struggled frantically, trying to get up.

It wasn’t that he was not afraid of water at all, it’s just that this second body form of his wouldn’t be broken apart by water that easily. However, if he really fell into water, he would definitely drown like a non-swimmer.

In the sky, dozens of lightning suddenly flashed.

One by one, they thundered towards Huang Sha’s head.

Still clamping onto Huang Sha’s injured arm which had not finished healing, Yue Yang turned his body and release Innate Invisible Sword Qi from his feet, slicing through Huang Sha’s chest.

A golden arrow shot towards them soundlessly, shooting straight towards the wound on Huang Sha’s chest that Yue Yang had slashed with his Innate Invisible Sword Qi. Huang Sha raised his head and saw that without him knowing, there were more beasts attacking him, a Thunder Naga that was continuously summoning lightning and thunder and a Stone Element Medusa who was holding a bow in her hand.


A scream as sharp as a dagger resonated in Huang Sha’s ears.

Huang Sha was shocked by the scream and his brain become blank. His heart was similarly shocked, as if he had been poisoned, half of his body felt numb.

When he finally returned to his senses from the scream, he realized that a pair of eyes was looking straight at him. It was the little lamia Xiao Wen Li… It was the second time that Xiao Wen Li activated her Binding Chains Inherent Skill. This time, it did not bind for merely half a second like last time. That time, Yue Yang was purposely limiting the Binding power so that his enemy would misunderstand his fighting power. Huang Sha tried to fight it off for more than 2 seconds, but he discovered that he was still unable to move… His head was hit the third time again by Princess Qian Qian’s White Tiger power. On his back, the Bloody Queen Red had stabbed him deep with the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger and Silver-ranked Eyes Destroyer Dagger. Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man who had also been powered up by Giant Phantom Shadow released her maximum power and smashed Huang Sha’s leg, making him fall forward.

A pair of lovely hands that had been charging her Aurora from a while ago suddenly unleashed its terrifying power, under the support of Yue Yang’s Innate Qi.

Luo Hua City Mistress unleashed her Aurora at arm’s reach from Huang Sha’s face.

The spiral Aurora beam easily bored a hole on Huang Sha’s face.

Blinding white light blasted throughout the surrounding.

The whole Second Hall was engulfed in the blinding white light. It took a while before it returned to normal.

Huang Sha who had received countless serious injuries fell into the water, but he was still alive… However, he had no more strength to fly in the air anymore! His chest was gradually turning into stone, bit by bit, from his wound, then spreading to the surrounding. His head, eyes and nose had been destroyed by the Aurora Beam, there was a big hole that penetrated through right to the back of his head. Brain matter flowed out from his head. With such a heavy injury, not even Huang Sha, who possessed a second form would be able to recover.

“His nucleus is here!” Yue Yang found the location of Huang Sha’s nucleus with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision. In the end, after burning through Huang Sha’s left arm and ribs with his Nirvana Flame, Yue Yang managed to dig out an energy nucleus that was shining brightly.

Above, a Heaven Rune flickered.

The energy nucleus that was originally Huang Sha’s was brightly burning in Yue Yang’s Nirvana’s Flame.

Huang Sha’s will, mind and spirit that still resided inside the nucleus was completely purified by the Nirvana Flame, disappearing into nothingness. The huge energy source had been completely refined by the Nirvana Flame.

The moment Huang Sha’s spirit disappeared, without the support of his spirit, Huang Sha’s body couldn’t endure it anymore. His head, which was heavily injured from Princess Qian Qian’s Sword Qi and burnt to crisp by the Thunder Naga’s thunder, broke down to piece while his chest rapidly petrified. Yue Yang and Barbarian Cow Shadow punched Huang Sha’s body from both sides, destroying his corpse into pieces that sunk into the water.

The Golden Tiger Shark that had been summoned by the Stone-element Medusa was opening its bloody mouth wide, prepared to eat the sumptuous meal that came once in a blue moon.

After perfect planning and timely ambush, they finally succeeded in killing their enemy.

Huang Sha, who was Innate Level 8, was finally killed by Yue Yang and the girls after changing to his second form.

The moment Huang Sha died, the sandstone walls crumbled down.

Floods of water rushed out from the Second Hall, forming a huge waterfall down towards the First Hall. Xue Wu Xia and the Ice Serpent Demon who had just removed the wall of ice joined the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen and the little Golden Beast who had eaten until its stomach was about to burst and hurriedly gathered towards Yue Yang. The Spirit of Flame and Smoke hesitated when she saw the Second Hall flooded with water, hence she remained outside instead of going in.

On the ground, the Sand Drill Demon Worm who had hurriedly abandoned its master before its master died peeked out from the ground.

It looked at the Second Hall and felt that Huang sha had truly died. Its eyes that looked a little intelligent showed fear and horror.

Without waiting for the Spirit of Flame and Smoke to find it and attack, it immediately dug deep underground. The Sand Drill Demon Worm, who had been scared witless had no intention to fight the Spirit of Flame and Smoke at all.

“There are only two minutes left, we won’t be able to destroy the Seven Star Pillars that Prison Emperor used to train with!” Princess Qian Qian’s shoulder was fractured and she was also suffering from a few broken ribs. Yue Yu summoned a Healing Water Ball to heal her, but Princess Qian Qian didn’t seem to care about her injuries at all.

“Think of a way, quick! Ming Ri Hao would probably not be able to last longer.” Xue Wu Xia quickly flew over.

“How’s the situation outside?” Luo Hua City Mistress was more worried about the fight between Sha Fei and Ni Guo. The moment Sha Fei and the rest was defeated, Ni Guo would definitely come over to stop them. Although their strength was nothing to fear of, they would definitely be able to delay them and waste their time. Lei Shen Shi was still fighting with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, so he would probably be occupied. However, would Ming Ri Hao be able to stop Feng Shen Shi?

“It’s not optimistic.” Xue Wu Xia shook her head.

Sha Fei and the others were completely inferior to Ni Guo and the others in terms of strength and numbers. Hoping for their victory was a tall order.

Their only use was to buy them time.

In the sky, the sound of thunder crackled.

A pillar of lightning boomed onto the Second Hall roof ominously.

Lei Shen Shi seemed to have realized that Huang Sha had died. He shot a lightning pillar angrily, shocking the whole of Second Hall. If not for Phoenix Fairy Beauty stopping him, he would probably have come down to kill them all.

At the back of the Second Hall, there were seven pillars that seemed to be invulnerable to physical damage.

These were the Seven Star Prison Emperor Pillars that the Prison Emperor used to train his skills. Not only was it protected by numerous Heaven Rune Circles, it was still protected by the Prison Emperor’s will even now. Yue Yang tried to slash them with his World Exterminating Wheel, but discovered that it could only leave a shallow scratch before it was reflected back. Looking at this rate, they wouldn’t even be able to destroy a pillar by hitting it with World Exterminating Wheel for one whole day and night. Furthermore, would Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi, the two Heaven Realm warriors, be willing to give them so much time?

Most importantly, the two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm who were still sleeping was about to awaken any time.

If they awaken, they would definitely not be able to fight this battle anymore.

“You guys, move away from there. I have an idea!” The Old Dragon Turtle suddenly appeared at the hall, he had woken up from his hibernation without anyone realizing it. He trembled as he leaned on his staff, enduring his violent coughing as he shouted out towards Yue Yang and the girls.

“Old geezer, if you didn’t die, you should scram away from here, the further the better.” Yue Yang knew the method that the Old Dragon Turtle was going to use. This old geezer definitely wanted to use his Self-Detonation.

“You guys would definitely not be able to defeat this seal… This place is protected by the Prison Emperor’s will. Amongst the three halls, the seal here is the strongest second only to the Prison Emperor’s coffin.” The Old Dragon Turtle’s wrinkled face was completely calm, “I am really tired of living. I have lived alone for six thousand years, my life has lost its meaning since long ago.”

“Go away!” Yue Yang sent a flying kick and kicked the Old Dragon Turtle out.

“…” The girls were speechless.

Xue Wu Xia calmed down and observed the Heaven Rune Circles on the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillars, hoping that she could find some kind of method to unseal it.

If they have time to slowly research, they would probably be able to find the unsealing formula.

However, right now, time was not on their side.

Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress looked at Yue Yang one after another. In the end, Luo Hua City Mistress spoke out, “Let’s return to the grimoire world and let the two Great Leaders of Heaven Realm go. We can think of methods to leave the Prison Emperor Divine Palace when we have gathered enough strength. Ming Ri Hao was obviously taking advantage of us. We don’t have to keep our side of deal at the mean time. Furthermore, even if we succeeded in unsealing this Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillars, it may not be a good thing for us in the end.”

Yue Yu’s face was also filled with pleas, she really didn’t want anything to happen to her precious brother.

He was not only their clan’s hope, he was everyone’s life.

Without him, everyone would collapse. Just like the Old Dragon Turtle and his master the Prison Emperor, without Yue Yang, everyone wouldn’t have any reason for living.

Looking at the Old Dragon Turtle’s self-sacrificing spirit, Yue Yu was really worried that something would happen to Yue Yang and she would end up like that Old Dragon Turtle, old and lonely.

No, if he die, she wouldn’t want to live either…

Yue Yu thought about how the Old Dragon Turtle had lived for six thousand years alone and felt a shiver down her spine.

“Give me a little more time.” Yue Yang took a deep breath and took out a pearl.

He once thought that this pearl was the trashiest thing in the world. It was the artifact that he was the most dissatisfied with ever since he came to this world.

However, right now, he had entrusted all of his hope to this pearl.

This pearl was called Ground Breaking Pearl.

Ground Breaking Pearl (Fake): The holder can cause a powerful earthquake within the range of a hundred meters and destroy all constructions on the surface. Limited to one time use only.

This imitation Ground Breaking Pearl was the reward he had gotten from the Sky, Earth, Human, Three World Shrines Quest. Yue Yang had always thought that the three pearls he acquired were the trashiest object, the most useless thing in the world. Right now, Yue Yang had realized one thing: There are only foolish people who don’t know how to use artifacts, but there are no useless artifacts in the world!

When Yue Yang imbued Innate Qi into it, the Ground Breaking Pearl that could only be used once immediately shone with a bright light.

The light was so bright and radiant, it was like a sun.

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