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LLS Chapter 339 – Weakness?

Chapter 339 – Weakness?
Translated by: Λαστ
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: *Dogeza* you know the golden giant Ming Ri Wu? I was blind and mistook his name as吴 (wu) instead of 昊 (hao) … So his name is actually Ming Ri Hao… will change it in the previous chapters! *Dogeza*

Yue Yang turned around to look. He discovered that the fellow that was approaching him was actually that monster guy leader An Ge.

Right now, he was not as mighty as before.

An Ge appeared in quite a sorry state. His back was badly damaged and only a few of his feathers remained. His golden hair was scorched and his once mighty face was filled with ghastly scars. The most significant change was his drop in level. His strength was originally at Innate Rank 1, but now his strength had dropped far from the Innate Realm. From human’s standards, An Ge was currently a Rank 7 [Overlord].

Only a month had passed, yet this fellow had become like this.

When Yue Yang saw him, he couldn’t help feeling slightly astonished.

Since the person that arrived was an enemy, Yue Yang naturally raised his hands. Whether he was Innate Rank 1 or Rank 7 [Overlord], Yue Yang would still kill his enemies regardless of level.

“Do, don’t kill me… I, I’m called An Ge. I have already recovered my memories. Believe me. My information…will be beneficial to you…” monster guy leader An Ge introduced himself fearfully. He was clear what kind of person Yue Yang was. He was a ruthless killing machine who never blinks when killing.

Afterwards, he said something that shook Yue Yang secretly.

An Ge’s information was truly too astonishing.

Yue Yang appeared to be indifferent. However, his heart received a big shock.

To Yue Yang, An Ge’s information was very timely. With this information, he could turn around his passive position in his collaboration with Ming Ri Hao into an active one.

Monster Guy Leader An Ge’s wish was to rely on Yue Yang, this enemy, before the battle.

Right now there was no more guarantee on his life.

In the end, an ant like him could only become a sacrifice in order for the two great leaders to recover their true bodies.

An Ge naturally did not want to become a sacrifice. Above all, after he recovered his memories, he longed to return to Heaven Realm. However, other than Yue Yang, this enemy, he did not have a second option.

Monster Guy Leader An Ge’s secretly asking for help was extremely likely to be part of the enemies plot and trap.

However, Yue Yang’s heart reacted mysteriously. He felt that this was all true! This kind of mysterious sixth sense had originally existed previously, but it was very weak. After experiencing Nirvana Rebirth, this mysterious sixth sense was greatly strengthened… As a result, even though he did not have the [Six Records] Inherent Skill, the mysterious sixth sense could easily determine that An Ge’s words were undoubtedly true.

Having no other alternative, An Ge’s move was to ask for help just before the battle.

Because, inside the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, he was like a small shrimp. Let alone the big fishes, even small fishes could eat him up.

If An Ge wanted to defend himself, he must choose between the powerhouses. However, regardless of how he chose, he might still die in the end… An Ge wished to live, as a result he made a decision that no one could have imagined.

He chose to rely on the enemy, Yue Yang!

Having no other choices, this way of thinking was extremely bold yet it was sufficiently clever.

Regarding An Ge secretly asking for help, Yue Yang did not suspect his hidden agenda very much. This was because An Ge’s only demand was to survive and return to Heaven Realm. However, the intelligence information that he offered was something that Yue Yang needed right now. In any case, even if this bastard was a spy sent by the two great leaders, Yue Yang did not care because it was impossible for An Ge to succeed and he would definitely not trust An Ge.

A chess piece!

This was how Yue Yang treated An Ge!

“If the situation is like what you said, then I will believe you for now. From your information, I will create several plans. You should return first and calmly wait for my news!” Yue Yang faintly muttered. Yue Yang did not ignore the monster guy leader An Ge’s existence just because his strength had fallen from Innate Rank 1 to Rank 7 [Overlord]. Inside the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, An Ge was indeed an insignificant existence. However, no matter how low his status was, he still had his uses. Even if he was useless right now, after Yue Yang advanced to Heaven Realm, maybe he would become a good chess piece.

From Yue Yang’s viewpoint, it would be best if he could maximize An Ge’s use.

Returning to the Grimoire World, Yue Yang told the girls about Ming Ri Hao’s and An Ge’s words. At first the girls were startled and did not believe it. In the end, Princess Qian Qian happily laughed out loud.

Hearing this, Luo Hua City Mistress also kept shaking her head: “It seems that Heaven Realm and Soaring Dragon Continent are similarly filled with war everywhere. This is truly a good news. I approve of collaborating with Ming Ri Hao to first seal off the two great leaders. As for other things, we can slowly talk about them. Only when the Prison Emperor’s Divine Staff and Divine Seal are at hand can we be in a dominant position.”

Princess Qian Qian positively clapped her hands: “With An Ge’s information, then we can rest at ease. It’s good that the situation did not exceed our predictions too much!”

Xue Wuxia pondered for a bit and in the end nodded her head.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty, on the other hand, did not gave any objections. She was like a robot.

If it was some other matter, Phoenix Fairy Beauty would definitely join in planning. However, inside Yue Yang’s Grimoire World, she seemed to not give any suggestions and steal the other’s spotlight. She continuously sat there silently.

With An Ge’s information, Yue Yang and the girls revised their plans.

Now, with the collaboration with Ming Ri Hao, that man-eating tiger, Yue Yang became more confident.

On the second day, Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty had appeared inside the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace. When Ming Ri Hao saw them, he looked at Phoenix Fairy Beauty astonishedly. He felt that she had become stronger but her level went down. This mystified him. In the end, he guessed that she must have been heavily injured and had just recovered from leveling down, as a result be in this kind of situation. He suppressed the doubts in his heart and explained to Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty: “In the third hall, there is a small sealed space. The sealed space was the place where the Prison Emperor was laid to eternal rest and also the place where the Two Great leaders are sealed. Aside from the two Level 10 Innates Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi, only the Level 8 Innate Huang Sha could enter that sealed space. I will try to enter it and offer a sacrifice to the Prison Emperor’s Staff and Seal. This would re-activate their seals. Because of this, the Two Great Leaders would order Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi to enter and stop my sacrificial offering… At this moment you must quickly kill Huang Sha and then come in to assist me.”

Yue Yang nodded, showing that he understood. Afterwards, he asked: “What are their weaknesses?”

Ming Ri Hao lowered his voice: “Huang Sha’s weakness is water. Aside from water nothing else could kill him. Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi do not have a clear weakness. Their bodies could completely transform and could only be injured by attacking their nucleus. Their nucleus would continuously move around inside their bodies without a fixed position. Attacking their nucleus is extremely hard…”

Hearing this, Phoenix Fairy Beauty sneered: “If I were to choose an opponent, I would rather choose from the other two and not you.”

Ming Ri Hao’s expression changed slightly before he started to speak frankly, “I understand your wariness towards me. In fact, if it was me, I will not trust my enemy easily. However, we must work together in the current situation, otherwise, we will be reduced to sacrifices that will help the enemy to escape. If you want to know my weakness, I am not afraid to tell you, because you are my ally. At the very least, we are currently allies… My energy attribute is light. In places where there is light you would not be able to truly kill me. In the darkness of the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, I am extremely weak… My original strength had already reached Heaven Level 3. This Heaven Level 3 is how the Heaven Realm classify levels. In the Soaring Dragon Continent, you guys called it the ‘Supreme Innate Level 3’. The two of them are actually the same.”

In Yue Yang’s heart, a trace of understanding appeared. Soon after, he understood the bigger picture.

Ming Ri Hao was an expert with the light attribute, he would be as fierce as the sun and unkillable in places with light. If it was like this, then the other expert, the Dark Golden Specter hiding inside the mysterious pearl… That bastard must have a dark attribute. He could also be an expert from the Heaven Realm who had been sealed inside the White Jade Beetle’s body.

These Heaven Realm Experts were all very strong. However, they were not immortal. It’s just that humans have not found the way to defeat them.

If a dark attribute was used on Ming Ri Hao or a light attribute was used on the Dark Golden Specter, how could they not lose?

For the same reason, if water was used on Huang Sha; if ‘vacuum’ was used on Feng Shen Shi; if insulation was used on Lei Shen Shi, how could they not lose? As for the Two Great Leaders from Heaven Realm, Yue Yang felt that he would temporarily not think about attacking them. With the Prison Emperor’s Staff and Seal sealing them here, it was already good enough.

“We will use all our strength to surround and kill Huang Sha, how much time can you give us?” Yue Yang recovered from his reflective state and asked.

“At most half an hour. If it was more than that then I would also be sealed inside. Without my calling, my sister Ming Yue Guang wouldn’t be able to wake up. Without her, the Two Great Leaders would be able to come out. At that time our lives would be forfeit.” Ming Ri Hao earnestly looked at Yue Yang and emphasized: “Within twenty minutes, you must kill off Huang Sha and his numerous assistants. Afterwards, within ten minutes, destroy the Prison Emperor’s Divine Pillars in the second hall in order to free my little sister Ming Yue Guang… The Prison Emperor’s Divine Pillar, although it is not a divine weapon, it is said that it was used by the Prison Emperor ever since he was a kid to train martial arts. It is extremely hard and durable…”

“Are you saying that we have to destroy the pillars?” Hearing this, Yue Yang became stupefied. All of these pillars were hundreds of meters thick. How were they going to destroy them?

“It isn’t a foundation pillar. Inside the palace hall, there are many special practicing pillars, a total of nine. My little sister originally prepared to seal the Prison Emperor inside them. However, seeing the Prison Emperor’s wife and daughter risking their lives to protect him, she could not bear it and gave up her sealing actions. The Heaven Runes in the seal recoiled and sealed her inside.” Ming Ri Hao did not wait for Yue Yang to talk. He suddenly turned into light rays and disappeared to the sky.

Just before disappearing, he made hand signs to signal ‘Start the attack immediately’.

At this moment, dozens of Heaven Realm experts flew down towards them like meteors.

However, they were not Yue Yang’s enemy. They only surrounded Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty pretending to attack… After a while, a furious thunder-like howl came from the third hall. The howl shook the entire Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace continuously.

There were dozens of Heaven Realm experts from the second and third hall flying over.

Some of them had corporeal forms while other had spirit forms. Everyone of them was different. The leader was a man whose body was shining in silver light. There were two pairs of blue-coloured wings on his back. In his hands, there was an strange-shaped blade. He pointed at Sha Fei and angrily berated him: “Sha Fei, attack the enemy right now. If not I will assume that all of you guys from the Sun Moon Sect have betrayed the Heaven Realm and put you to death!”

“Ni Guo, giving me orders is useless. I only listen to Master Ming Ri Hao’s orders. If you have any complaints, please find Master Ming Ri Hao and tell him!” Sha Fei refinedly and courteously bowed and slightly smiled: “We have received Master Ming Ri Hao’s orders. We are to only surround them and wait for his return. You have no authority to command us.”

“Since it’s like this, then die!” The one called Ni Guo, the blue-coloured winged demon, shot towards dozens of Heaven Realm experts.

“Since you want to fight, we will accompany you to the end!” Sha Fei waved his hand and everyone flew up to counter-attack.

Only Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty remained standing there like bystanders watching a good show.

No one understood for a long time.

Yue Yang had wished to make his move and even kill a few. However, Phoenix Fairy Beauty reached out and pulled him along to the third hall, searching for Huang Sha straight away. Although the Innate Ranked 8 Huang Sha fall short of Phoenix Fairy Beauty, killing him within twenty minutes would still be very hard… unless his weak point is targeted!

Water was capable of restraining Huang Sha, but the question was how much water was necessary.

A cup of water?

A bucket of water?

Or does it need to be a river or a lake?

Before Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang managed to enter the Third Hall, they suddenly discovered that not only Huang Sha, the Innate Level 10 Lei Shen Shi were also standing by the door waiting for them… Seeing this, Yue Yang suddenly felt his mouth dried.

Even without thinking it can be understood that Ming Ri Hao’s plans have been leaked. However, it was not known who the traitor was.

Within twenty minutes, how were they going to put down the Innate Ranked 10 Lei Shen Shi and the Innate Ranked 8 Huang Sha?

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Λαστ Afterwords: Yo, I’m back and have recovered from the psychological recoil from the sex chapter. I’ll be TLing again, please take care of me (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)!
Wise words: People die when they are killed. -Emiya Shiro *Natsuki Subaru glares*


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    Λαστ Afterwords: Yo, I’m back and have recovered from the psychological recoil from the sex chapter. I’ll be TLing again, please take care of me (Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu)!

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