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LLS Chapter 338 – Collaboration?

Chapter 338 – Collaboration?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Xue Wu Xia and the others had diligently trained inside the Grimoire World for a month. Each of them had upgraded to different levels.

However, the person who reaped the most benefits was none other than Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

She was originally an Innate Level 10, but with Yue Yang’s [Body Fusion], she had actually dropped to Innate Level 9 mystically.

When she downgraded, her strength did not decrease at all. Instead, it increased.

This meant that if she levelled up to Innate Level 10 once again, she would have reached a whole new realm… Although they only did [Body Fusion] for a short while and Phoenix Fairy Beauty was still far away from the strength that she hoped for, if other Innates knew about this, they would probably be jealous of Phoenix Fairy Beauty to death. Phoenix Fairy Beauty was also secretly very happy. She thought that it would be better if she downgraded to Innate Level 8, or even Innate Level 7. Then she would become a more terrifying existence once she levelled up again.

Of course, re-cultivation was not something that could be done overnight.

If Yue Yang did not help her, her re-cultivation would never be as effective as Nirvana Rebirth!

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was originally strong and had understood more knowledge than the others. Hence, she derived the most benefit from the [Body Fusion] training with Yue Yang.

Furthermore, other than the sickly beauty and Luo Hua City Mistress, she was also one of the most compatible partners for [Body Fusion] with Yue Yang. During their training, other than the very last step, she had tried all kind of positions and methods with Yue Yang. They were practically husband and wife.

If the girls had not monitored them secretly, Yue Yang would probably have no problem pushing her down forcefully.

It was a pity that Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the others were all there. Yue Yang obviously pretended to be a good child on the outside and tampered down the lust in his heart. He didn’t try to play any tricks, but he would extend his perverted hands and take advantage of Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s sexy body most of the time, pretending not to know anything… With regards to this point, if they were in the midst of training, Phoenix Fairy Beauty would pretend not to know. However, if they were not training, she would purposely moan seductively. Yue Yang was thick-skinned, so he wouldn’t feel guilty because of this. Even when Princess Qian Qian and the others purposely watched them intently, Yue Yang wouldn’t take his hand back that easily. Of course, his face would still be decorated with a sincere expression of ‘I’m a perfect gentleman that will not take advantage of others’.

Actually, not only Phoenix Fairy Beauty, the other girls had all gotten accustomed to Yue Yang’s perverted ways.

Only Yue Yu, who cared about her position as his sister, did not allow Yue Yang to touch her.

She had already known from the start that [Body Fusion] was a skill that only lovers or married couples would be able to train for, so she didn’t really reject it at first, simply acting as if she didn’t know anything. However, as Phoenix Fairy Beauty would frequently ask Yue Yang to train in public and had almost done everything, she slowly started to disallow Yue Yang to touch her hands, let alone her body.

Because of this, Yue Yu had the slowest progress compared to other girls.

Yue Bing was different from the others. She did not have other thoughts in her mind at all.

She also didn’t feel that there was something wrong with the way she and her brother trained. On the contrary, she felt that it was quite normal since everyone trained with her brother that way. She didn’t know anything about the relationship between men and women, and had never thought of his brother in that way before. Hence, she became one of the most compatible partners when she trained with Yue Yang. She was naturally inclined to be the most compatible with her brother, because when they trained, she would completely surrender her body to her brother. She merely moved along in a daze with the flow of Innate Qi, not thinking about anything else. Other than being obedient, Yue Bing was also the person that Yue Yang spent the most effort to cultivate. She was always his priority no matter what they did. At first, Yue Yang wanted to help her become an Innate as fast as he could, but after listening to the Sword Goddess’ guidance, Yue Yang had realized the true meaning of Innate. Hence, he was not in a hurry to rush Yue Bing to the Innate Realm. He decided to build her foundation slowly and steadily. The deeper he built her foundation, the better it would be for her growth in the future.

Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian was also the same. They could have reached Innate any time, but they re-cultivated instead. They were not in a hurry to reach Innate at all.

Luo Hua City Mistress who was about to reach Innate Level 2 also continued to train at Innate Level 1.

The girls did not level up, but their strength soared to the sky.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty were quite surprised at the speed of their growth. If this continues, the human race would probably have low-levelled but super strong Innates in less than ten years!

This kind of complete, fundamental change of their strength far surpassed other methods of training.

Furthermore, the fundamental change and improvement that [Body Fusion] brought about was a hundred times faster than other people’s… Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt that the lower levels of Tong Tian Tower or the Innate Alliance on the Tong Tian Tower Level 6 and above would not be strong enough for Yue Yang, this abnormal boy, to train in. Only a place with higher skies and wider world would be enough for him.

Other than Yue Bing, Yi Nan had also improved quickly.

Previously, Yue Yang wasn’t able to help her much in terms of her mental state.

However, Yue Yang who had mastered the true meaning of Innate after Nirvana Rebirth understood much more in terms of mental state. Hence, Yi Nan had also received a lot of enlightenment. She didn’t even need to take things slowly, she could simply follow Yue Yang’s footprints and train…

One day, after Xue Wu Xia finished training, she asked Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress whether they should continue to fight against the Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

Yue Yang was also calmly thinking about it. He felt that the current him would be strong enough to go out and fight against Ming Ri Hao.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty gladly agreed. She even thought of a combo attack with Yue Yang to ambush their enemy. Their target was Ming Ri Hao, because the person who had wounded her that day was Ming Ri Hao.

Prison Emperor Divine Palace.

“We finally come back out…” After coming out of the grimoire world, Yue Yang discovered that the Old Dragon Turtle had gone into hibernation. There was a Heaven Rune glowing slightly on top of his turtle back. When Yue Yang observed it closely, he jumped in shock.

Fortunately the Old Dragon Turtle didn’t truly self-detonate. Otherwise he would really owe him his life.

Yue Yang returned to the First Hall and discovered that the crystal tablets that the Heaven Realm Warriors were sealed in was glowing in a dark light. Some had even disappeared.

Just what had happened here?

Just as he was wondering what had happened, suddenly, a golden star descended from the sky.

The person who arrived relaxedly stopped in front of Yue Yang. He was the ten metre tall golden giant, Ming Ri Hao!

“It’s good that you came. Let’s fight again!” Yue Yang who had gone through Nirvana Rebirth now had the confidence to pick a fight with Ming Ri Hao. Maybe he would still not be able to defeat him, but he wouldn’t be defeated so miserably like that day again. There was also Phoenix Fairy Beauty who could ambush him in secret. Maybe this fellow could really be defeated. If he didn’t have any friends to help him, they might even be able to kill him on the spot.

“Wait a minute…” However, Ming Ri Hao shook his hand, “I don’t want to fight with you.”

“Eh?” Yue Yang was bewildered. He didn’t want to fight? Does it mean that he wanted to admit defeat?

“There’s no meaning to us fighting against each other. You are not the Prison Emperor’s descendant, nor his inheritor. As for me, I have no grudges against Prison Emperor, I was just tricked by my comrade. I thought that the human race were preparing to invade the Heaven Realm, so I agreed to descend the Heaven Realm to annihilate the enemy. I was simply too young at that time. Possessing a huge amount of power, I have too much righteousness in my bones. When I came down from the Heaven Realm and fought with the Prison Emperor, I fought to the death even when I didn’t know him at all… Now that I think about it, I was really foolish at that time. These six thousand years, I have thought about it a lot, especially after I met you. I have been thinking, why should I continue the mistake I made six thousand years ago? If the human race never thought of invading the Heaven Realm at all, why should I fight against them?” Ming Ri Hao’s words astounded Yue Yang. Did this fellow eat the wrong medicine?

“You mean you are not fighting anymore? Are you allowing us to acquire the Prison Emperor Divine Staff just like that? Don’t say that you didn’t know we came here for the Prison Emperor Divine Staff!” Yue Yang thought that he would definitely find out what this fellow was scheming.

“Of course I know. However, if you want to acquire the Prison Emperor Divine Staff, it will be very difficult. Firstly, once you get it, it will not be of any use to you, because you are not the descendant of the Prison Emperor, so you will not be able to inherit his treasure; Secondly, you know that the Prison Emperor Divine Staff and Prison Emperor Divine Seal are used to seal the two Great Leaders of the Heaven Realm, right? The moment you touch it, they would immediately come out. Even if they did not come out, there are still two Innate Level 10 warriors, Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi. How are you going to pass through the Third Hall?” Ming Ri Hao shook his head slightly.
(Shiro: Feng Shen Shi means Wind God Envoy while Lei Shen Shi means Thunder God Envoy)

“If you think we couldn’t do it, why did you look for us?” Yue Yang didn’t think that this fellow came to him because he had nothing better to do.

“Offering a collaboration.” Ming Ri Hao’s answer was very simple.

“Collaboration? I didn’t hear wrongly, did I?” Yue Yang’s expression was extremely ‘shaken’.

Would a collaboration between a human and a tiger work well to solve their problems? Bullshit, unless the human is dumb, only fools would believe the tiger.

The fact that Ming Ri Hao suggested collaboration was really beyond Yue Yang’s expectation. However, Yue Yang didn’t reject him immediately. Instead, he decided to listen to what this man-eating tiger had to say.

Yue Yang was one hundred percent sure that no matter what Ming Ri Hao said, he would never believe him.

However, his curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to hear this fellow’s reason for offering his help.

With regards to persuading Yue Yang, Ming Ri Hao seemed to be full of confidence, “Before you came, the two Great Leaders would only need a hundred years before they can break their seal. Because we came from three different factions, other than their own people, people like myself who came from the third faction would probably be used as sacrifice for them to recover their strength.”

Yue Yang heard it and nodded, “Alright, please allow me to represent the human race to extend our sympathy and condolences for the unfortunate things that will happen to you guys in the future.”

Ming Ri Hao was almost struck speechless by Yue Yang’s words. Fortunately, he was calm enough as he continued with his explanation. “Actually, not only us, you guys are also facing this predicament. When you came here, the two Great Leaders felt threatened because of your appearances. Amidst their slumber, they ordered Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi to move all the Heaven Warriors who couldn’t defend themselves because they were still in their slumber to the Third Hall. Then, they absorbed all of their energy with Soul Sucking Pearl. Haven’t you realized that many Heaven Realm Warriors have died in the short span of one month? Look, there are a lot of Crystal Tablets Seals that are not glowing anymore. This shows that the sealed being inside the tablets have disappeared.”

Yue Yang nodded again, and said in a sincere tone, “With regards to the two Great Leader’s barbaric actions, we humans express our strong disapproval and protest!”

Ming Ri Hao almost smashed his head on the ground. His head ached as he shook his hand, “Can you be more serious? If the two Great Leaders awaken, I might be fine, but you guys will definitely die. Even if you hide inside the grimoire world and the Prison Emperor Divine Palace is destroyed, you guys will still be sealed inside, unable to escape from here forever.”

“Since you are going to be fine, why are you worried about our lives then?” Yue Yang asked curiously.

“No, because I have a sister…” Ming Ri Hao’s expression became slightly dark. “She is still sleeping. Although she has not been absorbed yet, she would probably not last a month before she disappear completely.”

“Is your sister called Ming Ri Hua?” Yue Yang was shocked. He thought that having been transported to another world, could it be possible that he would meet a ‘familiar face’ here?
(Shiro: Ming Ri Hua is the Chinese name for Kirara Asuka, an JAV actress. -.-’’)

“… She is called Ming Ri Guang!” Ming Ri Hao could tell by looking at this brat’s expression that the name ‘Ming Ri Hua’ must not mean a good thing. However, no matter how clever he was, he would never think that ‘Ming Ri Hua’ was an outstanding porn actress from some island somewhere. Other than knowing Maria Ozawa, Yu Aoi, Kaede Matsushima and other famous actresses, Yue Yang would obviously know about Ming Ri Hua, the ferocious F-cup female warrior!

“Alright then, since a precious F-cup female warrior is in trouble, as a gentleman, I will obviously not just sit still and watch.” Yue Yang had decided to work together with Ming Ri Hao, all for the sake of the legendary Ming Ri Hua, no, Ming Ri Guang!

“With regards to Feng Shen Shi and Lei Shen Shi, I can only fight against one of them. I’ll leave the other one to you guys. You guys should prepare yourself first, tomorrow at this time, I will wait for you guys here and tell you guys the weaknesses of Feng Shen Shi an Lei Shen Shi… If we are successful, my sister and I, and the rest of the Heaven Realm warriros will leave this place forever and will never start a war against the human race anymore. Furthermore, we will also help you guys to renew the seal of the two Great Leaders. Only my sister knew how to do that, because she is the Sealing Heavenly Girl from Heaven Realm!” After he finished speaking, Ming Ri Hao didn’t give Yue Yang a chance to reject him. He immediately turned into a golden star and shot straight to the sky.

In the end, he disappeared without a trace.

Yue Yang’s expression turned dark the moment he left. This situation was practically beyond his expectations.

What should they do next? Should they really work together with Ming Ri Hao? They might even end up being eaten alive until not a single of their bones were left by this fellow who was even scarier than a man-eating tiger… However, working together with that fellow would really be a good opportunity.

When Yue Yang was thinking about it strenuously, a shadow suddenly appeared in the First Hall.

It quietly inched closer…

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