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LLS Chapter 340 – An Unkillable Enemy, Huang Sha

Chapter 340 – An Unkillable Enemy, Huang Sha
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“There’s no other way, let’s take one each!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty clung onto Yue Yang giggling, “That electric guy is mine.”

“…” Yue Yang was speechless. She was really optimistic, wasn’t she?

Phoenix Fairy Beauty chose to fight against Lei Shen Shi. Although defeating him will be difficult, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to fight as equal.

On the other hand, how could Yue Yang defeat the Innate Level 8 Huang Sha, in only 20 minutes? Yue Yang looked at the battle location. The battle was located in high grounds, so there was no water flow at all. It was a battle that was advantageous to Huang Sha but not advantageous to him at all. If there was an ocean or a lake below the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, it would still be okay, but there was only hard ground and soil below them. Furthermore, this was the Third Hall that was located hundreds of metres in they sky, it wouldn’t be easy to beat Huang Sha down to the ground.

Lei Shen Shi looked like a humanoid electric storm on the outside.

He was around 15 metres tall, and his whole body was pitch black.

The crackling sound of electricity resounded.

He was Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s opponent, so Yue Yang didn’t observe him for too long. He focused his attention to Huang Sha, who was standing in front of Yue Yang. He was around eight metres tall. He looked like a giant made out of sand from the outside. He looked like a human guy on the outside, but it was obvious that his body, even his armour, were all made from sand particles. This ‘Huang Sha’ crooked his mouth, making a soundless smile when he saw Yue Yang looking at him. He took out two black-coloured wooden rods from his back and held them in his hands. When he released his strength, the two rods immediately glowed with Heaven Runes Runic Circle. Bathed in the silver light, they released a special kind of shock wave faintly, like a light breeze blowing through the forest…
(Shiro: Huang Sha means Yellow Sand)

When Yue Yang saw the two gigantic rods, his brows jumped.

With his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, these pitch black wooden rods were not mere ordinary weapons. They were made of the ‘Undying Desert Poplar’.

According to the Medicine Encyclopedia records and the materials that the pitiful guy’s mother left for him, Yue Yang knew that this Undying Desert Poplar had a very strong water absorbing abilities. It was also tough and durable, to the point that it was unimaginable. The Medicine Encyclopedia recorded that even if one put an Undying Desert Poplar into fire and burn it for a year, it could still stay alive if one planted it on top of moist sand.

The Medicine Encyclopedia recorded that this Undying Desert Poplar was a required ingredient to cure a special kind of illness called ‘Insect Edema’.

Other than having a strong water absorbing ability and great vitality, Undying Desert Poplar was also extremely hard and durable.

It was as hard as diamond!

When hitting a steel rod of the same size with an Undying Desert Poplar, the steel rod would bend and even break apart. On the other hand, there wouldn’t even be a scratch on the Undying Desert Poplar… This was how hard the Undying Desert Poplar was. Right now, Huang Sha used these Undying Desert Poplar as weapon. It was obvious that he understood what his weakness was, that’s why he had especially used Undying Desert Poplar as weapon.

Yue Yang bides his time while Phoenix Fairy Beauty chased after Lei Shen Shi and soared to the sky, charging her energy, preparing to attack him with her strongest strike.

A terrifying thunderclap roared down, tearing the sky apart.

Of course, Phoenix Fairy Beauty avoided the pillar of lightning. She had long disappeared from her initial location and escaped far away.

Lei Shen Shi hurriedly chased after her. Inside Lei Shen Shi’s heart, Huang Sha who did not have any weakness at all would definitely be able to defeat a mere Innate Level 1 human warrior. Although this human boy possessed World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame, Huang Sha’s job was only to stall for time. He did not need to kill him completely. As long as he kept him busy and be careful of his enemy’s World Exterminating Wheel, they would definitely win… Although this Innate Level 1 human boy possess a terrifying killing ability, he was lacking in terms of abilities and realm of strength compared to Huang Sha. He was too far behind!

Possessing a powerful killing power was not everything that matters in battle.

Especially when that human boy was facing against Huang Sha who had no weakness at all.

“Ming Ri Hao is only using you as a chess piece that can be thrown away after use, do you know that? He will not truly join hands together with you. In Heaven Realm, the Sun Moon Sect’s name can be equated to a fox or a viper. I think you are a smart person, you should understand the meaning of my words.” Huang Sha didn’t make his move immediately. He knew that the longer he stalled for time, the more advantageous it would be for his side.

If this human boy in front of him didn’t have World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame, he wouldn’t need to waste time and try to drive a wedge between him and Ming Ri Hao.

However, Gu Ya and Du Di had died in his hands. This caused Huang Sha to be on alert. He would not be negligent facing against any kind of opponent.

The human boy in front of him was extremely similar to the Prison Emperor but he was still growing.

Huang Sha maintained the distance between him and Yue Yang carefully while maintaining the reach of his attack and at the same time, observed this young opponent’s reaction.

Yue Yang raised his brows, “You are saying that I should give up my collaboration with Ming Ri Hao?”

Huang Shao’s mouth split into smile, “If I were you, I’d do that.”

“I’m not you!” Yue Yang rejected him and took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and Crescent Blade slowly, injecting his Qi into them relentlessly, preparing to battle.

“There are many choices in a person’s life, but if one makes the wrong mistake once, it could not be reverted anymore. Are you sure you don’t want to think about it again?” Huang Sha advised patiently. He was acting like a senior watching his junior walking down the wrong path.

“What you said made sense, Ming Ri Hao might really be treating me as a pawn and planned to cast me aside after using me, but that’s my business, not yours. Secondly, why should I believe an enemy’s words? No matter what you say, your identity would never change. You are still my enemy!” Yue Yang laughed coldly as he quickly charge his Yin Ability in his hand. In an instant, energy gathered and shone as brightly as the sun.

“Fool!” Huang Sha humphed lightly.

Even though Yue Yang was charging his Yin Ability, Huang Sha didn’t do anything.

Maybe, to him, the Yin Ability that Yue Yang was charging would be useless against him. It would not cause him any damage.

Hence, Huang Sha only floated in the sky without moving at all, gazing at Yue Yang with an expression that seemed to be saying, “What a worthless, self-destructing brat”. The more he stared at Yue Yang, the colder his gaze became.

First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash!

Yue Yang’s move was the normal attack that he normally used… This move was more or less like the five Bronze Saints’ signature moves, for example the “Pegasus Meteor Fist”, “Rising Dragon Punch”, “Diamond Dust”, “Nebula Chain” and “Phoenix’s Wings Rise”. Of course, the difference was that the Five Bronze Saints didn’t know many moves, they would always use the same old moves in any situation. Furthermore, they would mostly fail after making their move. Only after being beaten halfway to death by their enemies, they would then be able to release the Cosmo. Yue Yang was different, the number of attack moves that he knew was simply uncountable. First Slash: Earth Splitting Slash was merely one of them. If he was truly fighting against the enemy, he could attack them for many hours not using the same move twice.
(Shiro: All info taken from http://saintseiya.wikia.com/. Any of you guys read Saint Seiya at all? The author is ancient)

The Five Saints’ moves were monotonous, they would always defeat their enemies with these few moves. It could be said that their strongest move was also their weakest move.

If it weren’t for their Cosmo, the Five Saints were simply trash amongst trash.

Yue Yang didn’t have Cosmo, but other than having Innate Invisible Sword Qi in his arsenal, he still had Emperor’s Sword Qi, Armageddon Slash, Steel Chopping Technique, Crushing Stone Hammer Technique and others. He was proficient in every single one of them. He even knew the Great Totem Pole Battle Technique.

Furthermore, Yue Yang’s strongest feature was not battle skills, it was his summons!

Forget about the Phoenix Sisters and Qilin Girl, with Xiao Wen Li, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Bloody Queen, Barbarian Cow Shadow, Spirit of Flame and Smoke, Reaper Mantis, Quintet Golden Puppet Mice, Little Golden Beast and all other beasts’ help, Yue Yang had become a terrifying existence who could instantly kill any enemy he met.

After entering the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, Yue Yang had hidden his true abilities. He had even only allowed Xiao Wen Li to use her Binding Chains Inherent Skill and not reveal her other abilities.

Yue Yang’s Crescent Blade was sharp beyond compare.

With a slash, a wind blade that was metres long immediately flew over towards Huang Sha’s head, severing his head from his neck.

Huang Sha’s severed head that fell to the ground suddenly smiled eerily and said, “No matter what kind of method you use, you won’t be able to kill me. Doing this is just a waste of energy!”

Yue Yang didn’t answer, but immediately appeared on top of that head.

He stomped on the head hard, flattening Huang Sha’s severed head that was still alive to the ground…

However, the current Huang Sha didn’t show any special movement or reaction, until Yue Yang started to leave and flew to a place far away, coldly observing him from the side. Huang Sha turned his body into a pile of sand and turned into a sandstorm along with the rising wind, quickly gathering together in one point.

In the end, he reverted his original body, completely similar.

He shrugged his shoulders at Yue Yang and said with a hint of regret, “I said before, any kind of attack towards me is useless!”

Yue Yang took out a bottle of clear water and showed it to him, asking, “Really? Then I’ll treat you to a drink!”

Seeing the bottle of water, Huang Sha’s expression immediately changed, becoming unnatural.

Holding the Undying Desert Poplar twin rods in his hands tightly, Huang Sha immediately flew towards Yue Yang on attacking mode.

Since the enemy had started using his counter weakness, the water, Huang Sha would definitely not assume the general idea… A hard rod smashed down at the position where Yue Yang was at seconds ago. If he had been a second later, Yue Yang would have been beaten by this super strong smash, turning into a meat paste! Bang! Huang Sha didn’t manage to hit Yue Yang, but he did manage to shatter a bottle into pieces, splashing water everywhere… Huang Sha’s face immediately changed when he saw this.

When water splashed in front of Huang Sha’s face, Yue Yang immediately attacked Huang Sha’s face, pushing him a few steps back.

Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade shone.

Ignited in a purple flame, it swung down mercilessly.

The edge of the blade split Huang Sha’s gigantic body into half.

“Good idea, it’s a pity that there’s too little water, you won’t be able to kill me!” Huang Sha who was split into half still had the humor to praise Yue Yang at this time.

His body which was split in two immediately drew close to each other and started to heal. Furthermore, the two parts of bodies that was slashed in half didn’t leak out a single drop of blood at all. At this time, Huang Sha’s body was made entirely out of sand…

Yue Yang didn’t wait for Huang Sha’s body to join together again. He suddenly took out a bucket.

He poured a bucket full of water onto Huang Sha’s head. When Huang Sha was writhing in pain from this mbush, Yue Yang’s punch arrived again. This time, he had not only pushed Huang Sha back a few steps, he had even smacked him down to the ground!

Five seconds later, Huang Sha who was shaking his head from dizziness stood back up.

He said the same phrase again, “Useless!”

The face that Yue Yang had bashed in had recovered its original experience before thirty seconds even passed. It was as if he was not injured at all.

“Since it’s like that, I shall cut you to eighteen parts. Let’s see if you can still recover your body with a completely dismembered corpse.” Yue Yang had never believed that there was an unkillable person in the world. If there really was, that could only prove on point, and that was he did not have enough skill to kill his enemies yet! Yue Yang didn’t think that Huang Sha possess an immortal body. The thing that frustrate Yue Yang was the time limit. Twenty minutes, how to defeat this fellow in twenty minutes?

If only he could throw him into a big ocean!

There was not a single drop of water in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace. Where could he find a big ocean to drown Huang Sha?

Using a bottle of water and a bucket of water were both useless. The Undying Desert Poplar rods in Huang Sha’s hands could absorb water very quickly. Furthermore, a small amount of water wouldn’t have any effect on the eight-metre tall Huang Sha even without the Undying Desert Poplar absorbing the water.

What should he do exactly, in order to kill Huang Sha?

Yue Yang had not thought of a good way yet when he was suddenly sent flying by Huang Sha’s punch… Huang Sha was not some kind of newbie in battle, he was an Innate Level 8 warrior!

He was only trying to attack Yue Yang’s morale just now, purposely receiving Yue Yang’s attack without retaliating at all.

Right now, at the moment he made his move, Yue Yang immediately realized that this fellow’s punch, who possess the strength of an Innate Level 8, was really quite painful to endure…

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