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LLS Chapter 341 – Storm Conch

Chapter 341 – Storm Conch
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Although it’s good if you are powerful, being powerful doesn’t mean that you are the boss!” Yue Yang’s body was as light as the wind. No matter how Huang Sha attacked, he would be able to avoid it easily. Furthermore, Yue Yang would gain an advantage everytime he avoided Huang Sha’s attack, frustrating Huang Sha even further.

“Sand Drill!” Huang Sha stomped both of his feet into the ground.

A large amount of sand appeared from the ground, forming mounds of sand of different sizes.

When Yue Yang took a step forward, those sand mounds would shoot out sharp sand drills of different sizes. It was similar to Yue Bing’s Tree Thorns, but much bigger and higher in number.

When Yue Yang saw that it was impossible to move in land, he decided to fly instead. After reaching Innate, although one couldn’t fly in the sky for long period like the birdmen, one would still able to fly for a short period of time. To Yue Yang, the abnormal guy from another world, flying was as easy as eating.

Huang Sha was furious. He brandished the Undying Desert Poplar rods in his hand.

Long sand whips shot towards Yue Yang furiously under his control, beating on Yue Yang’s body.

A strong gush of wind made the sand whips dance around. There were even sharp bloades of sand cutting towards Yue Yang relentlessly…

“It’s no use.” Yue Yang decided not to avoid anymore and summoned his grimoire. He wanted to summon his grimoire so that it could gain some battle experience and level up. This grimoire was still gold-ranked, Yue Yang felt that if he didn’t level it up to platinum-ranked after he defeated the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, it would be a waste of experience. A strong enemy wouldn’t appear whenever he wanted to after all.

“Are we going to play with beasts?” Huang Sha started to summon too.

The thing that surprised Yue Yang was that Huang Sha actually did not have any summoning grimoire.

Huang Sha who had reached Innate Level 8, possessed a powerful domain of power and an immortal body, was actually not a grimoire owner. If he said this to other people, they would probably not believe him. But this was the reality… Huang Sha didn’t have a grimoire, didn’t have a Guardian Beast, and could only summon three beasts. However, all the three beasts in his possession were extremely strong. He had a Platinum-ranked Level 8 Giant Pollution Beast, Platinum-ranked Level 8 Radiation Mecha Beast and Platinum-ranked Level 10 Sand Drill Demon Worm.

However, none of the three beasts were Holy Beasts.

They were only high levelled in numbers. They were powerful, but their intelligence were limited only for battle capabilities.

This was the second time that Yue Yang felt bewildered. Huang Sha was an Innate Level 8, without a Holy Beast’s help, how did he reach that kind of high level? If he were a human warrior, that was definitely impossible! Could it be that there was some secret method in the Heaven Realm that the allow warriors to reach Innate without contracting a grimoire? Or maybe, the people in Heaven Realm were all Innates?

The Qilin girl even said that a Demon King was only as strong as ordinary adventurers in the Heaven Realm.

However, Yue Yang believed that it was only the Qilin girl’s wrong estimation.

The adventurers that she noticed must not be ordinary adventurers, furthermore, there were both strong and weak adventurers. Amongst human warriors, the strongest ones would be the Chief Adventurers, who would usually be Level 6 [Elder]s. They would usually dominate in one area and became Adventurer City Master, leading thousand of people under them.

Of course the average level of human adventurers would normally be Level 2 [Bravemen]. There were very few [Heroes] around, and one could hardly see Level 4, 5 or 6 adventurers.

After all, those who became powerful enough would be recruited to serve their country instead.

There would probably be countless strong experts in the Heaven Realm, but looking at the strength of Ming Ri Hao and the two Great Leaders, Yue Yang reckoned that the situation in Heaven Realm would probably not be so ridiculous as what the Qilin girl had said. But he should probably go to the Heaven Realm to look at the situation himself first.

Huang Sha’s beasts in front of Yue Yang who had already reached Platinum-ranked Level 8 and even Platinum-ranked Level 10 were of no threat to Yue Yang at all. He even thought they were weak.

Previously when he fought against Moqi Xu Ling, he possessed a Gold-ranked Level 9 beast King of Black Light even though he was only Innate Level 5.

As for Emperor of Zhi Wei Shun Tian, he was even more terrifying, as his Guardian Beast was actually Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Emperor. Right now, the fact that this Heaven Ream Warrior Huang Sha possessed three Platinum-ranked beasts were definitely not surprising at all. Yue Yang was even slightly disappointed. Seems like without a grimoire, even a Heaven Realm Warrior would only have beasts of this level at the most.

Compared to the Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Emperor, Yue Yang really couldn’t take this Platinum-ranked Level 8 Giant Pollution Beast very seriously.

The Giant Pollution Beast looked a little like the small monsters that Ultraman usually fought against. It was huge, more than 50 metres tall. Its green-coloured body were extremely huge, and on its head, its ugly long tube-like nose stuck out, releasing breaths of smelly liquid periodically.

Yue Yang only glanced at it once and ignored it completely afterwards.

He understood why Huang Sha would want to contract and summon such a useless and ugly Giant Pollution Beast. This beast’s only helpful ability was absorbing water. The Giant Pollution Beast would be useless to other people, because it had slow speed, low intelligence and its attack could only be used once. It was practically an inconvenience. However, to Huang Sha, it was different. Possessing that beast was equivalent to having water pump. To Huang Sha, who was extremely weak against water, the Giant Pollution Beast was an excellent that couldn’t be replaced with anything else.

From Yue Yang’s perspective, amongst the three beasts, the strongest one was not the Platinum-ranked Level 10 Sand Drill Demon Worm, but that Radiation Mecha Beast.

This Radiation Mecha Beast was not the kind of puppet beast that Yue Gong would usually make. This Radiation Mecha Beast was alive.

Strictly speaking, this fellow was the same as Optimus Prime and Megatron from the movies, they were all silicon-based lifeforms. Looking at that silicon-based lifeforms, Yue Yang suddenly thought that Yue Gong’s wish of giving puppet beasts life, intelligence, feeling, soul and personality could actually be realized.

Of course, the metal lifeform in front of Yue Yang right now, the Radiation Mecha Beast, didn’t have high intelligence. It was no different from an animal, it might even had lower intelligence than them.

It could change the shape of its body, but it couldn’t turn into cars nor could it speak.

Under Huang Sha’s orders, it turned into a gigantic lion-lake mecha beast. It looked extremely ugly, but it could form sharp teeth and claws… Looking at this, Yue Yang was slightly shaken. The Golden Beast in his wrist, the Golden Beast that was called a Tong Tian Beast by the others, could it actually be a silicon-based lifeform? Could it actually even be a metal lifeform with intelligence, feelings and soul?

He wouldn’t be able to get any information on this right now, but Yue Yang believed that as long as he continued to work hard, he would definitely be able to fulfil Yue Gong’s wish.

“Brat, are you scared silly now?” Seeing that Yue Yang was standing still and keeping quiet, Huang Sha even thought that his beasts had scared his enemy silly.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom!”

The Radiation Mecha Beast that had turned into a lion boomed towards Yue Yang with slow steps.

As it walked on the ground, the water puddles underneath it were quickly turned black, polluted by the radiation that it was emitting. The Sand Drill Demon Worm was also avoiding the Radiation Mecha Beast far away, hiding underground. That Giant Pollution Beast, however, didn’t seem to mind at all. Instead, it happily absorbed the water that had been polluted by the Radiation Mecha Beast with its tube-liked nose. It was as if it became stronger the more polluted water it absorbed. When the Radiation Mecha Beast approached closer to Yue Yang, he felt some kind of burning sensation on his skin. Turns out that its strong radiation power could penetrate through the layer of Qi protecting Yue Yang’s whole body, damaging his skin.

Fortunately, Yue Yang had an idea on how to counter against this kind of radiation. Otherwise, he would really have a headache.

Crystal Armor started to appear on Yue Yang’s arms, protecting and covering his whole body. This was the sickly beauty’s speciality. After his wife’s tutoring and [Body Fusion] training, Yue Yang managed to learn this move too.

The Golden Beast on his wrist separated itself from Yue Yang’s body and returned to its original body, a winged dragon little beast.

Although its body was small, it had big guts. It immediately charged towards the gigantic Radiation Mecha Beast, baring its teeth and claws.

Needless to say, this greedy little fellow had taken a fancy on the Radiation Mecha Beasts’ nucleus.

When Yue Yang saw it, he shook his hand, “Alright, it’s yours! Don’t destroy it too much, I want to keep its body and research it later!” When the Golden Beast heard it, it immediately flew towards the Radiation Mecha Beast. No matter what kind of body size, weight, strength, radiation ability and all that, to the Golden Beast, it was all nothing. Other than its master Yue Yang, it was not afraid of anything else. The Golden Beast didn’t have any prejudice towards energy crystals. It didn’t matter if it was a lifeform or a machine, as long as it had a magic crystal or a nucleus, it loved them all. Forget about the Platinum-ranked Level 8 Radiation Mecha Beast, it had even wanted to eat the Diamond-ranked Level 9 Golden Emperor. It was a pity that it was not yet strong enough to eat that kind of strong Holy Beast at that time.

“What a joke!” Huang Sha didn’t recognize the little Golden Beast as a Tong Tian Beast. He even thought that the little thing was a trash beast.

“Eh?” Yue Yang was bewildered. Could it be that there was no Tong Tian Beast in the Heaven Realm?

Did this little Golden Beast only exist at lower levels of Tong Tian Tower?

Or maybe, it was a unique existence?

The Radiation Mecha Beast swung its claws towards the little Golden Beast, which it easily avoided as it continued to fly forward. That Radiation Mecha Beast opened its mouth, and ate it whole straight away.

“Hahaha!” Huang Sha laughed confidently. He felt that competing in terms of beast, this human warrior would never compare to him at all. He was practically a little kid picking a fight with an adult. They were completely in a different level.

“There’s not much time left, let’s see if I can finish this battle quickly.” Yue Yang felt that he had analysed his enemy enough, and started to fight more seriously. The second beast that he summoned was the Spirit of Flame and Smoke. Right now, the Spirit of Flame and Smoke was Gold-ranked Level 5. However, she, who had been absorbing the Storm King’s Core, had almost evolved. The flames on her body was blazing thick and fierce. With regards to Yue Yang’s order, she was a little confused. She was not as intelligent as Bloody Queen, nor was she as obedient as Barbarian Cow Shadow who always execute her master’s orders without question. She looked at the Giant Pollution Beast a little hesitatingly and turned her gaze at the Sand Drill Demon Worm. When Yue Yang pointed at the Giant Pollution Beast and ordered her to attack, she chose to reject his order. Instead, it flew to the sky and charged towards the Sand Drill Demon Worm.

“You can’t even control your own beast, hahaha. Pitiful worm, other than having a pretty face, what else do you have?” At this point in time, Huang Sha was already certain that the human boy in front of him was definitely depending on that strong woman in order to reach Innate Level 1. If he didn’t have Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel, he was simply no better than trash…

Huang Sha who originally had maintained his guard on Yue Yang became relaxed when he saw all these.

This brat’s combat skills were quite powerful, but his beasts were simply trash.

Possessing an immortal body, the thing he didn’t need to worry of was physical attacks… Other than needing to be careful about his Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel, he didn’t need to be afraid of this human boy for anything else. Huang Sha even thought that he should just use his ultimate move and kill this boy instantly.

Yue Yang didn’t bother to care about the Spirit of Flame and Smoke. He summoned the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen instead and ordered her to fight against the Giant Pollution Beast.

Looks like fighting against the little monster which was Ultraman’s enemy would be much easier, much more suitable for her.

“Die!” Huang Sha didn’t recognize the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, he didn’t even think that a living beast would be able to inflict damage on him. He roared out and jumped several metres high. His legs slowly disappeared and turned into giant sandstorms that whirled quickly, covering the whole sky with sand. His gigantic human head opened his giant mouth and ferociously swallowed Yue Yang whole.

This was his domain of power, “Sandstorm”.

The moment his enemies were swallowed into the eye of his [Sandstorm], no matter what kind of lifeform it was, they would die from dehydration and turn into sand in the end, becoming a part of him.

Yue Yang immediately teleported away and appeared hundreds of metres from there.

Huang Sha chased after him with his [Sandstorm] once again.

Yue Yang’s body flew down vertically, just like a swallow diving down to the ground from high up in the sky. He flew down torwards the Second Hall, quickly and swiftly.

“Thinking of saving someone? Dream on!” Huang Sha’s gigantic head on top of the [Sandstorm] released a thunder-like voice as he chased after Yue Yang, flying down at an even quicker speed than him.

If he looked at their speed, he could probably reach the Second Hall before Yue Yang and swallow him whole. However, Yue Yang had the teleportation ability. After learning how to teleport from the Marquis of Zi Jin, no enemies had managed to catch up to Yue Yang before. Compared to Shun Tian, Baruth, Ming Ri Hao and the other expert warriors, Yue Yang’s speed might not be as fast. However, his dodging abilities were definitely one of the most complex ones. Even if his enemy managed to catch up to him, they would not be able to injure him fatally, because Yue Yang possessed the Mysterious Three Styles skill.

The giant head on Huang Sha’s [Sandstorm] tried to swallow Yue Yang repeatedly, but Yue Yang always teleported at the last minute and avoided him.

This truly enraged Huang Sha.

Seeing Yue Yang escaping to the Second Hall, Huang Sha continued to chase after him.

He smashed the ground and turned the whole Second Hall into a sandstorm world, spreading sand everywhere.

It didn’t matter if it was the entrance or the exit, Huang Sha had turned them all into walls of sand, tightly sealing the whole place. If Yue Yang wanted to leave, he had to do it with his permission.

“Right now, you can speak your last words.” Huang Sha didn’t think that in this kind of situation, his enemy would still manage to stay alive. Even if he didn’t attack him directly, he could simply kill him slowly by burying him in his sand. This young human boy definitely didn’t have a chance of living. Although Nirvana Flame could burn through everything, and the World Exterminating Wheel could cut through anything, how would he be able to destroy a hill of sand that was dozens of metres, no, hundreds of metres tall?

Furthermore, Huang Sha could create this kind of sand hill endlessly without effort!

The Second Hall became a huge cage.

Huang Sha had already arranged a sand hill trap here earlier, it was just waiting for the enemy to be taken in.

If his enemy had escaped to the Third Hall, Huang Sha wouldn’t be able to use this kind of method to bury his enemy alive, because the crystal tablet that he was sealed in was at the Third Hall. Moreover, he had already predicted that this young human boy would need to set Ming Yue Guang free before his comrade was defeated.

Right now, how much time did this boy had left?

Five minutes?

Ten minutes?

Huang Sha laughed sinisterly at Yue Yang who was resisting and defending himself against the sand storm with his Qi.

An ocean of sand piled up at the Second Hall, slowly burying the whole place up. The level of sand rose from Yue Yang’s ankles up to his knees, then thighs… The same thing was happening from above. Sand particles continued pressing down against the barrier of Qi that Yue Yang had erected, closely inching towards Yue Yang’s head, from ten metres away, to five metres, then one metre. In the end, it was only a hair’s breadth away from Yue Yang’s head. It would bury Yue Yang alive in the next second.

Other than Yue Yang’s body, there were only sand everywhere around.

The whole of Second Floor had now turn into Huang Sha’s stomach.

Other than dying from suffocation, dehydration and turning into sand, there wouldn’t be a second ending for Yue Yang.

“…” Yue Yang twitched his lips and did not speak. He suddenly summoned his grimoire protective shield and dispersed Huang Sha’s sand. At the same time, Huang Sha also heard a mysterious sound of horn, as if it was the blowing sound from an ocean conch. Huang Sha froze as he realized that beside Yue Yang, a mermaid had appeared without him realizing. Furthermore, the mermaid was holding a snow white sea conch that had a tinge of red in her hands, and was blowing it loudly at a high tone.

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