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LLS Chapter 342 – Battle, Huang Sha’s Second Form!

Chapter 342 – Battle, Huang Sha’s Second Form!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Prison Emperor Divine Palace. The sky above the Second Hall were filled with thick, black clouds.

With a streak of lightning, a rainstorm exploded all of a sudden.

Millions drops of rain fell down like arrows, first forming a water curtain, and then turning into a water wall. Drip drip drip, the rain became heavier and heavier with time. At the end, it was like a waterfall. Under the Storm Conch’s summon, the black clouds gathered more and more as rainstorm fell onto the Second Hall that was completely sealed in sand. The dry sand immediately become damp as it collected water. Unable to absorb the water quickly enough, the water level inside the Second Hall started to rise rapidly.

A ten-metre tall Water Giant suddenly stood up from the flooding water and started charging towards the wall of sand covering the Second Hall, trying to penetrate through it as hard as possible.

At first, there were only two water giants, but as the rainstorm continued to fall, the number of water giants increased one by one.

Under the pressure of the waterfall of rain from the outside and the water giants’ attack from the inside, the wall of sand started to collapse rapidly as chunks of sand fell to the ground.

“This, is this Storm Mermaid?” Of course Huang Sha knew about his nemesis beast. However, he never thought in his life that he would be done in so miserably by a Storm Mermaid at this height in the sky.

If Huang Sha was at an ocean surface, and not high up in the sky, he reckoned that he would probably be injured seriously at least, if he did not die.

Although his Undying Desert Poplar could absorb water, it would be useless against such a large body of water.

Huang Sha was extremely shocked. He hurriedly utilised his sandstorm special power and sealed the Second Hall entrance and exit tightly with sand. Compressing millions of sand particles together, he formed a waterproof sandstone to block the water from entering. With his Innate Level 8 power and his unique [Sandstorm] skill, he would probably still be able to last an hour under the water giants’ attacks… In one hour, he would kill the owner of that Storm Mermaid who was blowing her Storm Conch. As long as there was no water inside the hall, his power would not decrease so much.

Although he had hardened millions of sand particles into sandstone to stop the Water Giant’s attack, Huang Sha was still cautious and summoned his Giant Pollution Beast from the Third Hall to absorb the water.

He also summoned the Radiation Mecha Beast hurriedly. Its job was to destroy those Water Giants.

As for the Sand Drill Demon Worm, its weakness was also water, hence Huang Sha left it outside in order to prevent sudden ambush from the enemy.


The Giant Pollution Beast appeared.

However, it didn’t appear because of its master’s summons, it was thrown down to the ground by the Thorny Flower Giant that Yue Yang’s Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen summoned. It was smashed down like a watermelon, the smelly insides of its body spilling all over the ground… Yue Yang thought that turns out it wasn’t like the little monsters that Ultraman fought at all, they could at least struggle and release their ultimate move before dying. In front of the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, the Radiation Mecha Beast didn’t even have the chance to groan in pain.

Countless Thorny Flowers drilled out from the underground, devouring the corpse of the Giant Pollution Beast ferociously.

A Thorny Flower Giant smashed the Giant Pollution Beast’s heart to pieces and scattered it to the countless Thorny Flowers to eat. The Thorny Flowers who swallowed the pieces of flesh like pythons levelled up continuously.

Huang Sha was shocked.

How could his Platinum-ranked Level 8 Giant Pollution Beast be so easily killed?

Unfortunately, his shock did not end there. His Radiation Mecha Beast was also smashed to the ground, its parts scattering all over the ground as the static electricity flashed all over its mechanical parts. Although it was slower in defeating its enemy, the little Golden Beast had successfully gnawed through the Radiation Mecha Beast’s mouth to its brain, energetically devouring its nucleus.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen pointed her finger.

Countless Thorny Flowers drilled into the Radiation Mecha Beast’s body, tightly binding its body which was losing control onto the ground.

At first, those Thorny Flowers were slightly swaying in pain from the radiation effect, some had even shrink back into the ground weakly. Some of them were on the verge of withering, but the Thorny Flowers who had finished devouring the Giant Pollution Beast quickly joined in. These few Thorny Flowers were not affected by the radiation at all. After devouring the Giant Pollution Beast’s heart and levelling up, these Thorny Flowers easily pinned the Radiation Mecha Beast onto the ground and bound it tightly. They were even raising it up high… If the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen had not interfered, the Thorny Flowers would probably have already dismantled the Radiation Mecha Beast’s body or smash it to the ground into pieces.

“You guys are really fools. You must keep this Mecha Beast’s body intact, you are not allowed to break it apart!” The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was extremely dissatisfied with her subordinates who did not possess intelligence and only had brute strength.

“…” The Sand Drill Demon Worm possess a little bit of intelligence. When it saw the scene before it, it was completely frightened to death.

The Spirit of Flame and Smoke charged towards the Sand Drill Demon Worm which had been shocked silly.

She was really annoyed at herself because she still couldn’t defeat a Platinum-ranked Level 10 enemy even with her current strength.

Furthermore, this cunning enemy could even drill underground, making her unable to fully display her true strength… Suddenly, a flash of thought crossed the Spirit of Flame and Smoke’s mind. Had Yue Yang actually foreseen this weakness of hers? The Spirit of Flame and Smoke still did not have enough intelligence to think deeply, however, in her attempt to think, she succeeded in increasing her intelligence a little.

The more she thought, the smarter the Spirit of Flame and Smoke become. As her intelligence increased, she became closer and closer to becoming a Holy Beast.

This learning process was something that unintelligent life forms would never be able to do in their lives.

Huang Sha realized that his Giant Pollution Beast and Radiation Mecha Beast had both died. Furthermore, his Sand Drill Demon Worm was forced to hide underground, afraid to come out and fight. It wouldn’t be quite possible to ask it to come out and save him.

“Great, great job. You are the first human who has forced me into this kind of miserable situation…” Huang Sha was furious. The feeling of being cheated by his enemy surfaced in his heart.

“You should get used to that!” Yue Yang put on the appearance of ‘It is obvious that I will defeat you, it is preposterous if I lost to you’.

Outside, in the eye of the rainstorm, behind the Water Giants, an Ice Serpent Demon had appeared.
(Shiro: for those who didn’t know, Ice Serpent Demon is Xiao Wen Li’s fourth and strongest beast)

She ferociously stabbed her Dual Blades into the sandstone. The sandstones, which had been drenched by the rain from the outside rapidly turned into ice, continuously spreading all over the sandstone. In the end, it turned into a thick wall of ice. On the opposite side, Xue Wu Xia was doing the same action. At first, Huang Sha didn’t realize what was happening, but as the ice wall was formed, he finally realized an extremely important point. He had been sealed inside the Second Hall by his enemy… There were water everywhere outside, wall of ice and sandstone in the middle, and in his belly, there was a mermaid who could summon rainstorm and an extremely terrifying, powerful human boy who was the mastermind behind all of this mess.

Huang Sha didn’t have a chance to explode in fury before he realized that another girl had appeared in front of Yue Yang.

This human girl who looked as gentle as a water suddenly summoned a beast that Huang Sha hated the most in his life. It was an existence that was as terrifying as the Water Giants, a ‘Storm Wave’!
(Shiro: Storm Waves is Yue Yu’s beast. From chapter 267 – Three days passed, and Yue Yu’s Silver-ranked Level 2 Flying Waterfall had levelled up to become Gold-ranked Level 3 “Storm Waves”.)

When the Storm Waves appeared, it immediately released a huge volume of water, engulfing the whole of Second Hall.

In just thirty seconds, the whole of Second Hall was drowned in water.

Waves of water emerged from Storm Waves, spiralling out wave by wave into the surrounding, smashing against the surrounding sand walls. The sand pillars and pikes that Huang Sha created were immediately destroyed, breaking away from Huang Sha’s control as they sunk to the bottom of the water, increasing the water level even higher.

Huang Sha strive hard to compress his sand into sandstone, making the wall of sand separating the outside from the inside be as hard as iron.

If the rainstorm that the Storm Mermaid summoned or the wall of ice that the Ice Serpent Demon made linked together with the flood that the Storm Waves summoned, it would be the end of him… Fortunately, these water-controlling beasts were not very strong, otherwise he would truly meet his tragic end. Huang Sha was both shocked and furious. There had never been a human warrior who was able to force him into this kind of predicament before. There had also never been any beasts who were able to make him feel the threat of death.

Even the Prison Emperor at that time did not make him feel this miserable.

Huang Sha returned to his original appearance and appeared in front of Yue Yang, furiously roaring and pointing at him, “You! Do you think that by doing this, you will be able to kill me? Let me tell you, you are WRONG! I, Huang Sha, will never die because of water!”

Yue Yang did not reply, he merely looked at Huang Sha quietly.

The water level in the Second Hall continue to rise.

Storm Waves continued to summon water and purposely smashed huge tidal waves against the wall of sand blocking the entrance and exit of the Second Hall, shaking the whole building violently.

“You don’t even know the secret of Heaven Realm Warriors. We are completely different from humans, we possess two or even three different forms. Even if I give up my immortal sandstorm form, I could still kill you easily in my second form. This is because I am an Innate Level 8 warrior while you are just an Innate Level 1. Thinking of killing me with such a big difference in levels? Thinking of using your Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel in this hall flooded with water? Let me tell you, you are still too young and inexperienced for that!” The sand particles on Huang Sha’s body continued to trickle down to the water surface.

His body which was suspended in air slowly disappeared.

Ten seconds later, his body turned solid, becoming an ugly Predator-like monster or possibly even uglier.
(Shiro: Search google for “predator monster”, i think it’s a movie)

Huang Sha revealed his second form, which had four arms and a long cone-shaped tail.

This body was completely made of flesh and blood, it was not made of sand.

Huang Sha jumped onto the ground that was covered in water and stood proudly as he was submerged inside the water that he was so afraid of just now. He provoked Yue Yang arrogantly with his hand gesture, telling him that the real battle had only just started.

Yue Yang smiled lightly.

A huge wind blade slashed from Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade, streaking through several metres of distance and slit through Huang Sha’s body.

Huang Sha didn’t defend himself at all as he allowed his chest to be cut open by that sharp wind blade… However, there wasn’t a single drop of blood that flowed out. On the contrary, at the location of the incision, countless number of worms started to crawl out from the surface of Huang Sha’s exposed flesh. They linked together and healed the wound completely. Within five seconds, the huge gash of wound had already been healed completely.

“My second form is also invulnerable to physical attacks. Moreover, it is also invulnerable to water.” Huang Sha’s ugly face revealed a smug smile.

“Do you still have a third form?” Yue Yang suddenly asked.

“What?” Huang Sha’s eyes showed a shocked expression.

What did this boy mean?

Could it be that he truly believed that all Heaven Realm Warriors had two different forms?

Don’t even think about a third form!

He only managed to get his second form after meditating for five thousand years. He also only managed to learn it because he was guided by Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi. Did that boy think changing forms was an easy feat to do? Did he think that it would be so easy to master?

Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders, “If you don’t, it’s time to send you on your way.”

Huang Sha was completely enraged.

With his Innate Level 8 power, his powerful strength and ten times the strength of his jumping power, his sharp, powerful fist ferociously charged towards Yue Yang’s head. Even with the protection of the grimoire protective shield, Huang Sha believed that his enemy would not be able to defend against his punch. His enemy would definitely meet his dead end.

How dare an Innate Level 1 overestimate his own abilities and pick a fight with an Innate Level 8?

Nirvana Flame Shield appeared on Yue Yang’s hands, blocking in front of his grimoire protective shield.

Yue Yang was not afraid at all. He held the Nirvana Flame Shield on one hand while he condensed his Star Explosion Domain of Power in his other hand, preparing to attack.

Even faster than Yue Yang, Xiao Wen Li appeared behind him, opening both of her eyes wide.

Binding Inherent Skill was immediately activated!

Huang Sha was only restricted for half a second. However, his fist continued to drive forward, penetrating through the Nirvana Flame Shield unstoppably. Before the Nirvana Flame managed to completely burn off his arms, his terrifying strength had broken through Yue Yang’s grimoire protective shield as his fist continued charging straight towards Yue Yang’s head… This was an Innate Level 8’s full power attack!

“Get lost!” Yue Yang charged the Star Explosion in his fist and added a hundred times of the strength of his Giant Phantom Shadow, then ferociously smashed his fist against Huang Sha’s fist.

Yue Yang placed everything at stake, not retreating even a step back.

In the sky, Princess Qian Qian jumped out.

Her White Tiger power and Emperor Sword Qi combo slashed hard upon Huang Sha’s head.

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